Blood and Water
by Myka
Chapter 12 - "lessons in magic…and love"
Warnings! Yaoi, angst, violence

Mille could feel as the string of power that was inside of him dissipating little by little. That string that kept the vampire blood in his system and the change going.

It was truly over.

Jezzabel was dead. Aldren was dead. It was truly, truly over.

Mille glanced over at Marron, who still stood below one of the huge ornamental windows. The night crept over that window as the young hunter started to walk towards his lover. Mille starting walking too as the sun disappeared, filling the room of darkness. Full dark.

Marron suddenly slumped forward, his knees and palms crashing on the floor; as pain formed on his face. He screamed.

Mille ran over to him and was by his side in a second, supporting him, holding him at every scream.

"What happened? What's wrong with him?" Tira asked urgently as she approached them.

"Let me think!" Mille yelled back, desperately. Marron latched on to him as he kept screaming and Mille winced in pain as Marron dug his still sharp, vampire nails into his arm. What is this?

Tira hushed, trying to block Marron's screams from her mind. She didn't know what was happening; but she knew that whatever was happening had to do with the vampires.


Tira looked over at the entrance of the chamber to find Carrot, her sister, and Gateau by it. Disbelief and shock showed over all their faces. Carrot ran, he ran towards his brother and Tira stopped him.

"Let go of me, Tira!" he screamed in frustration.

"Let Mille help him, Carrot!" she screamed back.

"He's not doing anything! Why is Marron screaming?"

There was a sudden silence; and Tira and Carrot slowly raised their heads towards where Marron and Mille were.

Marron enclosed himself in the warmth of Mille's arms. His head resting against his lover's chest and keeping his eyes closed. His breathing came in ragged and fast as he kept his mouth open, fangs showing.

"What's going on here?" Gateau asked suddenly from behind Tira and Carrot.

"He's feeding it," Mille murmured more to himself than to the others. His words were sudden, and said with disbelief.

"Why isn't Marron back to normal, Mille?" Tira asked quickly.

Mille turned his head immediately, gazing at the others. "His own innate power is feeding it. Just like it was speeding it up."

"That doesn't make sense," someone said; and Mille reacted with desperation.

"Because it's not supposed to happen! There's no precedent for this!"

"Why was he screaming?" Carrot asked suddenly.

Mille thought about it for a second. "The link is broken."

Carrot huffed in exasperation. "Links, feeding…what the hell are you all talking about? What's going on here? And why does my brother look like one of those creatures?"

Tira held Carrot's wrist in an effort to calm him down. But he just shrugged the touch off. "Tell me," he ordered.

Mille's voice came clear, decisive. "I turned him, I gave him vampire blood."

Carrot's face was unreadable and Tira grabbed his wrist again.

"How dare you…" Carrot gave a step forward, ignoring Tira. Mille took a deep breath, bracing himself.

"It was my choice," a voice cut in.

Mille returned to look at his lover again instantly, to find Marron's eyes open and directed towards his brother. His breathing came in short gasps and he held on to Mille's clothes as if they were a lifeline.


Tira held Carrot's hand and he looked at her. "Let Mille help him, Carrot." Her eyes showed a silent plea and Carrot finally nodded. Marron returned his gaze upwards again to look at Mille; his voice trembled.

"I want to feed."


Mille thought.

Marron's own magic was powerful enough to keep the change going. But every vampire is connected by the same thread, a thread that leads all the way back to Kalek or Zacharias. Marron's link was Mille, and it had been broken; shattered. Testing his theory, Mille let go of Marron for a second; and the mage quickly resorted back to screaming. His touch was the only thing keeping him calm. He couldn't cancel Marron's power; he was born with it; that was impossible. And if he didn't do something now, it might be too late.

Mille's voice came out flat and unemotional. "Find a vampire; one with blue green eyes."

Everyone heard him, but nobody moved. Mille looked at them with a sort of fire in his eyes. "I said-"

"They're all dead." Chocolat spoke firmly and surely. "And if some survived, I'm sure they're far gone by now."

"Not all…"

Everyone jumped at the sound of the new voice, hairs standing on the back of their necks, because how could a voice like that come from a child.

Mille stared at Kyla who stood on the windowsill just a few feet from him. He saw the others make a move.


Mille stared at Kyla as he gave the order; she was the first human blooded by Jezzabel, this is as close as the source got.

Kyla jumped from the small ridge to land softly on the floor. She spoke with knowledge; a knowledge that could bring death to anyone who wanted to know. "You need me don't you."

