The last and finally part. I hope you've enjoyed it. ~Goddess of the Multiverses

Pairings: Ethan/Alabaster/Percy (main), Octavian/Percy, Reyna/Annabeth, Lou Ellen/Miranda, Malcolm/Katie(mentioned), Luke/Percy (past/mentioned), Jason/Nico(mentioned), Leo/Piper(mentioned).

Have You Heard?

There's a Chance

Percy shifted uncomfortably. It was New Years Eve and he had relentlessly—idioticly, now that he thought about it—agreed to Ethan's request that he come over at meet his husband. Apparently, the two were having a party and the Japaneses-American had thought to invite his new friend over. Stupidly—and without alternative motive, Percy continued to argued—he had agreed to come.

Now that he was standing outside the door to their small house in a nice blue dress shirt, he felt ridiculous. His mother and Annabeth had forced him to where something "nice". Apparently, according to Annabeth, she wouldn't let her best friend ruin this chance. Percy still wasn't sure what she meant by chance but he didn't question her. That would, more often then not, leave him with more questions than answers.

The door was opened to reveal a freckle faced brunette with stunning green eyes, even if Percy would never admit that aloud. The only thing that truthfully considered Percy was the snarl that was clearly directed at him. "So, you're the stray Ethan found at the beach."

Percy flinched slightly at the anger in his tone. He looked down at his feet, not being able to find the courage in himself to look up. Of course his husband was jealous. Why wouldn't he be? His lover had brought home what he defined a stray. "Sorry," he muttered, taking a step back. "I will just, uhm, go."

"Ally! You're scaring him!" There was a huff then a young girl pulled Percy's chin up. She had a large smile on her face and would be his definition of a punk teen. Still, she looked friendly enough. "Ignore my brother. He had no people skills whatsoever. Either way, come on in. Ethan must have invited you." When Percy didn't move, she grabbed his hand and tugged him inside. "My name is Lou Ellen, by the way. I'm Ethan's sister-in-law."

"What did you drag in this time Lou?" Tsked another teen. She was another brunette and, so far, had the kindest smile on her face out of the three. "We do not need anymore strays.

Lou made a face at her. "He's Ethan's stray, not mine," she claimed, pulling Percy further into the house. "This is my girlfriend Miranda. We're only here until winter break is over."

"Yeah, we're freshman at Olympus University," Miranda chuckled, moving closer and smiling at him. "What about you? You don't look like the usual strays Ethan tugs in. Then again, they normally have a tail."

"Leave him alone. Percy isn't a stray." Percy felt his body instantly stiffened as he heard the words said so close behind him. He spun around, finding Ethan had sneaked up behind him. "He's attending Olympus University as well. You two might know him."

The girls' eyes widened. Instantly, both of them were asking a million questions. Anything from what he was majoring in, to what classes he took, and even who he was rooming with, if anyone. He glanced back at Ethan, smiling softly and mouthing a 'thank you', before turning back to answer their rapid fired questions as best he could. Given, he ignored any questions that considered his rooming.

"What the hell were you thinking!?"

Ethan didn't even react as he listened. Alabaster had forcibly pulled him from the room halfway through the night. He had been expecting it, though, and trying to avoid it as long as possibly. Now that it was happening, he didn't say anything. He let the brunette rant instead.

"I can understand most of what you do. I get it when you bring in teenagers or animals that need help. Trust me, I understand. You don't want them to end up like what we we went through. But, this kid is fine! He's in college. He's happy. From what he says, he has a family who loves him. Why the hell would you bring a kid like him into our house?" Alabaster growled. "If you're cheating on me, I swear Ethan—"

"Stop," Ethan grabbed Alabaster's hand mid-swing. He used it to tug the brunette closer, wrapping arms around his waist and hugging him close. "You know I would never cheat on you."

Alabaster made weak attempts to pull away, but eventually gave in. "Then why? Why would you bring a kid like that into our house unless he was your mistress?"

Chuckling, Ethan kissed his neck gently, watching him shudder. "Because I thought you would like him," he kissed his ear. "He's so cute and so lost. He reminds me of you when we met. Percy can't see which way is up, down, or sideways. He's so lost in himself and needs someone to pull him out of that. Have you listened to him at all?"

