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Naruto had thought it couldn't get any worse than his senior year in high school, when he had just discovered that he was having 'more than friend' feelings for his best friend. Who then out of the blue started dating the girl that Naruto had liked all through school up until that point. Yeah, that had sucked. Naruto thought that had been the worst week of his life.

"Sasuke... yes, Sasuke... mmmm, Sasuke... oh, god, yes!"

Listening to the sounds of a headboard slamming against the wall while a random female voice screamed out his friend's name through the thin walls of their dorm room, Naruto decided he had been wrong. This was soooo much worse.

"Ooooh, Sasuke... god you are... ahhhhh... so good, baby!"

He lay on the couch of the shared living area of their dorm suite, waiting for his best friend to finish fucking his current one-night-stand in their room, wishing he could be living anywhere else. Mars? Yeah, Mars sounded good. Who needs oxygen, anyway? Clearly not that moaning girl currently fucking Sasuke's brains out in their room.

And tried to shut out the sounds, closing his eyes. He thought about all the ways that he had messed everything up for himself and destroyed the most important relationship in his life. Starting at the beginning of last year, when they were seniors in high school.

. . .

"Hey, Sasuke..." Naruto looked at his best friend consideringly as they sat on the bed in Sasuke's room playing video games. It was their usual habit on weekends. "Why don't you ever date anyone?"

"Hn," Sasuke grabbed the fully automatic weapon and aimed it at the sniper that had been shooting at them from the roof.

Naruto paused the game, forcing Sasuke to pay attention to the question.

"I'm serious. For years, girls have been asking you out. Even the really hot ones. Sakura-chan would sell her right arm for a date with you, and EVERY guy wants to date her."

Sasuke's brows twitched in annoyance. "Why would I want to hang out with some annoying girl all the time? All they talk about is their clothes, or their hair, or stupid chick movies or stupid chick music."

Sasuke unpaused the game and continued shooting.

Naruto paused the game again.

"Did you ever think maybe you just don't like girls? Maybe... you like guys?"

Sasuke froze. "What the fuck, Naruto? Are you accusing me of being gay just because I don't want to bang that dumb pink-haired girl like you do?"

Naruto hadn't expected his friend to get so pissed. He raised his hands placatingly. "No! Sasuke, don't be mad. I just... I just wanted you to know, that if you were gay, I'd be cool with it. We'd still be friends. I really don't care about that kind of stuff, anyway. I mean... my guardian writes porn on the side of his teaching career for a living. I'm cool with whatever. You could tell me. We're best friends, right?" Naruto knew he was repeating himself, but he didn't want Sasuke to misunderstand. He wasn't trying to make fun of him. He really just wanted to reassure him. It didn't look like it was working.

Sasuke looked at him with narrowed eyes. Naruto wasn't the first person to accuse Sasuke of being gay. It was a common theory for why he didn't date any of the girls that basically tried to suck his dick as he walked to class. He had seriously considered padlocking his zippers. But he hadn't expected Naruto to say anything. He thought Naruto understood that he just wasn't interested. Sasuke didn't even have that many friends. He just really didn't like people. They were so annoying.

People always wondered why Sasuke hung around Naruto, whom most would say was more annoying than your average person. But the blond had been a part of his life for so long, and Sasuke had grown accustomed to his presence in his life. Even - depended on it, though he'd never admit that. They had met in middle school when they were twelve, just after Sasuke's parents had died. He and Naruto had both been the 'new kids' in the school. Naruto had just been reunited with his long-lost guardian, some porn writing pervert who had been missing for years while Naruto was bounced around various foster homes. And Sasuke had moved in with his older brother Itachi, who was going to college in Konoha. Neither Sasuke nor Itachi had wanted to live in the family mansion right after their parents' deaths... too many memories to come to terms with.

At twelve, Naruto had been skinny and awkward, and his clothes had been cheap and unfashionable. So he had gotten teased and picked on. Sasuke had been swarmed with attention, especially by the girls, because of his looks and money. But he had still been dealing with the death of his parents and the last thing he had wanted was to talk to people. They had both snuck out of the lunchroom to eat their lunches in peace on the roof, and had been unhappy at finding someone else with the same idea. At first, they had been wary of the other, eyeing each other in hostile silence, but when it became clear that they both wanted the same thing - to eat lunch in peace - they had fallen into an easy habit. And eventually the silence had been broken, and they had started having small conversations. These conversations had grown over time, and they discovered they had a lot in common, neither having parents and both having damage. But they also had differences that complimented each other, Sasuke being quiet and serious, Naruto being energetic and relatively cheerful. So the unlikely pair had formed a tentative friendship that had continued to deepen through the years, until Naruto couldn't even imagine life without Sasuke, and vice versa.

