It had been a couple of days since the job of taking down the Stray Devil had been performed by Rias Gremory and her peerage and three days since Kuō Academy was shaken to its core when the entire academy had witnessed the rebirth Sailor Senshi and their fight for justice that had ignited within the walls of the academy.

The event concerning the Sailor Senshi had taken quite twists and turns as it passed the lips of one to the ears of another, even when most of the students at Kuō were witness to it. The uproar caused after the event was something no student or resident of Kuō city would ever forget, especially with all the media attention it got. The hype continued for two days and somehow someway on the third day it had been completely lost, at least on the media frontier where news of some elaborate CG use had been confirmed to be in use. But the event continued to be and still is the talk of the city and would continue to be so for the coming future and Uzumaki Naruto the perpetrator behind it was going to see that it would forever be a legend engraved in the town's history.

Well, those situations had nothing to do with the current situation that Uzumaki Naruto found him in…

As per Rias, his job of handing out the leaflet was over and it was time for him to start with making contracts. His first contract happened was a contract that had primarily come out for Koneko, but she already had another in reservation…

"… Please help me out," requested Koneko-chan as she bows her head.

He still very well remembered the super cute look of Koneko; it was the true bonus of that night. There was no way he could say no to something as super cute as Koneko and he had readily agreed without even looking at the job he is supposed to do, especially seeing that Koneko had barely talked him since the Stray incident and rather seemed to be observing him from the sidelines.

From there he had used the teleportation circle in the room to teleport to the contractor's room and it was here that the situation arises…

Violet colored aloof eyes stared at him and had been staring at him from the moment he had arrived and it had already been five minutes since he had arrived and since then neither had her eyes blinked for her second nor had they strayed away from him.

"So, you are a Devil too," the woman commented after another couple of minutes and for the first time did her eye drift away from him.

The woman in front of him happened to be Nikaidō Yuri, his Homeroom/History teacher, a young woman in her early twenties with short, straight, neck-length black hair of which a small clump of her front bangs almost always hangs in between her violet-colored eyes. She is currently dresses in a full sleeved white shirt that too big for her size with the upper two buttons open giving Naruto a good view of the cleavage between her bountiful breasts and the other garments she is wearing compromised of a sexy black lingerie compromising of panties and stockings and her patented black choke-collar… he certainly could see no brassier restraining her ample mounds.

"I am," he simply replied.

Nikaidō Yuri is considered one of the hottest teachers of Kuō and that considering that Kuō previously being an all girls' high school most of its staff happened to be females.

"That's certainly new. I didn't know of that fact," she offhandedly replied.

"Neither did I," he replied… he didn't know how much of the supernatural world was supposed to be a secret; there were many normal people who seemed to know the existence of Devils, Yōkai and other supernatural beings, some of whom even interacted with the supernatural, but the full truth about the supernatural world wasn't known to the mundane.

A single eyebrow of hers rose at his reply, but she decided to not to probe on the issue…

He didn't know was it because of his answer to her question or his reaction to her scantily dressed figure…

"Well, get on with your job," she replied as she turned around to walk only to stop mid-step seeing him standing still his place. "You don't know what the job is, do you?" she questioned seeing his blank look.

"Hehehe… Koneko-chan requested me to go in place of her and I couldn't refuse something as cute as Koneko-chan…" he replied.

"I see…" she commented… she didn't know how much of the rumors spreading around the boy was true, but he certainly was weak when it came to girls and their requests and especially to the ones made by the cute ones.

But apparently Naruto seemed to have gone on into his own thoughts as he continued to speaking "… Kukuku… maybe I should help her more on her requests and then when she'll owe me one I'll have her dress in a school swimsuit for me. Kukuku… No, a school swimsuit alone won't bring out her cuteness; I'll have to add a couple more things to it like a sailor top and have her bring her true self out. Kukuku… she would look super duper cute in it… Kukuku~~~"


"Ouch```" the blonde muttered as a crushed, rolled up ball of paper hit his forehead courtesy of a very annoyed Nikaidō Yuri.

"Get on with your job," she spoke in an annoyed tone and walked off towards the room next door leaving a very confused Naruto.

"But what am I supposed to do?" Naruto questioned out loud as the door to the room that Nikaidō went in was just about to clicked shut.

It didn't.

And slowly Nikaidō turned around with a sly look on her face making Naruto gulp… it clearly didn't bode well for him.


"That dammed woman! There was no way in hell that any of the things she made me do have anything to do with the original request she made for Koneko-chan. I bet all that was to get me back for that… that dammed sadistic woman," muttered Naruto as he walked down the road back home.

It was a tough choice, but the allure of the night won and so he currently walked back home instead of using the Transportation Magic…

As he trekked down the road back home, he couldn't help as the image of Nikaidō-sensei in the state of dress he had just been with. He had always been aware that Nikaidō Yuri stood in the top tier in the academy in terms of hotness quotient amongst the females, but what he saw today certainly had him going… "Man, Nikaidō-sensei is really hot! And to think someone that hot actually teaches our class! We sure are lucky!" he couldn't help but comment.

"I- I didn't know Uzumaki-kun has a t-thing for his sensei…"

Turning around he was actually a bit surprised to see Yūma… it was already late in the night, so much so that there was barely any sign of human activity.

"Yo, Yūma!" he greeted her and then asked with a raised eyebrow "… Isn't it late in the night to be out?"

"It is! I just… I wanted to…You know…" the words stuttered out of her mouth as she avoided eye contact with him and a pink hue adorned her cheeks…

Her stuttering not only made him confused, but also curious as he couldn't help but think, 'What's with the reaction?'

"But still to think Uzumaki-kun has a th-thing for his sensei… it is shocking, but it certainly does justice to the reputation of you, Uzumaki-kun," she commented catching him completely off guard.