Hesitating, Alabaster nodded slowly. He had been listening. Percy seemed sweet and very much like a kicked puppy. The boy would talk and smile, but anyone who watched long enough would see the hurt in his face. He had noticed it, so had Lou and Miranda. Without a doubt, Ethan had, otherwise the boy wouldn't be there.

"See? You saw the same thing I did," Ethan shook his head, kissing him gently. "Don't you want to make it all better? I know you. You can't leave Percy like that. You want to know what caused all the pain and make sure he never feels it again...unless you're the one causing it for pleasure."

He watched Alabaster's green eyes light up at the thought and knew immediately what thought it was from. "...Perhaps. Is that the only reason you brought this stray in? To give us a little play toy?"

Ethan shook his head. "No. I'll admit, maybe I think it would be fun to use him. Though, that wasn't the reason in the first place. I mainly approached him and kept talking to him because Hedwig liked him and he seemed hurt. I brought him here because I thought you would like him. I thought once you saw that hurt he tried to hide you would feel the same. Isn't it true?"

Alabaster didn't answer right away. In fact, he didn't answer at all. Ethan had seen it in his eyes, though. He wanted to help Percy Jackson. He didn't want to watch the boy lose himself or get involved in anything like they had...he wouldn't just watch as it happened again, even if he was reluctant to admit it.

Have You Heard?

Percy wasn't sure what to think. After the party, Alabaster had, reluctantly it looked like, invited him over for dinner the next day. He wasn't sure whether to be excited or not. It had turned out well, he had to admit. He was even invited to attend a play with the couple that Friday by Ethan, free of charge. It had seemed, every time he saw the happy couple, they would invite him to do something else. It was a nice feeling, but he refused to believe it. He had convinced himself that he was just a very good friend. After all, Alabaster still sneered whenever he dared get to close to Ethan.

But that was all over now. Winter break was over and he was back at university. They had all exchanged number, reluctantly again on Alabaster's part, and promised to stay in touch. That never happened, though. Percy knew it wouldn't work out. He had been through this. He would make friends, good friends, and then they would never call him back after they parted ways. Only, this time, it was someone he really liked. He even liked Alabaster, despite how cold he was. Losing them was part of the reason he dreaded going back to other was seeing Octavian.

He knew the blond wasn't going to give up on him that easily. No doubt, he saw Percy as some source of entertainment that he wanted to keep around. True to her promise, though, Annabeth had moved Percy into her and Reyna's apartment. She even went as far as to make sure he didn't see Octavian as he got his stuff out of their room. He hadn't seen the blond since.

It had been over a week now since he had moved out. The Brit must have realized Percy had moved out by now. Was he laying in wait? Probably. He was sure Octavian was doing this on purpose. He wanted to put the younger on edge and scare him. It was working. He couldn't concentrate on any work or go anywhere without looking over his shoulder. It was one relationship, if it could be even called that, that he was glad had ended and wanted it to stay that way.


Percy froze. His hands curled into fists and he almost started shaking in fear like the stray that Alabaster had always compared him to. He turned slowly, reluctantly, to find Octavian smirking behind him. The blond hadn't changed since the last time they had met. There was still a wolfish grin on his thin lips. It scared him more than anything else.

"Did you really think you could hide from me?" He was laughing now. He looked like a cat having finally caught his prey. "Do you really believe you can get away from me by moving out? Oh, Percy, you do know better than that." Octavian grabbed a hold of his chin, squeezing it and making Percy whimper. "You are mine, whether you like it or not."

Percy could only whimper as he unsuccessfully tried to get away. His mind was automatically telling him to bow down and he barely resisted. "Just leave me alone. We have both agreed what we did was just to get over stress. I'm focusing on other things now. You should too."

He watched the blond growl. "That's not how things work."

"That is how things work Simmons." Percy squeaked in sudden shock, taking the opportunity of Octavian being surprised to pull away. That was when he saw who was challenging the blond.

For the first time since they met, Alabaster's glare wasn't aimed at Percy. In fact, the older brunette went as far as to wrap his arm around the younger male. "Fuck off Simmons. This one belongs to me," he snapped, tugging Percy with him and away from the snarling Brit.

"What was that for?" Percy muttered, leaning more into the brunette's side.

