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Chapter 3

[Visitation & Dare]

"Are you sure about this?" Toothless asked, looking up at the tall building of Frost Industries. "You know, it's not too late to save yourself from more shame, bud."

"If you're not going to help me, just leave me alone." Hiccup sneered, walking up the concrete stairs. The taller male smirked in return, bounding close to him.

"Ahh…," Toothless breathed, wrapping his arm on his friend's shoulders and pulling the freckled male close to him, "Don't be such a grumpy cat." He added, pinching Hiccup's chin.

Hiccup pursed his lips, pulling Toothless' ears in return. "Let go of my cheek!" He ordered. The two of them started laughing, feeling happy for they had not fooled around like this in a long time. But then their act was short-lived for Hiccup noticed the passersby watching them. He quickly pushed Toothless, straightening his coat. "Look, we have to look like mature men." He finished, blowing his bangs off his forehead.

Toothless rolled his eyes, "Real men fight." He exclaimed, flexing his biceps.

"Not this kind of fight." Hiccup rolled his eyes.

The two continued walking until they reached the top stairs. They got inside the building without questions from the guards and strode around calmly.

"Tell me why I shouldn't call that guy a snowman?" Toothless whispered. Hiccup pursed his lips, looking at the interior design of the building. He was not able to argue with Toothless for everything in the main lobby screamed winter.

The couches were so white; anyone would worry if they were clean enough to sit on them. The tables and lights were intricately designed to appear like giant snowflakes. Withered trees could be seen around the area with snowflake-shaped light bulbs hanging or perching at each end of the tree's branches. The walls were painted in different hues of blue but the most prominent was the color that mimics the owner's irises, Icy blue. If Hiccup had weak eyesight, he was sure that he would have a headache because the lobby's brightness.

Hiccup observed the building plan at a bulletin board, searching for Jack's office. "Thirteenth floor…" He read before adding, "What an unlucky number…argh, will there be ghosts there...?"

Toothless looked over to see the plan which Hiccup was busying his self with. "It's never too late to change your mind." He smirked. "Who knows, it might be swarmed with ghosts just like that skyscraper we went to before, remember?"

"Stop it, Toothless."

Hiccup did not allow Toothless to shake his resolve. He took a deep breath and gathered up his courage, walking straight in front of the elevator. Its doors opened and several people walked out, leaving the elevator empty. Hiccup looked around first before entering, making sure that there were no ghosts around.

Hiccup breathed deeply when the elevator doors closed, muttering, "I can do this." Ghosts be damned. He found his self a repellent.

Toothless shook his head slowly, already feeling shame for his friend. He removed the sunglasses he was wearing, flinging his hair side to side. He tucked his hands in his pockets, leaning his backside at the elevator wall.

Hiccup saw the action, causing him to smirk.

"What?" Toothless asked, raising his brow.

Hiccup chuckled loudly, "Nah, just wondering why no shampoo brand had ever asked you to endorse them."

Toothless rolled his eyes, brushing his hair from the crown to the back of his head. He was sporting long raven black hair, mimicking advertised shiny straight hair in commercials. "I have to be a woman first before I convince anyone to use the shampoo."

Hiccup chuckled.

"I haven't seen any guy who gave a damn if shampoos give extra wave or shine." Toothless shrugged.

The two rode in silence, watching the floor reader change numbers ascendingly.

"So, what now?" Toothless asked.

Hiccup craned his head at Toothless, "I'm going to convince him that I could see ghosts."

"Newsflash, I've heard you say that over and over again for the last two days." Toothless sneered, "My question is how?"

Hiccup chuckled, biting his lip. "Well, I just thought that maybe if something 'paranormal' happened then he would believe me," he said, quoting his fingers at the word paranormal. "To see is to believe after all."

"Paranormal, huh?" Toothless asked skeptically, "…and how are you going to do that?"

"Not me." Hiccup smiled. "The ghost will."

"Yeah, as if any ghosts will do that for you…." Toothless trailed off in realization, "Oh…him." He said the last word grimly.

Hiccup looked at his right side as if he was looking at someone. He smiled sheepishly at the air and Toothless felt his blood boil. "He's here, isn't he…?"

Hiccup replied with a nod.

