When they got to the waiting room, Santana saw her parents standing with B's parents. Her mother was crying and her father tried to calm her down. Mrs. Pierce saw them coming and waved at them.

''Girls, over here…''

Britt and Santana came to their parents and waited for some information.

''They got beaten up and raped…''

Santana and Britt knew what it was about. They were sure they knew why.

''How did that happen and who did it?''

''They were found in Cheerios locker room and we don't know who did it.''

''How are they?''

''Bianca is in her room. She is silent and only thing she is saying is Mariana's name and apologies.''

''And Mariana?''

''She is in worse shape than Bianca.''

''What did they do to her?''

''They raped her and beaten her up. It's bad Santana. She is asleep because of all the pain meds they are giving her.''

''Where is Sue?''

''She was supposed to be out of town for a few days. I gave her a call and she is on her way. She was really worried.''

''Mom, can we see them?''

''We must ask. Their doctor is on his way.''

Doctor was cute and a dorky way. When he saw Santana and Britt, he got confused and blushed. He gave them short version of how their sisters were and what would he do for a future treatment.

''And the most important, make them go to therapy. They must do that.''

Santana nodded.

''I know… With Bianca it wouldn't be a problem. She is the one to take things as they come, but Mariana… It will be interesting wrestling match.''

Dr. Luis looked around and saw that their parents were far away and then he spoke.

''When I saw them, I knew they were your sisters. I assumed it happened for you. But, Mariana was awake for a few minutes and she kept repeating that I must tell Bianca it's not her fault and she will always love her. Than it clicked…. They were a couple also…''

Britt was taken by this comment.

''Wait, you think it was really a hate crime?''

''I'm pretty sure of that. We had our jocks and they have theirs. But in our time, they were much more afraid of you than they are of Mariana…''

''You went to school with us?''

''Yes, I did… Since kindergarten….''

''Oh…. ''

''I know. I was never the one that anyone paid attention to. Don't worry…''

''Can we see them?''

''Brittany, you may go and see Bianca, but as for Mariana, I would wait few more hours just for the doctors to finish some tests they started.''

''Thank you...''

Bianca was in her bed smaller than ever. She was looking through the window and there were tears sliding down her face. Britt came to her bed and touched her feet.

''Hey Bianca…''

She turned to face her sister and broke down in crying seeing Santana….

''It's all my fault…. I made her do it…''

''Do what?''

''Be in Glee and GSA… She didn't want it… Finn wanted us and I begged her to do it… She said it's not safe and now…''

Santana mumbled something about killing Finn and then she saw Britt's face and decided to leave it alone and be there for Bianca. She took a deep breath to compose herself and came to Bianca's bed. She sat beside her and took her hand.

''Bianca, you did nothing wrong…. It's not your fault…It was not wrong to join glee or GSA. It's a normal activity in many schools. It's just a club where you meet and bond with people over some issues you think matter. And every school should have GSA and give students a chance to grow and learn from one another. I promise love, it's fine…''



Britt knew Santana didn't really think that, but she was grateful she was doing this for Bianca. Britt knew Santana was pissed at Fin for GSA and even a possibility of forcing the girls to join. Oh, she was beyond pissed, but kept it together for her parents and Mariana. She had to be there for her baby sister. ''Whoever did this to two of you will pay… I promise… It's not your fault. You didn't hurt Mariana… Do you know who did it?''

''Football team…''

''I'll be back…''

Santana left the room to talk to the doctor and see if the police were involved. Doctor said that they have to wait for the results and that he had no contact with the police, but some of his superiors might. Santana went to her parents who were confused why that happened.

''Why two of them? They were good girls, they even didn't date any of the boys, none of them had reason to hurt them.''


''Mariana was a good girl. She ever had done anything wrong. These boys took everything from her. I can't imagine that your first time having sex is being raped. That will mark her for life…''

''Mom, I can assure you that her first time was something she will never forget, but not because she was raped. It happened much before this rape.''

