Number 73

Dressed in his traditional winter garb, Robin fought the urge to burst out laughing while ranting about being senseless idiots. But his trademark smirk was plastered to his face as he gazed at the spectacle in front of him. Winter had finally come to Jump City, and while it wasn't snowing the temperature had been steadily dropping. It had gotten cold enough where Starfire had started bringing out her long sleeve shirts and Raven and Robin had told Beast Boy that he couldn't go swimming anymore until it started to warm up again.

The lights on the outside of the tower were the last things left to do to get ready for the holidays. Cyborg had a habit of not trusting anyone else with the electrical stuff of their home and he always had Beast Boy help him. In this case it was a blessing, and a curse, Robin thought was a small chuckle, and nearly always resulted in the same outcome every year.

"So, what did you do this time?" Robin said as he walked over to help his younger teammate out of the Christmas lights turned deathtrap.

"I didn't do anything!" Cyborg protested from his spot near the wall.

"Right, and the lights just came alive by themselves?" Robin asked and he finally got Beast Boy's arm. From below his knees the changeling snorted.

"Yeah right," he huffed, "go higher with the lights. Next thing I know I'm in the air, the next I'm two feet from the ground."

Smiling, the leader spent the next twenty minutes working to get his teammate free, the next ten getting the lights in order again, and just to be safe he decided to stay outside to supervise/help with the rest of the decorating.

Sometimes the boy wonder really wondered if his other male friends planned this every Christmas just to spite him.

Author's Note: I know this isn't really long or even close to the other works. I've just gotten over a really bad infection and just moved back into my dorm at college. On top of that I'm running cross country. But I figured that I would post something today and work on another snippet and make that one really awesome. So, read and review please :)