Just based off of my little adventures on SkyDoesMinecraft's Pixelmon server!

Each chapter will contain a little short story!

I do not own the Pixelmon mod (or Pokemon or Minecraft)

Server IP: (coming soon because I too lazy to search for it)


My team was ready to go and I had just entered a swamp biome. "Oh cool! It's a... A... The next evolution of Psyduck!" I yelled to no one, pointing to the blue duck Pokemon. I saw someone else running towards it, so I walked away.

"... OH MY NOTCH IT'S A ZUBAT! I WANNA BATTLE IT!" In the Pixelmon mod, some Pokemon drop things,and on the server, you can sell those items for money.

Zubats drop rotten flesh.

"GIMME! GIMME!" I started to chase after it, sometimes attempting to throw a Pokeball at the flying Zubat.

"NO! I WANT IT!" Another person yelled at me, starting to chase after it as well.

"NOPE! IT'S MINE!" I screamed, the two of us frantically throwing Pokeballs at the Zubat.

Then, suddenly, the guy next to me dropped behind as the Zubat disappeared and left four pieces of rotten flesh.

"... That's okay with me!" I shrugged, collecting the rotten flesh. Now to sell it later!