"So, how did it go last night?" questioned Akeno as currently she is the only one apart Rias to be at the clubroom.

Rias stayed by the special room adjoining to the Occult Research Club (ORC) clubroom in the old school building, so in a sense Rias never left the clubroom to begin with. So it wouldn't be wrong to say that Akeno is the first person to arrive at ORC.

"It seems that it will work," commented Rias…

"That's good," replied Akeno… of all the peerage members of Rias that was not Naruto only Akeno knew of her plans about Naruto.

It was essentially a plan completely sketched by Akeno knowing the nature and habits of Rias and the reputation of Naruto… though she had to first filter what was just a rumor and what was the truth of all the rumors that had spread around over the years. It was a tough task to learn the truth about Naruto or at least what she discerned as the truth, but she wouldn't be Akeno-O-nē-sama, one of the Two Great Ladies of Kuō Academy.

And so being the Great Akeno-O-nē-sama she did not miss the slight change in the expression of Rias when she answered and her curious switch was flipped on.

"Now, come clean with the details, Rias…" spoke Akeno as she came face to face her King with a gleam in her eyes "… I would like information if I have to get Naruto-kun do my bidding."

"Eh! Details! T-There isn't much to d-discuss!" stuttered out Rias to quick for even her own liking.

"Ara, ara… you saying that there isn't much to discuss itself sound suspicious. Now I really want to know what transpired last night, especially knowing the reputation of Naruto-kun… ufufufu~~~" commented Akeno as she involuntarily started licking her lips.


The door slammed open much to both relief and annoyance of Rias; relieved for she would probably be saved from Akeno by the person that had arrived and annoyed at the fact that person had decided to slam open the door instead of knocking on the door.

The ORC clubroom is situated in the old school building which had a number of spells placed on it and as such no normal student was able to enter the old school building and if they tried to then they would remember some important task they had to do and would move to do it immediately.

"Sona!" spoke a not so surprised Rias, but she certainly was surprised by the look on the face of her childhood friend and rival…

"Where is he?" a very annoyed and a very enraged Sona questioned, or rather demanded.

It didn't need to be told to either Rias or Akeno as of whom Sona demanded; there was only one person in this world that could get Sona so annoyed and angered and lose her composure and that person had recently joined their group.

"Well, he hasn't arrived yet…" answered Rias and wasn't surprised to find the annoyance on the face of Sona rise some more. But there was something she couldn't keep quiet about and so she asked, "By the way Sona, why have you donned on an illusion?"

"I-It's nothing! Do-Don't fret about it! Just tell me where he is? Or when he will be here?" spoke Sona and for a second at the beginning her voice wavered and it was enough for Rias and Akeno that something was off.

"Well, he should be-"

Rias's word stopped in her mouth as Akeno sneaked on behind Sona without her knowledge and with a sly smile on her face as she spoke, "If it is nothing then you wouldn't mind us seeing Sona-kaichō without the illusion, now would you kaichō?"

And before Sona could react Akeno placed a single finger on her shoulder and passed a pulse of her magic on Sona and in doing so destroyed the illusion Sona had donned on.

What their eyes saw made their eyes widen and they had to hold back their laughter…

Sona was still dressed in the Kuō Academy girls' uniform consisting of a white long-sleeved, button-down shirt with a black ribbon on the collar, a black shoulder cape and matching button-down corset and a magenta skirt with white accents and also her patented red glasses, but there was glaring difference in her outfit that being the color of it and a few changes here and there. The color of her shirt had changed from white to radiant gold color and had turned sleeveless. The same went for the black shoulder cape and black corset with their color changing from black to pink, while the black ribbon on the collar had turned a darker shade of pink and the magenta skirt turned radiant golden with silver linings. The sleeves that had been missing of her shirt seemed to be turned black fingerless gloves that reached up to her elbows. But the biggest thing hidden by the illusion happened to be an almost two feet long pink magical girl wand with a heart design and small bat-like wings at one end.

"Don't you dare laugh!" an irritated voice of Sona commanded as her eyes turned to look at Akeno and Rias who were trying hard and failing to hide their giggling lips with their palms of their hands.

It took quite a strong willpower from Rias to outright not laugh at her friend's predicament and to stop giggling and then she spoke, "By the way, what makes you think it was-" her words stopped rolling on her lips seeing the flat look that Sona was giving her… even Akeno had the same look donned on as she stared at her… so she quickly changed her question "… how did this come to be?"


A vein popped on the forehead of Sona as she started recalling the event that happened moments ago in the Student Council room…

"I hope you all have your duties memorized, for I want you to perform them with perfection," spoke Sona to the members of the student council.

All present here were not just members of the Student Council, but are also the members of the peerage of Sona Sitri.

Seeing the raised hand of Hyōdō Issei she simply sighed and even before the latest inductee of her peerage and before he could put forth his question she replied, "No Hyōdō, I am not changing your job. You are going to the photography club with their request."

She wasn't going to give him to his request of having him help the Kendo Club, the Swimming Club, the Tennis Club or any other such club that was basically dominated by girls or were simply all girls' club simply so he could stare at the girls and forget his job.

Seeing his hands raise again she replied again before he could ask, "No… again. I am not changing your partner in your job. You will be working with Saji."

He looked completely dejected, but that look lasted only for a few seconds as her Bishop Hanakai Momo decided to cheer and comfort the brunette at the same time and while she did so Hyōdō was quickly captured by her impressive bust and he was back to his lively self.

Shaking her head at the pervert of servant she had gotten herself she decided to address the main matter of today's meeting…

"Now, about the training schedule… I have planned not only schedule that not only will help you advance in skills, but will be working well with what you are truly capable of. For that you will be dividing into teams."