"Eh!" was the only intelligent reply that his brain could formulate.

She apparently hadn't finished speaking as she continued, "I heard that Uzumaki-kun is quite a pervert and a sex-fiend and that you are called the Ero-Shin-sama (Erotic God) and have a band of your own followers. They say that you hold a weekly conference on g-girls'- They even say that you can w-woo any girl you want and have any girl have se-sex with you. You even have seduced a succubus to your their whims and have a harem of housewives waiting for you back home to take care of your every needs."

For a second he stayed startled at the words of Yūma, but only for a second…

"To learn so much about me and yet…" he spoke in a sensuous tone as he covered the ground between them and gently held onto her chin and lifted it so that their eyes stared directly into each other "… you are here talking to the renowned Ero-Shin-sama, the super pervert and sex fiend."

His wet tongue slightly slithered out of his mouth and encircled his lips making them gleam-

"Because the Naruto-kun (her cheeks turned redder than color of Rias's hair) that helped me when I was shocked and a bit depressed to know that the boy I liked already was dating someone and the Naruto-kun I think of as a friend may be a super pervert and sex fiend, but he also has gentle, kind and carefree side to him and I know that it is the latter that what truly defines Naruto-kun."

Her reply and the conviction in her eyes actually made him blush a bit, but he is Uzumaki Naruto and he loves to be Uzumaki Naruto, the notorious prankster and super pervert and so…

"Oh my, to have such faith in me… Will it be justified?" and saying so his face inched slowly closer to her face.

Their faces had come so close that he could feel her hot breath caressing his face and by the bright blush on her face and seeing her not backing even an inch he pressed further on…

He could feel it…

The moisture…

The texture…

The softness…

His wasn't touching hers, but they were only couple of millimeters apart and so he could feel hers on his… it would be right to call it a pseudo kiss.

A millimeter or two apart he stopped and his blue eyes stared directly into her violet ones…


His heart skipped a couple of beats at seeing the conviction still gracing her eyes as she held onto her belief and place…

Slowly and steadily he moved his face away from hers with a bright red hue gracing his cheeks, she too was no different and her face had gone beet red.

For the next few minutes the two wandered around the streets with no direction as an awkward silence had formed between them… though Naruto felt quite pleasant despite the silence.

"You know…" he spoke breaking the silence as he turned to look at Yūma and seeing her turn to look at him he continued "… you are one of the few girls that didn't outright or subtly avoided me after hearing the rumors about me."

"I believe in you," she simply replied.

"Even after my pseudo-kiss?" he questioned.

She didn't reply, instead all she did was simply nod as the index finger of her right hands slightly traced her moist lips…


It skipped a beat again, his heart did.

"I know that they can be nothing but rumors," she commented.

"They are…" he replied as he scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner and added in his mind '… almost!'

"Say Na-Naruto-kun, are you free this weekend?" she suddenly questioned.

"Eh! I am! But why?" he replied… that was completely out of the blue.

"Well… Whenever we meet each other we always seem to stumble on the other out of the blue, so why not meet officially… l-like a d-date," she spoke and by the end her face was quite red.

He stood in his place completely rooted with his eyes glazed over…

"If you are of no use to us, then you are better dead," spoke a beautiful young girl with blonde hair as she laughed cruelly at the sight him laying in his own blood with a sword piercing him and barely missing his heart and half of his right side of body showing signs as if it had been a centre of an explosion-

'I need to put the past behind me,' he thought as he shook his head to put away the image of her.

"S-Sure," he replied…


It was just one word, but to that single worded reply he received one of the most beautiful smile he had ever seen and it made his heart go erratic.

"Then this Sunday we meet~~~" she spoke up in an elated tone.

"S-Sure," was all that he could reply again before he watched her literally skip away.

"Damn that Uzumaki!" cursed Matsuda…

It was the P.E. period and class 2C had this combined with class 2B and both the classes had currently occupied the ground behind the new school building and were currently in midst of various track related activities and as always Uzumaki Naruto dominated all activities, be it running, high jump or even the likes of discus throw. There was reason Uzumaki Naruto was called a super athlete, for he was capable of playing any and all kind of sports activities and he did not just play he always stood at the top.

But that was not the reason that Matsuda was cursing Naruto for, rather it was the attention he was getting, especially those of the females. Uzumaki Naruto has a more perverse reputation than that of the 'Perverted Trio', something that not only made them his disciples but also be jealous of him for all the things he has supposedly done to earn such a reputation. A reputation like him was bound to have him hated by the female population of the school and Kuō being a school dominant with females it was no surprise he was hated by most of the school and yet he had friends and most of them were females. But when it came to P.E. and corresponding sports events all his reputation went to drain and all the girls almost become eager to get a simple glance of him, even if most do it covertly.

Today was no different either, but what made today more annoying was the fact it was not just girls from their class but also from class 2B which compromised of girls from Student Council…

"At times like this I really hate him," commented Motohama.

"Yeah! But to have sex with so many as he is rumored to has he certainly needs a stamina like that," commented Issei… to the surprise of his partners in crime he too had done more today then he naturally could.

"And now they say that he somehow got Rias-sama, Akeno-sama and Koneko-chan into his fold…" spoke Motohama with venom lacing his tone.

"Damn that bastard! How did he even achieve that, especially with someone as awesome as Koneko-chan? I bet he found some secrets about Rias-sama, Akeno-sama and Koneko-chan and blackmailed them to have sex with them," cursed Matsuda.

"I too want to do Ero-Ero things with Rias-sama and Akeno-sama."

"I too want to cuddle with Koneko-chan."

"I want to feel those two big globes of Akeno-sama and Rias-sama."

