The Devils are believed in many religions, myths and cultures to be a supernatural entity that is the personification of evil and the enemy of God and humankind. The nature of the role varies greatly, ranging from being an effective opposite force to the creator god, locked in an eons long struggle for human souls on what may seem even terms (to the point of dualistic ditheism), to being a comical figure of fun or an abstract aspect of the individual human condition… at least according to humans who believed in religions and Gods.

In essence the concoctions of the humans weren't far off the mark, especially the Devils being personification of evil and the enemy of God and humankind, being an effective opposite force to the creator god, locked in an eons long struggle for human souls on what may seem even terms and some others.

But over the years a lot had changed within the Devil society, especially since the end of the Great War fought between the Three Factions of Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels mentioned in the bible another under the leaderships of the Biblical God, the Four Great Satans, and the Fallen Angel organization, Grigori, led by Azazel.

The change was so great that a civil war had been ignited in the Devil society which was a clash between the old and new ideals. The devils with new ideals had won and had been able to force those with old ideals out of the Underworld – the home of Devils and Fallen Angels.

Sirzechs Gremory, Ajuka Astaroth, Serafall Sitri and Falbium Glasya-Labolas had gone on to be the new Satans and were termed as the Yondai Maō (Four Great Satans) for their great power, their new ideals and their role in the civil war. After acquiring the title of the Satans they came to known as Sirzechs Lucifer, Ajuka Beelzebub, Serafall Leviathan and Falbium Asmodeus.

A new era of Devils was born.

One of the changes in the Devil Society was the introduction of Evil Pieces, also known as the Devil's Pieces; a set of 15 chess pieces given to top-class Devils to increase their ranks by reincarnating other beings into Devils. The Evil Pieces were created by Ajuka Beelzebub to help replenish the number of Devils after the Great War which had caused the death of countless Devils.

"So, Devils really do exist?" questioned Uzumaki Naruto.

It wasn't much of a question seeing that he was currently in presence of four Devils.

Currently the seventeen year old young blonde was a guest to the Occult Research Club of Kuō Academy and sitting in one of the couches in the clubs clubroom his eyes travelled between the four members of the club… though his eyes lingered more on the chests of the two O-nē-sama of Kuō Academy rather than the black bat-like wings that had sprouted of their backs. Luckily for him the two didn't seem to be offended by it.

It didn't mean that the chest of the two O-nē-sama isn't the only thing that his eyes seem to linger upon; his eyes also feasted upon their beauty and for the first time did he understand that the rumors of the beauty were exaggerated. His eyes also lingered on the petite, stoic school mascot; with the way she continued to chew down on her sweets unknowingly reminded him of a possessive cat guarding her territory and goods. As for the fourth member, apart from noticing the pair of black bat-like wings sprouting of his back he cared not to bother about him.

He was a teenage boy after all and at such an age boys only cared about their future and girls… though the former was something only a few cared about and was always the second priority.

"I am surprised that you are taking all this quite nicely," responded Rias Gremory as her eyes lay on the blonde who seemed to be unfazed by the revelation of Devils really existing.

"Thanks! It certainly was a surprise, but it's not like I am someone normal either," he replied…

He wasn't.

He had been aware of the supernatural/magical world for years now and in a way he too has been a part of this world… though most of the things he had learned over the years were self-taught.

To Rias Gremory it all started with her friend Sona Sitri called her to pass on some important news and what she heard from Sona came as a shock to her.

It had been more than a year now since they had learned of one of the students in Kuō possessed a Sacred Gear and from what they had understood it was quite a powerful Sacred Gear. The moment they had learnt of it, both she and Sona had put a claim on the Sacred Gear wielder joining their peerage. Luckily for her it had all come down to a game between her and Sona to decide who would approach the Sacred Gear wielder and have him join their peerage and to her luck she had succeeded in winning the game.

The Sacred Gear wielder was hers.

It was a true blessing to her, considering the event that was going to come in the future. With the Sacred Gear wielder in her peerage her chances of winning the event and acquiring her freedom would increase by quite a bit.

But things didn't go as planned, as she dilly-dallied with her plans of approaching the Sacred Gear wielder and waited for a perfect opportunity for her to approach him.

And unknowing of her a year had already passed, but it was something that Sona seemed to have not missed.

Not only did Sona miss a year pass by, but apparently her patience over the year had run thin too and seeing that she hadn't yet made her move or even come in contact with the wielder, Sona made her move and even acquired the Sacred Gear wielder as a part of her peerage.

It came as quite a shock to her when her childhood friend and rival passed on that news to her.

For a week she sulked at her loss and would had continued if her Queen Himejima Akeno hadn't put her down verbally at her own failure of a plan and had encouraged her to start anew.

She along with her peerage and their familiars scouted the school and the town for people with strong magical potential and those that that weren't aligned to anyone else to begin with and easily manipulated. To her further self loathing she learned that Sona was already ahead in this department and she had already scouted those with potential and had them join her peerage. The only one with great magical potential she had yet to confront was Uzumaki Naruto and with the way things were between the two it was certain that she wasn't going to confront him anytime soon.