With her eyes focused on Meguri Tomoe and Kusaka Reya she continued, "Tomoe you will be teaming up with Reya… your focus will be forming coordination between your short and mid-long range offense."

Tomoe seemed ready for action, while Reya nodded her head…

Her eyes than focused on Saji Genshirō and Nimura Ruruko she added, "While Saji and Ruruko will be teaming up together and working on support and offense."

Saji looked disappointed, while Ruruko looked quite ecstatic…

Her eyes than shifted its focus to Hyōdō Issei, Yura Tsubasa and Hanakai Momo as she spoke, "Hyōdō, you will be teaming up with Tsubasa and Momo and the two of your training will be focused on offense and defense."

Hyōdō got a perverted face at that, while Momo had a smile on her face…

"I and Tsubaki will be overlooking the training…" she added to which both Saji and Hyōdō seemed overjoyed, both for different reasons of course… she simply shrugged and continued "… and our main focus of the training this weekend will be to lean and explore the capabilities of the Sacred Gears wielded by Saji and Hyōdō - the Absorption Line and the-"

Her words died down in her mouth as suddenly the student council's room started to fill with thick white smog…

"W-What is this?" a frightened Saji and Hyōdō stuttered.

Unlike those two, she, Tsubaki, Momo and Reya were quick to form barriers, while Tomoe, Tsubasa and Ruruko took refuge behind the barriers… Tomoe and Ruruko had to literally drag the stunned and frightened Saji and Hyōdō inside the barrier.

To the horror of Sona, the barriers seemed completely ineffective against the smog as it penetrated their barriers…

"KYAAA!" Saji and Hyōdō literally screamed like girls, while the real girls tried to figure out the situation.

But before anyone could do anything, the color of the smog turned from white to pink and then to white and then it simply disappeared. All that happened in a matter of a couple of seconds and Sona was the first to notice the change-

"And knowing that the culprit behind all this is bound to be Uzumaki I came here searching for him," said Sona with an annoyed look on her face.

"I-I see!" stated Rias… the only think she learned was that the white smog that seemed to have worked its way into the Student Council room was the reason why Sona looked the way she did and possibly had done something hilarious to the other members of student council, but it certainly did not give any reason to doubt Naruto for that… thought it was a given that it was Naruto's doing for no one was as brave as Uzumaki Naruto to prank the Student Council, especially the Student Council President Sona Sitri.

"Ara, but Naruto-kun isn't here yet?" commented Akeno.

It was quite a sight for Rias and Akeno to see a fuming Sona…

"Why don't you just simply use magic and get rid of your current school uniform and change into a normal school uniform either by the mundane or magic way," said Rias… the irony in her words was not lost to Sona nor did Akeno miss it; Rias and Sona are not only childhood friends, but are rivals too.


"Don't you think I tried? I did and it didn't work," replied Sona with an annoyed tone.

"Ara, that must be some interesting work," commented Akeno…

"It is…" begrudgingly stated Sona.

"Well, why don't you try using magic her. The ambient magic here might help you," said Rias…

It was the truth.

The old school building of Kuō Academy held powerful ambient magic in all of Kuō city. It was for this reason Kuō Academy was chosen as the headquarter of the Devils and the old school building was the headquarter of Gremory territory and with all the magic placed on the old school building the place had become a hot spot for magical power.

"Very well…" replied Sona and she used her magic to whisk away her current clothes and create a new set of identical clothing as her school uniform.

"It worked!" a surprised Sona squealed in delight.

"Well, that was too easy…" commented Akeno as a minute passed by and nothing seemed to happen.

It was as if Akeno's words jinxed it as the white smog that Sona spoke of erupted of her clothes and within a second engulfed the entity of the room and a second later the smog changed color, but instead of the pink that Sona had mentioned it changed into a rainbow colored smog. It stayed for a second or two in that state and then turned white again and simply vanished into nothingness.


The sound of clicking of the button of a camera assaulted the ears followed successively by a flash…


Turning around the three girls found the blonde in question stood by the door with a camera in hand and with a goofy-perverted smile on his face clicked away photos of them.

"I knew it… This was going to be a blast," commented Naruto…


"Sailor Moon FTW!" he loudly proclaimed.



'What did he mean by that?' the three young women couldn't help but wonder.

Sailor Moon is a name that all the three were quite accustomed with; Rias happens to be quite a fan of the series and had made both Akeno and Sona watch it multiple times over the years.

Slowly and steadily their eyes shifted to each other and it was then they learned why Naruto seemed so excited…

Rias currently was dressed in a fuku whose dominant color is orange while the accent colors are yellow and navy blue. Her choker, collar, the center of her front bow, the elbow fittings on her gloves, skirt, shoes, and earrings were orange, while the gem on her tiara and her back bow were yellow and her front bow was navy blue. She had one strip on her collar, her shoes were orange heels with ankle straps and her tiara is the colored gold. It was the Sailor Venus outfit from Sailor Moon with only red hair bow missing.

Akeno's outfit too has changed to that of Sailor Moon Sailor Senshi and hers had changed into the outfit of Sailor Jupiter - she too is a wearing a fuku with two main colors, green and pink. Her scarf, boots, skirt, choker, gem of her tiara, button of the front bow, end of sleeves on gloves were all colored green, while both her bows and earrings were colored pink, the rest of her outfit is colored white and her tiara is the colored gold. The only difference is the light blue hair accessory that Sailor Jupiter is known to wear as it is replaced by her patented orange ribbon.

Sona had her outfit changed to that of Sailor Mercury - Her fuku consisted of a white sleeveless leotard, a blue skirt, light blue chest and back bows, a blue brooch in the middle of her chest bow, blue boots, small blue stud earrings (three on each ear), a golden tiara with a blue gem in the middle, a blue choker, and white gloves with blue borders. Her collar is blue and it had three stripes.