Their loud daydreaming made all the girls around them scoot far away, not like they were anywhere close to begin with.


"Ouch!" the three cried out as three rolls of paper hit the back of their heads.

Turning around they found Kiriyū Aika standing there with an annoyed look on her face…

"Seriously, are you his disciples or his enemies? Decide already!" she commented "… It is no wonder you don't stand up to him… He is a thousand times better man then you three!"

"Why you?" the three growled-

"Hey isn't that-?" one of the girls suddenly spoke up.

"Yeah, that's them!" another exclaimed.

"This will be fun to watch!" a third said.

Few other girls joined them and exclaimed their excitement and agreement to those words.

Turning around the three found two girls talking to Naruto…

"Isn't that Yura Tsubasa and Meguri Tomoe?" questioned Motohama.

"Yep, that's them," replied Matsuda.

"They seem to be challenging Naruto," added Motohama.

They were.

It wasn't odd to see from time to time some people challenge Naruto and the one of the most frequent happened to be Yura Tsubasa and Meguri Tomoe, but today they seemed to be more in it.

"Now that I think about it, didn't kaichō put them on this," muttered Issei… something about taking revenge on the blonde.

"Oh, this should be interesting," commented Aika as her eyes locked on not only the two girls by Naruto, but the two other girls of Student council Kusaka Reya and Hanakai Momo with a gleam in her eyes.

"On your mark…"

The trio of Uzumaki Naruto, Yura Tsubasa and Meguri Tomoe got into position…

"Get set…"

Their eyes met that of the other, or the girls simply looked Naruto with their eyes gleaming with the desire of winning…



At the command from Reya and the mock gunshot the three competitors shot forth at astounding speed and thus begun their 100 meter battle.

It was an equal contest as the trio went head to head as they trampled the distance, something that came as quite a surprise to almost all watching… Naruto is an undeniable champion of sports in Kuō and for two others to match him in a run is a miracle in itself.

Naruto to was surprised, not because of the head to head competition he was in, rather because he could feel both Tomoe and Yura use magic to enhance their speed. Tomoe and Yura had always been healthy competitors and the margin between them was always slim, but today they tore through that small gap by use of magic, albeit a very little, but it was still magic, something which truly surprised him.

'Is that a barrier?' he wondered as he felt a wall of demonic energy in his track that was invisible to the naked eye…

"You will lose…" commented Tomoe with a smug look on her face.

"… and you will taste humiliation alongside your defeat," finished Yura with a smug look of hers own which was completely uncharacteristic of her usual polite self.

He slightly turned his eyes to the side of the tracks and saw similar smug looking faces of Reya and Momo too…

"So, Sona is behind all this…" he muttered out loud and the smug faces on the girls just turned smugger.

'Two can play the game!' he thought as he reached closer to the barrier.

Focusing chakra into his legs he dashed forward at the barrier and kicked it with his right leg…


'The barrier is more powerful than I imagined it to be,' he thought as he pushed more chakra and force into his kick…


The barrier shattered like glass…

"Oh no!" he muttered as he lost his balance in his as he broke through the barrier and at the speed he was running without added augmentation he started to wobble on his feet.

"Eh!" both Tomoe and Yura gasped out in a startled voice as the in his wobbling he unknowingly caught onto their dresses and brought them stumbling down with him.


"WHOA!" the shocked gasp of the crowd was heard by the three, but they didn't pay it much attention as they were more focused on the predicament of their own.

Somehow the three found them in a very intimate and awkward situation as Naruto had somehow found him being sandwiched between Tomoe beneath him and Yura on him. If that wasn't enough he had somehow landed face first into the breasts of Tomoe and could feel those of Yura on the back of his head…

"Soft~~~ Now this is what you call heaven!" he muttered with his face still planted in Tomoe's cleavage.

"AHHH~~" a moan escaped the lips of Tomoe as she felt vibrations echo through her breasts as Naruto seem to mummer something. Realization dawned on her face and slowly she looked at the two pair of blue eyes, one pair which looked surprised while the other had a gleam in it forcing her face to go blood red, but before she could do something about it the one with gleaming eyes completely planted his face into her cleavage and the vibrations returned with vigor… "IYAA!" she screamed and somehow managed to remove the blonde's face of her breasts and pushed him back…

"EEP!" yipped Yura as unknowingly Tomoe forced Naruto's face into her breasts and it didn't help that the blonde was manically giggling.

'This is heaven' he couldn't help but think as continued to giggle "Kikiki-" this time into the breasts of Yura.

By the sidelines the crowd just watched on with astonished look and jealous in the case of male students; Yura and Tomoe tried to push the blonde away from them and in doing so only pushed him into the breast-pillow of the other and all the while Naruto continued to giggle in joy… the concept of getting up seemed to have completely missed their minds.

"Someone seems to be in high spirits," commented Akeno as she watched Naruto lay on the couch with abroad smile on his face.

This morning when he had come to the club he had seemed happy but at the same time unsure, but it certainly hadn't stopped him from speaking his mind about the contracts which he went onto dub as chores and something about Nikaidō-sensei being a sadist and loved to toy with him. He did form a contract, but he certainly didn't seem to want it… it at least seemed so.

"Indeed I am! And how can't I be? Female boobs are filled with men's hopes and dreams and when a man found him sandwiched between two different pairs of hopes and dreams how can a man not be happy?" Naruto questioned back at her.

"Would you be talking about the P.E. incident?" she questioned… the news had circulated all across the campus.

Also his new connotation of female boobs was certainly a surprise to her and from the corner of her eyes she caught Rias stop in her work for a second and then went back to her work. It was also a good thing that Koneko wasn't here or she was certain that the blonde was going to be receiving end of a solid punch.