When Naruto had hit high school, his awkward phase had ended when he had a major growth spurt and the teasing stopped. He had grown into his body and looks, and started getting more attention from girls. He had also gotten better at sports, earning him more friendship with guys. He and Sasuke had joined the soccer team together, where Naruto was pretty decent midfielder and Sasuke was one of their strikers. People joked about the way they were able to communicate almost telepathically on the field together, but it was just another facet of their friendship that they built out. Neither intended to pursue sports in college. It was something to put on their applications, which they had filled out together to the schools that Sasuke had chosen, since Naruto still didn't have any idea what he wanted to do with his life. Naruto's plan was basically to stick with Sasuke through college, and he'd figure out what he wanted to do with his life along the way.

"Look, have you ever tried anything with a guy?" Naruto wasn't sure why he was pushing this so hard when his friend clearly didn't want to go there, but he really felt like he needed to help Sasuke figure this out. In a little over a year, they'd be off to college. That's when everyone seemed to find the person they were meant to be with. He just wanted to be sure his friend was looking in the right section. More than anything, he just wanted Sasuke to be happy after all the tragedy his friend had been through.

"Like what, idiot?"

"Look, I know that tons of girls have kissed you, even if you didn't kiss them back. So you know what it feels like to kiss a girl, right?"

"If you mean to be molested by one, then yes."

"And you never felt a spark, right?"

Sasuke just rolled his eyes.

"All I'm saying is maybe you should try kissing a guy, and see if that does it for you."

Sasuke just looked at Naruto like he'd grown two heads. "You are such an idiot."

"What?" Naruto sounded offended. "I'm serious. There's nothing wrong with it."

"So have you ever kissed a guy?"

"No! I like girls. I already know that. I've had a crush on Sakura since like sixth grade. And you know I've made out with a couple of the girls I dated this year. But you haven't ever liked anybody. I think it's because you are just looking at the wrong team."

"Dobe, we're in high school. Even if there are gay guys here, nobody is out yet. What are people supposed to do, just walk up to random people and kiss them, hoping they are gay and won't punch them in the face? Besides, I'm not gay."

The comment sure seemed like Sasuke might have actually considered this, despite all his denials. Naruto pushed on ahead. "Why don't you kiss me then. I won't punch you, even if I'm not gay."

"What. The. Fuck."

"Seriously! We're best friends, so who cares. You've seen me naked in the shower about a million times, and kissing is less intimate than that. Just see if you like guy lips better than girl lips. If you do, then we'll find you a nice boyfriend and you can finally tell all your fangirls that you're gay and maybe they'll actually leave you alone."

"That's the dumbest idea I've ever heard. And I told you, I already know that I'm not -" Sasuke was cut off as Naruto pressed his lips against his mouth. They stayed there, frozen for a second, then Sasuke shoved Naruto off the bed, and he landed on his ass on the hardwood floor.

"Seriously, dude. That was the dumbest idea ever. I already told you I'm not gay. I'm going to get some food"

Sasuke got up and stalked out of the room.

Naruto sat there on the floor, his fingers tracing his lips. This had not gone like he'd planned at all. Naruto hadn't had a serious girlfriend, because he was still pretty much hung up on Sakura. But he had dated a few girls, and made out with them. And liked it. When he jacked off, it was always to thoughts of girls. He had never kissed a boy before, or even considered it. But kissing Sasuke was... way hotter than any of the girls he had kissed. Like really, REALLY hotter.

Not sure how he felt about that, Naruto had grabbed his backpack and headed home, mumbling some excuse to Sasuke on his way out. What had started out as an experiment to help his friend figure out his sexuality and suddenly upended what Naruto thought about his own. He didn't really care about the fact that he was probably at least bi based on what had just happened. The problem wasn't that he had realized he was hot for a guy. The problem was he realized he was fucking on fire for his best friend. Who evidently had not felt anything at the kiss, so the feelings were not mutual.