The Sailor Senshi outfits suited the girls quite well and made their impressive figures stand out quite nicely… especially that of Rias and Akeno whose busts were barely being contained in the leotards they word.

'How in the world did he do this?' their minds racked up with that question.

"That's one hell of an addition to my Sailor Moon collection," commented Naruto and before either of the girl could do or say anything he simply vanished into thin air.

For a couple of minutes there was utter silence in the ORC clubroom and it was only broken by Akeno as she spoke appreciating her outfit, "This is quite intriguing and nice. It suits me quite well… and so it does to buchō and kaichō."

"It does, doesn't it?" squealed an excited Rias… for a long time she had intended to do this, but never got a chance to do so because of time limitations and the fact that Sona and Akeno come down on her if she ever decided to go down the route of cosplay, especially Sona who had quite a nightmarish events as such happening to her back in childhood days. Who would have thought that she would finally get to cosplay as Sailor Venus and all because of a prank by her new cute little servant? There was no way Sona would berate her for this.

As for Sona, she had started trembling in anger and annoyance and looking at her both Rias and Akeno knew what was coming…


"That was fun!" commented Naruto as he made his way back home.

Today had been the greatest day of his life for not only did he got some awesome pictures of Sona, Rias and Akeno in

The Sailor Senshi cosplay but also somehow had helped create a new legend in town or rather he reincarnated the legend of Sailor Senshi in real life.

For some reason Sona seemed quite angered and embarrassed wearing the Sailor Senshi outfit and in her anger and embarrassment she seemed to have forgotten that this was the human world and humans weren't accustomed to see someone actually control and manipulate large quantity of water and use it to fire blasts, globs and arrows made of water.

Rias seemed too happy to help Sona in her endeavor of hunting him down and punishing him and thus was firing beams of demonic energy at him. She looked to happy to be mad at him, rather it was as if she was enjoying it.

And then there was Akeno, the girl seemed to take some sort of twisted pleasure out of hunting him down and trying electrolyze him by sending blasts of lightning one after another…

Himejima Akeno is a sadist… that was the very truth he learned today and it sent a chill down his spine.

It was this action of those three that had brought forth the rumor that Sailor Senshi were not just a fiction, but a reality and within hours it spread around like wildfire and was already being considered as one of the legends of Kuō. The only reason most didn't want to believe it and considered it as fake rumor or a myth was the fact that no student, teacher and those in and around Kuō Academy did not get a single piece of evidence to support their claim… he had seen to it that no cell phones, cameras and any such device would work for only he was allowed to capture shots of their beauty in Sailor Senshi outfit and Sona seemed to have conjured a magical mist that seemed to blind people to the fact that it was she, Rias and Akeno that were in the cosplay outfit of Sailor Senshi.

It just added more mystique to the whole thing.

"Kukuku… Sona just handed me a ticket for more pranks and I am going to enjoy it to fullest," he muttered as evil laughter started to erupt of his lips.

"Ara, you are laughing really hard, onī-chan. What's so funny onī-chan? Share it with Mittelt too. Mittelt too wants to laugh."

A young girl's voice reached his ears surprising him; he hadn't expected nor sensed anyone to be close by, but yet turning around he found a young girl with blonde hair styled in twin short side ponytails and blue eyes sitting atop a branch of a tree by the roadside. She was dressed in Gothic Lolita attire, which consisted of a black Lolita dress with white frills, a large black bow on the front, and a green jewel embedded on the collar, white thigh-high socks, and black shoes. She also wore a large black bow on top of her hair.

"Ne onī-chan, are you Uzumaki Naruto by any chance?" questioned Mittelt.

This girl was bad news; he could feel it and the fact that she had eluded his senses made her more threatening. He was never a good sensor to begin with, but even they were good enough to detect a normal human sneak upon him and so for her sneak upon him meant that she was neither normal and possibly not a human either. The latter feeling was quite prominent, especially the danger he could feel of the girl.

"I am…" he answered…

He is Uzumaki Naruto and Uzumaki Naruto never runs away from danger, especially not when danger approaches him in the form of a cute loli dressed in a Gothic Lolita outfit…

"And who might Mittelt be?" he couldn't help but ask.

"Mittelt is Mittelt… duh…" she replied and even though she didn't show it, but he could feel the annoyance in her voice.

Then she did something that cemented his view that she was neither normal nor human as she ecstatically jumped of the tree branch and in mid jump a pair of black angel-like wings sprouted of her back. The danger senses of his tingled with more ferocity and he recognized Mittelt as the ones that were cast out of Heaven by the Biblical God and ones that Rias described as the natural enemy of Devils, a Fallen Angel.

"Black panties… such an adult taste," he muttered while shrugging of the danger feeling…

He had learned long enough to never judge a book by its cover, so it certainly didn't matter that the girl is of a species that was natural enemy to the Devils like him.

"So, you really are Naruto-onī-chan that seemed to have caught Raynare- onē-sama's attention," she said with a big grin stretching her lips.

'Eh! Who the hell is Raynare?' he couldn't help but think… but who cared about stupid things like that as the camera he always carried with him made his way to his hand and in front of his eyes…

"Say cheese, Mittelt-chan!" he spoke.

All the dumbfounded girl was do was pose, the kind when a princess did when introducing herself…


He got a couple of shots, before he caught the sight of her wings completely unfurling and light formed in her hand of a pink spear-like object…

"How dare you treat me like a child!" shouted Mittelt as she flung the Light Spear at Naruto.

The Light Spear shot at him faster than he had anticipated and thus was not fast enough to dodge it and the Light Spear went onto graze his upper left arm… he had a camera to save first of all.