"Indeed! Not only did I get to one up Sona by spoiling her plan, but in return received the feel of the Tomoe-Yura sandwich…" he commented and then his face took a more joyous look as he spoke "… actually that makes two victories against Sona. Who's the man? I am!"

He actually started to do a victory dance…

"Ara ara, I didn't know you have already graduated from being a boy to a man?" she questioned back and before she could be ready he was in front of her and within her comfort zone…

"We can prove it…" he spoke as he suddenly encircled his left arm around her waist "… so where should we do it? At my place, your place, the adjoining bedroom to this room or you wouldn't mind Rias being a witness. We could even have Rias join us."



First a fist and then a paper weight struck the head of Naruto courtesy of blushing Akeno and Rias respectively… both were quite forward girls and even things like sexual teasing (especially in Akeno's case) and nudity were not much a issue with either, but they were still virgins.

"If you didn't want that kind of a proof about me being a man you should have said so instead of hitting me…" he whined as he rubbed the back of his head where the paper weight struck.

"Ufufufu…" she giggled as she watched Naruto kneeling in a corner with a depressed aura and a thunder cloud over his head.

"Finally!" muttered Naruto in joy as the finally came when Rias decided that he was ready to learn demonic magic.

"So, what are we going to start with?" questioned Naruto.

The duo along with Akeno, Koneko and Yūto had journeyed to a mountain close to their town and journeyed up the mountain to a mansion made from wood belongs to the House of Gremory. As one would expect from the House of Gremory, it is a mansion belonging to rich and noble. According to Rias, it is usually hidden by blending in with the scenery from humans by using demonic-powers and has appeared since they are going to use it.

"Before we start, I want to see your abilities and how strong you really are," commented Rias… she had only gotten a glimpse while he fought the rat yōkai and from what she had sensed she could tell that he was holding back a lot.

"Man! I wanted to start with the demonic magic!" commented Naruto with a slight bit of frustration "… Oh well…" he was quickly perked as a feral grin spread across his face "… So, who am I going up against?"


Rias didn't know why and how, but that look made her heart skip a few beats…

"I-It will be Kiba."

"I hope you are taking this seriously, Kiba!" he spoke as his eyes focused on the Knight in front of him holding a bokutō.

"I am!" commented Kiba Yūto and without wasting a second charged him.


"I hope this isn't what you mean by you taking this seriously, are you?" he questioned as he held onto the bokutō by his left hand that had aimed for his left shoulder with a downward slash.


The bokutō cracked under the pressure of his hold much to the surprise of Kiba and the others, especially seeing that the bokutō was magically enhanced and as capable and strong as a generic sword. That just showed to them his natural strength, especially seeing that he hadn't even promoted to Rook or Queen.


And the bokutō broke in to two.


A punch to the face of Prince Charming sent him hurtling across the ground quite some distance.

"Take this seriously Kiba, or else you are going to be in a world of pain…" he spoke up as the pretty blonde got a hold of himself "… and just because you are holding back on me I'll double the pain."

To emphasize his point he moved and with a Shundō was already inside the guard of the pretty blonde and before Kiba could react he was punched hard in the gut.

"AAHHH!" Kiba was forced to his knees for a second by the impact of his punch.

"I hope that this gives you enough reason to take things seriously," he spoke as he was back at the place where he stood at the beginning.

"It certainly did!" replied Kiba…

He watched in surprise as Kiba brought his right hand forward in a flash and light appeared a pitch black sword…

'The ability to create swords, it's the-'

His thoughts were cut short as the very blade was inches from piercing him…


"It seems like you are the one who isn't taking this seriously, Naruto-kun," commented Kiba.

"I guess, losing myself in thought isn't the right thing to do while fighting…" he replied.

Kiba had caught him off guard as he was lost in his thought and even though it was only a small rip on the shoulder of his shirt.

"So, shall we begin?" questioned Kiba…

"Indeed!" he replied and with that the two jumped back gaining a distance between them.

Blue met Grey for a split second and then they blinked and it was the cue the two used as they charged each other…


"Ara, looks like Kiba-kun is having it tough!" commented Akeno.

It was just as Akeno said…

What her eyes were currently seeing was a high speed battle which she generally would expect to take place between two Knights and yet she was seeing such a battle between a Pawn and a Knight. It was something very rare as even with a promotion to that of a Knight a Pawn would always be inferior in base speed stats than a Knight and yet here she is witnessing her Knight trying his hardest to keep up with her Pawn.

Naruto was skilled in hand to hand combat that much was obvious as he was putting a swordsman to a task, but he had yet to show any other skills and she knew he possessed other skills… Koneko told her about how he used his chakra to strengthen and sharpen his kunai.

The thought that Naruto was capable of using Chakra - the aura that is the great original power that flows into one's spirit, in other words one's life-force - was completely surreal to her. There were two known ways for one to harness ones Chakra, the first being by training in the art of Senjutsu and the other through years of intensive training. So far from what she had seen from the blonde it quite clear that he had probably not attained the ability to use Chakra through intensive training, as she simply could not envision him training to death like her cousin and that left with the idea of him having trained in the art of Senjutsu to harness Chakra… that was not something she would wish for.



And the superiority of Naruto was visible as Kiba was punched through a tree, in literal sense, or rather it would be right to say that the force behind his punch was not only enough to send Kiba flying, but was also powerful enough to send him flying through a tree.

"Let's go with plan B," she spoke as she turned to look at Akeno.

