Chapter III

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Talking "

Thinking '

Attacks are in BOLD LETTERS

"Wow you guys are strong you beat those guys bare handed"

I look to my left and I see nami on a roof 'when did she get up there?' I shake the thought out of my hair and look at nami 'she looks just like she is in the anime but there´s something that I feel about her it´s probably nothing.'

When I look up from my train of thought I see luffy and nami walking away I begin to sprint after them but stop when I remember about zoro.

"hey luffy" luffy and nami turn around and look at me " I´m going to search for zoro he´s probably going to get lost all alone" Luffy smiles at me and nods his head.

I run to the docks and see zoro and three other men on the shore, 'those three were maroond by nami if I remember correctly' zoro looks my way and sees me.

"ahhh there you are hafthor were´s luffy?". I tell zoro about luffy going with nami and that he should go and find luffy.

"what about you?" I look at zoro then at the boat

"someone has to watch the boat" I say and climb in zoro just nods at that answer and walks off. 'maybe I should have accompanied zoro, nah he´ll be fine' I lay down in the boat and try to get some rest.

"there you are little girl" I open my eyes and rub them and look over to were the voice came. 'There´s those three buggy pirates, also nami, luffy and zoro.' I stand up and walk behind the buggy pirates.

"haha you think you can just keep faking about being asleep" one of the pirates say´s to a sleeping zoro. I bring both of my fist down on the buggy pirates heads and knock them out, nami looks at me with raised eyebrow "I don´t like it when people wake me up" I say and climb back in the boat, I make the boat ready for departure while luffy talks to nami and zoro sleeps.

"HEY YOU BRATS" I look to the docks and see a old man standing there "THANKS I OWE YOU" I raise my eyebrow and look at him "no problem" say´s luffy as we continue our journey.


I look at nami and luffy fighting, and smirk at the sight.

After nami tried to drown luffy, he and zoro begin whining about being hungry.

"we have to plan things better" luffy looks at nami and tilts his head "what do you mean?"

"do you really think we can go to the grand line like this?" luffy tilt´s his head even more "what do you mean" I finally snap at luffy´s stupidity

"WHAT SHE MEANS IS THAT WE NEED A SHIP AND SUPPLIES IF WERE GOING TO THE GRAND LINE!" luffy looks at me and smiles "it´s going to be fine" Dark aura becomes around me and luffy and zoro actually are beginning to sweat from fright "hafthor are you alrig-" *BOINK* luffy lies on the deck with a swollen face " YOUR AND IDIOT" I sit down and rub my temples 'god now I know what the rest of the guys have to go through all the time' I think to myself "HOTH LETH GO TO AN IWAND! (yosh lets go to an island) " luffy say´s with a swollen face, I just shake my head and look at nami 'I guess I have to introuduce myself sometime' I bring my hand in a greeting at nami "I don´t think we´ve been properly been introduced I´m hafthor ingi but you can call me hafthor" nami smiles at me and shakes my hand "I´m nami" I nod and look towards an island in the distance.

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