It was three years before I saw L again.

A lot had changed during that time. I had acquired a partner of sorts. Her name was Black Angst. I had met her a few months after the BB Murder Case. She was one of the best computer hackers in the world despite being only seventeen. She assisted me in finding a kidnappers by tracing the ransom he sent the police by email. No one else could break down the firewalls and encrypted data which the kidnapper had put up to protect himself. I was extremely impressed that such a young girl could break such complicated programs. After the case had ended, Black Angst asked if she could work with me. I accepted because, even though I had mastered many things, computer programming wasn't one of them. Besides, there was something about Black Angst that I liked. She was straightforward and (despite her rather depressing name) had a bright outlook on life. So, Black Angst became my self proclaimed sidekick.

A few months later, I decided to move to Japan. Black Angst accompanied me.

Life was pleasant. I had lots of cases to keep me occupied and was becoming quite well known. Then, something happened that changed my fate forever.

All over the world, criminals were dying. Some, called it justice. Some, called it an act of God. But, over time, a new name was given. Kira. At first, I wasn't involved in the case. It made sense that no one had approached me. Even though, I did solve a great number of cases, I wasn't on the same level as L, Eraldo Coil or Deneuve. I kept a close eye on what was going on, even if I wasn't directly involved. It seemed that there was nothing the police could do to stop Kira. That was when L challenged Kira.

I remember it very clearly. Black and myself were watching the news that night when there it was interrupted by an emergency broadcast. A man appeared on the screen.

"I head up a international police task force which includes all member nations." The man said."I am Lind .L. Tailor. Otherwise known as L."

I knew that this man was not L. There was nothing to suggest it was not L. Eleven years had passed since I'd last seen a him in person and when I had spoken to him he had used a voice synthesizer. But, like the time before, I just knew. As the broadcast went on, it was clear to me that this "L" was trying to bait Kira. I couldn't help but think that if this was L, he was being incredibly foolish. By putting himself in the media's spotlight he was risking far to much. If this Kira did have these supernatural powers, L was almost definitely going to die.

The man on screen jerked and clutched his chest. He cried out then his head fell face down on the desk. As members of the camera crew gathered round the man's body my own heart was pounding. What if that man was L? It was so unlikely but there was a chance. For some reason, the thought of L being dead upset me.

"Hey! Look!" Black Angst shouted. I snapped out of my dream and looked back at the screen. The awful scene of Lind .L. Tailors death had been replaced by something else. The letter L.

He was alive.

"The test was just in case." L said, sounding very surprised."I never thought it would actually happen! Kira! It seems you can kill people without having to be there in person. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't just witnessed it."

A test! It made sense. By directly challenging Kira, L was trying to draw him out. Kira thought he had won but really he had played right into L's hands.

"Listen to me Kira." L continued. "If you did indeed kill Lind .L. Tailor, the man you just saw die on television, I should tell you he was an inmate, who's execution was scheduled for today. That was not me."

I almost burst out laughing. It seemed hilarious that Kira, who was so organized, so precise could make a slip this big. L had challenged him directly and had won.

"The police arrested him in absolute secrecy so you wouldn't have heard about him through T.V or the internet." L went on."It seems not even you have access to information about these types of criminals. But I assure you, L is real, I do exist. Now, try to kill me!"

I watched the T.V intently. L continued to encourage Kira, jeering at him, urging him to go on.

"What's the matter?" L challenged." Can't you do it?"

There was a pause.

"Well Kira," L said."It seems you can't kill me after all. So there are some people you can't kill. You've given me a useful hint. I will return the favour. I'll tell you something I think you'll find interesting. Although this was announced as a world wide broadcast, the truth is, we're only broadcasting in the Kanto region of Japan. I had planned to broadcast this message around the world until we found you but it looks like that won't be necessary. I now know where you are."

After only one move, L already had Kira within his grasp. It was amazing. The police had been investigating for many weeks and yet they found nothing. In less then a day, L had worked out what Kira needed to kill and what part of the world he was in. He was amazing.

"The police treated your first killing as an unrelated incident but in actuality your first victim was a suspect in Shinjuku." L went on." Of all the criminals that have recently died of heart attacks, this ones crimes were by far the least serious. Furthermore, this crime was only ever reported inside Japan. I used that information to deduce this much. You are in Japan and your first victim was little more than an experiment which means you haven't been killing for very long."

I smiled to myself. The police would have missed an incident like that but L...L never missed anything.

"We decided to broadcast this message in Kanto because of its large population and luckily we found you." L continued. "To be completely honest with you, I never expected things would go this well but it won't be too long now till I'm able to sentence you to death. Naturally, I'm very interested to know how you can commit these murders without being present but I don't mind waiting a little longer. You can answer all of my questions when I catch you. Lets meet again soon, Kira."

The screen went blank.

"Well." Black Angst remarked."Things have just got interesting."