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Chapter 1

UNSC Red Hunter

One of the most renowned soldiers in the entirety of the United Nation Space Command Defense Forces lie in wait as he was about to perform the first known orbital jump armed only with his MJOLNIR Mark X.

Spartan-B312 or as he was once known, Noble Six, is a Spartan-III held responsible for the survival of the human race well as the known galaxy along with the Master Chief and the Arbiter.

The Covenant-Human war is over and so was the issue of the Forerunners in the planet Requiem, he only regretted not being with the Master Chief there as he was separated from him during the slipspace jump as he was with the Arbiter at the bridge. However, the famed Spartan-II was eventually found when humanity's strongest vessel came to the planet of Requiem and was able to rescue him and the Chief in turn managed to defeat the Didact but at the cost of Cortana, the A.I, that B312 was tasked to deliver during the Fall of Reach, since then, the Chief still remained the same, stoic, dutiful and always getting the job done as he was deployed to the Outer colonies to help calm down uprisings, like Spartan-Iis were meant to do in the first place. But B312 could see what few other people could in the de facto leader of the Spartan-Iis, he was still very much depressed over Cortana, as since then, he rarely talked to crews, being much more stoic than he once was, and even the Spartan-III couldn't bring the Chief out of his depression.

Spartan-B312 himself lost a family once, the entirety of Noble team except Jun who he frequently met with and sometimes helped in training the Spartan-IVs, during the Fall of Reach, up until now, he still carried their dogtags with him wherever he went, but he knew that this was much more personal with Chief, as he had been with Cortana through almost everything he had been through as an official Spartan-II, they worked together and did a lot for each other and in the end, one of them sacrificed for the other.


But now, they had other things to do, other duties to uphold as peace was relatively common in the UNSC-Sangheili controlled space. And at the moment, Spartan-B312 was tasked to test out the new MJOLNIR Mark X armor. It had been created by the top ONI scientists with the help of the Huragoks and technology uncovered in Planet Trevalyan or once known as Onyx, composed of Trillions of Forerunner sentinels and a cache of Forerunner technology hidden inside in it's micro dyson sphere.

The Mark VII armor was truly a breakthrough in technology, the scientists were able to reverse-engineer the Forerunner combat skins and implement a lot of it's functions in the Mark VII, namely giving the user Immortality and as an addition, allowing the user to change his/her biological age, it also increased the strength, speed and reflexes of the user to unbelievable thresholds, they could run up to 120 Miles per hour with the assistance of gravity-negating technology, the same ones that the Forerunners used in their sentinels and monitors, and could bench up to an unbelievable 70 tons, allowing them to toss Scorpion tanks aside with the assistance of constraint fields and gravity-manipulation, also taken from Forerunner combat skins.

For protection, the armor now had three layers of energy shield, the innermost layer of which they could manipulate to form parachutes and short bridges for vehicles as well as mobile cover, the armor was also improved by an alloy of Titanium-A and the very powerful Forerunner metals, allowing it to survive two direct hits from the rocket launcher, four if the energy shields are at max, this made the surviving Spartan-Iis and specifically the two surviving Noble team members dozens of times more dangerous than they already were, though only the Spartans with perfect genes could use it due to the sheer budget constraints as ONI was not willing at all to allow the suit to be given to the Spartan-IVs as it would bankrupt the entire UNSC as opposed to giving it only to the Spartans with the perfect genes, who could utilize it to it's absolute maximum and could potentially serve humanity for eternity, Literally.


After being given the short-breakdown by the scientists aboard the UNSC Red Hunter, Spartan-B312 was called to test the armor in an orbital jump over one of the relatively new planets that the UNSC colonized, the planet Poseidon II, aptly named for it's disproportionately large sea area compared to land area. Calculations indicated that he should pass the test with flying colours as armor was designed to survive orbital entry with the use of it's energy shield manipulation.

