Naruto had been a good boy all through high school, and what had it gotten him? Rejected by his best friend for a series of one-night-stands. (OOC: darker Naruto, sexual Sasuke) SasuNaru - College AU

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When Itachi and Yahiko had gone back to sleep, Naruto decided he should find the kitchen and see what kind of food Itachi might have available for this many unexpected houseguests. Naruto figured the least he could do was cook after keeping the man up all night (waiting for him in a graveyard) then imposing on his hospitality. Unfamiliar with the layout of the mansion, he wandered through the massive first floor until he found the large, gourmet kitchen.

Even Nagato's kitchen hadn't been this intimidating. Naruto had to stare at the cupboards for a few minutes before he discovered which panels were actually a massive Subzero refrigerator in disguise. He had just opened it and was peering inside when he heard a throat clear behind him. A man he had never seen was standing there.

"May I help you, sir?" The man asked politely. Naruto guessed that this must be one of the household staff. It hadn't even occurred to him that there would be someone. Nagato valued his privacy, and didn't keep anyone in his home, and simply had a cleaning lady that came twice a week.

"Um... I'm Naruto. Some friends and I ended up crashing here unexpectedly and I thought I'd make some food for when everyone woke up."

"How many guests are there?" the man asked pragmatically.

"Counting Itachi and Sasuke, there are six of us."

The man asked some basic questions about food likes and dislikes, then soon was planning out the meal. Naruto felt a little awkward as the man insisted that Naruto go back to the living room or library and relax while he cooked. It turned out to be a good call, because the guy had serious culinary skills. He quickly prepared a variety of dishes that would keep well, as people slowly woke up at different times to eat.

The last two up were Sasuke and Yahiko. They came down at almost exactly the same time, eyeing each other warily on the stairs. Sasuke wondered when Yahiko had arrived, and what he was doing here, but didn't want to actually speak to him to find out. He knew a certain blond that would likely be able to tell him what he needed to know. They heard voices and followed them into the living room, where Gaara and Naruto were playing Halo on the Xbox. Itachi and Nagato were talking on the couch, watching them play. Everyone looked up as the two men walked in. Naruto literally cringed at seeing them together. Itachi simply raised an eyebrow.

"There's food in the kitchen if you're hungry. The rest of us have eaten," Itachi said.

Naruto paused the game and walked over to Sasuke, not quite sure what would happen if Sasuke and Yahiko went to the kitchen together unsupervised. There were sharp objects there, after all. He saw Sasuke's questioning look shot at Yahiko, and answered it.

"Yahiko heard about what happened from Zetsu. He flew to Konoha and looked up Itachi's address. He came over this morning when everyone else was sleeping, hoping Itachi knew where Nagato was and what had happened. He was really worried about Nagato... he cancelled the rest of his tour to be with him."

Sasuke frowned, but didn't say anything. He couldn't criticize the guy for worrying about his friend. As much as he could criticize Yahiko for any number of other things.

"Go back to your game, Dobe," Sasuke said. "We'll be fine without your chaperonage." He leaned over and gave Naruto a hard kiss on his mouth.

Naruto looked at Yahiko, who was already heading in the direction that Itachi had indicated the kitchen would be found. Naruto could tell by the tension in the older man's shoulders that he had seen the kiss. As had everyone else in the room, including Itachi. Who was almost grinning. "You have to do that in front of everyone?" Naruto mumbled to Sasuke.

Sasuke didn't bother to hide his smirk.

Naruto narrowed his eyes. "At least I got to pick my own T-shirt this morning," Naruto indicated the plain black shirt he had borrowed from Sasuke's drawer. He had checked it twice to be sure it was free of Uchiha symbolism.

"That can be fixed," Sasuke said, then headed to the kitchen.

Yahiko was already dishing himself some of the miso soup and rice balls.

Sasuke did the same, the stiff silence stretching.

Finally Sasuke broke it. "Look, I will respect Naruto's working relationship with you, and your presence here to look after Nagato. But don't pull any more crap like you did at the bar that night. Stay away from Naruto."

Yahiko smirked. "You're not even six months into your relationship, and you're already trying to control him? What, don't you trust him around me?" The rock star leaned back casually against the counter, knowing perfectly well the position emphasized his innate sexuality.

"I trust Naruto. I just don't want you to forget that I'm the one he's with now. By his choice," Sasuke said, not hiding the arrogance he felt in that statement.

"I guess. But..." Yahiko shrugged casually then walked over to stand directly next to Sasuke, and whispered into his ear, "... just don't forget who taught him how to use that tongue ring of his."

Sasuke gave a lethal smile and placed his hand on Yahiko's shoulder in a gesture that to an outsider might have looked friendly. "Fair enough. But who do you think he used it on last night?"


Yahiko was able to pull a few strings with his influence in Suna to get Nagato in to see one of the leading psychiatrists the following week. Naruto and Yahiko went with Nagato down to Dr. Shizune's office, but were told to stay in the waiting room while she evaluated him. They sat there for almost two hours, keeping each other awkward company and reading the periodicals that were left on the end tables. Some of them bore photos of Yahiko, and the rocker ignored those.

Naruto looked over, watching the older, usually over-confidant man slowly crumble into a puddle of nerves. If Dr. Shizune deemed that Nagato was a danger to himself or to others, he might be placed directly into an institution. They would not be able to control the outcome of this evaluation beyond a certain point.