"Oh. Hey. Torch." Toothless greeted darkly. And Hiccup craned his head to look at his ghost friend who sneered at Toothless and answered, Hey, jelly pants.Torch hugged Hiccup by the waist and the older male allowed it by raising his right arm and resting it by Torch's shoulder.

"Did he call me names again?" Toothless pouted.

Hiccup chuckled. 'These two,' he thought. 'I don't get how they could hate each other. They could not even talk without me.'

"What did he call me this time?" Toothless asked, raising a brow.

"Jelly pants." Hiccup smirked and Torch laughed at his side.

"That brat…! You're lucky I can't see you." Toothless exclaimed, whipping his head around in his fruitless attempt to find the ghost.

Torch blew raspberry at Toothless, No, you're lucky I don't haunt your house!

Hiccup laughed, gazing down at the kid.

It was four months from the day he woke up from his coma when he first met the ghost of Torch. At first, he got so scared with Torch's appearance for he had the flesh and skin out of his face, revealing the whiteness of his skull. The gruesome part was that he still had his teeth and eyeballs intact. There were also several burns in his body; some were so severe that they started rotting.

The ghost frequently visited him and Hiccup had asked him on what he wanted but the ghost never asked him for any help. He just simply hung around Hiccup. Weeks had gone by and Hiccup got less and less scared of the ghost's presence, realizing that Torch was just a kid with a scary appearance.

It was not too long when he noticed the ghost's appearance changed from the burnt corpse to something more human. Whenever Hiccup looked at Torch now, he was by far from his initial look. The once burnt face and body was now healed, if it was not for his grey color, he could mistake the kid to be normal.

The phenomenon was still unexplained to Hiccup but for now, he did not mind Torch's visits anymore. He oddly felt like a big brother at the kid, who told him he was eleven when he died.

The number at floor reader changed as the two held their gazes.

Eight, "But…don't you think bringing him along would attract ghosts' attention?" Toothless asked.

Hiccup widened his eyes in question. Indeed, it was true. If they happened to meet eyes with ghosts and those ghosts found out that he could see them. Not only would he be scared and disturbed for days, he was dead sure that they would follow him back home and force him to do their wishes.

Nine, "Oh Odin, I haven't thought about that." Hiccup muttered, paling at the thought. He would be rest assured if it was not the 13th floor that they were going for. But being his lucky (of course, I meant the other way) self, he just had to bring his self to where the nightmares thrive. "Oh, bud. What do I do?"

Ten, "Relax." Toothless said, cupping his friend's shoulder, "We can bail out, you know."

Truth to be told, Toothless just did not wish for his friend to be associated with the Frosted man. Not when he found out that the man left his friend at the café alone (not that he could blame him). But you know, one shame was enough for his friend to muster. He was even worried now that they might throw his friend in jail for reasons such as stalking.

Eleven, Hiccup looked ahead, contemplating about Toothless suggestion. If he continued to go at the thirteenth floor, ghosts were bound to notice him but if he got Jack to believe and help him then he got himself a shelter to hide. But, if he failed…he was sure as hell that he would not be sleeping for the following weeks to come.

Toothless did not wait for Hiccup's confirmation and moved to push the first floor button. Hiccup saw it and he quickly hugged Toothless' arm to stop him, "Don't."

Twelve, 'Ah, shit.' Toothless thought. "Come on, Hiccup." He said, pulling his arm away from Hiccup's grasp. Once freed, he moved his arm again to touch the button, only for Hiccup to hug his chest, pushing him away. Toothless still had his arm extended, attempting to touch the button when suddenly….

Ding!, goes the elevator. The two stopped and stayed at their rather odd position wherein Toothless had one of his arms around Hiccup's waist while the other was extended close to the controls. Hiccup was embracing the taller male, his right foot slanted on the back while the left leg was in kneeling position.

"Ah shit," Toothless exclaimed, looking at the two who were standing in front of the elevator door.

Hiccup looked down and saw the shiny black shoes of a man who was standing by the elevator entrance. He looked up and saw the face of Jack. The button they were wrestling over was left forgotten.

