This is the first part of a three chapter story. I've been wanting to write this threesome for a while and thought what a better time then now! So, this is working as an early birthday present to myself (since no one else will write a birthday story for me *sighs*). Please enjoy!

Summary: Percy is in a slump. He is stuck in an abusive relationship, if it can even be called a relationship, and, once she found out, Annabeth forces him to take a vacation away from everything over winter break. That was where Ethan Nakamura walked into the picture and Percy is, very literally, shoved into the life of him and his, very jealous, husband Alabaster.

Pairings: Ethan/Alabaster/Percy (main), Octavian/Percy, Reyna/Annabeth, Lou Ellen/Miranda, Malcolm/Katie(mentioned), Luke/Percy (past/mentioned), Jason/Nico(mentioned), Leo/Piper(mentioned).

Trigger Warnings: Consensual abuse, past abuse (mentioned).

Have You Heard?

Your Head's in the Clouds

Percy could feel his blood boiling and vision hazing. Normally, he would avoid going back to his dorm room as long as possible. He would stay out, study in the library or passed out on Annabeth's couch, anything to avoid his annoying roommate. Today, though, he needed it. He needed that constant arguing, that fight for dominance, he needed someone to vent with. Because, truthfully, he was the biggest idiot that there could be.

He had fallen in love with his professor. His math professor, to be exact. To add to the pain of seeing the older man everyday, Malcolm was married. He had a wife and young child. Percy had seen the pictures and even had a conversation with the older man about it. Apparently, everything was going beautifully and the Percy's heart continued to crumble.

It wasn't as if Percy had meant to fall in love with him. At first, in fact, he had hated Malcolm. He had resented the man so much simply because of the subject he taught. Math was like pulling teeth for him. It was painful and often looked more difficult than it actually was. That was how his professor had described it. Added with a soft smile and laugh, he kindly explained to the freshman how to fix his work and told him to try again. That was it for Percy. That soft smile and moment of devotion was all it took to make the young man love him.

Of course, that soft smile was the cause of his pain now. It served to remind him of what he couldn't have. It haunted him every time he opened his math book or tried to focus on his homework. It made him think about how happy Malcolm was with his wife (who, ironically, Percy had met and couldn't hate because she was so kind) and child. It was the reason Annabeth had taken away any alcohol he bought and forced him to focus on something, anything, else. She worried he was becoming obsessed, but he already knew that ship had sailed.

Throwing open the door, Percy made sure it slammed shut. He wanted to make sure his roommate, annoying as he was, would know why he was home so early. Slamming doors and windows tended to giving the idiot blond that impression.

There room was small—two beds, a desk, closet, and dresser—so it was easy to spot Octavian, who was working at their shared desk. The blond had turned in his chair upon hearing Percy enter. One eyebrow was raised in question as he took in the younger's disheveled state. Immediately, he understood and was up from his chair, pinning Percy to a wall and their lips were smashed together.

"I still hate you," Percy hissed against his lips. He brought his hands up, tugging at Octavian's hair.

Octavian only nodded and offered a "mhm?" to that. Instead, he focused to ripping Percy's shirt off. Once that was gone, he began marking the man's chest. Already, there were old bruises and healing scars from the last time he had come home in one of these moods. Instead of ignoring them, the blond went about sucking on them and leaving dark hickeys. The pain filled whimpers only made him to suck and bite harder.

Within minutes, Percy was completely naked on tossed onto the bed, hot body pressed against him and holding him down. Not that he wanted to get up. He was perfectly content losing himself here. At least now he could forget about his problems. He could focus on something else, at least for a little longer.

A tiny gasp escaped his lips as he felt teeth breaking skin and warmth trickling down his chest. That was followed by the stinging of an old cut being reopened. Percy had almost forgot how much his lover liked spilling blood. He liked it almost as much as he enjoyed pain and leaving marks on the younger's body.


Did he think that? No, Octavian couldn't be considered his lover. He hated the blond man. More than anything, he hated him. No, that was a lie. He hated himself. Mainly his heart, though, because it didn't know when to give up...and his mind, because it didn't know when pain was too much.

Percy grinded his teeth together when he felt the sharp bite on his nipple. He wrapped his arms around Octavian and let out a slight moan. Feeling the smirk against his skin, he let his nails scratch at his back. This had become normal for them. Masochists, they both were, and the blond was probably a sadist as well. Pain, scarring pain, was needed for either of them to get off. That's why they did this. They used each other and fed off the other's pain.

By the time all their clothes were off, Percy's chest was coated in almost black hickeys and blood while Octavian's back was covered in scratches as well as blood. The metallic scent of blood filled the air when Percy finally cried out. The blond hadn't taken anytime to prepare him or bothered reaching for the lube kept in the side table's drawer. Seemingly satisfied with his lover on the edge of tears, he plunged deeper in. More deep scratches were made on his back and arms but neither man seemed to care.

The room stank of blood and sweat by the time both were fully satisfied and moving back to their respective locations. No words were shared and eye contacted stop. Back to—what should be considered—normal again.

Have You Heard?

Annabeth had started to worry. More than once, she had seen Percy covered in bruises. Sometimes, there would even be bandages over deep cuts that were trying to heal. Sometimes they were on his chest. Other times they were on his thighs. She had even noticed the bandages sticking out of much more private parts of his body. Worried for her best friend, but not sure how to confront him about it, she did the second best thing. She asked her girlfriend.

Reyna was logical. Even when her friends were involved, she could always come up with the right solution for everyone, unlike Annabeth who was beyond loyal and couldn't stand hurting someone like Percy who had been through so much already. Reyna, though, would come up with the perfect solution every single time. Even when she didn't, her kind words made Annabeth feel as if things would work out.

"He's in an abusive relationship." The words stung more than the blonde thought they would. She had expected that, but hadn't wanted to accept it. Reyna's next words made her smile, though. "Who's his boyfriend? I'll kick his ass and make sure he never touches that boy again."

A little smile flooded to Annabeth's face. "As far as I knew, he didn't have one." She moved closer and into her girlfriend's outstretched arm. "Ever since that bastard Luke broke his heart in high school, Percy has avoided getting in any relationship. Plus, he's been so busy this past year that he wouldn't have time for one. You should have seen him. He's always in the library or in his dorm studying. He really wants to do good, Rey."

The brunette was quiet for a long time after that. Annabeth wondered if she had anything else to say when she heard, "What about Octavian?" There was so much distrust in her words, Annabeth found herself having to look up. Reyna's face was twisted in hatred and annoyance. "He went to my high school, a few years ahead of me, and was a real jackass. He treated people like shit, especially anyone who was so unlucky to sleep with him. As far as I heard, he gets off on pain."

All the color seemed to drain from Annabeth's face as she heard that. She couldn't imagine Percy ending up with a guy like Octavian. She had only run into him a few times, all when she was meeting Percy in his dorm, and could easily see the tension between them. They didn't get along. Anyone with two eyes could see that. Though...would her best friend really be desperate enough to sink that low?

Reminding herself of his obsession with their math professor, she knew. Yes. Most definitely. Percy didn't like pain, but he hated rejection even more. The fact that he had been rejected by Malcolm and had to go through the pain of still having to see him every week, that would leave him very vulnerable and desperate. Enough so that the idiot blond would be able to take advantage of him.

She would put a stop to this. There were no maybes or ifs. Annabeth would end this suffering, whether her friend agreed with it or not.