Alabaster didn't say anything until they were outside and away from others. Then, he stopped, pulling Percy to his chest protectively. "You. Are. Mine," He snapped.


He tilted Percy's chin up, kissing him deeply. "Stay away from Simmons. You belong to Ethan and I. Is that understood?" Receiving a nod, Alabaster smirked. "Perfect. Now, come along. You're coming home with me."

Percy blinked. "Home?"

"Yes. You're moving in with us, stray."

Have You Heard?

Percy's face was a bright red color. Ethan was laying beside him, absentmindedly playing with the younger's hair, but that wasn't the problem. What made him turn red was how Alabaster lapped at his chest. The brunette was kissing and licking at the scars and bruises on his chest. Most of them had closed or disappeared by now, but some where still there.

Alabaster had made a point of lavishing them everyday since Percy had moved in. It had been over a month now since he and Ethan had, forcefully, moved Percy into their apartment. Despite Annabeth and Reyna's doubts about letting him go, further established when the fiery brunette made a point to glare at them, Ethan had convinced the girls that they would never hurt Percy.

Which was how he ended up here now, Alabaster making a point of assuring Percy he was worth everything. The fiery brunette had been determined to show his stray, as he had deemed Percy, that there was no other way to live. He wanted the young man to see that his life before, how he had lived with Octavian, was not normal. That was why he held him and lavished him at every possible moment.

"Mhm, Alabaster. You both have tests tomorrow," Ethan hummed. Percy could only nod in agreement, turning to burying his flushed face into his lover's chest.

Alabaster sighed after a moment, "Fine." He moved up the bed, slipping his arms around Percy and kissing the back of his neck. "Our stray just needs to know how important he is to us. Also, he needs to know that Simmons has nothing on us. Isn't that right?"

That only made him light up a darker red. "He has nothing on my lovers," Percy mirrored, tilting his head back, to which Alabaster chuckled and kissed him.

"He isn't a stray puppy for you to teach, Alabaster," Ethan chided, reaching over to mess up his already messy hair.

Alabaster only made a face, hiding behind Percy's head. "He is, though. You picked him up on the beach, remember? Besides, you got those ears and that tail for him to wear..."

"What?" Percy interrupted, perking up like the puppy he was being called.

Ethan flinched Alabaster's nose, shaking his head. "That's a surprise for later. Keep it a secret." The brunette glared at him before nodding slowly. He nuzzled Percy's neck affectionately instead, grinning at how confused the boy looked. "Good. Now, the both of you, get some sleep. You still have to take a bus to university tomorrow morning."

Stubbornly, Percy shook his head. "I don't want to. I'm too happy. I want to stay up with you because you'll be gone when I wake up."

A soft, sad smile took over both Ethan and Alabaster's faces. They exchanged a look before turning back to their own stray. "I'm going to be here for you," Ethan explained gently, brushing Percy's face with his knuckles. "I'll always be here for you."

"I will too," whispered Alabaster in his ear. "My husband and I will always be here for our little stray lover."

Percy only frowned at them, confused. He met both their eyes, first navy then green, before finally speaking. "But, Ethan is leaving before us. He has to drive into the city for a case. I don't want to lose him because I like it when the both of you are holding me...I know neither of you would leave me. Alabaster has made a very good point of proving that."

They both blinked before Alabaster burst into laughter. Ethan soon followed, though with a quiet chuckle. He pecked Percy's lips. "Of course...we knew that."

"Now we didn't!" Alabaster continued laughing. He turned Percy's head, kissing his lips lovingly. "We didn't know a thing but our words were true. We will never leave you stray. Now, sleep Jackson."

Percy tried to shake his head, but a yawn betrayed him. He rubbed his eyes and snuggled in between them. "Fine. You win this fight, but we are spending the whole weekend together. No fighting. No work. No school. It's just the three of us." He yawned again.

Ethan nodded, smiling as he was pulled closer. He ran his hand through Percy's hair and kissed his forehead. "Of course. It's all about you this weekend."

Alabaster nodded, rubbing Percy's chest and kissing his ear. "It's all for you stray."

With a smile on his face, Percy finally began to doze off, listening to Alabaster whisper sweet words in his ear. His last thought, before they morphed into dreams, was that he hadn't ever thought it was possible to be that happy.