"I thought you wouldn't give it a go…" commented Akeno and she regretted even thinking of allowing to go with that plan as a crazy glint took the eyes of the Priestess of Thunder as she licked her lips…

She just wanted to see Naruto's power and not have him electrocuted for life…

This wasn't working…

He had thought that his speed and skills as a swordsman would give him an upper edge over Naruto who seemed more focused on hand to hand combat. It was a simple math to have the fellow blonde ousted by his speed and see that he always remain in a sword striking distance and not have him penetrate his guard. While he was at it he just had to figure out the fellow blonde's fighting style and then press on with attack.

But as simple as it sounded it didn't turn out to be that simple. Naruto had him outclassed him in speed and skills and even his fighting style was simply impossible to predict as the he pressed on with what could be only described as a brawler fighting in a no holds bar match.

He is certain that he is going to sport bruises for the multitudes of punches, kicks, elbows, knees, head butts and every possible body part that Naruto had used to beat him around. That didn't mean that he didn't score a hit on Naruto; he did, but in comparison to that of his fellow blonde he only managed to nick a few cuts most of which cut his shirt.

Currently lying in the debris of a tree he tried to rethink his strategy…


This was no time for strategies as he watched Naruto charge at him…

Thinking quickly he placed his palm on the ground and activated his Sacred Gear to its full power…


A multitude of blades emerged from the ground in the path of his fellow blonde cutting him across his legs before he jumped up in the air and used his Devil wings to stabilize him in mid flight…

"The Sacred Gear that gives you that ability to create swords as many as you want… that's-"



Naruto's words died in his mouth as a bolt of lightning courtesy of Akeno nailed him…


His eyes widened slightly as he watched the electrocuted Naruto being replaced by a charred log in a poof of smoke…

"Ara, did I miss?" questioned Akeno as her eyes trailed to a nearby tree with a grinning face.

"Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique)! A real live ninja jutsu!" exclaimed Rias happily and thus giving him an answer as to what happened…

'But… Was I imagining things?' he wondered as for a flash of a second as he watched anger, betrayal, sadness and many such negative emotions cross Naruto's face.

"So, it's going to be two on one," he spoke as his eyes travelled from Akeno high up in the sky to Kiba on the ground…

"Afraid are we?" questioned Akeno.

"Nope! Just wondering whether I should increase the tempo or not!" he replied with a cheeky grin.

"Ara, looks like someone needs to be given an initiative…" replied Akeno as she saucily licked her lips and pointed her electrified right hand in his direction.

"Then please-"


It was only because of his senses that he sensed the incoming danger and avoided the dual slashes from the dual swords that Kiba was currently wielding… a flaming and a frozen sword.




A sudden bolt of lightning struck the ground he stood seconds ago courtesy of Akeno…

"Aren't you going to fight back, Naruto-kun?" questioned Akeno…



Another bolt of thunder from her he barely dodged…

"It is no fun if you don't fight back~~~" added Akeno as she once again pointed her right hand at him…


A bolt of lightning coursed in his direction, but it wasn't fast as natural lightning and thus gave him enough time to act…

'Let's do this!'

With that he pushed his right hand forward in an open palm strike…

'Dragon Booster!'



He redirected the bolt of lightning from Akeno away from him…

"So, shall we get ready for round 2?" he questioned with his eyes gleaming and a feral smile etching his lips.

"Ufufufu… Certainly!" replied Akeno as she licked her lips while lightning crackled all around her.

And with that he charged at Akeno as multiple bolts of lightning shot at him…


As the Pawn and the Queen clashed, they completely forgot about the dumbfounded Knight.

Meanwhile by the sidelines a shocked Rias had her eyes trained on him and the red dragon-like gauntlet that had his hand and majority of the arm covered with a shocked look… she wasn't expecting anything like this.

The training for the day had come to an abrupt halt on Rias's command… the training session had yet to even commence to begin with. The moment the training had stopped Rias had him cornered and tried to get him come out with everything about his Sacred Gear with the primary question being as to why hadn't he told her that he is a wielder of a Sacred Gear…

"You never asked."

That was what he had answered with and it was the truth; Rias had never questioned him about his skills or whether he wielded a Sacred Gear or not and so he never cared to answer. It wasn't like he intended to keep it a secret; it simply was that he loved it to be his trump card if push came to shove. Rias tried to get as much as information from him about his Sacred Gear as she could and he frankly answered all questions that he could… there were something about his past and the Sacred Gear that he simply could not come clean with.

With the training for the day disbanded he decided to hopelessly roam around the town seeing that he had nothing to do for the day… for some odd reason school was not in session today.

"Man, this is boring," he muttered as aimlessly roamed around the town.

He had been quite pumped up at the aspect of training and his enthusiasm had increased tenfold as he got to go against Kiba and then Akeno; it was way more refreshing than fighting that rat yōkai. Both Akeno and Kiba were had a single style of attack pattern, but they had power and speed respectively that despite the single style attack made it more interesting. He would have loved to get to fight against Rias and Koneko too, but it was a test of his skills and not a sparring match.

"Oh well, I will get them to fight me someday," he muttered…

Unlike Akeno and Kiba, both Rias and Koneko were special seeing that former is the sister of the Lucifer and heiress to the Gremory clan while the latter is a cat yōkai. They were bound to be an interesting matchup, especially as he heard that Rias seemed to have gained some sort of hereditary power which he learned is quite powerful.

"But still, sometimes with nothing to do even wondering around aimlessly feels boring," he muttered.

Maybe he should have taken up the request that Kiba had in pending, but he needed to get his mind straight about Kiba. To think his fellow blonde wielded a Sacred Gear that helped conjure demonic swords in a similar fashion to-


A sudden voice from behind him caught his attention along with a sound of something dropping on the ground.

Turning around his eyes caught a young girl dressed in a Sisters garb spread-eagled on the floor with her arms wide open and has her face on the ground.

'That's one clumsy way of falling down,' he thought.