"AHH!" the pained scream left his lips as the Light Spear hurt more than he thought it would.

His right hand went to cover up the wound that was not only bleeding, but for some unknown reason burning too.

"What the hell… it's just a cut," he muttered… he had been through far greater pain and injuries and all that never had him slow down and yet a single cut seemed painful enough to actually force him to will to stay conscious.

"Oh my, looks like onī -chan doesn't know that light is extremely harmful and poisonous to Devils, and to a low-class recently reincarnated Devils like you it turns out to be deadly. The fact that you are conscious and still alive shows you are more powerful for a recently reincarnated and low-class Devil, it must be the reason why Raynare-onē-sama is so interested in you…" replied Mittelt and then a cruel smile graced her lips as another Light Spear formed in her hands "… but this is it for you. DIE!"

The Light Spear was once again shot at him, but this time he was ready and he easily dodged the spear and while on it he concentrated his energy into his sole of his feet and transverse the few meters distance between him and Mittelt in a blink of an eye…

The Shundō-jutsu is one of the fastest techniques in his arsenal and a technique that he most relied on as it not only gave him speed, but an element of surprise too…

"Wha-" a surprised Mittelt squeaked as he found him in his guard and about to punch her in her guts.

The punch did connect, but it wasn't as strong as his usual punches.

'I cannot focus my energy like I usually can,' he thought… Mittelt seemed right about Light element acting as poison to Devils, his senses were dulling with each passing second and so were his skills.

A small amount of blood blotted out of Mittelt's mouth as she staggered a few steps back by the force of the punch, but she wasn't a Fallen Angel just in name and so she was quick to counterattack. From this close she couldn't hit him with a Light Spear this close and so she went onto use her wings to hit him.

Seeing her right wing descending to slap him away he moved to dodge, but wasn't fast enough to dodge completely as the feathers of her right wing grazed his nose… his senses truly seemed to be dulling down.

It had been about a week since he had been reincarnated Devil and apart from using the teleportation circle that barely used any demonic magic and thus the pent up energy gathered in his nose. It distracted him so much that he failed to notice a Light Spear edging his way as she found distance between them and this time the spear lodged into his left shoulder…

"AHHHCHOOOOOO!" a pained scream left his lips and a sneeze left his nose at the same time.

All the pent up demonic magic released with his sneeze and summoned up a powerful gust of wind that blasted off Mittelt's clothes…

"W-Wha- KYAAHHHH!" screamed Mittelt as she tried to cover up her bare body

"A Naked Loli and a natural blonde at that," he muttered as a goofy grin stretched his lips as he got a full frontal view of Mittelt, from her milky white skin, her small and handful bosoms, her pink areola and perked up nipples, her flat stomach and her forbidden zone with a patch of blonde hair and skinny legs.

"Oh my, attacking my cute little servant… that is quite bold of you… Fallen Angel-san," he heard the voice of Rias which at first seemed determined and angered and by the end seemed a bit unsure and surprised… it was bound to be seeing that she certainly wasn't going to expect a naked loli Fallen Angel crouching down and covering herself to save her modesty.

He could also sense his fellow partners and the other members of her peerage behind him…

Knowing that he was completely safe now, he let his consciousness drift to the land of dreams.

Bright blue eyes slowly drifted open as the early morning rays of sun converged on his face through his window.

"It's been a while since I had such a calm and fulfilling sleep," he muttered as he slowly rubbed off the remaining of his sleep of his eyes using his left hand and any dust that had settled by the corner of his eyes.

It was very rare for Naruto to have a night sleep without his dreams into a nightmare riddled with memories of the past and it was for this reason he was not much of a morning person. But today had been a complete changeover from his normal morning self, rather today he felt quite energetic and lively. Even his dream last night was riddled with naked girls and ramen, or more specifically it constituted of a naked Rias Gremory, Himejima Akeno, Sona Sitri, Kiriyū Aika, Amano Yūma, Tōjō Koneko and some of his female acquaintances served in a large bowl of steaming ramen for him to enjoy and he enjoyed them to his heart's content, that he did.

So it was no wonder for him to feel a certain anatomy of his body was standing tall in its full glory.

It was then he felt something odd and that being that there seemed to be nothing restraining his life-giving bank and that was kind of odd seeing that he normally slept with his trunks on…

Suddenly the events of last night flashed into his mind and his eyes jerked towards his left shoulder and arm and found it be completely healed, which wasn't new to him as he had already been a fast healer and injuries like last night normally healed with a night's sleep… though it was certainly odd to see a wound like that on his shoulder to heal completely in a fortnight.

Now that he fully awakened, he felt someone clinging on him on his right side with that someone's right hand flung across his chest and one leg flung on his right leg. He could feel soft and smooth skin on every part of his body that had been clung on by that certain someone that is sharing bed with him, but nothing could compare to the sensation that his right hand was feeling as it was currently lodged amidst the valley of the softest mountains.

An electric jolt ran through his body at the sensation he was currently having and life-giving bank was in over excited state and his entire face had turned crimson red just like the strand of hair that had landed on her face.

He didn't need to be told who the person sleeping next to him is, for he already knew from her scent and now with the strand of red hair that had fallen on his face his doubt had solidified and become the truth…

Slowly and steadily he started to lose himself from her grip, especially his right hand… he didn't know what the situation is, but he did not want to aggravate it by having Rias wake up and misunderstand the situation… though he didn't think Rias was a girl to misunderstand things and turn it to a bad situation.

"Ah~~" a moan left her mouth as his hands roughly brushed of the softest tips of her mountain and the perked up protrusion.