That night, he had lay in bed thinking about that kiss. Thinking about Sasuke. Sasuke was... really hot. Naruto had always known that his friend was good looking. I mean, you look up 'attractive' in a dictionary and they had the guy's picture there. You didn't have to be a girl to see it. But it was more the way he thought just generally something was aesthetically pleasing or not. He had never personally felt sexually attracted to Sasuke. I mean, they were friends. Had been friends forever. But when he had kissed Sasuke, and felt the heat of their bodies so close, he had been shocked by the flash of out-of-control lust that had speared through him. He hadn't even felt that turned on when Sakura had shown up at Ino's pool party in a string bikini this past summer. And he had jacked off to that little visual for months.

And it just got worse from there.

The next day was Monday. And at soccer practice, when everyone was hitting the showers, Naruto couldn't help notice how smoking hot Sasuke's ripped back and abs were when he came out of the shower dripping wet with just a towel around his waist. Sasuke had caught him staring, and Naruto had blushed and looked away. Sasuke had come close and growled in his ear, "I'm not fucking gay." Then stalked off.

Naruto had stood there, hoping like hell he wouldn't get a hard-on, since all he was wearing was a towel. He had jammed on his jeans and for the first time in forever, hadn't walked home with Sasuke but instead gone back to his empty apartment alone. They didn't talk for almost a week except for at lunch and in class, and even then it was awkward. Sasuke seemed pissed, and Naruto kept feeling tongue-tied as he tried to get over the fact that he had the hots for his best friend.

Their friends had noticed. Kiba had pulled him aside after lunch and asked why he seemed like he was avoiding Sasuke, and giving him weird looks. Naruto had just shrugged and said nothing was wrong, he was just getting stressed about senior year stuff and thinking about college. Kiba clearly hadn't believed him, but what was Naruto really going to say? 'Hey, I kissed Sasuke because I thought he was gay. And it turns out he isn't, but I am.' Yeah, not going to say that.

But the awkwardness kept dragging on. Another week passed and things were getting worse. Sasuke would look at him sometimes with this horrible, hurt expression on his face, that Naruto hadn't seen since they had first met. Since it wasn't going to go away on its own, Naruto decided he needed to come clean and tell his friend. I mean, they were best friends, right? Sasuke might not return his feelings, but at least Naruto would clear the air and explain why he had been acting so weird. Maybe Sasuke's initial freak-out over the whole gay thing was just surprise. He hoped it wouldn't piss him off too much. But he'd rather have Sasuke pissed at him than hurt. He didn't want to risk losing their friendship over hormones, but Naruto knew that his silence on this was doing damage anyway. If he was going to fuck things up, he might as well do it being honest rather than doing it by hiding the truth poorly.

He had decided he would tell Sasuke after practice that day. He'd been waiting for Sasuke at their lunch table when the lunchroom had been disrupted by a high pitched squeal of delight. Naruto turned to see Sasuke standing next to Sakura, the girl looking up into his eyes, him smiling down at her (very slightly smiling, but still smiling). They walked over together carrying their lunch trays, and sat down across from Naruto. It was the first time Sakura had ever sat at their table.

"Sasuke-kun just asked me out! Can you believe it? After all this time!" Sakura was positively beaming.

Naruto just looked at Sasuke, who's gaze was fixed on the pink-haired girl. "That's... that's awesome, Sakura-chan."

Somehow Naruto's voice managed to come out sounding semi-normal. Sasuke turned and just looked at him. No explanation, no nothing. Naruto hadn't even known that Sasuke had been planning on asking her out. Hadn't the bastard just told him two weeks ago that he didn't even like her? That she was annoying? 'And he knows that I have liked her forever. What the hell?'

Naruto finished his lunch quickly and headed to class early. Luckily, he didn't have class with either of them for the next two periods. It would get him time to get himself under control. Everyone who saw him thought he was jealous of Sasuke and mad at him for asking out the girl Naruto had been crushing on for years. If they only fucking knew. He was jealous all right. Of Sakura. He wanted to be the one dating Sasuke.

Over the next several weeks, with Sakura joining them for lunch every day, and coming over to Sasuke's house whenever Naruto was there, Naruto began to wonder what he ever saw in the pink-haired girl. Sure, she was pretty. And she was smart enough, and athletic, which he had always found attractive. But she was just... shallow. All she ever talked about was how handsome 'Sasuke-kun' was (and god, he hated how little-girlish her voice sounded when she said his name), or how good at sports 'Sasuke-kun' was, or whatever. Sure, she had an excuse for only talking about that kind of stuff when she hadn't ever had a serious conversation with the guy, but after they had been dating for almost a month and that was STILL all she had to say about him, Naruto just gave up. He couldn't ditch them at lunch, because all his other friends were there, too. But he started doing his homework with Shikamaru and Kiba rather than Sasuke. Especially when Sasuke and Sakura had started advancing in their relationship and making out in front of him. Not what he wanted to see.

