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I can't believe that I'm a few months shy of two years since I wrote this fic...my first attempt at fanfiction. Sadly though it had been horribly written. In my defense, it had been over 20 years since I had written anything other than a text message.

Even though I have many fics awaiting updates, I decided to slowly work on cleaning this up. It will take some time, so please be patient.


"Albus, what are you doing here?" Carlisle asked, trying to control the trembling in his voice. Albus Dumbledore, one of his oldest living friends, sat across from him looking decades older than what he remembered. It had been eleven years since he last laid eyes on him, the day that he had given him his son...his heart.

"He needs you, Carlisle," Dumbledore said gravely, no twinkle in his eyes to be seen.

Carlisle ran a shaky hand through his perfect blond hair. Who knew that a vampire could feel feint? "It's been close to 4 years since we last heard from him Albus. Why now? Why after all this time?" He tried to keep his voice from showing how upset he was, but he knew that he was failing. Despite how hard he had tried to not think about him, not a single day went by that he didn't think about his beautiful and loving little boy.

Albus took off his glasses and wiped the tears from his eyes. "The war is over and Harry has fulfilled the prophecy. He killed Lord Voldemort for us, but he is horribly broken now. I'm terrified that there is no putting him back together again."

Carlisle gasped, it felt like someone was stabbing him in his cold and lifeless heart. He hadn't seen or heard from his son since the end of his fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His family and him had been crushed when they received a letter from Albus stating that Lord Vodermort had returned and his son had to stay in order to train for the upcoming war. Harry was number one on Voldemort's hit list and supposedly the only person that could kill him.

"Four years, Albus! Four years without a word or a hint from you or him. We didn't know if he was hurt or dead" Carlisle growled angrily. "I still love my son with all my heart, but he hurt me. He hurt the entire family."

"Please Carlisle," Dumbledore pleaded, "don't blame Harry. It wasn't his fault, he did nothing wrong."

Carlisle was shocked to see that his old friend's hands were trembling. "Letters, Albus, we sent dozens of letters to him and not once did he respond. Not once, Albus!" Carlisle closed his eyes against the pain in his heart. The reason why he had moved his family back to Forks, Washington was so that they could get away from the haunting memories of their son and little brother. There wasn't a room in their old home that they didn't see a ghost of Harry or hear his tinkling laughter. It was just too painful.

Harry was only 6 years old when Albus showed up on their doorstep with him. He was a scruffy little thing that was too tiny for his age and terrified of his own shadow. Not once during the introductions did the small boy look up from staring at his dirty and well worn shoes that were easily three sizes too big for him. Everything about the boy was too big, from his clothes to his ugly old eyeglasses that were being held together by tape.

It seemed that Albus had placed him with his only living family after his parents had been killed when he was only fifteen months old. The old man had assumed that they would take him in and love him like their own...sadly he couldn't have been more wrong.

Hate, cruel words, starvation, bruises, broken bones and scars is how that vile family showed that little boy their love. Every bone in his body had been visible and old whip marks littered his fragile back. Harry had only been the size of a four year old thanks to his growth being stunted from severe malnutrition.

Needing somewhere safe for the boy to live and a family to show him what love was, Albus had brought him to them in hopes that they would open their home and heart to the scared little waif. He also wanted to keep Harry away from other witches and wizards, fearing that they would use or hurt him?

At first he had thought that his old friend had lost what was remaining of his brilliant mind. He couldn't believe that he was asking a coven of vampires to adopt a small human child. A very scared and fragile human child at that. What if they handled him too roughly? What if he cut himself and the smell of his blood caused one of his family members to snap? Was it fair to ask Jasper who struggles the most with his bloodlust to live 24/7 with the smell of blood from an innocent child?

After silently observing the poor boy for a while, he knew without a doubt that Harry would become his son. He loving wife Esme, who's heart was bigger than anyone else's he had ever met in his hundreds of years roaming the earth, had fallen instantly in love with the boy the second she caught a glimpse of his haunted emerald eyes. Alice was literally vibrating with excitement, he was sure that she was already planning a shopping trip for her newest victim and dress up doll. Edward, his first childe, couldn't take his eyes off of Harry, but he nodded his head giving him his approval. Rosalie was glaring at him, just daring him to turn the boy away. Her look was promising him a boat load of pain if he even thought about it. Emmett, her mate, would do anything for the woman he loved and he knew how much she desired a child of her own. So with his trademark goofy grin, he had given him a big two thumbs up.

