As a Muggle, when you first find out that you are a witch or wizard everything feels new again. You feel invincible, because all of the things that you had been told were impossible, were now fact probable. They were things that you could do with some will power, a few choice words and a swish of a carved piece of wood. There was no longer a problem that couldn't be solved. And this feeling goes on for years, perhaps your whole life. You spend your time manipulating gravity, and modern medicine. You regrow bones in a matter of hours, study mythical creatures, and transform normal items into spectacular things. You play God.

But eventually you remember, there are some things that you can't fix. Some things that not even magic can solve. You remember that you are only half a part of this new world, and that the other half is back where you were born. A place where things like death, and sickness are not so easily cured. And that is where Hermione Granger found herself, straddling the line between her two worlds. Sickness in one hand from the world that made her, and magic with no cure for her from the world that took her in. Sometimes you burn the candle at both ends, and sometimes you just get burned.

However, this is not a story about how Hermione Granger dies. This is a story about Hermione Granger's daughter finding out how her mother lived.

Thank you very much to my Beta for going on this long journey with me to edit this thing.

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