Somehow with her fall her skirt had risen up and was giving him quite a clear view of her panty covered milky white butt and he could even see that place… he could not only see it, but is also able to trace its shape.

"Auu~~ Why do I keep on tripping over…" the Sister muttered and judging from her voice, she is definitely young, probably the same age as him.

Shaking his head of the many ecchi thoughts that arouse as the sister got herself in a sitting position…

"Are you okay?" he questioned as he approached the Sister and give her his hand so she can stand up.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you very much~~" she replied as she stretched her hand in his outstretched hands direction.

Taking her hand he gently lifted her up…


The Sister's veil flew off because of the wind and thus he got a good look at her face…

She has blonde hair the same shade as him and her hair falls down onto her shoulders and big, doe-like green eyes that spoke her volumes of her innocence and naivety of the world around and add to it her beautifully sculpted face…


His heart was taken by her instantly.

For a while, he continued to stupidly gaze at her.

"U-Umm… is something wrong…?" she questioned as she looked directly into his eyes with a worried expression.

"Ah! N-Nothing!" he replied.

He certainly couldn't say that he was lost in her beauty for a moment there.

His eyes caught the sight of the travelling bag that fallen on the ground next to her…

Helping her pick up her bag and veil he couldn't help but question, "Are you a travelling nun by any chance?"

It's a rare occasion to see a nun in this town… on note this was the first time he was seeing one in the town.

"N-No, I am not. I was appointed to the Church in this town… You must be a resident of this town. It's a pleasure to meet you," she replied with a bow of her head in greeting.

"Nice to meet you too," he replied…

But getting placed in the Church of this town, a church that hadn't been used for years…

'What the hell is going on? Is it just Staff reassignment? Or something else…?' he couldn't help but wonder.

The fact that this is a Devil territory also kept those of the church away from this region… so why?

"I have been in trouble since I got here. Ummm, I can't speak Japanese that well…I was lost and other people couldn't understand what I was saying…" she suddenly spoke up as held her hand together in front of her chest.

He didn't need to sense or feel her emotions as her sadness was clearly reflected on her face… he really wanted to do something about that as no one as cute and beautiful should have a sad face like that.

Now that it came to him that they hadn't been conversing in Japanese for that matter and were rather conversing in English. He was proficient in English to begin with, but ever since becoming a Devil he was completely unfazed by any language he would have to speak or hear. The reason why it was so was because of an ability he gained since becoming a Devil, 'Language' - an ability unique to Devils. The moment you turn into a Devil, everyone in the world can understand what you are saying as people listening to you will hear it in the language they are most familiar with and you will hear them in the language you are most familiar with… it is one hell of an ability.

"If you want to I can take you to the church…" he spoke "… I know where the Church is."

He could at least do that much for her

"Y-You do! T-Thank you~! This is all thanks to God!" she exclaimed in utter happiness.

Yep, truly a naïve girl to the world and seems to have quite a paradox in her behavior as she is currently smiling the most beautiful smile with tears flowing from her eyes.

This girl is really cute.

If only she weren't wearing the Rosario across her chest that was giving an eerie glow and a bad feeling to hm.

'This is some shit. Even a small Rosario is giving of such a bad feeling. Damn you, God-AAHHH!'

"A-Are you alright?" she questioned with a worried look and it was justified seeing that he was holding his head with a pained expression.

"I-It's nothing! Just a mild headache," he replied… and what else could he say again this damned cheating?

"Eh!" he whispered in surprise as he watched the young sister stretch herself as her hand reached to his head.

He watched with surprise as a pair of silver rings with a blue-green gem on each ring and each ring appeared on the middle finger.

A soothing calmness engulfed him as a green glow engulfed her palms and his forehead.

"Wow! This power…"he muttered as he felt his headache completely go away.

"Yes, it's the power to heal. It's a wonderful power that God gave me," she replied.

For some reason he thought she looks a bit sad, even though she's smiling. Somehow it seems like she has some dark past or something and probably she did as being a wielder of Sacred Gear comes with both pros and cons and even the Sacred Gear the likes of hers was bound to have its cons.

Still a Sacred Gear capable of healing…

'This is new and amazing! I wish I had a Sacred Gear like hers!' he couldn't help but think… his is a Sacred Gear of true destruction after all.

From there on the two engaged in pointless talks, or to be precise it was Naruto doing all the talking and the nun listening as the duo walked towards the church.


They had reached it, the old Church after walking for a few minutes and he could feel the very presence of the Church as chills ran down his body.

'So, Rias wasn't joking about that stupid system,' he thought.

As far as he knew this place had long been abandoned and not been used for a long time…

'Could it be…?'

It was then he remembered one of the lessons that Rias had lectured him about Angels and Fallen Angels – the natural enemies of Devils – and in one of those lectures she had told him about Fallen Angels occupying abandoned churches and other Christian religious places.

"Yes, this is the place! I'm so glad!" exclaimed the nun after having compared our location with the map she has.

'Oh, so this is the right place. For some reason I really do not like this,' he thought.

"That's good! Then I'll be on my way," he spoke…

He had lot to think about…

He knew that Fallen Angels were in the town and so it made him wonder what they were after.

He didn't think that the nun was a cohort of them; she was simply too innocent to be working on some secret plan and it certainly did not seem like an act.

So, were they using her?

And so, what plans did they have for her?

A Sacred Gear like hers would truly come in handy no matter the situation…

"Please wait!" the nun spoke. "I would like to make you some tea as a gratitude for taking me here."

"Well, you are new here… I won't want to trouble you," he replied.

"It won't be much of a trouble," replied the nun.

"Well, if you insist then… Sure!" he replied…

There was no better way to learn about and investigate your enemy then barging in their base…

A beautiful smile blossomed on the beautiful and innocent face of the nun making him once again remember how beautiful and cute she is.