Jasper had been the most surprising though. He had expected to see fear and pain in his from being in the same room with a tempting human. Everyday was a tremendous battle for him with his bloodlust, and unfortunately he didn't always win. He had slipped on multiple occasions and drained a human dry. He never faulted him for it though, being a vegetarian vampire wasn't easy, it went completely against their natural instincts. If Jasper would have said no, he would have turned Albus and the boy away, but Jasper had been grinning at the boy in wonder. Grinning, because Harry's blood didn't call to him.

"I'm sorry Carlisle," Albus said softly. "I'm an old man and have made many mistakes in my time, but I fear what I have done to Harry and your family is the worst mistake by far." With a heavy sigh, he reached into his bright purple robe and pulled out a large bundle of letters. Looking back up at Carlisle, he carefully handed them over.

Flipping through the unopened letters, Carlisle choked on the sob that tore through his throat. Dozens...dozens of letters addressed to Harry Potter Cullen was in his pale hands. These were all the letters that his family had sent Harry over the years and not one of them had been opened.

"I truely am sorry, Carlisle, but I never gave the letters to Harry. I knew how much it was tearing him apart being away from you and your family, but I needed him to focus on his task. I never meant to hurt you all, but I was more concerned with Harry surviving the war than him having his feelings hurt. You and your family were his weakness that I couldn't allow. I just couldn't risk it, I love him like a grandson and I couldn't lose him!"

Carlisle had never wanted to hurt someone as much as he wanted to hurt Albus. For the first time in his life he wanted to kill a human. How could he keep their letters from Harry? What must Harry think? He probably thought that they didn't love him anymore. Growling, he gripped his office chair so tight that it cracked under his superhuman strength. Better the chair than the old man sitting across from him.

"How could you, Albus?" Carlisle roared. "What about Harry? Does he know that you withheld our letters or does he think that we abandoned him? Does my son think that we forgot about him?" He had always prided himself on his self control, but right now it was taking everything within him to not reach over and rip the throat out of his longtime 'friend'.

"I'm sorry," Albus said again with tears in his eyes. Reaching in his robe for a second time, he pulled a small bag and placed it on the desk. With a tap of his wand, the small bag grew to be the size of a large trash bag. "Almost everyday Harry would come to my office and ask me if he had any letters from his family. I hated telling him no and it broke my heart to see him leaving my office in tears. No, Carlisle, I never told him he had letters."

Unable to look Carlisle in the eyes, Albus continued. "Every week for four years Harry sent you and your family a letter. Every Christmas and every birthday he sent gifts. Harry never gave up on you and his family."

With his heart in his throat, Carlisle opened the bag and took a peek. Hundreds of letters were hidden inside, some addressed to him, and some addressed to the rest of the family. Dozens of shrunken gifts were mixed in with the letters, all immaculately wrapped. Not only had Albus been keep their letters from Harry, but he had also been keeping Harry's letters from them.

The pain in his chest was ten times worse than his turning. His precious son, his Harry, had never given up on them or stopped trying to reach out to them. If only he could cry to release some of his pain...his guilt. Guilt, because after only two years of silence from Harry, they had moved on with their lives and moved away from Harry. Moved away from the only loving home his son had ever known. Not only did they move away, but they also stopped talking about Harry. After walking away from that house, Harry's name had never been mentioned out loud again...it was just too painful.

Standing and sending his chair crashing into the wall, Carlisle leaned across his desk and got in his old friend's face. "Take me to my son," he demanded. "NOW!"

Getting to his feet and quickly backing away, Albus held his hand out in front of him. "Listen, Carlisle, I need to explain everything. I need to tell you what happened."

Carlisle slammed his hand down on his desk, leaving an impressive imprint behind. "I'm done listening to you, old man. I want to see my son and I want to see him now. He needs to know what you have done. He needs to know that we still love him."

Nervously nodding his head, Albus grabbed Carlisle's arm and apparated them out of Carlisle's office at Forks General Hospital. Carlisle knew that his family would worry when he didn't return home after his shift, but he couldn't wait a second longer to see his son. Hopefully Alice would see what was happening, but her visions were always unpredictable when it came to magic.