"You…" Jack said blankly. He stared at Hiccup's face with unreadable expression whereas Jamie moved his eyes from Hiccup to the taller male he was hugging. Jamie furrowed his brows in thought then gaped when he realized who the man was, "Aren't you Terrence Fafnir?"

Toothless smiled fakely, seeing the opportunity that Hiccup had frozen into place. He proceeded to push the close door button. Hiccup and Jack's gaze stayed until the door closed.

'What…just happened?' The four of them thought at the same time.

::: Two stumped man in suit :::

Jack was still staring at closed elevator door. "Did I just see that guy from two days ago…?" His face was blank.

Jamie nodded his head. The two of them were still standing in front of the elevator door, doing nothing.

"…and was he hugging someone again?" Jack looked at his friend, still had his face blank.

Jamie met eyes with Jack, nodding.

"Tell me why I shouldn't call that guy crazy again?"

Jamie pursed his lips. He had been convincing Jack that Hiccup could be telling the truth somehow. He was known for his open-mindedness and easy acceptance of myths and ideas. And honestly speaking, he always believed in ghosts and spirits. But now…he could not be too sure because…you know, the scene from earlier seemed like Hiccup was forcing another man for skin ship. Speaking of the other man, "The guy from earlier…I'm sure that was Terrence Fafnir." Jamie informed.

Jack furrowed his brows, "Who?"

Jamie raised his brow, "You don't know who Terrence is?" And Jack replied with a shake of his head. "He's a famous stockcar racer. That dude won a lot of cups and tournaments at the age of twenty one. Well, if you were interested in the sport…you'll be able to identify his name anywhere." He informed.

"Why is he at my building…?" Jack asked.

"That's what I don't know…" Jamie replied.

"Shouldn't you be calling for security…?" Jack inquired, "The last thing I want was to see my building's name as the place where a famous racer was harassed by a crazed man. What was he doing here anyway!?"

"…maybe the raincoat?" Jamie supplemented.

"You didn't throw it?"

Jamie shook his head, "I kept it at my desk…somehow, I felt like we would see him again."

"Did you plan this…?" Jack asked skeptically.

"What?" Jamie said in surprise, "No! Swear, man."

The other elevator opened and the two entered it. The employees inside bowed their heads as greeting, leaving the elevator immediately after.

"It's just a raincoat though…," 'He could always but one, it's not that expensive.' Jack continued. "Is he here for me?"

Jamie pursed his lips, "I think so." He replied, straightening his coat. "I don't think you have to worry though, it seemed he found someone new."

Jack's mind wandered off. He remembered how he was so curious that Hiccup had an address of Mr. Fredricksen so he visited the old man for a small chat before the old man left Burgess for Paradise Falls in South America.


"Haha, I know, it's too sudden. Well, it's not too late to fulfill dreams. I might not be able to transport this house to Paradise Falls but I'm sure Ellie would accompany for the trip and that's all that matters." Carl said.

Jack chuckled, taking a sip of his tea. "What made you change your mind?" He asked, smiling.

Carl smiled. "Well, a young man came last night, giving me…" Carl trailed off, handing Jack the scrapbook. "This," he continued.

Jack flipped through the pages, "Wow." He stopped at the end, reading the words Ellie wrote.

"Yes. I may not have fulfilled her childhood dream but at least I now know that she cherished our journey together." Carl said, smiling fondly while looking around his living room. "I'm going to miss this house." He continued.

Jack felt a bit sad, knowing he would order the house to be brought down for the mall they planned to create within the area.

"It's just a house, Mr. Frost. Don't feel disheartened." Carl reassured when he saw Jack's face fell down.

Jack smiled.

"Ah…though, I was kind of sad that I was not able to thank that young man. It was raining so hard last night and he just left without a word," Carl said, sighing.

Jack furrowed his brow, remembering the reason why he actually bothered talking to Carl. "Just out of curiosity. What does this young man look like, Mr. Fredricksen?"

"Please, just call me Carl." He insisted, "Hmm, he's got a lot freckles on his cheeks and chin, button nose, forest green eyes…" He said, cupping his chin in thought, "I think his hair was brown…reddish even. I couldn't tell clearly since most of his hair was covered by the hood of his raincoat…"

Jack's ears perked up, tensing a bit when he realized that the description was spot on. "Uhm…was the raincoat white…?"