And this was what brought her meeting with Uzumaki Naruto – the notorious prankster, super pervert, super athlete and an overall enigma of Kuō Academy. Not only will she possibly gain an addition to her peerage, but making Naruto join her peerage was bound to annoy Sona. And to her delight, from what she had learned so far from him speaking, not only did he seem to be in the know of the supernatural world, but also had some sort of interaction with the supernatural world.

"So, what do you Devils want from me?" he questioned… the very question she was waiting for.

"I want you, Uzumaki Naruto to join his peerage," she said.

He blinked a couple of times and then taking a glance at everyone present and then asked, "Aren't you supposed to be a Devil to do so?"

A small smile tugged her lips as she tried to keep a neutral expression; having no negative response was just the start she wanted.

"Nothing as such. All present here apart from me weren't born as Devils, rather they were reincarnated as Devils when they joined his peerage through the help of Evil Pieces," she answered and while doing so summoned her remaining Evil Pieces and placed them in the desk between them.

"Evil Pieces?" he questioned as his eyes gained a look of interest looking at them.

He smile of victory really started to spill as she spoke, " Evil Pieces, also known as the Devil's Pieces, are a set of 15 chess pieces given to top/high-class Devils to increase their ranks by reincarnating other beings into Devils. The Evil Pieces were created by Ajuka Beelzebub, one of the Four Great Satans to help replenish the number of Devils after the Great War between Devils led by Satan, Angels under the leadership of the Biblical God and Fallen Angels of Grigori which had caused the death of countless Devils."

"Oh! He must be one hell of a genius!" Naruto commented with a look of awe.

"That Beelzebub-sama certainly is," she replied back… she just knew she had won him without doing much.

"So, you are going to use one of these pieces to reincarnate me…" he said as he pointed at the chess pieces placed on the des in front of him and then pointing at the three behind her he added "… just like you reincarnated them."

It was not a question, but a statement that much she could tell and so she simply nodded back.

He seemed to contemplating things for a minute and then questioned, "What's in there for me if I were to agree with your proposal and become a Devil under your peerage?"

Yes, this was the very question she was waiting for.

"A lot to count, of which the primary I could say that as a Devil your body configuration will be far stronger that of an average human and your skills will vary on the type of Evil Piece used for reincarnation. You will also gain night vision, the ability to fly with the help of your wings and high recovery rate," she replied.

"Nice!" he commented with an awed look…

'I have him!' she couldn't help but cheer in her mind.

"But I am already stronger than your average human, am capable of clearly seeing in the dark and have above par healing abilities," he replied with a cheeky grin.

"You maybe, but being reincarnated into a Devil your abilities will gain a boost… won't you like that?" spoke Akeno for the first time during the conversation.

"Enchanting…" he replied and a small pause later with the cheeky grin he added "… but I can always train for that,"


How had she forgotten that one of the reasons that Sona had yet to approach Uzumaki Naruto was his tendency to annoy people? But she hadn't lost the battle yet; after scouting for a valuable peerage member she had spent another week scouting information on the blonde…

"You will have a steady income and will be paid for various jobs that the higher ups will have us do," she said.

Uzumaki Naruto is an orphan and works part time for his school and living expanses…

"I already earn a good amount for a living and I enjoy where I work and at times I do some other jobs if I ever need extra money," he replied with that cheeky grin still present on his lips.

"Well, think of it as an added income," she replied.

"Don't care," he replied as he shrugged off her suggestion.


"You will also gain a land of your own in the Gremory territory in Underworld, which by size will be almost thrice the area of Kuō Academy," she added.

Despite being an orphan, Uzumaki Naruto was quite well off in living standards as the blonde was in a possession of a normal two-story terrace house with a light blue exterior, a balcony on the second floor, and a brown roof, something she learned he inherited from his parents… though something she learnt had a quite shocked and that was the fact that the blonde had on multiple occasions tried to paint the exterior of the house with bright orange color and only the opposition of the neighbors had stopped. Actually he did succeed n doing so a couple of times, but the neighbors quickly acted and forming a united front and repainted the walls.


"Don't care. I am good with what I have…" he replied and the cheeky grin returning on his face he added "… on the contrary, I can even spend his life in the wilderness with a tree as his bed… though don't hope for a welcome in the wilderness if you ever come to visit."


She could hear the stifled giggling of Akeno, but paid it little mind.

"Being a part of his peerage, not only will you get to meet the Satans, but will also be able to meet the various Gods at some point in time," she further added.

"Don't care… I was never religious to begin with," he replied much to her annoyance.

That was expected and at the same time unexpected, but she hadn't lost yet as she had yet to put on the board of discussion.

"You can also have your own harem if you make it to the rank of a High-Class Devil and even gain a territory of your own if you make it to rank of an Ultimate –Class Devil," she added.

She was going to appeal to his perverted side and she was damn sure this was going to work… the blonde was called the super pervert for a reason. But to her surprise his only reaction was a raised eyebrow…

"And what makes you think that I am incapable of forming my own harem the way I am now," he replied… not the one she had expected.

"Ara… that is quite an optimist way of thinking Uzumaki-kun," commented Akeno.

"I assure it's more than a way of thought," he replied as he winked at Akeno.

"Ufufufu… if that is so, then wouldn't being a Devil be in your very profit…" said Akeno leaving her words hanging…

"How so?" he questioned back with a look of slight interest.