Mrs. Lopez looked at her daughter with surprise. She had no idea that Mariana was seeing someone. She had no idea her daughter had someone she was in love with enough to have sex for the first time.

'' She was loved, and treated right. She will remember that and she will be happy and loved again.''

''Who was it?''

''I never asked mom. If she wanted to give me name, she would have.''

Santana didn't want her parents to know about Mariana and Bianca. It was something what belonged to Mariana and it was up to her to tell that. Mrs. Pierce gave Santana very confused look and she didn't know why she kept their relationship from their mother now.

''How is that possible? Do you think that Bianca would know?''

''I don't know mom… But it's not time to bother poor Bianca with that now. When Mariana gets better she will tell you all you have to know. Ok?''

Mrs. Lopez nodded and took a seat by her husband.

Britt and Santana took a seat and waited for the doctor to tell them that they can see Mariana or go back to Bianca's room. Mrs. Lopez stared at one picture on the wall and all of the sudden spoke.

''Where is that boy now? If they are happy, why is she alone?''

Pierces looked at Santana and waited for her answer.

''Maybe that person still has no idea about it all…?''

''If he loved her, he would be there….''


''Don't ''mom'' me Santana… You know I am right.''

Britt went to Bianca's room and saw her getting out of her bed.

''Where do you think you are going?''

''Mariana's… I have to see her…''


''NO! You don't understand! I need to see her…I need to see if she is ok… Britt…. I need her…''

''Ok… Give me a minute…''

B went to find a doctor and see with him if it is ok for Bianca to go there. She explained what is the urgency and he allowed it, just as long as she keeps in the chair.

Mrs. Lopez was dropping accusations on Mariana's ''boyfriend'' that he was just using her for sex if he was not there to be by her bedside and defend her honor with those boys who hurt her and Bianca. Before Santana could speak, Britt came with Bianca in the wheelchair.

''She wants to see her…''

Santana came to them and took Bianca's hand…

''Let's go…''

They were finally allowed into the room. Mariana was covered in bruises and it was not a nice sight. Doctor told them that she might wake up for some time but that they would have to sedate her again for the pain. Bianca managed to get out of the wheelchair and sit on her bed.

''Bug…. I'm so sorry…. It's all my fault. You were right…. And now… You are hurt and in pain…''

She kissed Mariana and held her hand. It was obvious that even Bianca was in pain and they could only imagine what Mariana would feel without the meds. Mariana opened her eyes and tried to smile at Bianca.

''You are O.K.? Did they hurt you love?''

''Not so much… You are worse…''

''I'm in hell of a pain…''

''We know. Nurse will come soon.''

''Did they get them?''

They all lowered the gaze.

''Of course they got away with it.''

''There is still rape kit to be back…''

''It doesn't matter… It will not change anything. It will turn out to be something we wanted. We led them on or something like that… I know the story.''

''Don't be negative…''

Britt wanted to be supportive of the girls.

''They might get them…''

Mariana faked a smile…

''Bianca, Britt we know it's not going to happen…''

Santana got up from the chair and approached her sister's bed.

''If they don't do anything, Mariana, would you like to live with us?''

''I will not leave without Bianca…''

''I think my parents would not object after what happened…I think they are very close to suggesting it by themselves.''

''What about our parents Santana? They will never let me go…''

''They will... I will ask them…''

''Ask them… I want to leave Lima and live somewhere else…''

''O.K. But that means that they have to know why you want to leave Lima and come with us…''

''They will find out any time now… And Bianca's parents know it all, so we might have their support.''

''O.K. I will ask them later… Or, do you want to do it Baby girl?''

''Maybe we can talk to them together?''

''Sure Baby girl…''

Their parents came to the room to see Mariana. Mrs. Lopez started crying and her husband had to get her out of the room to calm down. Mrs. Pierce came to sit on the chair beside the bed and took her hand.

''How are you Mariana?''

''Hurt, scared…''

''I know… I know… I just want you to know that Steven and I will do all we can to protect you and Bianca.''