Spartan-B312 had the armor for over 3 months, and he had plenty of time test the energy shield manipulation abilities, he already had developed multiple uses for it in combat situations, but this was actually the first time he would use it to jump from orbit. He had his trusty custom dual-hardlight battle knives that he dubbed, it looked very much like Emile's machete and was essentially dedicated to his memory. The weapon had been specifically requested by Six to be made by the ship's science team, who gladly accepted, they also gave it gravity-manipulating properties like most Forerunner weapons and could allow the two to be combined into a single weapon, the M2800H Hardlight, essentially an M247H that fires hardlight rounds a UNSC-Forerunner hybrid weapon, intent on creating weapons with the familiarity of UNSC weapons and the firepower of Forerunner ones, but he had specifically modified it to be handheld and dedicated to the man who died in his place during the Battle of Reach: Jorge-052.


"Attention all personnel, we are approaching orbit with Poseidon II." A voice came over the P.A. Speakerss.

It jumped Spartan-B312 from his thoughts and he began to walk away from the window that he was observing space with, recalling his times during the war and the events that transpired.

He went to the hangar bay as the scientific team was waiting for him there. He was expected the place to be filled with crew members, but it was completely empty save for a few personnel in labcoats, presumably the scientific team, he walked towards them and unlike the old MJOLNIR armor that he once had, the ground didn't clank at all as the Forerunner hybrid properties of his armor reduced the weight of the armor by almost 3/4ths.

"Here we are, are you ready for the test jump Spartan?" One of the scientists turned around and tapped him in the shoulder as he approached them.

Six nodded in response. "Of course." He had expected them to be ready when he came.

"Great, let we just finished evacuating the bay of all unnecessary personnel, I trust that you are familiar with the test procedures?"

"Yes, double check flight path, triple check armor conditions, maximized energy shield to slow landing, make immediate contact with ground base and lock armor before landing to serve as emergency measure." Spartan-B312 remembered all the safety procedures of the test easily with his augmented mind.

"Excellent, we can initiate the test anytime now, also, keep in mind that we have reports of rebels in there and you should take in extra supplies in case worst comes to worst and you will be ordered to fight, so please take the liberty to arm yourselves with these supplies an add-ons." The Scientist walked up to a closed crate and opened it, revealing plasma and fragmentation grenades, a lot of small biofoam injectors, a light-based portable hardlight charger and lastly, a multitude of rations. He found a nearby rucksack and put all of them inside, it was nothing short of a wonder that they all fit, he then manipulated his energy shield to keep the rucksack close to him and protect it from extremes of temperature, but he attached the hardlight charger, it converted "normal" light into hardlight rounds, thankfully it was small enough to fit into his right Battle knife.

Six nodded and ensured that the supplies and his weapons were very strongly clamped unto his armor and his energy shields were also passively holding the weapons close to him. He walked up to the ramp that would reveal deep space, it opened as he readied for the jump.

"You should be landing smack in the middle of the surface FOB, report to the officer in charge there." B312's radio came alive.

He cocked himself and jumped with all his might, almost reaching the very top of the ship about 120 meters above the hangar.

And his descent began.


"Spartan-B312 you are currently 6 miles from the surface and accelerating. Estimated time to landing, 8 minutes." the same calm voice came through to him.

"Copy that." The Spartan proceeded to point out towards the planet and fell like an arrowhead.

After 5 minutes, his suit began to register a swift increase in temperature. He was in the atmosphere now.

"You're burning up, but the suit should handle it. I'll notify surface command now... wait, I'm not getting a response. Something must be jamming the signal." the voice slightly started panicking.

"I can handle it." He replied in an attempt to calm down his handler.

"I'm getting strange energy readings... what the hell?" by the sound of things, something unexpected was happening.

"What is it?"

"A slipspace portal is opening! A civilian craft is about to open one smack in the middle of your flight path and very close to the planet, you're going to be sucked inside it, use your energy shield to create a parachute and try to maneuver your way from it!"

B312 couldn't help but berate the alleged recklessness of the craft, sure by this time slipspace drives were made available for common people because of the increased expertise in making the drive, but this is just sheer recklessness and he wouldn't be surprised if these people were merely joy-riding.

Regardless, he began to manipulate the energy shield to create a parachute, but it was not slowing him enough. He was going to be sucked into the portal.

And soon enough, he disappeared into the void.

"What the hell? Spartan-B312, do you copy?" the handler repeated over and over again until he confirmed that the accident caused him to be teleported somewhere else in the galaxy, it was theorized that when an object enters a slipspace portal from the exit point as opposed to the entrance, they could end up anywhere with the laws of physics not binding them. The handler could only hope that Six was sent to a UEG colony.