"A Devil lives a life of about hundreds and thousands of years," replied Akeno and for the first time she saw a look of complete interest on the blonde's face.


How in the world did Akeno gain his interests so easily?

What did she even mean by-?

"I am in."


"What? Just like that?" she couldn't help but question…

She was trying so hard to get his interests throughout the conversation, but had failed and Akeno had done so with a couple of sentence and she did not just get his interest, but also got him to agree…


"Indeed! Who would want to miss on a lifetime eternal opportunity as that!" he answered.



It then clicked to her…


In the end, it was her trump card that became the deciding factor. But did he have to-

As if sensing her inner turmoil that damned cheeky grin returned to his face as he spoke with an innocent look, "You aren't good at this, all the negotiation stuff, are you?"


Uzumaki Naruto didn't feel much different in his constitution of his body after being reincarnated into a Devil and a member of Rias Gremory's peerage apart from increase in his magic reserve. He was to begin with a human that surpassed the norms of a normal human, so he believed it to be the factor for him not noticing the changes that constituted after being reincarnated into a Devil.

After reincarnating him as a Devil and a member of her peerage, Rias went onto explain to him some general information about Devils which consisted of the home of Devils - the Underworld, the lifestyle of Devils, the Devil language, the natural enemies of Devils and she also spoke about the Gremory Clan of whom she apparently was the heiress, about the Demon hierarchy, about the Four Great Satans and how she happened to be the younger sister of the current Lucifer.

He knew she was holding a lot back, but it didn't matter to him; he was never the guy who thought things through walking into situations. But that didn't mean that he wouldn't have loved more information…

"Oh well, I'll just gleam out information in his way," he muttered to himself as he walked his way back to his home.

It was already late in the night by the time he left the clubroom and so the sky was brightened by the light of the full moon as he walked home…

He had always found the night to be more relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time, but today he found it more relaxing and rejuvenating… it was as if energy was wildly coursing through him and asking him to parade in the brilliance of the night.


So lost in the feeling that the night brought he had completely lost his track of the road and in doing so had crashed into someone…

Seriously, what was with this town? Everywhere he looked he happened to find a cute/beautiful/sexy girl.

"Are you alright?" he asked as he put forth his right hand to help her up.

Since the moment his eyes had landed on her he had a bad feeling and that feeling intensified the moment he took his hand to stand up…

"I am! Thank you!" she replied as she helped herself up and slightly brushed off the dust of her skirt.

With each passing second the feeling of danger intensified, but he shrugged that feeling off; there was no way was he going to see such a beautifully cute girl as a threat… though why was a girl wearing a school uniform this late in the night was beyond him and neither did her recognize the school uniform from any of the schools in the vicinity. But fact to face with such a beautiful and cute girl something as unimportant as that didn't matter to him.

"So… Not that it is his business, but still… what is a beautiful girl like you doing out so late in the night in your school uniform?" he couldn't help but ask.

A light shade of pink dusted her cheeks for a second or two as she seemed to wonder whether she should answer him or not, but after a minute or so she did answer. "I was waiting for a boy."

"I see…" he replied; there were many things he could ask her about, but he did not intend to pry in her business so he did not say any further.

But apparently seeing his raised eyebrow she decided to indulge his curiosity as she started speaking, "Well, he is a boy from Kuō Academy that I fell in love with and I decided to meet him today to ask him to go out with me, but apparently he has already got engaged with somebody else in this week or so."

"Oh…" well he certainly had no good reply for that.

But she didn't seem to have finished speaking as she added, "And the funny thing is that it would have been the first time that I would have ever talked to him. Silly of me, isn't it?"

"Nothing of the sort… You fell in love with him and you intended to pursue a romantic relationship with him. You would get to know each other as you carried on with your relationship. And I am certain that if he hadn't engaged in a relationship before meeting you or had someone he certainly would have loved to go out with a beautiful and cute girl like you," he replied…

She really is beautiful.

Certainly not on the level of Rias Gremory and Himejima Akeno, but the girl in front of him held a certain charm about her.

"T-Thank you!" she replied as once again pink hue adorned her cheeks.

"Well, I hope to see you around," he said… it was already late in the night and even though he did not bother about the time he returned home seeing that no one was around, but certainly the girl probably had a family waiting for her and neither did he wish to be nosy about her business.

"Same here…" she muttered and started walking in the opposite direction as his. But suddenly she turned around and a cheerful voice spoke, "By the way, his name is Yūma, Amano Yūma."

"Mine is Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto," he replied with a small smile gracing his lips.

"Bye-Bye, Uzumaki-kun!" she said as she cheerfully waved and walked away.

"Bye-Bye, Amano-san!" he replied as he to waved back and headed in the direction of his home.

"So, did you find anything about our target?" questioned Dohnaseek.

"Nothing," replied Raynare a.k.a. Yūma as she and her team sat down to discuss about their plan.

"Eh?! How come? The amount of lust the boy has was a guarantee that he would not only accept to be your boyfriend and would spill all his beans if you would even flash a small amount of skin of your udders," spoke up Mittelt.

"Simple, because we were late in approaching him… He apparently already joined the peerage of the Devil named Sona Sitri," replied Raynare… she was not in the least offended at the last comments as she knew that the girl was jealous of perfect body and her lack of it.