"Hey," Naruto said softly. "It's going to be ok."

Yahiko blew out a shaky breath. "He was there for me, you know. In the orphanage. Always. He looked out for me. You don't know what that place was like for the younger kids."

Yahiko shot a glance at Naruto, "Well, maybe you do know. But Nagato was always there for me. He protected me from some serious shit. And here I am, just fucking sitting here while he gets put through the wringer by someone who doesn't know jack about him but will still have the right to lock him up."

Naruto walked over and sat down by him. "Yahiko, we all looked into finding the best doctor for him. Dr. Shizune is it. She won't lock him up unless the choice is between that and him killing himself or ending up in jail. If anyone can help him recover, its her."

Yahiko paled at the thought of Nagato killing himself. "He's just always been the one I trusted... the one I could count on. I know he has problems. But he just..."

"I know. He was there for me, too. Not in the same way, but... I care what happens to him, too. We're going to get him through this."

Yahiko nodded miserably, and rested his head in his hands. "Thanks."

Naruto shifted back, breaking contact and picked up one of the magazines that had Yahiko on the cover. "Have you heard this guy's stuff? It sucks."

Yahiko laughed a little. "Yeah. The vocals and lyrics are total crap."

Naruto hit him over the head with the magazine, just as the door opened. "You two can come in now. Nagato asked that you hear the results of the assessment."

Yahiko and Naruto cast nervous glances at each other, then rose and followed the doctor into her office. Nagato was sitting in a comfortable chair facing a similar chair that Dr. Shizune had returned to. There was no desk. Naruto and Yahiko sat in chairs off to one side.

"Nagato has untreated post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as clinical depression and an associated anxiety disorder," she briefly explained all three conditions, and their likely source in Nagato's childhood traumas. "His fixation on Naruto was basically the opposite of a stressor or trigger to his past mental traumas. Naruto reminded him of the one person he had truly felt 'safe' around after the events of his childhood, and the internalization of the survivor guilt that came from that. He sought Naruto out to regain that sense of security. Not out of some urge to harm him."

Naruto looked at Nagato, who was looking down at the floor. Naruto didn't want Nagato to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about this... he wanted Nagato to know that there was no shame in what he was going through. No one was judging him for it. Naruto was just about to go over to the older man, when Yahiko stood and went and sat on the armrest of Nagato's chair, bending down to rest his forehead to Nagato's. "It's not your fault, Nagi," he said softly. "Did you hear what she said? This is all coming from that fire. You were fine before then. We can work through this. It isn't your fault."

Nagato raised his head and looked up at Yahiko, a small smile forming on his face. "You haven't called me that since we were kids."

Yahiko smiled gently back. "I just wanted to look cool and grown up."

Nagato looked over at Naruto, who smiled back encouragingly. "Its ok, Nagato," was all Naruto could think of to say. After Yahiko's gesture, everything else felt pretty anticlimactic.

Shizune cleared her throat. "It is my professional opinion that Nagato is not an immediate threat to himself or others at this time, and therefore does not require hospitalization." Naruto and Yahiko both let out visible breaths of relief as she continued. "His fixation on Naruto was to provide security to himself and to you, Naruto. He was never a danger to you. He will require weekly cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions to begin to treat his PTSD and anxiety disorder, but I would also recommend he practice relaxation and meditation techniques at home. It will be better if one of you help him with these. There are also medications that he could take, but given his history of drug and alcohol use, I would prefer to use other methods for now. If there is no progress after the first month, we will reconsider medication. We will start out with a low dose of an anti-depressant, but you will need to monitor him for suicidal behavior."

Naruto's head jerked up at that. "What? I thought you just said he wasn't a risk to himself. Doesn't anti-depressant mean it should make him less depressed, not suddenly suicidal?" Naruto said, beginning to wonder if maybe they didn't choose the right doctor after all.

Shizune smiled a little. "The human brain is incredibly complex, particularly the chemistry associated with it. Antidepressants act differently in everyone. On average, this should make him better. But if it doesn't, we need to monitor him and switch the medication right away."

"I'll be staying with him," Yahiko said. "Just tell me what I need to do."

"I'll be there, too," Naruto said. He hadn't talked to Sasuke yet about living with Nagato. With Yahiko also moving in with him for the time being, Naruto was pretty sure Sasuke was not going to be happy. But at least for this initial period, he wanted to stay with Nagato and help him through it. If there was something about Naruto that calmed Nagato down and could help him deal with his past better, then Naruto wanted to be there for him. Especially if they were going to have to take turns on suicide watch while Nagato got used to the new medication.

"You are lucky to have such good friends to support you, Nagato," Shizune said, smiling.

"I know," Nagato said softly.

Shizune explained the specifics of the therapy, relaxation techniques, and potential side effects of the medication. Naruto, Nagato, and Yahiko listened carefully, determined to see this through.

. . . . . . .

Later that evening, Naruto lay with his arm wrapped loosely around Sasuke in Sasuke's giant bed as he explained the diagnosis and the recommended treatment, gently stroking Sasuke's naked back. When he reached the end of what the doctor had explained, he paused, waiting to see if Sasuke had any questions.

They lay facing each other, limbs still entwined from the evening's earlier activities. "So I am assuming that the reason that you chose this particular setting to tell me is that you are going to ask me if you can move in with Nagato to help with his treatment."