"A Red Dragon Gauntlet…! Known to double its holder's powers every ten second and allowing any who possess it to surpass even the Devil and Gods in power temporarily…" muttered Rias the phrases about that Sacred Gear.

'Who would have thought that I too would hit a jackpot?' she thought and then her blue-green eyes hardened as they stay fixed on the blonde '… He better have good answer for hiding something so big from me, his King, or else…'

Her thoughts stopped as the teleportation circle in the room glowed and one of peerage members appeared using the teleportation magic and it so happened to be Naruto…

"Good timing, Naruto! I was going to call-"

Her words stopped in midsentence as her eyes caught him being slightly disorienting in his steps and she sensed the slight amount of Holy energy around him…

'He didn't…'

She was hoping he really didn't…

"Say Naruto, by any chance did you visit the church?" she questioned…

She just hoped she was wrong, because churches were not place a Devil should be at.

"Yup! Got invited by a cute nun to have tea and seeing her cuteness I just couldn't say no," replied Naruto with a cheerful smile on her face.

Her mind suddenly went blank and it took an unnaturally long time to comprehend the words of Naruto…





And you obliged!"

There was a long pause after each word she spoke and with each word a dark aura started surrounding her…

"Yep!" replied Naruto with a big smile on his face and then added "… though you forgot to add the cute part."

That was it…

Her demonic powers spiked and the dark aura around her turned further dark…






And you obliged!"

She repeated her words and this time she did not forget to add the word cute…

"Yep! Now you got it right!" replied Naruto with a nod.

The calm shattered and the storm made its appearance known…


"Now, now! Calm down, Rias! There was nothing to worry about!" spoke Naruto.


"I don't think Asia is that kind of girl. She is too sweet, kind and naïve to pull that kind of an act. I bet she didn't even know that I am a Devil," replied Naruto calmly.



"So that's whom I sensed while there," muttered Naruto.

Her eyes widened in disbelief as she heard him mutter an in rage continued "… YOU SENSED THE ENEMY AND YET YOU WALKED INTO THE CHURCH. THE NUN COULD BE WORKING IN COHORT WITH THOSE FALLEN ANGELS…"

"L-Look Rias, I don't think Asia is that kind of a g-"


"Wait! What?" spoke Naruto in disbelief?


"But Rias, if what you are saying is true then there is chance that Asia could be in trouble," spoke Naruto.




With the new development raising the primary matter that she wanted to discuss with Naruto was completely forgotten…

"Direct your entire body's flow to one area and concentrate your magic," spoke Akeno as she looked over Naruto trying to concentrate on his demonic energy and its flow.

It was decided to start with Naruto's training in usage of Demonic Power and Akeno had taken upon herself to see Naruto through his initial training.

She had discussed this with Rias over the week and they had come to the solution that Rias would start with the training as this would help her out with her plan, but for some reason she had opted out at the last moment…

The fight last night had been quite loud and vocal… or rather Rias was being all loud and vocal…

This left her to look after Naruto's training by herself.

"This is different than being able to channel and use chakra," spoke Naruto as he continued to concentrate at the work at his hand.

'Yes, he has the ability to use chakra to begin with along with that Sacred Gear,' she thought…

Uzumaki Naruto was certainly full of surprises!

Walking to his side she gently traced her fingers on his outstretched right hand…

"Focus your mind and feel the flow of magic…" she whispered.

It was as if some sort of switch was lit on by her words a mass of demonic power gathered in his right palm…

'His demonic power is yellow in color… it's beautiful… and the power… so alluring…' were her thoughts at witnessing the yellow orb the size of a basketball resting on Naruto's palm.

She vigorously shook her head to get rig off the unnecessary thoughts that were starting to creep in her mind seeing the alluring power…

"Are you alright?" Naruto questioned.

"I am…" she replied "… just a bit shocked at how easily you pulled it off and how immense your demonic power is."

She really was surprised by the scale of his demonic power…

Normally it wouldn't be wrong to say that his power was thanks to that of his Longinus, but she knew by experience that it wasn't so as according to Sona, Hyōdō Issei didn't even have demonic power sufficient enough to use Transportation Circle, something that even a Devil child was capable of.

"Well, I already had got down the feeling of the demonic power when I used the promotion and the continuous use of the Transportation Circle and the only thing left to do was to use it consciously without the help of some magic circle," replied Naruto.

"I see…" she replied…

Naruto always seemed to have better senses than anyone of her age she had met so far.

"As for the power…" spoke Naruto as his eyes trailed onto the basketball sized orb in his hand "… is my demonic power really that immense?"

"Yes, it certainly seems like that. It is quite unusual to be able to gather a mass of demonic power that big on your first try. Generally those who are able to form a mass the size of a softball are considered to be quite powerful," she commented.

"Guess I am just that awesome, dattebayo!" exclaimed Naruto with a grin on his face.

He used it again, just like he did it during the fight with the yōkai…

"Ufufufu… Dattebayo, huh! To think that Naruto-kun has such a cute verbal tic…" she muttered as she stood face to face with him.

"I-I… that is…" Naruto tried to form a reply but couldn't seem to as his face started turning red.

"Ufufufu… So cute!" she spoke as now their faces were only a few inches apart.


"Am I interrupting something?"

Her violet eyes turned towards the door and weren't surprised to find Rias standing there, but certainly were surprised to see the annoyed look on her face.

"You aren't interrupting much buchō; it was just a bonding session between a senpai and a kōhai," she gently replied and while doing so went to hug Naruto…


'Who would have thought that Rias would actually react to that,' she couldn't help as that gleeful thought came to her mind seeing the annoyed look of Rias and a slightly blushing face of Naruto.