From then it took a millisecond for him to separate himself from her grasp and if one were to actually look at the scene then they would come to believe that he had literally teleported from her grasp on the bed (it was as the centre of one of the walls) to one end of the room. But from his new position his eyes that previously had the ceiling in view now were completely focused on the sleeping form of Rias and try he might he couldn't leave his eyes from her cutely sleeping naked form.

Just the day before yesterday he had seen Rias in almost all her glory when she had come in front of him wearing only a see completely see through night wear and yellow-pink panties, but now he was seeing her in her full glory without a single piece of cloth obscuring his view… even the blanket that had partially obscured them had ridden of her frame when he jolted out of her grip.

She seemed to have sensed that she no longer had him under his grasp like some kind of teddy bear and slowly her sleep seemed to break.

A pair of blue-green eyes slowly opened and on opening her eyes seemed to look out for him and a moment later after her eyes landed on him she smiled the most beautiful and alluring smile he had ever seen grace someone's face making his heart race at a thousand beats per second. Then she went onto raise her body to a sitting position and then went onto stretch away the stiffness and remaining sleep and in doing so gave him a view that he would never forget for his entire life.

Her crimson red hair…

Her milky white skin…

Her beautiful face…

Her blue-green eyes…

Her alluring lips…

Her oppai which are quite enormous…

Her pink areola…

Her pink perked up nipples…

Her curvaceous frame…

Her toned stomach…

Her shapely waist…

Her small hips…

Her nicely shaped butt…

Her long white legs…

Her supple thighs…

He even for more than a mere moment got a glimpse of that forbidden zone and could clearly see the small patch of red hair around it…

Seriously, didn't the girl have any sense of nudity?

But he certainly didn't care, for he was seeing a beauty completely out of the other world… and no, it wasn't sarcasm of her being from the Underworld.

He had seen a few girls-women in the similar situation and they were all beautiful in their own right, but Rias just stood above them.

She seemed to want to say something, but he beat her to it…

"You are a natural redhead," he commented.

To his comment he receive a blank look from Rias and a second later it got quite flustered as she spoke, "I-Is that the first thing you say to someone you found sleeping with you in your bed?"

"W-Well, I have a many words that want to roll out of my tongue and at the same time my body wishes to do much more to you, but we will choose the most sensible option…" he spoke trying to control his raging hormones.

"A-And that would be…" a bewildered Rias spoke.

"You take the bathroom in this room, while I use the one next door," he replied.

"EH!" was the only word that left the lips of a dumbfounded Rias.

He didn't give it much of a thought as he added, "I don't know about you, but I need to use the bathroom… ASAP-"

And with that he was out of the room in a flash leaving behind a dumbfounded and irritated Rias Gremory.

She hadn't intended to, but Rias Gremory went onto use the bathroom, or rather she needed to use the bathroom; she had seen more than she had bargained for.

Last night a distress signal had reached her through the Gremory Clan symbol she had placed on Naruto and she quickly mobilized to get to his aide… Akeno, Koneko and Kiba joined her to as they all were present in the clubroom. Teleporting where Naruto was she was surprised to find a Fallen Angel being the one to attack him; she was aware that a few Fallen Angels had infiltrated her territory, but she had not expected them to attack Naruto or any of her peerage for that matter, she had believed their target to be Hyōdō Issei, the wielder of a Longinus and so was surprised to see a Fallen Angel actually attacking Naruto and it further surprised her to find the Fallen Angel was naked to boot.

She had a lot of question at that time, but she wasn't going to get any answers seeing that the Fallen Angel had fled the moment her eyes landed on them and Naruto had gone unconscious with the injuries on his right arm and his right shoulder that were clearly caused by the Light based weapon of Fallen Angels.

Still the mystery remained as to why the Fallen Angel was bare naked? With the way she tried to cover herself she certainly was clothed before, so what caused her clothes to vanish?

She decided that she could get answers after Naruto was healed and awake and so brought him to his home, which was quite pleasant in her view, and began the tedious job of healing him.

She wasn't as adept at healing magic as she wanted to be, but as Naruto is a part of her peerage she could be able to share her demonic powers with him and heal him and that is what she did. This also gave her opportunity to enact of her plan on seducing him, for to share her demonic powers to heal him she had embrace him all night and what better way than to do so while they were both stripped naked… she loved to sleep with no clothes on.

Somehow amidst the night while sharing her demonic power she had been lulled into sleep by his warmth and rhythmic heartbeat. Naruto made quite a good teddy bear.

It was the sudden movement of her teddy bear that got her to leave the land of dreams and return to the world of reality.

The first thing her eyes sought after waking up was Naruto and finding him she was glad to see both his wounds had healed completely and then her eyes took a full look at Naruto.

Last night after stripping him bare she had come to know that he was quite a healthy and fit teenager, but the priority of healing him made her focus on healing him rather than checking him out… she may be a sophisticated young lady and rarely got herself doing girly things like gossiping, talking about makeup-fashion, talking about boys and such, but she is a teenager too and seeing that she had decided to seduce and could possibly have to leave her future life with if her plan succeeded and so she really wanted to see how he looked beneath the clothes and what she was certainly pleased her.

Naruto has a lean, muscular body with not a single amount of superfluous fat, which clearly showed the healthy lifestyle and the vigorous training he did… there was no way to achieve such a body other than leading a healthy lifestyle and going through vigorous training or by taking drugs, but she didn't see someone as upbeat and exuberant as Naruto to take the latter path.

She also noticed that his body was also quite healthy as a male and she was quite pleased to see his reaction to her naked self. Her face was adorned with a blush seeing the part of his autonomy that would pierce inside of her if she were to continue with her plan and succeed in it and that was quite pleasing and enthralling to her eyes and her body.