Naruto had the grace to blush. "Erm... was I really that obvious?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Let's just say that being a professional poker player or a spy would not be a viable career option for you," Sasuke said, putting his hand over Naruto's face and pushing him into the pillow. "But since the doctor says Nagato isn't a risk, I guess it is ok. I can be a reasonable guy, Dobe. Next time just ask me."

"Umm..." Naruto chewed his lip trying to figure out how to bring up the fact that Yahiko would also be staying there. He had seen the expression on Yahiko and Sasuke's faces when they had come out of Itachi's kitchen together. They clearly hadn't bonded over a shared meal.

"What," Sasuke said flatly.

"Well, you know how the doctor said that having support was really important to the success of the whole process..." Naruto began.

"Yes, and I already said I'm fine with you staying with him to help him through this," Sasuke said, frowning, wondering what the issue was. "What, are the relaxation sessions supposed to be naked or something?"

"Haha, naked. That's a good one, Sasuke," Naruto said nervously.

"Just spit it out. What aren't you telling me?"

"Well, you know how Yahiko is really worried about Nagato... I mean, they're like brothers... "

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "Yahiko is going to move in with Nagato as well?"

Naruto sighed. "He moved in yesterday."

Sasuke was quiet for a few minutes. "Ok."

Naruto just looked at Sasuke in shock for a minute or two. "Ok?"

Sasuke sighed, and began idly running his fingers through Naruto's hair. "Look. If you were going to get back together with Yahiko, its not like you won't have plenty of opportunities either way. You're already going to be spending a lot of time together during the days and evening working with Nagato while I'm at work. Nagato's house is huge... it's not like you'd be sharing a bedroom. Or even in the same hallway. Plus most nights we'll be sleeping together anyway, whether its in your bed or mine. You need to do this. I know you well enough to know that. You were the kid picking up every bird with a broken wing that crossed your path when we were kids. And your tie to Nagato is more than it was to those pathetic birds."

Naruto just looked at Sasuke for a few minutes, taking in the level of trust and understanding of him that his boyfriend was showing. "Every once in a while, I remember why I love you so damn much in the first place."

Sasuke's hand froze in Naruto's hair. "What?"

Naruto looked at him intently. But didn't repeat it. "You heard me, bastard," he said, pulling their mouths together as Sasuke rolled on top of him.

"Say it again," Sasuke said low into Naruto's ear as he slid his hands along the inside of the tan thighs, pressing them apart. They hadn't showered yet from their earlier activities, and their bodies were still sticky and slightly slick. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's wrists and flipped their positions, pinning Sasuke to the bed beneath him with Sasuke's arms up just above his head on the pillow. "Say it again," Sasuke said, straining to try to free his wrists and regain control. But Naruto had leverage from this position, and simply gripped Sasuke's wrists harder, pushing them deeper into the bed.

"Say... say it.." Sasuke said, trying to ignore the pleading he heard in his own voice.

Naruto leaned down, giving a slow lick just below Sasuke's ear. "I love you."

"Oh, fuck, Naruto," Sasuke's voice cracked as he arched up, feeling his whole word go white. He grabbed the blond fiercely, kissing and sucking on the blond's lips as though to fuse the truth of those words between their mouths.


Two weeks.

Naruto hadn't seen Sasuke for two entire weeks. And really not much for the week before that, because the bastard had had to complete several projects early to get permission to miss two weeks of class without it affecting his grades. But it was the annual board meeting for Uchiha Industries, and Sasuke had wanted to go with Itachi this year to visit each of their offices globally and prepare the next year's business plans.

Naruto looked at his watch as he saw the motorcycle racers line up. Sasuke's flight back from Konoha should have landed about an hour ago, which meant his taxi should be bringing him to the track any minute. He had felt a little bad that he hadn't been able to meet Sasuke's plane at the airport, but this was Gaara's first race, and Naruto wasn't going to miss it. And honestly, he knew both himself and Sasuke well enough that if Naruto had been waiting at the airport to pick him up, they would have ended up having sex in the car rather than coming to see his friend's first race. And as much as Naruto's body had been missing Sasuke, he was going to give Gaara his support. Especially because if this race went well, it would mean his friend would be moving to the US.

The racing team from Los Angeles had selected a few promising cyclists to give a test run to. Gaara had been one of the ones picked. Naruto had met the man who did the talent scouting for the team. At first, he had been a little creeped out that the guy always had the lower part of his face covered. But when Kakashi had found out that Naruto's guardian wrote his favorite series of novels (and yes, Naruto was pretty sure it wasn't the ones associated with the university), they had bonded. Kakashi had tried to get Naruto to race today as well, but Naruto had declined. The racers who made the grade would move to LA, and that wasn't something Naruto was interested in. His life was here, with Sasuke. He had also just agreed to work on a new album with Nagato and Yahiko. It would be shaped around Nagato's struggle with mental illness, and all three of them were writing for it. Naruto's life was finally taking shape, and he was building roots in Suna, with Sasuke. He still had two more years of school to complete, but everything that mattered to him was taking shape here.

A pair of strong arms snaked around his waist, and Naruto felt his body instantly react to the familiar presence. It had been too many days since he had felt that unique heat and form. He leaned back and closed his eyes, focused on nothing but soaking in the scent and feel of the man standing behind him.

"Aren't you even going to check to make sure it was me?" Sasuke asked, tightening his grip around Naruto and allowing him to feel just exactly how much Sasuke had missed him. It was by far the longest they had gone without sleeping together since they had started dating.