"So what? We will just eradicate all the Devils of the peerage he is in and then eradicate him to," commented Kalawarner.

"You can be his guest and try it. But let me warn you in advance, the girl Sona Sitri is the younger sister of Leviathan," replied Raynare which made Kalawarner gulp down her words.

"Well, I don't mind giving our target a visit", commented Dohnaseek.

"Be his guest," replied Raynare.

"What about you?" questioned Mittelt.

"Me, I have found myself an interesting target to play with," replied Raynare making the others raise their eyebrows in curiosity, but she had no wish to satisfy their curiosity… not yet at least.

You see the four gathered around were no ordinary human. On note, they weren't even humans. They are Fallen Angels - Angels that have fallen from the grace of God, due to having 'impure thoughts' that divert them from the teachings of the God in the Bible

Their job in a town which falls under the territory of Devils was to monitor an individual with a potentially powerful Sacred Gear and that individual happened to be Hyōdō Issei.

For the liking of Uzumaki Naruto the next morning came too early. He hadn't even blinked a minute of sleep last night.

A lot was going through his restless mind last night.

On whim he had agreed to be turned into a Devil and become a part of Rias Gremory's peerage. Turning into a Devil had brought barely any difference to his looks apart from a pair of bat-like wings sprouting of his back which he could will to appear and disappear at his own will… somehow his clothes didn't sport holes despite him sprouting the wings of his back.

There was also the fact that if he were to live a normal and safe life then he was bound to go onto live for hundreds and thousands of years, but that didn't matter to him much as there would be other supernatural being that would live as long as him. And it wasn't like he was going to have a safe and normal life. He already lived a life of adventure and danger when he took on various errands that connected him to the supernatural world and knowing that his King is the sister of the current Lucifer he knew that it wasn't going to be a dull life.

The thought of thinking things through before agreeing to being reincarnated as a Devil did cross his mind last night, but it was fleeting thought which he didn't ponder on much as the deed was already done and there was no going back anymore. It was not like he had to answer to anyone.

Currently attending classes his attention was not on the chapter the teacher was teaching; rather his mind seemed to have wandered off to the thoughts of Amano Yūma. She was beautiful, there was no denying it and it wasn't odd for a teenager like him to be thinking and dreaming about her, but she wasn't the only beautiful girl he had interaction with yesterday. But there was something about Yūma that he couldn't place and that had him thinking of her.

A tap on his shoulder gained his attention and turning around his eyes met the curious olive green eyes of Kiriyū Aika…

"What's gotten into you? To completely ignore a lecture is unlike you," whispered Aika.

It truly was unlike him. He certainly wasn't the most attentive guy in class, but he still was quite a good attentive student than the 'Perverted Trio'.

"Just lost in thought about something that happened yesterday," he answered.

Surprisingly or not, of all the people in Kuō Academy he was the closest to Kiriyū Aika, so much so that he could confide most of his secrets with her. It wouldn't be wrong to call her his closest friend.

"Oh! Would it be about your meeting with Gremory-senpai, Himejima-senpai, Koneko-chan and the other guy at the Occult Research Club's clubroom? Now that I think about it, you weren't home until late in the night…" whispered Aika as her eyes slowly started to sparkle in perverted glee as she added "… don't tell me, you already made your move on the revered beauties and mascot of Kuō. No wonder you were late last night. How sly and fast of you, Naruto-kun. You really do live up to your reputation, Ero-Shin-sama."

Ero-Shin (Erotic God) - it was a title the students gave him akin to the Perverted Trio. His was most illustrious than that of those three, as rumors of his experience in the worldly desire called lust, his ability to court any woman he needed, his prowess in bed, him dominating a succubus and making her his, him sending a mature and experienced housewife to world of lustful bliss and many such had started spreading since entering second year of middle school and they just kept on piling on. Some of the rumors had even his head spinning and he was indifferent to most and if he tried to deny them then that was like adding fuel to the fire.

"Nothing like that… Rias wanted me to join her club," he replied… if it was any normal student calling another student of opposite gender with their name, especially an upperclassman then there would be a number of rumors spreading around, but he was Uzumaki Naruto and he had been always headless to formalities as far as he knew and so did the others.

"And did you?" questioned Aika with a raised eyebrow.

"I did. It sounded interesting," he replied and watched with twitching eyes as he saw her eyes sparkle behind her glasses… he was well aware of that look and it never went well for him and so he decided to bring the topic to the original question she asked "… And about the thing you asked - what seemed to distract me today? It's-"


A chalk collided with each of their foreheads…

"UZUMAKI, KIRIYŪ, PAY ATTENTION!" roared Nikaidō Yuri, their Homeroom/History teacher with a twitching eyebrow.

"Yes!" they replied in unison and returned back to the lesson…

A sigh of relief left his lips; the discussion was averted, at least for now.

"So, what am I supposed to do?" questioned Naruto as he sat alongside fellow members of club and peerage.

After the lectures had ended for the day he had already decided to go visit Rias at the clubhouse to gain some information, but he certainly hadn't expected for her to someone to bring him to the clubroom. That someone turned out to be Tōjō Koneko.

Words were being whispered among those who saw Naruto walk with their beloved school mascot and some even openly stared at them, but neither of the two were bothered by it… so much so that Koneko even continued to eat her yōkan.

