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Chapter 30

"Richard!" Jasper growled looking at the vampire that had taken his place. The vampire who caused his jealousy. The vampire who replaced him at Maria's side.

Jasper felt angry but he felt none of the jealousy he felt back then. He knew without a doubt that what he had with Bella was so much more than he could have ever had with Maria. He was angry that Richard was threatening him and his mate but he didn't envy him. Life with Maria had never been happy. It had been filled with pain and cruelty. Charlie had shown him friendship and Bella had shown him love. He almost felt sorry for them man standing in front of him. That didn't mean he wouldn't kill him.

"You're pathetic." Richard said before nodding to a soldier. "You were never worthy of Maria. You were weak. You gave mercy when you should have been ruthless. You felt guilty for what you are. What Maria made you. You should have felt honored. It isn't surprising she turned to someone who would appreciate what she gave them."

The soldier he had nodded at started to pick up the pieces of Maria. Bella shouted and started to rush forward but she was blocked by other soldiers.

Jasper's thoughts were fast and furious. He didn't want them to die here. They were seriously outnumbered and he doubted his gift would be enough to get them through this. He finally had a chance at happiness and he didn't want to lose it. Bella was shaking and he knew she wouldn't be able to hold herself back for long. Her eyes followed the soldiers picking up Maria as she clenched and unclenched her fists, growling loudly.

"Look Richard, this is your chance. You could let us burn Maria and be on our way. You could rule her army, I certainly have no desire to." He said hoping that Richard was more power hungry than attached to Maria.

Richard stared at him, his eyes narrowed. "You never understood the depths of the emotions Maria and I share." He said softly before giving another nod. The man was deluded, was Jasper's thoughts.

Bella screamed as a vampire picked up Maria's head. No longer able to stop herself she pushed through the vampires who blocked her way. She attacked viciously.

Jasper tried to follow her he wanted to help her, make sure she wasn't overwhelmed but a circle of vampires formed around him and Richard punched him in the chest sending him flying into the arms of one of the vampires hemming him in. The vampire pushed him back into the circle with a laugh.

Jasper stood and looked at Richard. He could hear Bella but couldn't see her. He was going to have to trust that she would be okay and finish this battle quickly.

He took off his shirt, exposing his scars. He felt the fear in the vampires around him. Some were battle hardened and didn't betray their fear, others were newborns and some cracked and ran two rushed at him. He easily defeated them.

Others started to move forward but Richard held up his hand.

"He's mine. I want to show just who is the better vampire." Richard said.

Jasper laughed and smirked at Richard. He knew what effect his smile had. His deformed mouth gave it a sinister effect and Richard actually took a reflexive step back before catching himself and charging forward.

Bella had lost herself. She could feel Jasper still and knew that he was alive, occasionally she caught a glimpse of him and couldn't help the rush of pride that ran through her. She fought with all that was in her. Biting, grabbing, punching, a kick here and there.

She knew that she was getting hurt too, felt the teeth that sank into her flesh, the arm that wrapped around her but she was too strong for anyone to hold. Even in her wildness, Jasper's skill stayed with her and she fought without thinking, using moves her conscious mind couldn't name.

She was outnumbered though and eventually she found herself pinned to the ground by a large male vampire. She cried out as she felt her arm being ripped from her shoulder. She had heard about this from Jasper, had even done it to the vampires she fought but feeling it herself…the pain was unimaginable.

She swallowed her cries. She knew that Jasper was in his own battle and she didn't want him distracted by her.

The vampire who held her reached for her other arm, smiling at her maliciously. Bella returned his smile. She nearly laughed at the look on his face but she didn't have time for that. She bucked against him gaining enough room to wrap her legs around his chest and reversing their positions. She quickly took advantage of his shock, pulling his head to the side with her one arm and biting his neck.

With a twist she pulled his head off and tossed it aside. She got up and charged after a female vampire who had Maria's head.

Jasper's grin hadn't left his face and Richard sat on the ground looking up at him and holding a stump where his hand had been. One of the vampires from the ring moved forward to help but Richard shook his head vehemently.

Bella's cry echoed through the battlefield and Jasper turned his head looking for her. He felt her pain, he sent out a huge wave of fear and the vampires before him sank to their knees. Others just flat ran. Jasper was about to charge to his mate when he felt a sharp pain in his lower back.

He landed on his stomach on the ground and looked behind him to see Richard on his feet and staring at him furiously.

"Your fight is with me!" Richard yelled out.

Jasper was on his feet in an instant. He growled deeply. He needed to be with Bella.

"Hey Richie, long time no see!" A voice called out.

Richard cursed but Jasper couldn't help his grin.

"Hey Major, figured it was about time I repaid my debt." Peter said with a stupid grin. Jasper was shocked, he hadn't seen Peter since that day he let him go with his mate. He never expected to see him again, but here he was with that stupid grin looking at him as if there were no scars on his face.

"There is a pretty newborn over there using some of your moves and causing all kinds of havoc. She lost an arm though Major and I believe she could use your help. Let me take care of Richie here." Peter said. Jasper would have laughed at his use of the name Richard hated so much if he weren't so worried about his mate.

Jasper nodded and started through the chaos that had now ensued. The circle had been broken and there were more vampires fighting. Some he didn't know others he had seen before but never expected to help him.