At. fucking. all.

Sasuke would sometimes ask him if he were coming over after school, but after a while that stopped. Even their weekends, which had been sacred, got converted to Sakura time. It seemed like whenever Naruto was with Sasuke, Sakura had to be there too. He wasn't sure if Sakura was just there all the time, or if Sasuke just didn't want to be alone with him anymore.

They were drifting apart. And it killed him. He knew this all had started with that stupid kiss. Was Sasuke a homophobe? Was he trying to prove that he wasn't gay, or afraid that Naruto was gay? Either way, it pretty much sucked. Naruto wished he'd never tried to help his friend figure out his sexuality. What's that saying? Oh, yeah. No good deed goes unpunished.

In a way, what scared him more was the thought that this might just be the start of the normal transition of childhood friends to adult relationships. Friends got girlfriends then married, and drifted apart. You start off when you're young living in each other's houses, then ten years down the road all that's left is the annual Christmas card with the form letter telling each other what the year has been like. But he had never thought that would happen to him and Sasuke. They had shared something much deeper than just typical friendship. They had seen the darkest, most terrible secrets of each other's psyches. They had helped each other deal with crippling childhood traumas and family situations. They hadn't just been friends... they were brothers. How could a friendship like that fade? How could it be replaced by something shallow like sex?

Naruto felt numb. When he had wanted to help Sasuke find a girlfriend or boyfriend over the years, it was because he had wanted to help his friend, not find himself replaced. He had never even thought that could be possible. Life had forced both of them to erect thick walls to protect themselves, so thick that it would be almost impossible for anyone else to get inside. Sasuke behind his icy sarcasm, and Naruto behind his glib smiles. They both kept people at a distance, in opposite ways. But they had always been inside each other's walls, knowing everything about the other when no one else did. But now, Naruto found himself suddenly pushed out of Sasuke's inner walls. He was just another person now. One of Sasuke's many admirers. Sasuke was distant, and Sakura was always there. And inside Naruto's walls, Naruto found himself truly alone again. And it was killing him.

So he had started to avoid Sasuke as much as possible. It was too painful to see his friend, but know he no longer could reach him the way he used to. Like rubbing on an open wound. So he searched for distractions. He didn't want to confide his feelings in anyone else. Sasuke was right - no one came out in high school, at least not THIS high school. Tolerance wasn't exactly its motto.

So he ran a lot. Miles and miles every day, even after soccer practice. It cleared his head. And he found himself writing in some of the journals that they Perv had always given him on birthdays and holidays, saying that someday Naruto should take up writing on his own, rather than just editing the writing that his guardian did. And it helped, since there was no one he could confide in. He poured all his confusion, hurt, and unrequited lust into words on the page.

But there were still three more months of high school to get through. At least people had stopped asking him about why he and Sasuke weren't tight anymore, with everyone basically accepted the idea that he was still mad at Sasuke over Sakura. Naruto wondered if Sasuke thought that, too. But there appeared to be no upside at this point of saying anything. His kiss had evidently 'scared Sasuke straight'. Now he seemed really into girls, or at least Sakura. And that made his reaction to any possible confession from Naruto not likely to go well. At least now, people had some sympathy for Naruto. But if he confessed to Sasuke, and Sasuke got pissed and told people, Naruto's life would be hell. He couldn't even imagine how his teammates would act in the showers after practice if they knew Naruto liked guys.

The last thing he wanted was to be outed by an unrequited infatuation with the school's most popular boy, who was FINALLY dating the school's most popular girl. His life was was such a joke.

He knew that there was a party for the seniors this weekend at Kiba's house. But he wasn't going to go. Over the years, living with an absentee guardian that social services had been just itching to find a reason to take him away from and put him back into a foster home, Naruto had gotten used to keeping his nose clean. He couldn't afford to be busted for under-aged drinking, truancy, or fighting at school. When he was in middle school, they had put him in temporary foster care twice for excessive fighting and his poor grades. They said the third time it would be permanent. So he had cleaned up his act in high school, and buckled down and gotten good grades. Of course, it had helped that he had suddenly become popular, so the teasing had stopped and there was less temptation to fight. Even though he was seventeen now and would graduate this year, he had gotten in the habit of skipping the parties. Plus, he really didn't want to go watch Sakura and Sasuke get it on, which he was sure by now they were doing. They had been dating for months.