Naruto just laughed. "I don't need to look to know its you. I'd be able to sense you blindfolded."

"Hn," Sasuke said, not really believing the words but liking the idea anyway. "Which one is Gaara?" Sasuke asked, trying to keep his mind focused on the fact that they were not yet alone in his bed, and he needed to control himself. He had thought it had been hard when he had not been able to see Naruto much the week before he left on his trip, but that was nothing compared to two entire weeks without even setting eyes on the blond. He was a little shaken at how unbearable it had been... how dependent he had already become on having Naruto in his life. The overwhelming feeling of relief and hunger that had swamped him as he had recognized Naruto's familiar form watching the race left him feeling exposed and vulnerable. He didn't want to need someone this much. His arms tightened unconsciously around the tan waist.

As bad as it had been when their friendship had fallen apart before, Sasuke knew that it would be exponentially worse if he lost Naruto now that they were lovers. He realized on this trip that on some level he wouldn't survive it. And it scared the shit out of him. The only thing that had kept him sane was replaying the three words Naruto had said to him a month ago. Naruto didn't use words like that casually. He meant them. Naruto wouldn't leave Sasuke. Sasuke clung to that knowledge like a lifeline. He felt sometimes that Naruto could be happy with someone else, if they had never met. But Sasuke knew that for him, Naruto would be the only one. It was him or nothing. He wondered what would happen when Naruto eventually learned the power he held over him. Sasuke laughed softly at himself. At least he was lucky to have fallen for someone who was an honestly good person. Naruto would never wield that power to hurt. Sasuke's complete trust in Naruto in that regard was the only thing keeping him sane with his new realization.

"Gaara's the green helmet, racer number 1," Naruto said, pointing him out. The race had already started, and Gaara was in second place. "Go ichibi!" Naruto screamed as the racers went by.

"Ichibi?" Sasuke asked skeptically, trying to keep his mind focused on the race and not the way Naruto's hard body felt pressed against his. "Why are you calling him One Tail?"

"Well, he's racer number one, and he drives like a demon, and demons usually have tails, right?"

Sasuke just looked at him in silence. Naruto had clearly put too much thought into this.

"You're just jealous because you didn't think of a cool nickname for him," Naruto said, chuckling.

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm feeling right now," Sasuke said drily. He put his face in Naruto's hair and drew a deep breath. For some reason, it felt like the first real breath he'd had in two weeks. Something inside of him unknotted, at the same time another sort of tension began to coil within him. Sasuke idly wondered how much longer they'd have to wait until the race was over and they could leave. He just needed to be alone with Naruto, and get his bearings back.

. . . .

Gaara came in first of all the new recruits, and had beaten all but one of the professional racers that had been in the race to test the new meat.

Naruto went over to congratulate him, Sasuke reluctantly following behind. "So, this means you're moving to LA?" Naruto said, trying to sound excited rather than bummed.

"I'm going to race during the summer break. If things work out, I might transfer and finish school over there. If I don't like it, I'll come back in the fall."

Naruto nodded. He knew Gaara was obsessed with motorcycles. And it would get him away from his father, which was basically Gaara's one primary goal in life.

Kakashi came up and clapped his hand on Gaara's shoulder. "That was some race," he looked over to Naruto. "You ever reconsider, give me a call."

Gaara and Kakashi walked off to talk business. Sasuke raised a brow at Naruto. "You raced? I thought you said you weren't going to." Sasuke's parents had died in a car accident. He had never said anything explicitly about it, but the thought of Naruto racing sat in his stomach like a block of ice.

Naruto grimaced and scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Well, I didn't buy a racing bike or anything. But Kakashi let us test a few out last week and..."

Naruto trailed off, looking at the expression on Sasuke's face and deciding to quit while he was ahead. "I told him I wasn't interested in joining the team. I don't want to move to LA. It was just a one-time thing."

Sasuke looked slightly relieved. "Good. I don't plan on chasing you to yet another city, Dobe."

"Nah. We're good here," Naruto said. The honesty of the statement made Sasuke smile. "So... where's your suitcase?"'

"Suigetsu took it to the office. I had left my car parked there while I was gone, since I knew I'd come back with tons of paperwork to drop off."

They walked over to the parking lot, and stopped at Naruto's motorcycle.

Sasuke eyed the motorcycle skeptically. After seeing Gaara race, he was even less excited about getting on one of those things again.

Naruto pulled Sasuke's body so they were separated by a bare inch. Despite the chill in the February air, both boys could feel the heat jump between them. Anticipation flared in an instant.

"How was your trip?" Naruto asked, licking his suddenly dry lips. Sasuke's eyes followed the movement of the blond's tongue.

Sasuke hooked his finger into Naruto's belt loop, pulling the blond's body flush with his. "You said you'd make it up to me that you wouldn't be waiting for me at the airport," he said, his voice husky, ignoring Naruto's question.

Naruto breathed out a shaky chuckle, then handed Sasuke his helmet. "Well then, let's hurry up and get your bag from your office so we can get back to your place and I can make good on my promise."

Naruto swung his leg over his bike, looking back and Sasuke with a raised brow. The glance went unnoticed, however, as Sasuke's gaze was firmly latched on Naruto's ass, which was looking rather fine in the tight jeans he was wearing. As Sasuke considered the position they would be in during the motorcycle ride, he realized there could be some rather interesting side benefits that are not available in car travel. With a slight smirk, he pulled his helmet on.