Reaching the clubroom he was surprised to find it quite different from yesterday. There are weird signs and words in every area of the classroom, be it the floor, the walls or the ceiling. They all are covered with weird signs. And the one which stood out the most is the circle drawn at the center of the room which took most of the space in the room.

He knew at first glance that it was a magic-circle. He could feel the demonic magic from it.

Just like yesterday there were also a couple of sofas and desks in the room. He occupied the same sofa he occupied yesterday after he greeted the so-called Prince Charming of Kuō Academy. Koneko went onto join her older club-mate on the sofa he occupied and continued to chew down on her yōkan.

What surprised him most was the shower in the room and its view was blocked by a shower curtain. He was further surprised that someone was actually using it. From the shadow on the curtain he could easily tell that the one using the shower was a female… a very naked one at that.

He didn't say much about this particular ability of his, because he did not wish to add another accomplishment to his name of Ero-Shin, but being under the care at a young age under him and being taught by him something like this was quite an easy task to accomplish.

Looking at the shadow he had slowly whispered, "99-58-90. That's Rias."

Apparently being a Devil also gave one super hearing, as both Kiba Yūto and Koneko turned to look at him with the former sporting a raised eyebrow while the latter just looked at him with her patent blank look, but word she had spoken conveyed her feelings…


All he did at the blatant accusation was smile serenely at the petite beauty and responded in two simple words…

"Super Ecchi~~"

And for the first time in his life he saw a reaction on that emotionless face and that was the twitching of her eyebrows.

If Rias and Akeno had seen or heard anything, neither said nor did anything about it.

Oh yeah, his heart had raced hundred miles a second after seeing Rias walk out of the shower with her school uniform and with her wet hair which made her look more seductive than she normally was even without trying.

It took quite a will on his side from stopping a blush spread on his cheeks seeing Rias in such a look… whether he succeeded or not he did not know.

Back to the present, his eyes curiously stared into hers as his mind wondered to the many things he would be doing as a Devil.

"So what will I be doing?" he questioned again… "Will I be saving some damsel in distress? Or will I be guarding a princess? Or will it be a job to save a falling kingdom and its hidden princess? Or will I be fulfilling the lustful desires of a superhot maiden? Or you lied to me yesterday and I really have to sacrifice virgins, children and puppies… though the superhot ones won't remain virgins, so there will be no sacrificing them. Or am I supposed raze or burn down the village and take superhot babes as my slaves? Or am I supposed to seduce a super hot babe from other factions into the Devil folds, especially Angels?"


"Why do all your thoughts revolve around woman?" Rias couldn't help but question.

"I am a hot blooded teen Devil and seeing that Devils do evil, I decided to be the best amongst Devils. To be the best I had to do the worst and what better than committing one of the seven deadly sins. I thought over it a lot last night and the result was Lust winning by a landslide, but Gluttony and Sloth were the close seconds," replied Naruto with an innocent looking face.


"Ufufufu… That is quite an interesting way of approaching your Devil life," commented Akeno with a small amount of sparkle in her eyes.

"Indeed it is…" answered Naruto and then focusing his complete attention on Akeno he asked "… You think so to, don't you?"

"It certainly sounds interesting," replied Akeno as she licked her lips, tracing her tongue around it, practically making an outline. They became very moist because of these actions.

"Ecchi senpai!" muttered an annoyed Koneko as she threw two crumpled empty cardboard boxes which previously held pastries with enough force to knock them a bit.

"Ouch``" both muttered as Naruto and Akeno rubbed the side of their head where those crumpled boxes struck.

"Enough of this…" spoke Rias with her voice raising a few octaves "… and Naruto I already told you that we are the Devils of new generation and thoughts, so stop saying stupid things. And stop encouraging him Akeno."

"But that's no fun…" both Akeno and Naruto whined at the same time.


"This is boring," muttered Naruto as he made his way back to the clubroom after he finished handing out the contract flyers.

His first and foremost job happened to be handing out contract flyers to make contract with humans with great desire and greed and thus gaining points (desire) to help increase ones standing in the Devil world.

For the past week, he went around on his bicycle, posting a leaflet which can summon Rias Gremory's group inside the mailboxes by using a mysterious device, a secret machine developed by the technology of the Devils. It has a shape of those current portable game devices. There's a screen, and it has buttons. It's a touch-pen type device. So it comes with a touch-pen. And he was using the device the way he was told to.

The monitor displays the map of the town he lives in - Rias's territory.

He learned that each Devil is given a certain territory in the human world, and they can only do their job within their territory, the job being that they get summoned by a human, then make contract with the human and then grant their wish. As a price, they receive an award fitting for the particular wish humans make. It can be money, an object, and at times even their life.

As a Devil he too had to go do these jobs from now on.

There are some contracts which go against the morals of the current Devils and some whose price doesn't match to the wish then they get cancelled.

According to Rias, "People's values aren't equal."

It's harsh, but the truth.

The light flashing on the monitor of those devices shows the houses where people with a lot of greed live. So he specifically went to these areas to hand out the leaflet which comes with a magic-circle. As long as there were lights flashing on the monitor, his work wasn't finished.

Apparently after he turned into a Devil other people and even the police didn't seem to pay attention to him and according to Rias, since he is already active as a Devil, humans don't realize his presence when he is working.

