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Warnings: Abuse

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I wake to the sound of footsteps in the room adjacent to mine. Quickly, I roll out of bed and slip into my clothes: a tight gray undershirt, with a long button down shirt, and a pair of gray pants, standard Abnegation clothing. I braid my raven colored hair silently, knowing that I can't put it in a bun without risking revealing the bruises that cover the back of my neck.

I shuffle to the kitchen after gathering my school supplies and grab a slice of bread to eat. I rest on the edge of my chair ready to leave as soon as Tobias, my brother, is ready. When he finishes his breakfast, I leap up and push in my chair, ready to leave; however before we can make it to the door our father appears. I freeze and unconsciously straighten up.

He looks directly at Tobias, his eyes skipping over me completely.

"The aptitude test is today," he mentions casually, but his eyes are sharper than glass as they inspect Tobias.

"Remember what we discussed," he orders before tilting his head towards the door, signaling that we were allowed to leave.

As soon as we are outside I fell like I can breathe again. I fall into step with Tobias as we travel through the factionless section of town in order to reach our school. Before we enter, I reach for Tobias' hand and squeeze it, a silent way of telling him good luck.

The rest of the day passes swiftly; I remain a part of the background keeping quiet unless it's absolutely necessary for me to speak. I worry that if I open my mouth, I might spit out the truth about Marcus or slip up on a lie that I had told in order to prevent anyone from becoming suspicious. It's an illogical fear, just the thought of coming clean, makes my body feel paralyzed.

It wasn't the truth that I was terrified about, it was what other people would think. It was easy to believe that I deserved everything that Marcus did to me. I wasn't the best child; I was selfish and had a difficult time caring for others. Furthermore, I wasn't very pretty and I acted out of turn often. Mom died after she gave birth to me and Marcus pinned that on me. Tobias didn't deserve it though.

I walk home alone, not bothering to wait for Tobias. When I arrive, I head straight to my room, thankful that Marcus doesn't stop me on my way up. I eat dinner, do my homework, then go to sleep. However, I don't stay asleep for long; I awaken hours later to the sound of Marcus shouting.

I flinch, when I hear something hit the wall, and dread instantly fills my stomach. He'll come in here when he's done with Tobias and start in on me. The waiting's the worst part, I hear the sound of objects smashing and a belt slapping against flesh, I try to control my breathing. If he notices my fear, he'll make my punishment worse.

Finally, I hear footsteps outside my door and I hear the knob turn. When he tells me to get up, I do so without complaint. I stay silent as he shoves me against the wall; I hit it head on and can feel my nose crack. I'm mute as he swings his belt down on my back over and over and I hold back my screams when he kicks my stomach. When he's done, I pick myself up slowly, my back burning while my shirt is damp with blood from my nose and back.

I lie on my stomach that night and in the morning I do my best to disinfect my back while I shower. After I prepare myself for the day, I go to Tobias' room and knock on the door. When he lets me come in, the first thing I see is a variety of objects splayed out across the floor, I recognize them. They're all objects that Tobias and I had kept for our own selfish reasons. However, I'm glad to detect that none of them are the sculpture that Mom had given Tobias to keep in there.

I start picking up the objects that are scattered out on the floor and Tobias joins me. When we finish I gently sit down on his bed.

"I'm sorry, Liss. I had brought everything out last night, and then fell asleep before I got the chance to put it away," he says.

"It's okay, he would have found out sooner or later," I replied, "But, I actually wanted to find out what faction you're going to choose today."

He bites his lip, before answering, "I don't know yet."

"Don't pick Abnegation, if you do you'll be stuck with him forever."

"I can't just leave you with him," he insists.

"Yes, you can. In two years I'll be out of here, this is your one shot to get out. Being factionless would be better than staying here."

He nods at my words before agreeing. Before we exit the room, I hug him lightly, trying not to put too much pressure on his back.

The choosing ceremony flashes by, and soon it is Tobias' turn to choose. I straighten up and watch him take the knife carefully from Max, the Dauntless leader who is running the ceremony today. I watch him slice his hand, and walk over to where the Abnegation bowl is. He turns and looks at Marcus and I. I nod my head, trying to communicate to him that it was still okay for him to leave, that I wanted him to get out. He places his hands over the burning coals and lets the blood trickle from his palm into the bowl.

The crowd erupts into cheers and disapproving mumbles, everyone in the Abnegation faction turns to stare at Marcus and I. Some offer their condolences but most look on in pity. I scan the dauntless section and when my eyes meet with Tobias' I smile slightly.

That night the consequences are worse than they have ever been. Marcus is on a rampage, he accuses me of tricking Tobias into leaving. I don't try to deny, I know that if I do, I probably wouldn't be able to leave the house for days. When he finishes, I crawl into my bed and mentally count the days that I have until my own choosing day.