He decided instead to drive up to a creative writing seminar that was being held at the university where the Perv (Jiraya had never been able to break him of using that nickname) was an adjunct professor. The school took credit for the actual pieces of literature that the man wrote, and ignored his more profitable line of porn books he wrote on the side as long as he used a pen name and didn't involve his students. Naruto felt his phone buz, and saw a text from Sasuke. It had been almost two weeks since his friend had texted him. "Dobe - are you coming to the party tonight?"

Naruto gritted his teeth. It was like the bastard got off on having Naruto watch him with Sakura. Why else would he ask Naruto if he were going? He hadn't had a real conversation with him since he had started dating her. Naruto didn't waste time thinking about his reply. He was just so tired of this shit.

"No, have other plans. Have fun with Sakura," Naruto texted back.

"What plans?"

Naruto just ignored Sasuke's final text. He could just imagine telling Sasuke about the seminar, then having the asshole show up with his girlfriend just to rub it in. He decided he'd call the university on Monday to see if he could get his room assignment switched. He didn't care who he'd room with, as long as it wasn't Sasuke.

He decided he'd try to meet someone this weekend. He had never really tried a casual hook-up, but he was tired of thinking about Sasuke, knowing now that it was never going to happen. He had liked girls before, and found out he now also liked guys. That should double his chances of finding someone he liked over the weekend. He was seventeen years old and was still a virgin. The two people he had had serious crushes on were now dating each other, and he didn't want to use any of his friends. This seemed like a perfect opportunity. And everyone said college girls were hot.

. . . . .

Monday was almost surreal. He got to school to find Sasuke waiting at his locker, looking seriously pissed. "I came by your house over the weekend. Where the hell were you?"

"The fuck? You haven't been over in months. Why would I be sitting on my ass waiting for you to remember my existence? I was out."

"Out where? Everyone was at Kiba's Friday night. I went by your place, and you weren't home."

"You're not my keeper. I have other friends now. Not all of them go to school here."

Sasuke opened his mouth, most likely to ask who these friends were, when the bell rang. As expected, Sakura appeared and waited to be walked to class by her 'Sasuke-kun'. Luckily, Naruto's gag reflex had been weakened through months of watching them together, so he managed to just close his locker and walk away. He could feel Sasuke's eyes boring into his skull, though. Why the fuck was he so worked up? He'd made it pretty clear he didn't care much anymore.

Naruto was still thinking about it in gym class later that morning, and forgot about his weekend activities until he heard Kiba screech out, "Naruto! You DOG! Who did you nail this weekend? Is this why you didn't show at my party?"

Shit. Naruto had just taken his shirt of to shower after gym, and had forgotten about the hickies that were on his chest. "Shove-it, dog breath. It's no one you know."

"Who is she? Come on, man, you gotta TEELLLLLL MMMMEEEEEEE. I need details."

Naruto had been hanging out a lot more with Kiba since he and Sasuke had... broken up? Stopped hanging out? Whatever. Naruto sighed as he headed into the shower. Kiba took the shower next to him to continue the interrogation. "Dude, you can't hold out on me. This is a major event in a guy's life. You gotta share all the juicy details. Was she good? Did she go down on you?"

Naruto rolled his eyes. He knew he shouldn't say anything. He knew that 'locker room' talk was lame and blah blah. But his ego and emotions had taken such a beating losing Sasuke to Sakura over the past several months that he just wanted to feel something other than depressed. So he dished. "Yes. And yes. She's a college girl," Naruto said, as though that explained everything. If the girl had been someone in this school, or someone that Kiba had any chance of ever meeting, he wouldn't have shared any details. But this had been a one-time deal. She was a junior in college and lived three hours away, and no one would ever meet her. And probably had only been into him because of his relationship with the Perv, though she had claimed to really like the writing sample that Naruto had brought to the writers' workshop.

"You lost your virginity to a college girl... and she gave you head? Man, you are my hero!"

Naruto ignored the cat calls from his other guys in the locker room, though he did feel pretty proud in that moment. Hey, he might not have been able to land Sakura (or Sasuke, though no one would ever know Naruto had been thinking about that), but he had landed a college girl, which was about as close to a school-boy fantasy as existed.