''I know Susan, but…''

''Mariana, I'm sorry we never did anything about those stories Bianca told us. Maybe if we talked to the principal or other people something would be different.''

''It's too late now. I know no one will believe us…''

Police came and talked to the girls. They gave names and told what happened. Police went and their parents sat and talked about it. Mrs. Lopez didn't understand what was this all about…

''Why two of you Mariana? What did you do?''

Mariana looked at Santana and needed her support. It was now or never.

''Mom, we did nothing… Finn Hudson made us join Glee and GSA.''

''What is GSA?''

''Gay Straight Alliance...''

''And that is the reason you got hurt? Someone associated you with gay people…?''


''That is outrageous… I'll talk to that principle…''

''Mom, sit down… I'm not done…''

''Mariana, is this about people knowing about Santana's…situation?''

Santana rolled her eyes. She had something to say but kept quiet… Britt took her hand as a sign not to speak and make this situation worse.

''No, mom. It has nothing to do with Santana or her sexuality… It's about me… I'm gay…''


''I am gay…''

''No, you are not… That is not possible… You are just confused…You want to be like your sister. She was popular and you want to copy that…''

''I am not…I am not confused… I am gay…I've always known I like girls… ''

''Stop saying it Mariana… It's enough to have Santana with that in the family… And now you…''

Mr. Lopez was calmer. He looked around the room and realized that he had already seen this scene before. After reading Santana's letter they went to Pierces and got all the details about their daughters' relationship. Pierces had the same look now as they did then. They were looking at their younger daughter with apologetic look. Bianca's hand was down and she was trying to control her tears, and Santana and Britt seemed to know more than him and his wife.

''Let me guess… Bianca?''

Mariana was crying, but she nodded. Her father smiled at this conformation.

''We missed it twice and it was all the same… Let's see what are to do now…''

His wife looked at him confused.

''Do? What are we supposed to do?''

''I don't know… See how can we help our girl…''

Mariana offered solution.

''Mom, dad… Is it O.K. if we move with Britt and Santana to LA?''

''Absolutely not Mariana… Why would you go there?''

''To survive mother…''

''Aren't you a bit dramatic?''

''Look at me mom! I'm in a bloody hospital bed because I was raped and beaten up… I did nothing to these boys. I just went to the meetings and loved Bianca… That is all I did…''

Mr. Lopez wanted to ease the tension….

''How long has it been going on?''

''Over two years…''

''And you never told us?''

''How could I? I was the one that was supposed to correct all Santana's ''mistakes and faults…'' The child to do things right… I was the one who was supposed to marry a nice boy and have five children, because Santana will not give you real grand kids…. How could I let you know I'm the same…? I am not perfect dad… I'm just me… Best version of me. I'm good at school, I have 4.0 GPA , I cheer, dance, do million things just to make you proud and to keep only thing that matters to me….Bianca…''

Mr. Lopez wiped his tears and took a seat beside his daughter. He took her other hand, and kissed it.

''You matter Mariana. No matter whom you love... You are my Baby girl and you can count on me… I promise. I never got the chance to protect Santana and be the father she needed at her coming out period, but I will do what I can for you to be safe and happy. Even if that means you have to go from here.''

Mrs. Lopez left the room crying. She was not ready to have another gay child. It took her years without Santana near her to finally come to terms with it. With Mariana it was different. She missed all the signs that were there. She was the bad mother who didn't see the same thing again. Susan Pierce went after her. She found her crying in the hallway.

''Maria, are you O.K.?''

''Am I that bad mother that I missed it again?''


''You knew… You knew again…''

''Maria, I was just at the wrong time and the wrong place …twice…''


''I think that Bianca and Mariana knew better to hide it all and we didn't see it coming since they grew up together and Britt and Santana left early that made them get close. I had no idea that they would be that close.''

''What do we do?''

''We give them our love and support… They need us…''

''I'm scared. Someone hurt our girls because they are in love… Should we let them go with Brittany and my daughter?''

''I will miss them, but if they are not safe in that school….''