He had been pedaling his bicycle every day, but the light displayed on the monitor seemed to never disappear… That's how much humans are being with strong greed.

Once you make a wish, it apparently becomes an addiction to keep on wishing for other ones.

Making a contract is basically limited to occur at night. That's because Devils are only allowed to work at night. The daytime is a time for the Angels and Gods.

Apparently the leaflets can only be used once, so once they use it, then he will have to hand it out again. In other words, his work will last forever.

Well, thanks to his work, Rias and the others can continue to be active and we never run out of jobs. So we are certainly increasing our point as being a Devil. Apparently we get acknowledged by the Satans if we keep on making contracts and granting the wish of a human.

To begin with, his job of handing out the leaflets was originally a job assigned to Rias's familiar. Rias changes the forms of the mouse and the bat that she owns into a form of a human, and makes them hand out the leaflets like he did and they do this both day and night.

The reason why he was assigned to do it was because Rias wanted him to know what kind of job Devils have to do from the beginning. It was something Kiba and the others did as well. Kiba Yūto, Tōjō Koneko-chan, Himejima Akeno are all servant Devils of Rias. So in a sense they are his seniors. So they all have experience in doing the work he was doing. So each person has a history of doing it - Ah, they aren't persons but Devils.

He may not like the work, but at least it gained approval of the fellow club-peerage members.

"Ah! Uzumaki-kun!" a feminine voice called out to him and turning around he found himself staring at a face he had met a week ago.

"Yo, Yūma!" he called back and was awarded with a small blush on her cheeks.

Calling one another by their given name, especially those of opposite gender indicated extreme familiarity and intimacy in case of opposite gender if they were not related… at least in Japan. It was one of the reasons that he cared not for formality, especially when it came to females, as he simply loved seeing their reactions.

The reaction on the face of Amano Yūma is just like he predicted and he couldn't help but inwardly smile about it, but yet he couldn't help but feel there was something wrong about the blush on her face. He also felt that danger feeling return back ten folds, but he simply shrugged those feeling off again.

Looking at her he found her dressed in the attire consisting of a short black dress with a small, light purple jacket on top made her beauty and cuteness heighten to a new level.

"It's nice to meet you, Uzumaki-kun," she said.

"Same here…" he replied and then looking around he remembered it to be the same place he had last met her and so he couldn't help but add "… I hope you aren't waiting for the boy again."

"No-Nothing of that sort… I-I am heading to a nearby restraint to get something for dinner since my parents aren't home tonight…" she replied as she fidgeted and then her violet eyes stared into his blue ones as she suddenly spoke out loud "… WOULDYOULIKETOJOINMEATTHERESTAURANT?"

"Eh?!" the words left his lips as he looked with confused eyes at her.

She quickly averted her eyes and her fidgeting increased as she stuttered out, "W-Would you l-like to join m-me at the rest-restaurant?" her eyes met with his for a brief second as she further added "… I-I do-don't like eating alone."

"Sure," he replied… he was accustomed to eat out with friends, some of which were girls, especially Aika and so he didn't see any problem… though the smile that light up her face at his approval made him blush a bit.

"I am back!" announced Naruto as he entered the ORC clubroom.

"Welcome back… though you are late than I expected," said Rias as she looked up from the work she was doing.

Naruto's breath hitched for a few second and heart skipped a few beats as he took a real look at her face; she is currently wearing and had quite a deep and thoughtful look on her face…

"I met a friend on my way back to the clubroom and decided to join her to have a dinner at a restaurant," said Naruto as he remembered the fun dinner he had with Yūma… "Oh! By the way, I finished giving out all the contract flyers… and you really look beautiful."

For a moment Rias forgot all she was doing and stared with wide eyes at the blonde; his words about sounded nothing like his mischievous, easy going and sometimes flirtatious tone, rather it sounded quite sincere.

I took a few seconds for her to compose herself and then she spoke, "I see. Good job…" a pink hue adorned her cheeks as she recalled his sincere words he spoke just seconds ago and so she added "… and thank you."

For the next minute no word was spoken between the two because of the awkwardness caused, a pleasant one at that… though they continued to still glances of the other.

For some unknown reason Rias couldn't focus on the work in front of her and so she decided to focus on the boy in front of him - her cute little servant.

"I have wanted to ask you this since a couple of days, especially seeing that it's almost been about a week… How does the life of as a Devil been?" questioned Rias.

"So far nothing seems to have changed with my life, apart from the fact that I had to quit my part time job, but I am at least doing something similar as a job as a Devil. In the first place I never needed a part time job to begin with seeing that-"

Naruto's words got caught in his throat as he gulped while blood gathered up north and down south making him quite uncomfortable (a pleasant sort though) as his eyes looked at Rias who had walked out of the desk and was making her way towards him… so far he had only seen Rias in her school uniform and a couple of times in a track suit seeing that so far all their interactions was during school time and in school ground (she apparently had a number of school uniforms in her closet, at least according to her), so it was quite surprising to see dressed in an attire quite different from those two. Currently Rias was dressed in a light purple nightgown making him once again appreciate the beauty she is no matter the clothes she wore, but that was not what had him uncomfortable is the attire she had currently donned on; Rias had currently a light violet color nightgown donned on, which wasn't that odd seeing it was already late in the night, but the thing was that the nightgown she had donned on was completely see-through.