"That man you're so intent on hurtin' did me a favor. A favor your death can't even begin to repay." Peter was saying behind him. "I think maybe a little pain in the middle might help make it closer to even."

Jasper shook his head. Peter hadn't changed at all. He charged through the battlefield following the thread that connected him to Bella. He stopped occasionally to fight or help someone he knew. He saw wolves scattered throughout.

He recognized Jacob snarling as he attacked a male vampire with Paul. The wolves seemed to work in pairs. He saw Sam with Quil and Embry was there with a shifter he didn't know.

He saw Charlie fighting fiercely with three newborns. His newborn instincts had control of him but Leah was there in wolf form covering any holes he left in his defense. Together they made a formidable team. They moved together almost like they had fought together many times before instead of this being the first time.

He saw Carlisle fighting beside Esme. He was rather surprised to see the man here after his condemnation of him to Bella. He fought adequately but it was easy to see his heart wasn't in it. Esme however fought fiercely. Jasper wasn't really surprised. Esme was a mother figure to Bella and the other Cullens. They were all here fighting and any mother would fight to the death to protect their own.

Edward and Alice fought together. Their gifts enabling them to be a lethal team. Edward's help wasn't totally unexpected. If Carlisle was here then he was sure all the Cullens had shown up.

He searched while he ran till he found Rose and Emmett, they fought side by side. Emmett's strength was almost on par with a newborn's and he had a fighters instincts. Rose wasn't strong or fast but she was vicious in her defense of Emmett.

He saw many others he didn't know with the golden eyes of an animal drinker fighting on their side. He saw Garrett fighting valiantly with his one hand missing. A blonde who seemed to shock her opponents was by his side. Jasper didn't know her but felt the deep feelings of protectiveness that ran between the two.

Jasper was pleased with how Garrett fought. He noticed a vampire slip past Leah to get at Charlie but Garrett saw it too and picked up a rock. He threw it hard enough at the vampires head to make the man stumble allowing Leah to attack. Garrett had definitely earned his hand back and after this battle Jasper would be sure to give it to him.

He finally found Bella fighting a group of vampires trying to retrieve Maria's head. He felt lust burn in him as he watched her graceful movements, she was spectacular. Even with only one arm she was more than a match for those around her and they hesitated to press forward.

He grinned and leapt into the battle. It was unlike the battles he had fought with Maria. Instead of fighting at the whims of a power hungry woman, he fought to protect the one he loved and he didn't feel guilty for enjoying the battle. Bella smiled at him and he returned her grin. He felt her lust for him rise and he promised himself that when this was over they would go somewhere private and claim each other like vampires should.

Alice stood outside the flames and watched as vampire parts were thrown on the fire.

Peter walked up carrying a male head….Richard, Alice remembered seeing him in a vision, but she had seen him killing Jasper…She was glad her vision was wrong, glad that Jasper always seemed to mess them up.

"Do you want the pleasure Major?" He asked Jasper.

Jasper shook his head no. "It's all yours Peter." He told him, keeping his arm around Bella who was holding Maria's head.

Alice looked over at Garrett, the man was talking to Kate Denali. Alice sighed as she watched the two of them. They had a long road ahead of them.

Alice could see them falling in love, in every vision they ended up together but it took longer and was harder in some than others. Garrett still wanted to find Carolyn and he would with Charlie's help. Carolyn had been his fiancé as a human and finding her would cause problems for him and Kate. Kate was his vampire mate though and in the end they would be together.

Charlie sat with his back against a tree, Leah beside him rubbing his thigh gently. Alice knew that she was keeping him calm. Alice frowned as she watched them. They would not have an easy road either. Charlie was going to find out that his gift was helping people. It would drive him and control his life. He would know when someone needed help and he would be driven to help them.

He had always had this gift, though it was weaker as a human. It had driven him to help Jasper, driven him to become the Chief in Forks, to help the people there. Already she could see him twitching with the need to help Garrett.

Garrett's problem wasn't going to be easy to solve though and Charlie would help many people before they found Carolyn. She knew where Carolyn was and could tell them but that would end Garrett's happiness with Kate. Alice resolved to stay out of it. The Denali's were like family and she wanted Kate to be happy.

Her gaze shifted to Leah. She couldn't see the shifter's futures but she could see glimpses of Charlies'. She knew they would remain together, it would be a while before Charlie admitted his love. Eventually he would though and she saw a baby in their distant future. A boy…She couldn't see his future. Maybe it was too far in the distance, or maybe his heritage blocked her sight.

Bella started to walk toward the fire and tossed Maria's head into the flames. She stood there watching them for long minutes before Jasper came to her side and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Alice sighed at the love so obvious between the two of them. They were going to be so happy. It would take time. Bella was going to feel guilty over the lives she took and Jasper…well he was beginning to heal but he needed Bella's love and more than that he needed a way to feel as if he was redeeming himself. Bella would need it too.

Charlie was going to help them in that. They were going to New York and they were going to form a partnership. Together they were going to help many people, vampire and human alike. Garrett and Leah would go with them and eventually Kate would join them.

They were going to form a detective agency and name it Redemption. Oh the people they would help, she wished she could be a part of it. Her time was in this drama was over, though. They were going to have to muddle out their future on their own. She was going to have to stay out of it. She wouldn't look…

She turned away from the scene with a smile. Well, maybe she would look a little, she thought as she walked away from the group.

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