''I know. But it makes me angry…''

''Me to.''

Doctor came to the room and called Santana to join him in the hallway. She was fuming when she learned that their rape kit was contaminated and that football couch said that the boys were at practice at that time.

''How is that possible?''

''Kid's parents have connections… I'm sorry…''

''This is it. When can they leave?''

''I would say in about a week or something.''

''Thank you...''


''I'm taking them with me to LA. And here, I will raise hell. Oh, they have no idea what will happen to them.''

''Santana, don't do anything crazy….''

''They haven't seen crazy…''

With that she went back to her sister's room. Doctor was left with a small smile…

Finally is someone going to make them pay for all this… Santana Lopez is not the one to give up..

Finn came to see the girls next morning. Rachel called to ask if she could do something, but Britt thanked her and told her to enjoy motherhood and that they will call if she can be of help. She just had her baby and they wanted her to have nice time getting used to being a mom.

When Santana saw Fin, she lost it…She lost it like she did when they lost the nationals. Britt had to carry her away with Mr. Lopez so she wouldn't kill him. She left Santana with her dad to calm down and went back to the waiting room. She found Finn talking to their parents and apologizing. Mr. Pierce and Mrs. Pierce didn't look happy to see him and Mrs. Lopez kept it very polite. He saw Britt coming and stiffented.

''Is she coming back?''

''Not that soon. She is with her dad, but regardless of her not coming back, I think you should leave and forget about two of them. You did this Hudson!''

''I didn't. I just told them to come. I made sure that they are included and that entire school could see that even popular people could be gay.''

''Are you that stupid? What school do you work at? You and I know it's not accepting environment and we know what is happening to LGBT kids.''

Some of their Cheerio friends came to see them. Mariana couldn't stand the way they were looking at them. She hated being pitied. Their GSA friends came too. They told her that they tried to complain to the principle about the blog and all, but he dismissed them with some stupid excuses. Mariana's anger was boiling. She was becoming Santana's sister more and more each minute. She made promise to herself that those boys will pay for what they did…. Bianca was released from the hospital few days before Mariana, but she didn't leave Mariana's side. Still not sure how she felt about them , Mrs. Lopez avoided to be there at the time Bianca was with Mariana. Bianca had her hidden agenda. She would sneak into bed with her and hold her during the night. Some nurses were nice to her and would let her stay, but some would try to get her out of the room. Mr. Lopez left written consent that Bianca can visit and spend as much as she wants time with his daughter and it helped a lot. No one could kick her out of the room. All they got were looks and disapproval.

Going back to school was not easy. After learning about their relationship, some parents wanted them off the squad. Principle had no ''choice'' but to grant parents' wishes. Sue was furious she had to let them go. Losing two girls who were best and losing seven average was not problem to her, but they had to maintain the number, so she had to let them go. Parents and principal had no idea how angry they got her and what kind of hell the girls would live in for asking their parents to kick Bianca and Mariana off the team. Bianca came to school first and it felt bad to be looked at. She was out of her uniform in a dress, with her hair down and in flat boots. She looked hot and nice, but different than she looked before. Some people stood just to look at her and make sure that all the gossip is true. They were off the team and now they were much lower on a social scale. They were just few minutes away from the first lesson and Mariana was still not there. Some people teased Bianca that her girlfriend abandoned her and then the door opened and Mariana stepped into the school. She looked stunning and she looked like she owned the school. She had short plaid skirt, high heel boots, black shirt and her hair was down. She looked like every boys or girls wet dream. Her bruises were covered with thick makeup and she choose not to be anybody's punching bag or subject of the pity party. No one could break Mariana Lopez, especially not some high school jerks. She passed boys who did it to her and pretended she didn't see them. She kissed Bianca in front of the entire school and took her hand…

''Let's go… We have a quiz babe…''

She was beaten, hurt, raped…but she was not going to let anyone kill her will to live and love Bianca Katherine Pierce… And she was about to teach them all a lesson… She is a Lopez and she is a fighter.