Rias is a young woman in her late teens with a buxom figure, a light skin tone, and blue-green eyes that much Naruto knew for a long time since his eyes had set upon the redhead years ago. He also knew that she didn't have the fad of dieting to maintain a skinny figure that seemed to be infected to all most all teenage girls and young women and even some adult women, something he had confirmed in the week he had been a part of her group. He had always known she was and is one of the most beautiful girl/woman his eyes had ever seen, but looking at her now he got to appreciate her beauty further.

The nightgown that Rias is wearing hid nothing beneath it and thus her body was as good as naked to the stark and wide eyes of Naruto and the only thing that kept from admiring her body by the whole is the yellow-pink panties. He wanted to avert his eyes from her for her own good, but he couldn't as he eyes continued to take in her beautiful form… her supple thighs, her shapely waist, her toned stomach and her curvaceous frame. She has a lot more skin on her body than most teenage girls he knew, but the skin was in right proportion and in right area; not too little and not too much.

But what enticed Naruto the most are the protrusions on her chest which were the envy of most girls-women and the lust and wet dreams of most men and few girls-women (there were a few guys who batted for the same team after all). He knew they were big, but seeing them without any constraint actually made him appreciate their size and look. They didn't even need a bra to keep them uplifted nor did they have a tiniest of sag despite their enormity. They looked perky and soft. They bounced and jiggled with even the slightest movement by her side. He couldn't help but wish to squeeze them, fondle them and burry himself in them. And then there adorning the peak of those alluring bosoms were her pink areola and at the centre of the areola was a small slightly dark pink (than the shade of areola) nipples that stood like the peak above the peak, their proportions neither too small nor too big and graced her bosoms like a crown. The sight of those areolas and slightly erect nipples was so much enticing that it took all of his willpower to hold himself down instead of jumping her and playing with them, twiddling them, to kiss them and to finally take them in between his lips and then in his mouth and suck on them.

If someone called Naruto's mind a dirty mind for the thoughts he was currently having then he was seriously going to question their preferences. He had always been pervert, at least since he actually started to see females as truly an opposite sex and having that man as his role model didn't help much in that matter, rather it helped elevate his perversion. He had seen quite a few girls and women in their birthday suit in his short life and each a beauty in her own right, but never had one brought such a desire in him.

With the way that Naruto looked at Rias it would be stupid to say that she failed to notice his glance. It wasn't new to her to have her body stared at for she knew she had a body that enticed almost all men and a few women too and seeing that she had almost bared her entity in front of Naruto (she had donned on a nightgown, but it was completely see-through and the only other fabric she had on is a yellow-pink panties) so she knew he would stare and she expected and wanted him to do so.

After a week of thinking it through she had decided to go on with her plan of seduction of Naruto…

It all started with her deadline to the date of her marriage contract with Riser Phenex set up by their parents coming closer and it didn't help that he was trying to push forward the date of their engagement. She hated that man. She hated his view of her. She hated the fact that he craved for her body. She hated that he viewed her as his personal trophy. To put it simply she wanted out of the marriage contract. But getting out of the contract seemed almost impossible, especially when neither her parents nor her brother agreed to her demands, but over time she had come up with two solutions that could help her out of the marriage. Her first option was the most reasonable and logically, but with passing days it started to feel more and more out of her grasp and it was this that had made her chose the second and most illogical plan of all.

It all started with learning about Hyōdō Issei and the powerful Sacred Gear he seemed to wield and with time and research that the Sacred Gear that Hyōdō Issei wielded was confirmed to be one of the thirteen Longinus. It was then Rias had decided to act on her second option and that was to seduce Hyōdō Issei and have him take her virginity after making him her servant. The boy was well known pervert that lusted after any and all women/girls and his lust increased ten folds if it was a girl/woman had a pair of big breasts on them. In a sense he was and would be no different than Riser, lusting after her body, but at least this she would be doing on her own accord. Not only that, but seeing how he was weak in front of the opposite gender and having him as a member of her peerage would have helped her have a reign over him. Having him take her virginity would nullify her contract with Riser. And as for her family, she would then make a story of their love for each other and make them somehow believe it. They might hater her for some time, but for a better future she was willing to take their hate for some time… they would eventually get over it. She didn't know how things would go between Hyōdō Issei and her from then on, will they fall in love or not, but if her family put their down and have her settle with him then she would do so, for at least it would be she herself who had created the situation.

But the plan of Rias went down the drain when Sona had enough of her not taking action over a year when she had not only claimed Hyōdō Issei as her future peerage member, but had won a fair and square game on that matter and so Sona had approached Hyōdō Issei and had him reincarnated as a member of her peerage. It was for this reason Rias had to settle for Naruto as her peerage member. But with such time limiting her with coming up with another plan she had to continue with her second plan and for that she had to choose between her two male peerage members. Kiba Yūto was a no go from the beginning; not only could she see him in that light and rather she thought of him as a younger brother, also neither could her family ever be fooled about her relationship with Kiba as they knew him very well and then there was his nature and preferences to think of to.

