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Chapter 5 - In His Arms

The next few days around Felicity were tense to say the least. Every time Oliver looked her way, all he could see was her laying in a hospital bed holding his son. If Felicity or Digg have noticed his odd behaviour, neither of them have commented on it for which Oliver is thankful. He's not exactly sure how he would be able to explain this to them.

This whole entire situation was confusing and new to him and he wasn't sure how to best approach it and handle it. Felicity deserved more than what he could give her. She deserved someone gentle and sweet and a prince charming and he was none of those. What she saw in him to stick around and help he didn't know but he was certain that he didn't want her to stop.

It was frightening how much he had come to depend on her. How much he trusted her. How much he valued her opinion. She held him in such high regards. She only ever saw the good in him and never failed to speak her mind to him.

In another world, she would be perfect and yet so different to what people would expect of him. Women from the same social status as his family is what people are expecting, not some babbling and bubbly blond from the IT Department. They expect the women with model like looks and a recognisable name. They don't expect the vibrantly coloured clothing glasses. They wouldn't expect Felicity Smoak.

It's getting to be late when Oliver finds himself taking a stroll through the city. He had given Digg and Felicity the night off after the tiring week they been having. It was just one of those weeks were people, criminals or not, just weren't cooperating. Oliver headed in the general direction of the park, feeling the small need to escape the city. As he sat down on one of the spare benches, Felicity was the only thing his mind could think of. He knew that she had been exhausted lately, but she refused to step down. Lost in his thoughts, it was her gentle voice that brought him back to the present.

"Mind if I join you?" she asked. Oliver started and looked up to see Felicity standing in front of him. She had ditched the office clothes in favour of an oversized sweater and jeans. In the amount of time he had known her, he had never really seen her in such comfortable clothes.

"Sure," he said, straightening up as she sat down next to to him. They sat in silence for a moment before Oliver heard Felicity sigh. He was about to ask her what was wrong when she started to speak.

"Are you okay Oliver?" Oliver went to reply but Felicity continued to talk, looking straight ahead instead of at him. "I mean, I know you say you're fine but you've been pushing yourself a lot these last few weeks and I don't think I've seen you take a break once. And on top of all that, something seems to be bothering you but you won't let Digg or I help you. Not to say that you need our help, or my help, but you need to know that whatever it is you are going through, you don't have to do it alone," Felicity finished. She still refused to look at him as Oliver stared at her in awe. He knew she was serious about what she was saying because not once did she get sidetracked.

"I'm sorry," Oliver said and he felt some of the tension lift from his shoulders and she turned to look at him. "You're right. I have had something on my mind and I don't know how to approach without hurting someone in the process."

"I'm stronger than you think Oliver," Felicity stated. Oliver smiled in spite of himself.

"I know but I don't want you to have to continually be strong around me."

"What's this really about?"

"You," Oliver says quietly, not having the energy to cover everything up and lie.

"Me?" Felicity squeaks. She jumps up from her seat and backs up a few steps. "Did I do something wrong? Or are you firing me?" Oliver rises up from his seat and comes to a stop in front of her, placing his hand on her shoulders to calm her down. Felicity stops moving and keeps her eyes downcast. He places his fingers under her chin and lifts her eyes up to meet his.

"You didn't do anything wrong Felicity," He says. Felicity frowns.

"Then what? What could I have possibly done that's caused you to become all extra broody and blah. My searches are still running back at the lair and everything at Queen Consolidated is up to date, mind you some of the computer systems could use a major upgrade and then there's the whole-" Felicity found herself unable to finish her sentence as Oliver had leant down and kissed her. Felicity froze at the surprising turn of events and all too quickly, Oliver pulled back.

"That's one way to get me to stop babbling," Felicity said softly, still trying to process what had just happened. Oliver smiled at her.

"Like I said, you haven't done anything wrong. You somehow managed to weave yourself so tightly into my life that I don't know what to do anymore. I've never felt this way before and that scares me. You scare me Felicity," Oliver said. He was laying it all on the line but if his instincts were correct, he didn't have much to loose.

"…" Felicity found herself at a loss for words. "Oliver, what are you saying?" Oliver raised one of his hands and cradled it against her cheek.

"I'm falling for you Felicity Smoak. It's probably the dumbest thing I can do right now but at the same time it feels right."

Felicity felt her eyes begin to water at Oliver's words. She had spent so long trying to convince herself to let her feelings for Oliver go but there was always that gnawing voice in the back of her mind telling her to just hold on because who knew what could happen, and now here was Oliver telling her everything she had ever wanted to hear from him.

"You're sure?" she asked. "I mean, are you absolutely sure? Because this is kinda a big deal to me and if you are just playing a joke on me, I can ruin your life within twenty seconds."

"I'm sure," Oliver said with a laugh. He wrapped his other arm around her waist to draw her closer to him. "I know I've said some things before that may have hurt you but I thought I was doing the best thing I could do to protect you. I didn't expect you and I didn't expect to find you invading my thoughts all the time but I do know that I don't want it to stop. I need you in my life Felicity. I want to try and be the guy that you deserve."

"You are the guy I deserve Oliver," Felicity stated softly. "I wish you could see yourself how I see you." Without further thought, Felicity leant up and brushed her lips across Oliver's. She couldn't help the smile and laughter that bubbled from her and butterflies erupted in her stomach when she felt Oliver laugh with her.

After a few moments, Oliver lead them back to the bench and they sat down, considerably closer than before. Oliver's arm wrapped around her shoulder while Felicity snuggled up into his side. For a minute, Oliver was reminded of a car ride they shared when he tried to warm Felicity up. They sat there for a couple of hours talking and stealing kisses every now and again. After a while, Oliver could tell that Felicity was getting sleepy.

"Come on," Oliver whispered. "Let's get you home." Felicity nodded her reply and slowly stood up, stretching her arms above her head to get ride of the tiredness she felt. A yelp left her lifts when she suddenly found the ground leaving her feet and Oliver's arms around you. She looked up at him and glared at the smug look on his face.

"I can walk you know," she said.

"I know," Oliver replied. "I just wanted to hold you."

"Who knew Oliver Queen had a corny side," Felicity teased as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I guess you bring it out in me," Oliver said with a laugh. He suddenly leaned forward and brushed a kiss across her temple. "Thank you," he whispered. Felicity smiled up at him.

"You're my happily ever after Oliver. We can do this." Oliver nodded and for a while, they walked in a comfortable silence. As Felicity's house came into view, Oliver looked down at the woman in his arms and a soft smile graced his face as he saw that she had fallen asleep during the walk. He felt a wave of protectiveness wash over him and his heart warmed knowing that she really did have complete trust and faith in him. He also found out that watching Felicity sleep was becoming one of his favourite things to do.

The End

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