Mille stared at Marron as he held him. "What, you can read minds too?" he asked calmly.

"It's called empathy," she answered coolly.

"You are a rare find indeed," Mille commented.

"I am," Kyla replied as she stopped at his side.

"Can you tell me what's wrong with him? Can you help me?" Mille asked as he turned his head towards her. She gazed back "Can you guarantee my safety from them?" she asked, as she looked at Carrot and the others.

"Yes." Mille said without barely a thought. Knowing he could.

Kyla knelled by Mille's side laying one of her small hands on Marron's forehead. Mille waited.

"They're dead aren't they?" she asked suddenly.

Mille stared at her for a few seconds; knowing exactly who she was referring to before nodding. She averted her gaze at the silent answer saying nothing about it.

"I can sense his connection to my clan, but there's no direct link to it."

"Is that why he calms down with my touch?"

"Yes. The vampire blood inside him recognizes you as the source, even though you're no longer going through the change."

"How can-" Mille tried to ask, but was quickly interrupted.

"What's left of Jezzabel's blood inside of you will take a few minutes to completely disappear. That's what his senses are recognizing."

"What happens when Jezzabel's blood completely disappears?"

"I don't know. But whatever happens it won't be good."

Mille took a deep breath. Why all this? Why? It was over. Why did this have to happen? He just wanted to explore this new love and let it grow. To watch the sunrise while holding Marron. Now every little bit of that hope was shattered. And he had a choice to make.

"Then we'll create a link."

Mille would rather have Marron alive as a vampire than dead.

"You mean…" Kyla asked in a low voice. Mille nodded then directed his gaze towards Tira and the others.

"I'm sorry guys. I should have never agreed to come here. It was just a dream; that all would be fine."

"What are you going to do, Mille?" Tira asked with a little urgency.

"Marron needs a link to his vampire line or he'll die. I'm going to create one."

"How can you do that?"

"I'm going to let Kyla blood me."

"You can't! After all that-"

"It's the only way!" Mille suddenly yelled at the top of his lungs. Tira hushed and

Carrot glared at the purple haired knight. "You mean my brother will be one of them?" he asked with anger in his voice.

Mille glared back. "Would you rather he died?"

Carrot blinked as his face flushed. "No."

"Then don't stop me."

Kyla placed a hand on Mille's shoulder and he instantly looked at her. "Ready?" she asked.


"Blood," Kyla called standing behind Mille.

"My blood," he replied calmly as he stared at Marron's face. Kyla leaned towards the left side of his neck and sank her fangs into the soft skin. Mille shut his eyes ignoring the sensation of his blood being drained. After a while, Kyla detached her mouth from Mille's neck, then she picked up Aldren's dagger and made a small cut on her own wrist offering it to Mille.

Mille closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Blood," he called.

"My blood," Kyla whispered.

Mille parted his lips slowly, directing his mouth towards Kyla's bleeding wrist.



Mille froze; his mouth only inches away from the wound. His eyes went wide with the sound of that voice. He recognized that voice.

Mille turned his head instantly to stare at the depth of Kalek's blue green eyes. Kalek ignored his surroundings as he walked over to where Kyla stood beside Mille. His midnight blue hair flowing behind him. No one spoke; feeling the intensity of his presence.

"What are you doing, Kyla? You were given strict orders never to blood anyone."

Kyla instantly stood away from Mille and knelled at the presence of one of the masters of all vampires; the father of her clan. She kept her head bowed as he loomed over her.

"Why is the castle empty? What happened here, Kyla? Who are these people?"

She replied quickly, in a flat voice. "They are the sorcerer hunters, my lord."

"Sorcerer hunters?" he asked in return, glancing at them for a second; to which Kyla nodded silently.

"As for what happened; you should ask Jezzabel."

Kalek frowned at the girl's words. "My link with her has been severed. That means she's dead. She did what I ordered her not too do didn't she?"

Kyla stood silent; she didn't have anything else to say. Jezzabel indeed had been ordered never to blood anyone against their will, due to a previous incident; that doing so would only bring trouble. She had always been a stubborn person. Kalek chose to ignore Kyla, and turned his head slightly to look at Mille who was starring at him in return with a sort of awe in his eyes.

"You…I know you."

Mille blinked at the words and tried averting his gaze away from Kalek's but just couldn't. The master vampire crouched down beside Mille to be at eye level.


Mille blinked. "You remember me?" he asked, surprised.

"Your wounds that night-no human could have survived them." Kalek spoke with a hint of doubt in his voice.

"I'm a Haz knight," Mille answered.

