Different tactics Chapter 31: Over

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this up. I spent the week at my aunt's and couldn't update. But in exactly four days I'll be home for Christmas with nothing to do but write. Except on Christmas Eve and day of course.

***A few days later***

"What are you doing here Greg?" Grissom asked the lab tech when he entered his office. Grissom was surprised that Greg had even come into work when he'd only been released from the hospital the day before. He wondered how Greg had even made it out of the house as he and Nick were staying with Warrick. "You should be resting. You're not scheduled to come back for another three days."

"I got bored," Greg replied while taking a seat across from his boss. Nick had fallen asleep hours earlier and Warrick had left for work so Greg quickly became bored. "Nicky fell asleep about three hours ago and there was nothing to do so I came here. You're not going to make me leave are you?"

"Only if you promise that you'll rest," Grissom relented. He hated giving in because he knew Greg should be sleeping in a bed but if he wasn't going to sleep then Grissom would rather have him in his sights. "It's been a slow night so why don't you lie down on the couch. I'm just catching up on some paperwork and Warrick and Catherine are in the lounge with Lindsay. Eddie's running late again so Cath brought her in. I'll see if I can find you a pillow and blanket."

"I'm not tired," Greg protested but allowed Grissom to steer him toward the couch. "All I've been doing for the past week is sleeping and resting and taking pain pills. I don't want to sleep for a week."

"You still need to sleep Greg," Grissom said while he opened and closed several drawers until he found a blanket and pillow. "I know you haven't been sleeping unless someone else is in the room, Warrick told me. Well, I'm here so you can sleep. It's over Kid, it's over."

"It is over isn't it?" Greg yawned and snuggled into the pillow.