But she had an agenda here other than healing Naruto and for that she needed to get him to her pace and tease him a bit and so she was quick to compose herself, which she was finding really hard, but before she could set her own pace of things, Naruto spoke up and completely put her off game. He didn't exchange more than a couple of sentence, but in those two sentences not only did he leave her dumbfounded, but also thoroughly and completely flushed at his blatant admission of his state of mind. His comment about her being a natural redhead caused her to further heat up and she was thankful that Naruto left to use the bathroom, because she too needed to use it.

After a calming, refreshing and relieving bath she found herself in the dining room downstairs and was served a traditional Japanese breakfast consisting of bowl of miso soup, cup for green tea, glass of water, plate with rolled egg, broiled fish, pickled vegetables, green beans and sesame salad, bowl of steamed rice and a container with nattō.

It wasn't served right away though, as not only took some time to prepare breakfast, but Naruto also spent quite a time in the bathroom doing… she decided to not think about it much.

"This is good," she suddenly spoke up after taking a bite of everything… it wasn't as good as Akeno's cooking, but it had a distinctive flavor and it made it stand out.

"Thanks. Leaving by oneself for years does come with benefits," commented Naruto as he looked from his eyes looked up from his food to her and she was pleased to see him blush.

She also didn't miss to notice that he seemed ok with the fact that he is an orphan instead of asking for pity of people around…

"Then you wouldn't mind if I come around from time to time to have a taste of your cooking, would you?" she questioned… this would come good to her plan.

"Sure… but don't expect anything complicated from me, I am not good with most," he commented.

Instead of words she replied with a smile which seemed to have quite an effect on Naruto making him blush more…

A silence greeted the two as they immersed themselves in the breakfast, a silence that Rias didn't find as uncomfortable as she thought it would.

"So, what's the deal with the light element being harmful and poisonous to Devils?" questioned Naruto… he had heard it from the Fallen Angel Mittelt and experienced it by his own body and so her really wanted to know what the really deal was.

Currently Rias and Naruto were walking their way to Kuō Academy after they had finished with the breakfast and Rias had summoned her school uniform and both had got dressed in their respective uniform…

"We are Devils, the antithesis of the deities of heaven, especially the God from the Bible. We Devils are being recorded in Bible and such are the true antithesis of the God from the Bible. The God from the Bible is the creator-father and leader of the Angels and creator of the Holy Swords and Sacred Gear system. The Biblical God has a system in place and it is because of this system that we Devils cannot go near/get involved with anything that has to do with the Biblical God and doing so causes us to suffer nasty side effects like headaches, immense pain, etc. We are also vulnerable to holy objects such as crucifixes, holy water and the Bible, and can get killed easily by Holy Swords and Sacred Gears with divine properties. We are also susceptible to light which significantly drains us of our energy once hit. Also, intense light, such as the light-based weapons used by Angels and Fallen Angels and the light swords used by exorcists, can severely wound, if not kill, a Devil," answered Rias.

"I-I see…" replied Naruto and then curiosity gleaming his eyes he questioned "… So, how many or who of the Angels and Fallen Angels are capable of using Light element and Light based weapons?"

"All," was Rias's one worded simple reply.

For a few seconds Naruto just stood his ground trying to process the single word that left the lips of Rias and after a few seconds of processing it he found it hard to believe and hence he questioned again, "No, seriously. How many or who of the Angels and the Fallen Angels are capable of using Light element and Light based weapons?"

"All. All Angels and Fallen Angels are capable of using Light element and Light based weapons. Even exorcist of the church use weapons that use Light element," replied Rias.


A small smile graced the lips of Rias as she tried to regain the small headache she was currently suffering while seeing Naruto crouched on the ground holding his head which clearly seemed to be in sheer pain…

"What was that?" questioned Naruto as he glared at her… she certainly seemed to have forgotten to add something.

"According to the system, we can't even invoke the Biblical Gods name and if evoked it causes the very feeling that you are feeling that you are feeling now," answered Rias.

"WHAT?" screamed Naruto.

By his side Rias simply smiled, you could call this her form of revenge for having her cosplay… though she actually enjoyed it quite a bit.


There are beings that are called as such; the Devil who was turned into a Servant Devil of a Devil with the Evil Piece system, but who betrayed or killed their master, be it for their own greed or because they were fed up with being servants of the egotistical masters who treated them nothing more than their servants or playthings.

It was a rare occurrence, but when such things did happen the Devil is to be dispatched quickly as possible for reincarnated-Stray Devils without a master to filter demonic energy into them (until they are truly used to it) and thus they turn destructive, vicious and work towards their own self-interests. They lose themselves to their own power.

There was only one way to stop most of them and that was to put them down. That is the law of the Devils. Even other factions, like those of Angels and Fallen Angels see them as threats and eliminate the Stray Devils whenever found.

And currently Rias Gremory and her peerage were on the very job eliminating a Stray Devil called Viser that had escaped into the Gremory territory.

The place Viser seemed to have occupied is an unused building located at the outer part of the town and it was there where Rias Gremory and her peerage were.

Currently Rias Gremory was in a pinch. And no, it had nothing to do with the task of eliminating Viser. Rather the task was far easy then she loved to. It wasn't even necessary for her to be here as Akeno, Kiba or Koneko alone would have been enough for the job. Yet she was here and it was all because she wanted the newest member of her peerage see how Devils fought and this where her problem lay.

"Pay attention!" she called out to the blonde in an annoyed tone.

"But this is boring," he commented as he continued to fiddle with something on his cell phone. "And you don't even need me to be here, any of those three can easily take out the Stray Devil," he added as he pointed out at Akeno, Kiba and Koneko.

"That may be true, but it isn't just about taking out a Stray Devil, but showing you how a battle between Devils goes. To be precise, to show you what the various Evil Pieces and trait works and their place in the peerage," she replied.