Carl nodded his head, "How did you know?"

Jack sighed, "I happen to see a man with the same description hitch a ride. We kind of let him in…and he started blabbering nonsense." Jack took out the paper with him, "He left his raincoat at my car and this paper was in his pocket."

Carl took the paper and saw his address, "Oh, this is Ellie's handwriting. Hmm…well, the kid is surely odd. You know, he kept glancing at my side, mouthing words."

Jack nodded.

"If I haven't lost my mind yet, I might have thought that he was talking to her ghost." Carl chuckled a bit. "Would be nice if it was true though."

Jack paled, 'What if he could really see ghosts.'

"Well, if you ever find him again, could you relay my thanks?" Carl said, tapping his hearing aid.

Jack nodded his head unsurely. Not really sure if he wanted to see the crazy man again.

"Promise me." Carl insisted and Jack had no choice but to nod his head. "Yes, Carl."

[End of flashback]

Jack lifted his chin, "I need to talk to him." He exclaimed.

"Who?" Jamie asked. "Hiccup?"

"I kinda promised the old man." Jack nodded, tucking his hands inside his pockets. "Call the security, don't let him out."

::: Two men in pursuit :::

Toothless wore his sunglasses again, trying to mask his face. He was not really expecting anyone to know him. He knew he was famous in racing world but not famous enough to be known everywhere…or so he thought.

The elevator opened at the first floor and the two hurried out.

"Come on, Hiccup. I just saved you." Toothless said, walking a little behind a grumpy Hiccup. "Let's just leave." Toothless added, pulling Hiccup by the arm.

Hiccup followed while Torch trailed behind. Hiccup noticed how Toothless was gaining attention from the employees they passed by. 'I bet they recognize him.' He thought. He hurried his steps, feeling bad for his friend (that he did not ask to go with him) for he knew how Toothless hated getting too much attention aside the times he raced. 'I'll probably try some other time…'

Toothless suddenly stopped, making Hiccup stumble a bit. "Why did you sto.." Hiccup said, not able to finish his sentence when he saw two guards in front of them.

"Excuse me, sir. But may I ask you to follow us. Mr. Frost would like to speak to you." One of them said towards Hiccup.

Hiccup looked at Toothless, smiling sheepishly. "Sure…?" Hiccup answered with a squeak.

The guards nodded, ushering Hiccup.

Toothless followed and walked beside Hiccup, "I'm with him." He informed to the guards. One of the guards had probably recognized him for his eyes had widened.

The two got inside the elevator again and the guards were just behind them.

Toothless bumped his elbow at Hiccup's sides, making the latter crane his head up to him.

"What now?" Toothless mouthed and Hiccup shrugged, whispering, "I don't know."

The elevator opened and the guards asked them to follow. The two obeyed, walking past busy cubicles of employees at work. They stopped in front of a door and one of the guards spoke, "Please, enter this room."

Hiccup nodded, pushing the door open. He looked inside and saw Jamie, who waved a hand at him. Jack was nowhere to be found and he stepped foot inside. Toothless followed him, causing Jamie to gape when he saw him, and thinking, 'What is he doing here?'

Jamie cleared his throat, alerting Jack who was seating at the tall leather chair.

Jack spun the chair, resting his arms at the table in front him. Hiccup stopped in his tracks when he saw Jack, only to step again when Jamie told them to take a seat.

The four of them were now perched at the long meeting table with Jack in the middle seat, Jamie at the right side, Hiccup at the left and Toothless beside him.

None of them spoke. Jamie smiled sheepishly at Hiccup, glancing from time to time at Toothless. Hiccup pursed his lips, fiddling with his hands.

"Here." Jack said, pushing a brown paper bag towards Hiccup.

Hiccup looked questioningly at Jack, asking, "What is this?" He opened the paper bag and saw his raincoat. "Oh, thanks. I forgot about this." He smiled.

Jack nodded his head, not saying a word. The silence took over again and Toothless decided to cut in. "Is that the only reason why you called for him?"

Jamie and Jack looked at the raven haired male before glancing at each other's way. "No…not really." Jamie replied for the both of them, "We wanted to talk privately with Hiccup…regarding some matters."

