Summary: Accompanying fic to "9 minutes 36 seconds". This one is from Harm's POV. Disclaimer: Not mine, I just like to play with them. Spoilers: We the People, Death Watch, Boomerang (All very minor) Author's Notes: This one didn't come as easily as Mac's POV. I know his thoughts are kind of all over, since I don't know how the male mind works. You don't really have to read "9 minutes.", since only the storyline is the same. Feedback: PLEASE!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I'm actually here. Standing here, at the altar in my dress whites, waiting for the woman who holds my heart. I'm still amazed that I got my act together, and went for her. It's amazing how normal our dating had been. Granted, we had to sneak around, but we did normal couple stuff. Course that period didn't last very long, I decided that after eight years of dancing around each other was a long enough dating period. I took her to the Rose Garden on our six-month anniversary, and proposed. I was a little scared that she would say no, but the fighter pilot in me convinced me otherwise. Just a month ago, we found out she was pregnant. I remember picking her up and swinging her around, until she told me to put her down, she was going to hurl. We have both learned to loathe her bouts of morning, noon, and night sickness. But we are both ecstatic that we'll be starting our new lives together with a little one. I wonder what her dress looks like. She hasn't let me see it, no matter how much I beg. She'll just get a little smile on her face and say, "You'll just have to wait and see, Sailor." I love that woman so much. It took me awhile, but after she accepted Brumby's ring, I finally admitted that I loved her. At first I used excuses for my feelings like, it was just physical attraction, just because she looked like Diane. I finally accepted that I was in love with Sarah Mackenzie, not Diane's ghost. When I proposed, she asked if that meant I was ready to let go, and I told her I didn't even remember what I had been holding onto. I must have been looking spacey, Keeter, my best man, just nudged me with his elbow. Oh boy, the ceremony is about to start. Harriet, Bobbie, and Chole look absolutely beautiful. It's kind of strange to see Skates in a dress. But today she's Elizabeth, kind of like Mac is Sarah. There she is. She looks like an angel in that dress. Our gazes lock, as she makes her way to me. The Admiral kisses her cheek, then gives her hand to me. "Take good care of her son." "I will AJ, I promise." The Admiral smiles and takes his place next to Bud and Sturgis, my other groomsmen. I give her a small kiss and whisper to her, "I love you." She looks up and smiles at me, her eyes shiny with unshed tears. I am about to start a new chapter in my life with Sarah Mackenzie.