"Yeah, I know! You have already said so a numerous times," he replied.


"Then pay attention!" she growled in annoyance.

"But it's boring," he replied back.


"Then maybe something flashy might interest you," commented Akeno out of the blue.

Just like always her comment seem to have gained Naruto's attention as he spoke with sparkling eyes, "Are you going to do a striptease?"


Her right palm met her face at the utter absurdity of the question…

"Ara, a striptease…? No, I would show you something more exhilarating than a striptease," replied Akeno as she walked towards the monster that is on the ground after being hit by Koneko-chan.

"Oh! Please do! Please do!" replied a star-eyed Naruto.


Still she kept her cool and went on with her explanation, "Akeno is the Queen. She's the one who is the strongest after me. She is the unbeatable Vice-president of our club who has all the traits of Pawn, Knight, Bishop, and Rook."

And again he seemed to be completely uncaring of her explanation, but this time around he had his attention focused on Akeno than on random things.

"This one's for you Naruto-kun," spoke Akeno as she gently licked her lips as she looked at the blonde as she puts her hands towards the sky.


Next instant, the sky sparkles, and a lightning bolt strikes down the monster.

"GAAAAAAAAAAA!" screamed Viser as was electrified violently as her entire body gets burnt and smoke is coming out from her.

"Ara ara, looks like you still have some energy in you. Looks like you can take more…" commented Akeno and then once again turning to look at Naruto as she added "… Look closely, Naruto-kun."


Another lightning bolt hit the monster.

"GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" another scream released the wide open mouth of Viser as she once again got electrified. It was followed by a third lightning bolt in succession.

"She is entered her S-mode," she muttered with a small shake of her head seeing the smile of sadist satisfaction on Akeno's face despite the fact that she continued to strike down lightning bolt on Viser.

"Kukuku… Who knew Akeno is this interesting?" the voice of Naruto reached her ears and turning around she was a bit surprised to find the excited look on his face.

'Not another!'

She dearly wished that she didn't have a blonde male Akeno on her with a known perverse streak…

But before she could understand or follow Naruto suddenly reacted as a handful of some sort of projectiles left his hand at one corner of the building…


From the shadows emerged a man with blonde hair that reached past his shoulders and is dressed akin to host club entertainer and had couple of shuriken objects edged into his left arm…

Before she could take count of the situation she was surprised to hear the Koneko growl a single word, "Yōkai!"

Looking at her young Rook let her Nekomata self take over with a pair of white cat ears and a matching white tail appearing on her head and back and her eye pupils become more cat-like…

"Save me, Seiya-sama," pleaded Viser as her eyes caught the blonde who had taken her under her wing after she became a stray and gave her what her Devil master could never… it was so much fun and satisfying with all of them ganging on her in contrast to her mini Devil Master.

"Kikiki… You truly have outdone yourself this time, Viser. Who would have thought that you would bring such a good haul to savor…" spoke Seiya as he licked his lips as his eyes took in the form of the redhead and black-haired buxom figured beauties and then onto the petite white girl as he added "… and above all a nekomata to enjoy. You really have outdone- AUGH!"

Seiya's words cut short in his throat and a pained gasp escaped his lips as he found everyone watched a kunai embedded in his left shoulder courtesy of Naruto that was in front of the blonde yōkai.

'Fast!' was the only thought that crossed the mind of everyone… no one had seen him move, despite him being in view of all present.

'He's faster than Kiba!' thought a surprised Rias, but it wasn't the only thing that caught her attention… "Isn't that a kunai and those he threw before were shuriken."

"You talk too much," spoke Naruto in a low and deadly tone as he pressed the kunai deeper into the shoulder of Seiya.

"AAHHHH!" screamed Seiya as the kunai dug deep into his wounds… he tried to push the blonde away, but he simply could not… 'I have to use that!'

Everyone watched with disgusted eyes, at least the members of Rias's peerage, as the blonde man started to transform in what could be anthropomorphic rat about eight feet tall…


The fists of the anthropomorphic rat connected to the chest of Naruto and send him skidding across the ground a few meters…

"You have hurt me three times already, boy, I will kill you first boy and then-"


"GAAAAAAAAH!" screamed Seiya as the kunai made a diagonal cut across his torso.

"I already said this before; you talk too much, especially for a rat…" commented Naruto and then turning at Rias and spoke "… Say Rias, didn't you say that I have the ability to promote to a Queen, Rook, Bishop and a Knight in an enemy territory?"

"Yes, since you are a Pawn and that is the ability of a Pawn," replied Rias as she watched with shock at the ease that Naruto seemed to be dodging the swipes from the anthropomorphic rat… the rat yōkai was strong that much she could sense and so it was quite a shock to see the ease with Naruto seemed to be at while fighting a yōkai like him.

"Promotion: Rook!" were the two words that left the lips of Naruto as he ducked under another swipe of the rat yōkai… it was just a promotion to Rook, but he could feel the change in him, the pure and undulated strength course through him…



Blood blotted out of the anthropomorphic rat's mouth as Naruto's right fist connected with his chest…




The punch was followed by a powerful kick to the torso that sent the anthropomorphic rat crashing into the wall on the opposite side…

"So, this is the power of the Evil Pieces… I see. This is interesting!" muttered Naruto as he clenched his fist sensing the change in his overall being when he promoted to Rook. A feral smile etched his lips as his eyes turned to look at the anthropomorphic rat barely getting out of the rubble… "Don't go out so early; I want to try this out, to see what reincarnating as a Devil helped me with. Let's get on with the ass-kicking, ttebayo!"


