This is a little tale. The characters are as ever not mine. But you all knew that. I'm having difficulty writing Celebrian into my stories because I can't imagine her, so I thought I'd write a little Celebrian.

It was early evening when the consort of Galadriel of Lorien arrived in Imladris. Although dusk was now falling, many of the elves in Imladris flocked to windows or balconies to catch a glimpse of the arrival.

As news of the approaching party reached the inhabitants of Imladris, many of the youngest boys had raced down to the courtyard, eager to see the famed archers that accompanied the Lady of the Wood and her daughter. For it was not unknown for a kindly hearted archer to allow a child to examine a bow, or to boost a child onto the saddle to be led around the yard.

The remainder of the elves though were waiting to see Galadriel, famed for her beauty and feared for her powers. And they would not have long to wait; for at that moment two white horses entered the courtyard, and on them, wrapped in grey capes were Galadriel and her daughter Celebrian.


Elrond, who had been watching the proceedings from the safety of his study, strode out into the yard at this point. The crowd of archers, guards and over excited elflings moved aside so as to give him a clear path to his guests.

"Galadriel," he bowed his head in reverence before extending a hand, "It is a pleasure."

"Master Elrond," a gloved hand gently took his and she dropped lightly from the saddle. She was glad to be here, safe from the worries of the journey, finally allowed to rest. However her weariness must not show as yet. There would be much to do before she would lay down that night.

Elrond moved over to the small figure, which was looking rather anxious. A small smudge of dirty was on her left cheek and her exhaustion was evident from her position in the saddle.

"Lady Celebrian"

"Master Elrond," she muttered flushing under the attention of hundreds of pairs of eyes. It may have been her tiredness, or just discomfort under such close scrutiny that caused her to stumble as she dismounted. Slipping on the stirrup she fell forwards slightly, grasping tightly to the supporting hand in her fear. Elrond moved forwards and caught her as she fell, setting her back on her feet.

Her cheeks now a fetching shade of strawberry, Celebrian scurried to stand beside her mother, unable to continue any conversation in her embarrassment. Elrond sighed in relief as the vice like grip on his fingers was released. Celebrian certainly was not lacking in strength.

Taking Galadriel's arm, they led the way into the house, with Celebrian walking with as much grace as she could muster beside Glorfindel. Galadriel paused at the top of the steps, turning to her men and signalling that they could stand down.

As the guests of honour walked through the doors the Captain of the Guard began issuing orders, sending the wide eyed elflings who were calling excitedly to each other in high pitched voices back to their parents.


Having given his guests a brief tour of the house Elrond returned to his study to work before dinner, and Celebrian and Galadriel were escorted to their rooms.

He stood a while, watching them as they proceeded down the hallway to the finest sleeping quarters. Both women were dressed alike for the journey in grey leggings, tunics and capes with boots and gloves of a pale fleece lined leather. While Galadriel wore the unfamiliar garments with her usual grace, Celebrian appeared less comfortable. The guests drew many curious glances as they passed by and Celebrian appeared convinced that these were due to her masculine dress. Indeed Elrond had difficulty not laughing aloud seeing her walk stiffly, hopping slightly to pull down her cape to hide more of her body.

She had yet to learn her mother's poise.