Different tactics

Chapter 1: The attack

Greg was getting ready for work, though he knew he should stay home and rest as he was quite ill but he had a feeling something was going to happen tonight. He also knew Grissom would be happy to get a break from the loud music he wasn't going to play tonight- loud music would not help his headache.

He didn't hear the locked front door open or the quiet footsteps that kept coming closer. He was completely oblivious to the second person in his house as he continued to get dressed.

"Gregory Saunders," a voice made Greg spin around so fast he almost lost his balance. Once he got over his shock at seeing someone else in his house he recognized the new person immediately. It was Nigel Crane, Nick Stokes' stalker. "Surprise Gregory."

"What do you want?" Greg asked as he slowly backed up until he was against the wall. "How did you get in here? I thought you were in jail."

"Jail can't keep me away from my best friend," Crane grinned maliciously. "But Nicky is scared of me for some reason so I'm going to show him that he has to behave if he wants me to leave his friends alone."

The colour drained out of Greg's face as he heard that. If Nigel has planning on hurting the members of the team, Nick's friends, it would kill him. He would surely blame himself for not obeying his psychopathic stalker.

"People will come looking for me if I don't show up for work," Greg looked at the clock and saw there was five minutes before his shift began. He knew he had to get to the living room so he could call Nick or Grissom and warn them. He coughed violently and moaned involuntarily which reminded him that he was still sick. There was no way he could get passed Nigel while in his weakened state and the stalker probably already knew that.

"On the contrary Gregory," Nigel slowly approached the sick lab tech. "I want someone to find you. It's no fun if I just kill you. Then Nicky doesn't see you suffer and if you don't suffer he won't see that he has to obey me. So you can relax because I'm not going to kill you."

"You're extremely sick," Greg spat out. He was going to put up as much fight as possible. He refused to let this sicko use him against Nick without some kind of fight. "Nick isn't going to obey you. I won't let you use me to get him."

"I thought you were smart Gregory," Nigel held some sort of small crow bar in his right hand. " You don't have a choice." With this he swung the crow bar and hit the young man in the head. Greg collapsed immediately.

"This is going to be fun for me," was the last thing Greg heard before the darkness completely overtook him.