"Amazing!" muttered Kiba… the trait of the Rook is superhuman strength leading to high offense and defense, but they are not very quick and yet while using the promotion of Rook Naruto not only seemed to have gained superhuman strength but seemed to still retain the speed he previously showed… actually it seemed like he had gained more speed.

Even Rias was surprised by the fact, but she was more surprised to find that Naruto is much stronger than she had anticipated.

"Ufufufu…" giggled Akeno as something other than Naruto's skills caught her attention "… '-ttebayo!' huh! Ufufufu… Who knew Naruto-kun had such a cute side?"

As for Koneko, she noticed something that no others and it crossed a sense of worry through her…

"That was exhilarating!" commented Naruto as he occupied the one of the sofa in the ORC clubroom.

"Yes, it was!" replied Rias as she occupied the seat directly in front of the sofa Naruto had occupied "… though it seemed more of a one way brawl than an actual fight."

The group excluding Kiba had returned back to Occult Research Club clubroom after the matter with the Stray Devil Viser had been dealt with. A problem did arise during the mission in the form of the yōkai Kyūso, but it turned out to be a silly distraction as Naruto literally tore him down.

"Hehehe… I guess I was too excited; it had been more than a couple of months since I actually got to stretch my muscles and I really wanted to see what the Evil Pieces actually do since I barely feel any change as a Pawn and I must say it was quite a good change," replied Naruto.

"You really are strong," commented Rias…

"I did tell you, didn't I? I am strong. I have had my fair share of fights and conflicts over the years and something of the caliber and strength of that yōkai was certainly no problem," replied Naruto with a wide grin stretching his face.

"Indeed it was quite a sight to watch you fight, Naruto-kun…" commented Akeno as she walked out of the kitchen adjoining the clubroom carrying a tray filled with tea cups "… What was with the choice of using promotion to Rook? A promotion to Queen would rather have given you a boost in overall abilities."

It was quite a valid question…

"Well, in terms of the Evil Pieces the Queen is the strongest piece, only next to the King, and the Pawn is the lowest of the Evil Pieces and if you put it in ninja terms then it would be like comparing a jōnin to a genin that has just started out as a ninja and you never give a fresh genin tools, powers and skills of a jōnin and hope for him to use it with ease. On the contrary, the Rook, Knight and Bishop are the in between and seemed like a good place to start. It will also be helpful whenever I do use a promotion to Queen, as the Queen piece possess all the characteristics of Rook, Knight, and Bishop pieces…" answered Naruto…

That actually made a lot of sense to Rias and Akeno, while Koneko was barely paying attention as she had another thing occupying her mind…

Rias not only agreed but was surprised by the intellect of Naruto, but a few of his words caught her attention more as her eyes started to sparkle as she slowly put forth her words… "You are a ninja."

"I-I am…" replied Naruto as he tried to move a bit, but couldn't as he was trapped by the sofa in the back and Rias in front… she was too close and it felt a bit uncomfortable, though in a pleasant way… 'Seriously, why do I react to Rias in this way in such situations? I don't react to other girls in this manner.' It especially didn't help when her eyes went all sparkly and she closed in the remaining distance and their faces were almost touching… 'I can feel her breath on my face,' he thought as his face heated up.

"You can use Chakra," with those four words Koneko broke her silence and stared impassively at Naruto waiting for his response. She had sensed it during the fight between the yōkai Kyūso and Naruto, and even though it felt a bit different it was without a doubt Chakra.

Koneko's sudden statement gave Naruto a breather as Rias got some distance between the two and it also surprised him that Koneko was actually able to sense him using Chakra. Chakra unlike demonic-holy powers, spiritual-physical powers and Mana, as one could sense those energies with a little bit of training (unless the user was capable of hiding his energy quite well), but the same couldn't be done with Chakra and the only was one to be born as a sensor and able to use Chakra him/her-self or could be learned to sense through use of the fabled Senjutsu practitioners. So how come Koneko not only know of Chakra, but sense it to?

"I can-" Naruto's replied died in his mouth as his eyes for the first time since fighting the yōkai got a full view of Koneko… it was not a well known fact, but the Old Man had told him of a few species of yōkai capable of using Chakra, albeit in a slightly different way then he used.

"Kawaii!" the words left his lips as he couldn't help as he jumped of his seat and literally gobbled up a shocked Koneko in a bear hug as he went onto rub his cheeks against hers… he had intended to see how cute Koneko would look in a pair of nekomimi and a matching tail, but who knew that she came in a white pair of her own and she looks super cute in them.


"ERO-SEMPAI!" screamed an embarrassed Koneko as she punched away the blonde of her… her face had gone completely red.

"Ara ara, that was new," commented Akeno as she stifled back her giggles.

Meanwhile Rias just looked dumbfounded at the scene; she didn't understand to what she should react at, the fact that Koneko actually showed emotions or that Naruto jumped on Koneko hogging her in her bear hug.

It was this moment that Kiba accidently arrived at and seeing the scene in front of him he couldn't help but ask, "Did I miss something?"

This concludes chapter 2…

Now you readers may have noticed Naruto is kind of an OC… it always turns out so whenever we writers write a fan-fiction with Naruto, I can only think of a few who could actually write Naruto's personality to the point as written by Kishimoto Masashi. What most writers stay put to is his traits and characteristics… I intend to do the same.

Naruto's Sacred Gear - it's already been decided and I think it isn't some big mystery of the century, it is quite simple to know if you actually read the fiction.

Chakra - Yes, Naruto's primary skill is Chakra. It exists in DxD universe and is summarized as 'the aura that is the great original power that flows into one's spirit, in other words one's life-force' (read wikia: Senjutsu) and the recent information in Naruto manga gives an in-depth info how chakra came in to being… to me both seem quite similar yet different and so- just continue reading.

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