Kalek frowned and remained silent for a second, his voice was hesitant when he finally spoke. "Why was Kyla about to blood you?"

The question caught Mille by surprise and it slammed him back to his current situation; and Marron.

"Him," Mille said as he turned his head back towards his lover. "Please help him! I'll do anything!"

Kalek felt the urgency in Mille's words and placed a palm on top of Marron's forehead closing his eyes as he did so. Endless seconds passed; to a point where Mille almost lost his patience. Kalek opened his eyes in a snap, looking at Mille instantly.

"He has enough power to feed the blood inside him," he said in astonishment. "I've never seen something like this. You were his link weren't you?"

Mille nodded. A little bit of hope filling him. He knew that if someone could help it would be Kalek; just like he had helped him all those years ago.

"You are willing to be blooded again to recreate that link, aren't you? You care about him that much."

The Haz knight just stared back at Kalek's eyes, and the vampire saw that his words were true.

"I'll do anything."

Kalek blinked, then smiled softly. "You don't have too." He said in a calm voice. "Give him to me."

It took a while for the words to sink in, but eventually Mille handed over Marron to the master vampire. The young mage struggled at the feeling of being parted from his only link; but quickly calmed down at Kalek's touch.

Marron's eyes snapped open and his breathing calmed once he was in Kalek's arms. He stared at the center of Kalek's blue green eyes; eyes that matched his own.

"What's your name?"

Marron took a deep breath at the sound of a voice in his head; but answered anyway in the same manner. "Marron."

"Marron, do you understand what's happening to you?"


"I understand that Jezzabel blooded Mille against his will; is that true?"


"Were you forced too?"


Marron closed his eyes as he spoke the words, as a feeling of foreboding filled him.

"You feel the need to feed, don't you?"


Kalek spoke calmly, "What do you want me to do?"

Marron didn't even think it twice. "I want to be with Mille."

Kalek nodded once, picking Marron's head gently and placing it on the space between his neck and shoulder. "Then feed."

Marron stared at the offering with doubt in his eyes and tried to push himself off the vampire; but was too weak to do so. Kalek noticed. "Trust me."

Marron parted his lips slowly and sank his teeth into Kalek's skin. He could feel the power of Kalek's blood overpowering him as he drank it. That's when his world blacked out.


Mille woke to the feeling of the sun against his skin. The sun; something that for a while he thought he would never see again.

Kalek held on to Marron once he had collapsed and handed him again to Mille who was waiting.

"Will he be all right?" The Haz knight asked instantly.

Kalek remained motionless, then slowly nodded. "Yes. My blood will take over the one that was given to him before. But my blood has no spell with it; nothing to make it stay; it'll just dissipate with time."

An arm wrapped around Mille's waist, and he turned his head to gaze at Marron's golden eyes.

Kalek had kept his word. A week after that night, Marron was back to normal. Not a single trace left of the ordeal they went through.

But Kalek's help came with a warning. Jezzabel had broken a strict law, so her death was justified, even though she was one of Kalek's direct fledgings. Kalek had told them never to come near his family again; he also told them to run if they ever met his brother. They had killed Aldren; Zacharias had felt his death; had even collapsed from the shock. Kalek advise them to disappear before his brother woke up. After that night; if they ever met again; Kalek would not offer his protection.

This was fine by Mille. He had no plans of ever returning to that castle for the rest of his life.

"What are you thinking?" Marron asked softly, getting closer to his lover.

"Nothing; just about everything we've been through." He answered as he grabbed Marron's hand.

Marron raised his body slowly and placed himself on top of Mille. The Haz knight's hazel eyes widen a bit in surprise. "Do you still think we would have fallen in love if it hadn't happen?" Marron asked with curiosity.

"I don't know," Mille answered honestly, "maybe not."

Marron's face displayed something between a smile and a grin. "Then I'm glad it happened." he confessed.

Mille blinked. "But it was a disaster. I almost killed you. I even had to blood you."

"Maybe," Marron replied as he twirled Mille's purple locks between his fingers. "But everything is all right now. Here we are in your room; together." The young hunter placed a kiss on his lover's lips as he spoke the words. Mille encircled his arms around Marron's back, pulling his closer to himself and kissing him again.

"Yes, everything is all right now." The knight replied, kissing Marron again.

Marron returned the kiss as he grappled Mille's hair, making the kiss deeper. Mille smiled, "Isn't it a little early for that?"

"We don't have forever," Marron said in a soft tone.

"But we have now," the Haz knight replied; kissing him again more vigorously.

Marron smiled. "Indeed we do."