But unfortunately, that was not the case.


Somewhere in the Emerald Forest...

This was the day when Beacon Academy's pairing tests were taking place, in which the participants will form teams of fours for the rest of their time in the Academy, the test was well underway at the moment in the Grimm-filled Emerald Forest.

In the middle of a clearing, one of the participants, Weiss Schnee was readying herself after being surrounded by a pack of Beowolves, with her pair, Ruby Rose out of sight for the moment.

"Remember your training Weiss, head up, shoulders back, right foot forward... not that forward, slow your breathing, wait for the right time to strike, and..." Weiss puts the aforementioned thoughts into actions "NOW"

She charges at the beowolf directly in front of her, when suddenly, Ruby appears in front of her and takes out the Beowolf first.

"Gotcha!" Ruby slashes the beowolf and Weiss nearly crashes into her and inadvertently releases the blast that was meant for the beowolf into a nearby tree, setting it on fire.

After recovering from the shock, one of the beowolf attacks Ruby and sends her crashing into Weiss.

"Hey watch it!" Ruby says as she gets back up.

"Excuse me, you attacked out of turn. I could have killed you!" Weiss shot back.

"You'll have to try a lot harder than that." Ruby mutters under her breath and grins.

The two girls ready their weapons as the Beowolves threaten to attack.

Suddenly, a burning tree crashes in front of them, "We have to go!" prompting Weiss to pull Ruby up and away from the vicinity and leaves the Beowolves howling.

Once they were away from danger, Ruby was about to protest Weiss' action when something caught her eye.

"What is that?" She says while pointing to a burning object about to crash into the very same ground where they recently fought the beowolves.

"I... have no idea." came Weiss' reply.

They were staring at the thing when it actually began to cool down, and swore they saw a human-shaped figure briefly before it landed into the burning clearing that they were in just moments ago.

"Do you think we should..." Weiss was about to ask Ruby if they should head back to see whatever the foreign object was when she noticed that Ruby was missing, realizing where she could only be, Weiss set out to return to the area.


"This is Sierra Bravo Three-One-Two. Does anyone copy?"

"Damn it, no response." Spartan-B312 said to himself as he began to slow his landing, despite having the energy parachute deployed, he was still moving relatively fast.

He then activated armor lock just as he was about to land and got ready for whatever he was going to encounter in the vast forest below.

The moment he landed, armor lock ended and he immediately pulled out his Dual battle knives and scanned the area for threats, he immediately saw multiple strange beasts in his surroundings, black bodies and red and white faces or helmets, he wasn't sure, along with what seemed like spikes poking out from various part of it's body. But he knew they were aggressive if their growling towards the Spartan was any indication.

One of the beasts lunged at the Spartan, only to be met head-on with his fist, crushing it's skull and killing it instantly while sending it careering deeper inside the forest uprooting the trees it hit.

The other beowolves realized that the seven foot tall human was not to be taken lightly and all of them charged at him at the same time.

In a span of five seconds, all lay dead around him except one which was slowly dying after losing all four of it's limbs. One of the beasts were beheaded cleanly by the hardlight weaponry that the Spartan possessed, a few died from pure blunt force trauma not unlike the first one that was slain and another was torn into three parts.

The Spartan didn't even break a sweat annihilating his newly discovered enemies.

"These wildlife are nothing from the UNSC that I know of, this, coupled with the fact that I haven't made contact with any UNSC forces could likely mean that I am not in UEG territory." B312 proceeded to investigate the corpses of the animals when his motion-tracker registered that someone was approaching him.

"This can't be right..." B312 thought to himself.

He turned around to meet the individual, and was very much surprised to see a girl, no older than 15, staring at him and his handiwork.

"That...was...AWESOME!" Ruby exclaimed as Weiss finally caught up to her.

Weiss panted for a few seconds and was about to berate Ruby for leaving her again when she noticed the Spartan and, upon seeing the amount of slain Grimm around him, raised her weapon at him.

"Who... or what are you?" Weiss demanded from the Spartan.

"Spartan-B312...Human." came the reply from the robot-like being.

End of Chapter.

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