Toothless rested an ankle to his knee, "You can talk about it now." He demanded, saying the last word thickly.

Jamie had his mouth open to say something in retort but stopped when Hiccup cut in, "He knows about the ghost thing." He informed, "Well…he's my bestfriend…he was bound to know that."

"Oh…" was the only reply that Jamie said in return. Jamie leaned back on his chair, swaying the chair side-by-side, "But, aren't you Terrence Fafnir? The stockcar racer…?" He inquired.

Toothless sneered, "I am. Got a problem with that?" He answered dryly. Hiccup gave a warning look at Toothless, silently telling him to be nice. Hiccup knew how his bestfriend got easily pissed off when people hinted confusion at their friendship.

Jamie pursed his lips, thinking it was better to shut his mouth. He was just surprised that a famous person such as Terrence would be friends with someone….psychic or crazy (as Jack insisted) for that matter.

"So, you were not forced earlier?" Jack asked, making Toothless look at him.

"Forced?" Toothless asked, thinking about what happened at the elevator. He made an O shape with his lips upon realization before answering, "Yes, I was."

Jack raised his brow, looking at Hiccup. The freckled boy furrowed his brows at his friend, staring incredulously.

"But not for the same reason as yours." Toothless continued, resting his arms behind Hiccup's chair and leaning closer to his friend. The latter furrowed his brows more, thinking, 'What the heck are you doing?'

"If you are worried that he followed you here to flirt with you. Don't be, I got that part covered. Right, babe?" Toothless said towards the platinum-haired male. He was inwardly gagging; it felt odd saying that to someone he treated like a real brother. "He's taken," he added with a wink.

Hiccup paled, feeling creeped out.

Jack smirked, "Oh is that so?" He replied. "Better keep him in check then. He seemed to look for skinship for the oddest reasons." He added, obviously ticked off at the raven-haired male for no reason. "Not satisfying enough?"

Toothless shoot a glare at Jack which the latter returned. 'This asshole.' The both of them thought at the same time.

'So what if you're famous? I don't need arrogant a-holes like you in my building.' Jack thought, plastering a fake dazzling smile on his face.

'If my friend didn't need your help, I'll be punching you in the face by now.' Toothless said in his mind, returning the fake smile on Jack's face.

"Wa-wait! Wait," Hiccup said, pulling Toothless out of his chair. "Let me talk to him for a minute," he said sheepishly at the two. Hiccup went out of the room with Toothless close to him. Once they were at an empty hallway, Hiccup spun around to face his bestfriend. "What in Odin's name were you saying!?"

Toothless sneered, playing with his ear before crossing his arms. "Helping you."

"How was that helping!?" Hiccup said, flailing his arms around towards the door. He began pacing back and forth with slump shoulders.

"Look, that guy might have thought that you were some stalker and shit. I'm helping you get rid of that by pretending we're together." Toothless explained.

"But I'm not gay!" [AN: Ha! For now.]

"It's just pretend anyway. Don't piss your pants off!" Toothless retorted.

Hiccup stopped in his steps, "Then…?"

"Then…," Toothless repeated, "You can busy yourself to convince him that you can see ghosts."

"Okay…but why does it have to be you?" Hiccup said, feigning disgust.

"Erk, got any better ideas?" Toothless replied. "Let's just go and get this over with." He said, going back inside the room with Hiccup beside him.

But when they got back inside, Jack and Jamie were already preparing to leave and they were already two meters away from the doors.

"Well, it's good you two are back. Uhm…Mr. Hiccup?" Jack said, trying to gain Hiccup's attention. The said man looked straight into him, asking, "Yes?"

"The reason why I asked to talk to you was about Mr. Carl Fredricksen." Jack informed, watching the freckled man's face properly to see any reaction from him.

Hiccup widened his eyes, "How'd you know about him…?" He asked, remembering the stout man he delivered at two days ago.

"Shouldn't I be asking you the same thing?" Jack retorted, "I saw a piece of paper containing the old man's address…how did you get it?" He continued.

"I got it from Ellie…his wife. She asked me to help her deliver a picture book to his husband."

"But Mrs. Fredricksen is already dead." Jamie butted in.