That left her with only Uzumaki Naruto, her newest peerage member. He is no Kiba in looks, but he is still good looking on the eyes and rather had a more roughish handsome look. She could feel that he is strong despite not testing his strength and it had nothing to with the number of Evil Pieces needed for his reincarnation as a Devil. He too was renowned as a pervert in the academy rather was considered a bigger pervert than the perverted trio and there were quite a number of other rumors about him to boot… not that she was unconvinced of her capability of seducing any man she had set her eyes upon despite not doing no such thing ever. But the difference between Naruto and Issei was the Sacred Gear they wielded (she didn't know whether Naruto wielded one or not); both Issei and Naruto would be considered lowest amongst the ranking of Devils with them reincarnated from humans, but what set Issei apart from Naruto was the Sacred Gear he wielded, or the Longinus to be precise. It wouldn't matter if Issei was a reincarnated Devil, for no matter the faction a Longinus wielder would be considered amongst the top tier for simply wielding power capable of killing Gods.

And so it was a tough decision for Rias to make, but thinking it over for a week she had decided to go with it. Naruto certainly couldn't be manipulated like Issei, but the blonde seem to have kind, fun-loving side to him. It was for this reason that she had others leave the room early today and was dressed in the way she is. But nervousness kicked in her when he had finally arrived and she had second thoughts about it. But then he had called her beautiful out of the blue and the sincerity in his voice had made her nervousness wash away as her body moved on its own accord.

Now having Naruto stare at her, Rias could clearly see the lust and desire in his stark eyes, but she could also see and fell more than just lust and desire, her eyes saw and body felt admiration and appreciation. For some reason her heart fluttered and she actually liked his look. Oh, she especially liked what happened down south.

All this happened in a matter of seconds…

Holding his bleeding nose with his right hand and having his left hand covering his reaction that was visible through his pants down south as he somewhat composed himself and continued speaking "… m-my parents have left enough behind that I can live a good life even when I turn thirty."

"I see…" muttered Rias as she silently took the seat in front of Naruto.

Neither spoke for the next few minutes as an awkward and uncomfortable silence descended amidst them, but despite that neither of their eyes left the other and so their faces had turned almost a violent shade of red akin to the hair of Rias.

The silence was finally broken as Naruto spoke up, "Well, see you tomorrow!"

And he quickly walked to the teleportation circle and used it him back to his home.

Arriving home in a flash of light Naruto could only think of one thing and so he rushed around the room gathering necessities for a long, restless, sleepless night full of imagination.

I am back!

And back I am with a brand new story with a completely new crossover.

There are already a good number of Naruto and High School DxD Crossovers, but this is my first one.

I recently got addicted to the High School Dxd Light Novel and I found it to be quite interesting and it jumped to my 'All Tine Favorite' list.

As for the anime, it simply rocks.

I have also read quite a number of crossover between Naruto and High School Dxd and I found quite a number of interesting ones in there, so this my shot at the crossover.

Now as you must have noticed, I have sidetracked Hyōdō Issei from the main story by having him join the peerage of Sona Sitri, not because I dislike him or such. I rather find his character quite interesting, especially has he goes onto become a perverted badass in the series. But since Naruto is my all time favorite male protagonist, I would not be able to do justice to both their roles if they had stayed in the limelight by having them both join Rias Gremory's peerage… and reading through most fan-fictions I find Issei's role to take quite a downfall and he is certainly not to go onto be the badass he is supposed to be. Issei will play a good and important role in the future so wait and read. His character and skills will have quite a difference than that of the light novel, mostly his skills though.

About the situation I wrote about at the end is my interpretation of what happened before Rias actually fell in love with Issei… the amount of skin she tried to show him seemed completely out of place seeing her nature despite her zero care for the taboo called nudity.

The situation of Raynare: Since she did not get a chance to get hold of Issei before he was turned into a Devil she had to use different means to entertain herself. I already explained why she didn't go after Issei after he was reincarnated as a Devil; the Fallen Angel group are bound to gather information about the Devils whose territory they are invading or working in.

Naruto and Raynare: She is the first antagonist of the story and she will probably remain so. I just wish to make the situation more interesting, just read on and you will see.

Naruto and Kiriyū Aika: It is a surprise package, just wait and continue reading.

Nikaidō Yuri: If you don't know her, just go die… On second thought, don't die just GOOGLE SEARCH her, I don't want any of my readers death on my count… No seriously, just GOOGLE SEARCH her… Now that you have GOOGLE SEARCHED her and know of her and those who already knew about her enjoy her future role in the story.

Uzumaki Naruto: He isn't from any alternate dimension of ninjas; he is a born and bred human native to this world.

Naruto being a pervert: wait and read.

Naruto's skills: He is skilled and strong… nothing Godlike, but strong. How strong and skilled? You will probablylearn in the next chapter.

Elements and Plot from Naruto world: Possible.

Elements and Plot from other anime/manga/light novel: Yes… though it will be mostly restricted to characters and if there are characters from other anime/manga/light novel then their story will be twisted and made into a role relevant to the plot of High School DxD and Naruto series. Similar thing will happen to a plot of another anime/manga/light novel that is not High School DxD or Naruto.

Naruto's Harem: He certainly is going to have a harem of his own and it certainly isn't going to be a small one; it will progress with the story and so let's just wait and watch how big it will be.

Naruto's Heritage and Past: The story will certainly have one.