Naruto hadn't quite realized how fast the information was going to get around. Konoha High was a pretty big high school. But evidently word of the 'nice guy' Naruto getting laid by a college girl was pretty good gossip. Everyone was taking about it. Random guys he hardly knew were giving him high fives in the hall, and some of the more aggressive girls were checking him out more thoroughly, as though trying to see if his new experience would up him in the sex appeal hierarchy. Naruto was walking to his last class before lunch when he saw Sasuke standing next to Sakura at her locker, staring at him. Why was he looking pissed? Sasuke leaned down and kissed Sakura. Hard. Naruto ignored them and kept walking to his class. He hoped they got detention for making out in the hallway.

At lunch, Kiba didn't stop talking about it. Asking all kinds of questions, like how it felt to get a blow job, did Naruto have pictures (or a video? please?) and could he hook Kiba up with a college girl, too. Sasuke just glared at him. It pissed Naruto off, so he answered maybe more questions than he would have otherwise. Talking about how hot she was. And he purposefully hedged on whether he was dating her, and wouldn't tell which university she went to, claiming he didn't want Kiba hounding her and chasing after her friends. Probably everyone assumed it would be a local university. It would make the relationship idea more believable. And since Sasuke was clearly annoyed with the idea of Naruto dating a college girl, Naruto wanted to keep that illusion going for a little bit. It was petty, but he didn't give a fuck. His best friend had dumped him for a girl he had claimed to not even like. So screw him. Evidently he had wanted Naruto to just hang out alone until Sasuke got bored of the inane conversations he had with Sakura and decided to call him. Not. Fucking. Happening.

He noticed Sasuke staring at the hickies down his torso after soccer practice. Naruto just smirked, taking his time getting dressed after his shower. Uchiha wasn't the only one who could get laid. Sure, Sasuke had bagged Sakura. But there were other girls out there. Hot college girls. Who were way more interesting than pink-haired high school girls. And liked Naruto. He wondered if Sakura gave Sasuke head. The thought of the raven's head thrown back in ecstasy while someone was kneeling between his muscled thighs sucking his cock (and somehow that someone had morphed from Sakura to Naruto in Naruto's hormone-ridden imagination) made him break out into a sweat. Holy god, that would be so hot. Naruto almost groaned, feeling himself getting hard at the thought. He bolted out of the locker room and almost ran home. Getting laid had made fantasizing about Sasuke just all that more realistic. Now he had an even better idea of what he wanted to do to Sasuke. And what he wanted Sasuke to do to him. He jerked off to the image of Sasuke's chiseled mouth wrapped around his dick, rather than that of the cute brunette he had lost his virginity to over the weekend.

This was not good.

He couldn't wait until graduation. He would be spending the summer traveling with the Perv on a book tour (one of his legitimate books, not the porn stuff), so he wouldn't have to see Sasuke until the fall.

He realized what a mistake it had been deciding to go to college at the same university as Sasuke. Sasuke wanted to go into business, so he had picked schools that had prestigious business schools affiliated with them. Naruto had never really given much thought on what he wanted to do. He wasn't as driven as Sasuke was, so he was content to tag along until he figured himself out. As long as he was with Sasuke, he hadn't cared much. But he felt their friendship slipping through his fingers. They had been inseparable for the past six years. Now they hardly ever spoke, at least - not about anything that mattered.

Unlike in middle school, Naruto had worked hard in high school to keep his grades up. And while he wasn't going to be valedictorian (that would either be Shikamaru or Sasuke), he had made sure he got good enough grades that he'd be able to get into the same schools as Sasuke. They had even applied to room together in the dorms next year. Was it too late to change that? He didn't know where Sakura had applied, but if they all ended up at the same school he could only imagine the hell of having her basically living in their dorm room.

He called the campus housing department to request a roommate change, but they had told him that the request would have to be filed one month after the fall semester started. They had a waiting period for switches to avoid the annoyance of people changing roommates every time they had a fight with the person they shared a dorm room with. And then, he could only switch if there was an open spot to switch into, or if someone wanted to swap.

He just hoped he'd be over his infatuation with Sasuke by then. He hoped that a summer spent apart, with his perverted guardian doing everything in his power to distract Naruto, would help him move past it.

. . . .

But of course, it didn't work. He had come back to find out that Sasuke had broken up with Sakura, and moved on to the rest of the female population. And he got to have a front row seat. Fucking fabulous.


To be continued