If Naruto was going to insist on keeping his motorcycle, Sasuke decided he might as well learn to enjoy it.

He mounted the motorcycle, seating himself directly behind Naruto. Rather than wrapping his arms around the younger boy's waist, he gripped his lover by the hip bones, bringing the ass he had been admiring a few seconds ago directly in contact with his crotch. He felt Naruto's body tense, and heard the low chuckle escape the pink lips. Yes, motorcycles definitely had their advantages.

Naruto started the bike, then pulled out of the lot. Given the post-race traffic, they had to make their way slowly. Sasuke didn't mind. Every bump they drove over caused Naruto's ass to slide slightly over his increasingly hard erection. Sasuke was glad he was seated behind Naruto, since his loose, fine wool dress pants did little to restrain his rather significant arousal. They pulled up to a traffic light, and Sasuke used the opportunity to put his feet down for leverage as he rocked his hips against Naruto's backside, glad the noise of the bike's engine covered his groan. He saw Naruto's knuckles whiten on handle bars, and thought he heard him mutter a curse, but he couldn't make it out.

The light turned green, and Sasuke put his feet back on the foot rests. The vibration of the engine wasn't helping his state of arousal any. Sasuke wished he could take his helmet off so he could suck on the back of Naruto's neck. Frustrated at the inability to do so, Sasuke settled for sliding one hand up the front of Naruto's sweatshirt. His hands were cool, and he could feel Naruto's abs clench at the feel. Sasuke kept it there, soaking in the heat from Naruto's body.

Sasuke tried to let the cool air calm his body. But Naruto evidently had other ideas, as he shifted back and pressed against Sasuke's groin. Sasuke bit back a strangled groan, using his other hand to tighten his grip on Naruto's hip. Sasuke fisted his other hand into the front of Naruto's sweatshirt, tugging it down so it covered the front of Naruto's pants.

Having created a camouflage for his next action, Sasuke slid his hand along the inside of Naruto's thigh until he reached his groin. He was not going to be the only one hard on the ride to his office. Naruto briefly took one hand off the handlebars to pull Sasuke's hand off, but traffic required him to immediately return it to control the motorcycle.

As soon as he realized Naruto's predicament, Sasuke smiled. Naruto's hands were as good as bound. He wouldn't be able to release the handlebars in this traffic without fear of crashing. Sasuke leaned his chest flush against Naruto's back, keeping one hand viced around his hip but bringing the other to wrap around his waist. He slowly slid one hand down the flat of Naruto's stomach and over the bulge between his thighs. He could feel the vibration of Naruto's groan through his back, though he couldn't hear it. The transmission of the sound via vibration through their bodies felt somehow more intimate than when he could rely on his ears to hear the sounds Naruto made. He didn't think it was possible to get any more turned on than he had been, but this proved him wrong.

Given that most of his blood was now located somewhere south of Sasuke's brain, he didn't really think about the risks of what he decided to do next. He slid his hand into the waistband of Naruto's pants. Finding the tightness of Naruto's jeans to be too restrictive, Sasuke quickly pulled his hand out and undid the fly. He pulled hard on the hem of Naruto's sweatshirt to keep his actions concealed from any curious passers-by in the cars surrounding them.

He was now able to slide his hands into Naruto's boxers with much less difficultly. Naruto bobbled the motorcycle and almost crossed the divider before regaining control. Sasuke didn't care. Surprisingly, his fear of motorcycles had completely vanished from his thoughts. Possibly because his brain was not currently having any. He could feel vibrations in Naruto's chest, and he heard Naruto's voice but couldn't make out the words between the muffling effect of the helmet and the noise of the engine. Presumably Naruto was saying something to him, but even if it would have been possible for him to hear what it was, Sasuke wasn't interested.

Instead, he rocked his hips. There wasn't quite enough leverage to get the friction he needed, so the motion just ended up frustrating Sasuke instead. The stopped at another light, and Sasuke seriously considered pulling Naruto's pants down and fucking him right there.

Fortunately, common sense hadn't completely abandoned him, though he did briefly wish that Naruto were a Scotsman or into cross-dressing. If Naruto had a skirt on rather than jeans, it would have certainly made things more possible. However, Sasuke was quite sure that suggesting Naruto wear a skirt next time would result in instant castration, so he simply did what he could to relieve some of the tension by snaking his free arm around Naruto's waist and pulling him back hard against him.

Un fortunately, the red light allowed Naruto to take both hands off the handle bars and grab Sasuke's wrist, removing his grip on Naruto while the blond quickly jerked up his zipper. With the engine idling, he was able to make out the steady stream of Naruto's cursing. If Sasuke weren't almost losing his mind from horniness right then, he would have laughed. Luckily, they were now only a couple of blocks from his office.

By the time they pulled into the parking lot, they were both beyond ready. Sasuke was so hard he though he might actually break his zipper. There was no way they were going to be able to wait until they got back to his apartment. He was hoping they would at least make it out of the parking lot. He was pretty sure there were security cameras out there, and with his luck, Itachi was probably monitoring them remotely from Konoha.

They pulled off their helmets as they got off the bike. Naruto managed to hang his on the handlebars, but Sasuke just dropped his on the concrete and fisted his fingers into Naruto's hair, tugging him into a fierce, open-mouthed kiss.