This was going to be fun!

Two days it had been since he had truly started his training in Demonic Power and though for the past few days all he had been doing was learning to control the flow of his Demonic Power he was quite a happy man as all the while he was constantly surrounded by Rias and Akeno…

No fool would ever call a situation of being surrounded by two busty beauties a boring thing…

Though he wished for something eventful to happen, but that was nothing but a wish.

But above all the one thing he learned so far during the training started to bring forth a thousand of wild ideas in his mind, after all according to Akeno and Rias 'The source of Demonic Power is imagination and the ability to manifest the imagination is what Demonic Magic is.'

While he was at it he also visited two new client; a man by the name of Morisawa that happened to be a regular client of Koneko-chan and also a lolicon who likes to dress Koneko-chan in various cosplay outfits and a male bodybuilder who calls himself Mil-tan and has a fetish of dressing and acting like a Magical Girl, ends his sentences with 'Nyo' and wishes to become a Magical Girl. Both were equally disturbing characters and yet were pretty good people and so he clicked easily with them, especially since Morisawa seemed to like anime-manga (especially Dragon Ball series) and was huge collector of its merchandise and Mil-tan was super cool about his knowledge of Magical Girls.

Rias had been too stunned that he had actually been able to pull of the contracts and had no words to reply… apparently Morisawa would not make contract with anyone other than Koneko-chan and the contract with Mil-tan was simply impossible to complete.

He hadn't been able to wipe of the smug look of his face as he gloated about his awesomeness to Rias…

Relations between him and Rias had returned to normal as they were before the scolding that Rias had put him through… he understood Rias's reason to do so, but his consciousness did not allow him to leave a pure soul as Asia Argento in the hands of Fallen Angels. He had a very ominous feeling about it. He simply couldn't barge into the Fallen Angel base and rescue Asia as he didn't want any conflict to brew between the two factions, but if it came down to it then he was willing to disregard Rias's warning and kick some Fallen Angel asses.

Whatever was to happen after that he was willing to take full responsibility of it, be it war or-

"You may be a muscled all over, but where it really means you are nothing but a baby…"

'That voice…'

He was very familiar with that voice and that pattern of speech…

Kiriyū Aika!

But something was wrong…

Her voice not only held the usual taunting tone, but also held disgust and a hint of fear…

"With something that size you won't even be able to satisfy a child, let alone me…"

What the hell…?


"I'll make you beg for me bitch!"

His head turned in the direction of the voice and even though it was at quite a distance he clearly saw a sight that made his blood boil…

All she was out for was to buy some late night snacks and since she had already decided to head out her mother had handed her a shopping list and that had forced her to a trip to the supermarket in town.

It was a simple errand; walk to the supermarket, buy all the necessities and then walk back home…

Then why did she find herself in this stupid situation…

Pinned to a tree by a muscled buffoon who wanted nothing more than to get into her pants…

Or to put it in simple words, a rapist had caught onto her.

The idea of taking the shortcut through the park that was mostly vacant during this time of the night wasn't the best of her ideas…

"You may be a muscled all over, but where it really means you are nothing but a baby…" she spoke with disgust clear in her tone "… with something that size you won't even be able to satisfy a child, let alone me-"



That actually stung and she was certain that if not healed it was going to leave a bruise on her right cheek…

"I'm gonna make you beg for me bitch!"



In a single pull the right side of her top from the shoulder was torn in half and thus exposing her right side along with her bra…

"Well, yeh certainly aren't the hottest bitch I have seen around, but who cares… I like them young and yeh certainly have a nice body… I'm so gonna savor yeh!"

Disgust was the only emotion she currently felt as the bastards hand cupped her chin and brought her face up in a way that her eyes looked directly looked into hers…

"Yeah! That's what I love!"

Her heart raced at the speed of lightning…

"The look of disgust and fear in the eyes of my victims…"

Not due to fear, but because the cursed blood within her had started to boil and her bright green eyes flicked between its bright green color to the cursed bright red color as his face advance towards hers…

"It's gonna be so much fun! To rape a-"


His face was stopped a few inches from hers by a hand encased in a red dragon-like gauntlet with a green jewel…

And then…


The impact of the rapist pushed into the nearby lamp post had the lamp post bend into a crescent moon shape and had the rapist knocked out…

All she could see of her savior was his back, his blonde hair, the red gauntlet and that he was dressed in the Kuō Academy uniform…

"Are you alright, Aika?"

Her eyes widened as her savior turned around…

Her blood ones again started to boil, but unlike the time with the downed man where her blood screamed for action and more blood and now her blood demanded action but that of a completely another type…

Her mother had told about it once she had puberty and had from then on mentioned it on numerous occasions since then, but she had never believed that it was going to happen to her… after all her blood wasn't as cursed as her mother's.

The very fact that she hadn't grown physically as one of her mother's species did when they were her age cemented her belief that there was no way that was going to happen with her…

And yet…

"I am alright, Naruto-kun!"

Her face had turned a bright red as the succubus blood in her had found her her mate.

This concludes chapter 3…

Yes, the Sacred Gear Naruto is born with is Boosted Gear…

Why, you ask? Simple really, the Boosted Gear suits more to Naruto's style than any other Longinus…

Still for information, I had quite a hard time to choose between Boosted Gear and Zenith Tempest, but given the above reasons I went with Boosted Gear.

Now if you are wondering what about Hyōdō Issei and his Sacred Gear and whether I am going to degrade him to some simple Sacred Gear then don't; I think I already mentioned that he has a Longinus and he will be a badass in the coming future.

Kiryū Aika: KIKIKI… I went on and made her a succubus. Why? You see, I want her to play an important part in the story and want to further expand the High School DxD universe.