Hey, this is my first GRIMM story and I am very excited about it. Recently I said goodbye to one of my favorite shows because it pissed me off *cough* Once upon a time *cough* anyway I've loved GRIMM from the start and have been dying to write a fanfiction story for the show and here it is.

BTW this story may develop into SLASH meaning malexmale love so if you aren't into that I would be wary.

Disclaimer: I do not own GRIMM, any of its characters, dialogue etc. I am merely borrowing them to create this awesome story for you all.


Nick collapsed against the tree, his hand pressing hard against his profusely bleeding side. His vision was beginning to swim and each breath he took was difficult and energy sapping.

Rain showered down from the heavens above, the clouds dark and rumbling with thunder and lightning that crackled in the night sky.

The forest floor was quickly turning to mud and seeping into Nick's clothing, making his body tremble and icy tendrils to wipe out the warmth that his body had been trying to salvage. His clothes were soaked and clinging to him like a second skin, the feeling reminiscent of a boa constrictor trying to crush its prey.

With water trickling into his eyes and mouth he looked up into the night sky. A full moon was out tonight, spotlighting him like he was the star in a tragic play, it figures that his death would be on full display.

Looking back down he tried to focus his rapidly fogging vision to his wounded side. His movements were sluggish as he slowly pulled his hand away and squinted to try and make out the damage that had been done.

It was bad. No worse than bad, it was fatal.

Even with his clouding vision he could see that blood was continuing to pump out of him like he was some sort of fountain and the wound was deep, so deep that he swore he could see exposed tendons.

Self-preservation kicking in, he clasped the wound once more, hissing in pain only momentarily before numbness kicked in, which he knew was a very bad, bad thing.

Fighting through the nausea and lightheadedness he used the trunk he was sitting against to pull himself up and pushed himself forward.

He had to keep moving.

Stopping meant death.

Needed to find help.

A chilling cackle ripped through the air.

He stopped dead in his tracks. They were coming for him.

Forcing his feet to move he ran as fast as he could, branches whipping him in the face and rain bouncing off his chilled skin until finally he could see a road up ahead.



Adrenaline kicking in he took a few more steps but was blindsided by a branch coming out of nowhere and ramming into his stomach.

All the wind was knocked out of him as he was thrown back onto the cold muddy ground.

His beaten, distressed, dying body was starting to shut down on him.

Before he lost consciousness a clouded form came into his darkening line of sight.

"You can never escape us Nick, we'll always find you."

Then he was swallowed by the darkness. No longer able to defend himself against what was coming.

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