"We should have just gone home, fucked first, then come back for my bag," Sasuke panted.

"You bastard," Naruto gasped, then bit Sasuke's lower lip hard enough to draw blood. "You almost made me crash the fucking bike."

"Sorry," Sasuke said, sounding totally unapologetic as he cupped Naruto's ass and lifted him against him, stumbling into the wall of the parking garage as he overbalanced.

"Liar," Naruto said, grabbing a fist full of Sasuke's black hair and jerking it back to expose the pale neck. Sasuke's groan sounded almost like a growl as Naruto latched his lips at the pulse point and sucked hard.

"I'm gonna cum if you don't... we need to... fuck, Naruto!" Sasuke used the wall to push himself off Naruto, both their chests heaving with arousal.

"You started it," Naruto said, his voice rough, blue eyes almost black with lust. "Crazy bastard."

Sasuke looked at him and shuddered with the need to be with him. It almost overwhelmed him.

Sasuke would have grabbed Naruto by the arm and dragged him into the building, but he didn't trust himself at the moment to even touch his lover without taking him right there in the parking lot, in full view of his security personnel.

"Office. Now," he said, then turned and stalked to the entrance, using his security card to open the door to the tall, shiny office building.

Naruto snickered. "I love it when you get so horny you can't even form complete sentences."

Sasuke just threw a glance over his shoulder and kept walking, making sure that Naruto was following him. He went to the elevator, and punched the button for the 32nd floor where his office was. Naruto glanced at him, then the security camera visible in the top right corner of the elevator. He moved to stand as far as possible from Sasuke, hoping the distance would allow them some control.

Sasuke was having none of it.

In two strides he had closed the distance and was pressing Naruto up against the mirrored wall of the elevator.

"Cameras, Sasuke," Naruto said, feeling his eyes roll back in his head as he felt Sasuke's clever hands sliding simultaneously up his shirt and down the front of his pants.

"Don't care. Missed you," Sasuke said, pressing harder.

Naruto wondered why he always found himself getting screwed in his lovers' places of business in front of cameras. He really hoped that at least this one wouldn't wind up on the internet. At least Sai had been officially prohibited from photographing Naruto, Sasuke, or any of their friends without express, written consent.

"Your office better not have cameras, or I'm leaving now and waiting for you back at your place," Naruto gasped as Sasuke's thumbnail scraped down his nipple.

"No cameras," Sasuke said, barely restraining himself from undoing the fastenings on their pants.

Luckily the elevator chimed that they had reached their destination, and they stumbled out and down the hall to Sasuke's corner office. It was a Saturday afternoon and the office appeared empty. They walked in, and Sasuke noted distractedly that his suitcase was in fact there, left by the thoughtful Suigetsu.

Sasuke kicked the door closed behind them as he shoved Naruto down on his desk, not caring about what papers or pens went flying in the process. He had unzipped Naruto's pants and was in the process of yanking them down when Naruto's hands gripped his wrists and pulled them away.

"Oh, no. Not that fast you bastard. You are going to pay for torturing me on the ride over here," Naruto said, gasping as Sasuke's mouth was attacking its way down his throat.

"Naruto..." Sasuke growled as Naruto once again blocked his hands.

"No way. You tortured me. Now I'm going to torture you," Naruto said, shoving Sasuke off him and walking behind the desk to where the mahogany captain's chair was positioned.

Sasuke walked over, grabbing Naruto's hand. "I think we've both suffered enough, don't you?"

"Sit," Naruto said, not removing his hand or slowing his motions. Sasuke's eyes were closed with his head thrown back, clearly not hearing Naruto's words.

Instead of repeating himself, Naruto simply grabbed Sasuke and pushed him down into the chair. "Hold onto the arm rests. Don't lift your hands," Naruto commanded.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. He didn't want foreplay.

"I promised I'd make it worth your while, right? I don't think a two-minute fuck on top of your desk exactly qualifies," Naruto said, a cocky smile on his lips.

"Its been three weeks. We can go for the marathon later," Sasuke said flatly.

Naruto leaned over him, pressing him back into his chair. "Hmmmm... you look pretty stressed, Uchiha-sama," Naruto said, circling his finger over the front of Sasuke's pants.

"God, you have no fucking idea," Sasuke gritted out.

Naruto thumbed the fastening of Sasuke's pants open, then knelt between his legs and slowly pulled the zipper down, not breaking eye contact. "Why don't you let me help you with that," Naruto said.

"Mmhhh... yes, nhhhggg," Sasuke said, feeling like he was going to come out of his skin if Naruto didn't stop teasing and get to the point soon.

The door to Sasuke's office burst open, and Karin stood there, apparently in the process of striking a sexy pose with her blouse partially unbuttoned. Her face and fingers were frozen in absolute shock at the scene she had walked in on. "I... Sasuke-san... Suigetsu said... you were back... oh, god... "

Naruto felt like he was about to die of embarrassment, even thought he was still fully clothed. Sasuke simply glared at her, seemingly unconcerned about his state of exposure... literally caught with his pants down.

"Karin, I warned you. I gave you one more chance to stop these inappropriate advances. You can apply for a position in one of our other offices, but you need to have your desk here cleared out by Monday."

"I... but... you're GAY?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes. "Get. Out. Now."

Karin simply stumbled back, not even bothering to close the door.