Hiccup averted his eyes from Jack to meet with Jamie's, "Exactly."

Jamie felt the hair in his arms and legs rose. His gulp was the only sound heard at the moment of long silence.

Jack was starting to believe the smaller male's story. But who knows? Hiccup could have passed by the book by chance or was asked by Mrs. Fredricksen before she even died. "So, he was indeed you."

"Huh?" Hiccup asked.

"Mr. Fredricksen asked me to send you his thanks for the book. That's why I asked to see you…" Jack said.

"Oh." Hiccup replied, remembering how he left Carl's house without a word. "How was he?"

"He's alright. He was currently planning for a trip to Paradise Falls." Jack replied with a smile that he quickly pursed into a frown, 'Wait, why am I being friendly?'He cleared his throat. "Now, if you'll excuse me. I still have business to attend to."

"Wait," Hiccup said, "…about the last time…you know, the help I asked?"

Jack chuckled, shaking his head, "Look here, pal. I don't believe in ghosts, Santa or Boogeyman. If you are going to insist that story, I'll have you drag out of my building?" He sneered.

Jack moved past Hiccup, opening the doors when suddenly his arm got stuck. He sighed loudly in irritation, thinking it was the crazy man holding him off. He spun on his heel, yelling, "What now!?" He quickly flushed red when he realized that it was not Hiccup who held him off rather his sleeve got stock by the doorknob.

Jamie rolled his eyes while Hiccup stilled his laugh but Toothless on the other hand, laughed loudly.

"Jack, how about we ask Mr. Hiccup to prove that he could see ghosts? Just to get this over with." Jamie suggested, winking at Hiccup.

"That's not a bad idea." Toothless said in between breaths, leaning his back on the wall.

Jack glanced at Toothless' way with a raise of his brow. 'How ridiculous.' He thought.

Hiccup spoke this time, "If I could, would you help me?" He said, facing Jack.

"Haha, why would I agree to something like that? Come on, this is ridiculous." Jack answered.

"Ohh, scared?" Toothless and Jamie taunted at the same time. They proceeded to look at each other in surprise before smiling.

Jack had always hated loosing or being called a coward. 'Game on!' He thought, straightening his sleeves and brushing his hair back. "Alright."

Hiccup gave a crooked smile, making Jack feel stupid for agreeing. Jack was now thinking if he made the wrong decision because of pride. But whatever he was thinking, he tried not to show it on his face.


Jack resisted the urge to gulp, "Promise."

'Shit.' Jack thought right after.

Hiccup searched for Torch and saw the kid ghost spinning at a corner. He smiled at Jack, pointing to where Torch was playing spin, "At that corner, a ghost of a ten year old boy was spinning."

The other three looked to where he pointed at. "I don't see him," Jack said.

"I know. I'm the one who can see ghosts here." Hiccup said sarcastically. Jamie giggled, causing Jack to glare at him. Jamie quickly pursed his lips for he knew that he was already pushing his luck. He was bestfriends with Jack but it did not mean that Jack would never get mad at him.

"Torch, will you move that vase?" Hiccup said. Torch still spun, ignoring Hiccup.

Toothless furrowed his brows, waiting for the darn bratty ghost to do its part, only to see the vase unmoving. 'What the heck was that ghost doing? Why isn't he doing anything?'

Hiccup looked back and forth at Jack and Torch. Still, the kid ghost was ignoring him. "Come on, Torch." He cooed.

Jack and Jamie watched the vase intently. Jamie's curiosity and excitement slowly died down at the first minute, starting to feel that Hiccup might indeed be lying. While, Jack felt relieve that he would not be obliged to help the crazy man. He laughed inwardly, feeling stupid for being nervous at all.

The three waited another good minute while Hiccup kept on asking Torch to move the vase. Jack got tired and sighed loudly. "This is clearly a waste of time. How about w-" Jack was not able to finish his sentence when the vase floated and moved in circles. His eyes followed the vase as it spun around and his mouth was left gaping at the sight.

"Oh boy," Jack breathed.

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Who is Torch? Torch is a Typhoomerang dragon that the kids discovered in Dragons: Riders of Berk episode 4. If you watched that episode, you'll see that Toothless and Torch don't get along at all.