Naruto looked from the empty doorway back to Sasuke's seemingly unfazed expression. "Did you just... fire your VP while I was sucking you off in your office?"

"She's lucky that's all I did for interrupting us."

Naruto didn't know quite what to say.

"I'll let her apply for a position somewhere else in the company. But I was quite clear that she needed to stop. It was interfering with her ability to perform her job. It was unprofessional. And it bothered you," Sasuke said, his voice lowering as he leaned forward and pulled Naruto's face to his. Their tongues twined around each other for several heated seconds. Then Naruto stood and walked over to the door.

"This time, I'm locking it," he said. They had both cooled off a bit after the very awkward interruption. Naruto looked around the office, never having actually been in it before. It was large, with windows making up most of two of the walls. There was a seating area with a leather sofa and two leather arm chairs, a mahogany coffee table in between them, and the door to what presumably was a private bathroom behind it. Then there was the massive mahogany desk, and it's captain's chair behind it where Sasuke sat.

Naruto would freely admit to fantasizing about having sex in his boyfriend's office, especially on the nights where Sasuke had to work late and Naruto was left to his own devices. He often ended up imagining coming down here, and 'surprising' Sasuke. The thoughts of what he wanted to do to his lover in his place of business usually ended with Naruto needing to take a shower to deal with the resulting hard-on while he waited for Sasuke's schedule to free up.

He wondered if Sasuke's mind was always strictly business when he had to go days on end working late.

"So... this is where you spend all those late nights without me," Naruto said seemingly innocently. "Hmmm... at least now I have some better visuals of the place for when I'm home alone thinking about all the things I'd rather be doing with you here." That part was said much less innocently.

Sasuke smiled slowly. "Anything specific you think about, Dobe?"

Naruto's wolfish smile answered back. "Maybe. Probably. What about you? Are you always focused on your spreadsheets when you're here working like a good little businessman?"

"Possibly not. There might be times when I have a particularly annoying conference call where I wish you were under my desk sucking me off," Sasuke said, his tone seeming casual but the reaction in his groin showing he was not.

"Ok, so that is shockingly similar to a few things I've thought about as well," Naruto said, his eyes directed at Sasuke's lap where the conversation was having a visible effect.

"But there are other things I've thought about as well," Sasuke said, his eyes hot and dark.

"Like what?" Naruto asked, enjoying this more verbal side of his usually stoic lover.

"Undress for me," Sasuke said, using the same tone of voice that he used to order his subordinates around the office.

Instantly, Naruto's hackles rose. "What?" He didn't like taking orders, especially not from Sasuke.

"Take. Off. Your. Clothes." Sasuke said in a hard, formal voice. Then he lowered his eyes to half mast and said softly, "Or you're fired."

Naruto's scowl slowly faded to a slow smile. So Sasuke wanted to role play? Naruto supposed he had started it a bit already with the 'Uchiha-sama' comment when they first arrived. He had long ago decided he would be the Pervert's ghost writer before he'd take a job working under Sasuke... the guy was arrogant enough as it was. Sasuke had suggested having Naruto get a job in Uchiha Industries at one point when they were in high school, and Naruto had immediately changed the subject, assuming Sasuke had just wanted the chance to lord his authority over him. But in this new context, the idea suddenly seemed more appealing. At least for pretend. Naruto smiled slowly, then began unzipping his sweatshirt. Maybe Sasuke had been thinking about this for longer than Naruto would have guessed. Naruto pulled it off then let it hit the ground.

"Pants or shirt next, Uchiha-sama," Naruto asked, still smirking.

"Shirt," Sasuke said flatly.

Naruto reached over his head and grabbed the back of his T-shirt and slowly pulled it off over his head, then threw it aside.

"Come here," Sasuke said as Naruto's hands began unfastening his jeans.

"Ok," Naruto said, then walked over.

Sasuke frowned and raised an arrogant brow.

"I mean..." Naruto smiled wolfishly. "Yes, Uchiha-sama."

"Now take your pants off."

Naruto slowly pulled the zipper down, then smoothly pushed his jeans down and stepped out of them. Sasuke's heated gaze followed his every slight motion, and the attention went straight to Naruto's groin. They were both achingly hard, and they hadn't even touched each other yet.

"Now the boxers," Sasuke said, opening a drawer in his desk and pulling out a spare ethernet cable while Naruto's boxers followed the same path his jeans had taken.

Naruto stood facing Sasuke, completely naked while Sasuke was still basically fully clothed except for his exposed cock.

"Turn around," Sasuke ordered. Naruto did so, wondering what Sasuke had planned for the cable. His unasked question was answered when Sasuke grabbed both of Naruto's wrists and bound them behind his back with the cable.

"Service me," Sasuke said. Naruto knew exactly what Sasuke wanted, and he had no problem giving it to him.

"Yes, Uchiha-sama," Naruto said, his voice anything but submissive as he followed the directive. Sasuke shifted his hips forward in a not-so-subtle hint of what he expected Naruto to do. It was a bit awkward without the use of his hands, but Naruto leaned forward, teasing him and hitting the spots he knew made Sasuke lose control.

Given how tightly wound he was after three weeks of no sex, Sasuke slid his fingers into Naruto's hair on either side of his head. In retrospect, indulging in one of his longest-held fantasies after three weeks of sexual deprivation was not probably one of his best ideas. There was no way he was going to last long enough to do even half of what he wanted with Naruto right now.

"Up," Sasuke said sharply, pulling Naruto to stand before him, between his chair and his desk.

Amusement flashed in blue eyes as Naruto realized that Sasuke was losing his vaunted self-control. "What's the matter, Uchiha-sama... no stamina for playing games today?"

The mocking tone in Naruto's voice - and utter lack of submission or deference in his stance - despite his wrists still bound behind his naked body sent another shot of arousal through Sasuke.

"On the desk," Sasuke said, not waiting for Naruto to comply, but instead gripping the tan hips and lifting him slightly so Naruto was now seated on Sasuke's desk, facing him. Sasuke sat in his chair and grabbed Naruto's knees, forcing them wide open. He pulled his chair in, so that Naruto's knees were now on either side of Sasuke's torso, with Naruto's hands still bound behind him.

Sasuke slid his hands up the inside of his lover's thigh. "Holy god, Sasuke," Naruto said, forgetting the game in the heat of his arousal.

Naruto found himself laying on his back on Sasuke's desk, the pencil holder that had been behind him having crashed to the floor. Naruto opened his eyes to see Sasuke standing now, a self satisfied smirk on his face. "What happened to your stamina, Naruto?"

"Fuck you," Naruto murmured lazily, still riding on his post-orgasm high.

Sasuke collapsed next to him on the desk, breathing heavily. "Now every time I'm at this desk, I'll remember fucking you on it. I wonder what I'll say to Itachi when he asks why my productivity is dropping."

Naruto chuckled, then wiggled his hands which were now falling asleep due to the constriction of the bindings on his circulation. He looked over and saw Sasuke's eyes beginning to drift closed in exhaustion. "If you fall asleep before untying my wrists, I will duck tape you to your chair with your pants down until someone from your office finds you Monday morning."


Suna University graduation ceremony.

Naruto and Itachi sat together as Sasuke's name was read and he crossed the stage to receive his diploma. Naruto looked over at Itachi, seeing the love and pride shining in his usually expressionless face as he watched his brother in his black cap and gown. Feeling his gaze, Itachi turned and gave a rare smile. Their thoughts were a complicated blend of pride, happiness, and sorrow. Sasuke had more than proven his academic prowess and personal drive. Both of which would likely to guarantee him a place of recognition in the business world or whatever venture he eventually took on. But as they looked at the flocks of family members that other graduates were surrounded by, it didn't go unnoticed that Sasuke had only two people here to support him. Despite the hordes of superficial admirers, Itachi and Naruto were Sasuke's only family.

But it was enough. They were a family, in the way that mattered most. And their bonds, though few, ran deep.

. . . .

They went out to dinner to celebrate, Itachi insisting on taking them to the best restaurant in town. He had made reservations months ahead for the occasion.

When they got back to Sasuke's apartment, Naruto reached under the couch and pulled out a poorly wrapped package, handing it to Sasuke and nearly bouncing up and down in his excitement for his friend to open it.

Sasuke began slowly removing the tape, trying to avoid ripping the (already crumpled) wrapping paper.

"Hurry up! It's not like your rich ass is going to re-use the paper or something," Naruto complained, too excited to be patient.

Itachi looked on in amusement as Sasuke smirked, and began to go even slower until Naruto wrenched the package out of his hands and tore the paper off himself, revealing the latest model of the Xbox 360 console and a whole set of games.

"So... what do you think? Your old one is back in Konoha at Itachi's place... so I figured we could have one here, too. Now that you're graduating, you might even have free time once in a while. And we could hook up with Itachi online and play sometimes, too."

"Yeah, if we want to get killed," Sasuke said, pained memories of humiliating defeats coming back to him. Itachi was basically unstoppable at any first-person shooter game. He once took out an entire city on his own, and didn't even lose a single life point. Itachi chuckled darkly. Naruto and Sasuke shivered.

Sasuke looked at the excitement in Naruto's face, and felt a slight tightening of his throat. He knew that for Naruto, this was a huge deal. It was the first time in his life he had been able to afford the present he actually wanted to give to someone. And it also was a part of so many memories of entire weekends spent together before everything had gone horribly wrong between them. A tangible part of their history together. "Well... do you like it?" Naruto persisted.

"It's ok," Sasuke said, his small smile showing he knew that was a gross understatement. Naruto rolled his eyes at Sasuke's feigned lack of enthusiasm. "Let's go set it up."

Sasuke reached out and grabbed Naruto's wrist before the blond could run off and begin. Their eyes locked, and everything that Sasuke couldn't say was written on his face. For once, he made no effort to conceal it. "Thanks."

Naruto drew a shuddering breath at the intensity of what he saw there. He bumped his shoulder against Sasuke's, then started walking over to the TV.

"If we play one-on-one, I am so totally going to kick your ass, bastard."

"In your dreams, moron," Sasuke replied as they started unpacking the box.

Itachi watched them play. It had taken them a lot to get to this place. But he supposed if it had come any easier, they wouldn't have known the worth of it.

Of course, Itachi had known since the first night that Naruto had stopped Sasuke's nightmares when they were kids that the two were meant to be together. And as usual, it had only taken the universe eight years to prove him right.


The End.

Thank you for sticking with this all the way to the end! This fic ended up being much longer than I expected, so I am glad you made it through. Please let me know what you thought! It keeps me interested in writing more stories if I know people read them. :-)