A/N: SoMa week just passed and I connected some of the prompts together with something of a semblance of a story. This chapter's prompt was "Nosebleed" if you were curious. Happy reading!


Midnight beach trip.

In theory, it sounded nice.

Hell, when Black*Star suggested back in the Death Room as a way to de-stress after Kid's weekly meeting with Spartoi (that had a tendency to runvery long), it sounded like a great idea.

That is, until Maka made the astonishing realization that they lived in Nevada. Which was hours away from the nearest beach. And seeing as they had all had a drink (or two) of Kid's specially made beer, no one was in particular shape to drive. When she had kindly pointed it out, Kim had scoffed.

"Magic," she said with a sniff, "doesn't have a drinking limit."

"I'm pretty sure the laws regulating magic don't allow for this," Maka persisted.

From where he sat in his skull-shaped chair, Kid said quietly, "I'm fairly certain this could be written away as a therapeutic exercise in bonding and trust."

Maka sputtered indignantly while Soul, who been sitting next to her on Kid's couch, nudged her. "Don't be a spoilsport, Maka."

She scowled at him. "I'm being logical, okay? And what about bathing suits?"

It was Liz's turn to scoff. "You mean overly expensive underwear?"

Maka was about to argue further but then Soul poked her up and down her arm, whispering in a sing-song voice, "Spoooooilsport."

Pretending that her blush was from being annoyed rather than by anything else, Maka gave in. "Fine, go get us warped in the fifteenth dimension! See if I care!"

"I'll have you know there's only nine," Kim said with a smirk, as she gestured for everyone to gather around.

"There'll be ten if you keep it up," Maka mumbled darkly.

Soul swung his arm around her as they huddled in a circle, laughing in her ear. "Relax, angel! It's gonna be fun!"

Maka flushed. "You must be really drunk if you're using that nickname," she muttered.

His response was cut off by Kim's chanting. There was a subtle change in the air, a tensing up of the atmosphere and then a vibrant glow as the walls of the Death Room disappeared and the cold sea breeze whooshed in.

Maka shivered, taking a look around. The moon was a dark covered circle in the sky but the stars were enough to illuminate the beach.

Yellow-white sand covered the entire area, save for where the beach changed to a rocky tide pool area. To their far right were a few set-ups for a bonfire. One was still letting off smoke, whoever had been there having just left.

"Bonfire!" Black*Star yelled.

Tsubaki took off after him. "If you're thinking you're handling the fire after last time, then you are mistaken!"

"Fire?" Fire perked up from where he sat perched on Kirikou's shoulder, next to his sister. He scrambled down and ran after Tsubaki. "Fire!"

Kirikou clamped down a firm hand on Thunder, who had began to follow her brother, and bolted after Fire. "That is a firm no and you know it!"

Meanwhile, Patti had plopped down where she stood, busily crafting….well Maka wasn't exactly sure was Patti was making but she seemed to be putting a lot of effort into it.

Harvar sat contentedly next to Patti, watching the waves, while the rest of Spartoi had wandered off toward the tide pools.

From beside her, Soul snorted. "Egghead's making a fool of himself again."

Bemused, Maka looked back to the group. Ox was animatedly talking to Kim while Kim was busy animatedly talking to Jackie. Maka laughed and was about to reply when she realized that she felt heavier for some reason.

She glanced at her partner. "Soul?"

He grinned down at her, sharp teeth glinting in the starlight. "Yeah?"

"Your arm is still around me," she reminded him.

His grin didn't falter. "Yeah."

"You really did have a lot to drink, didn't you?" she sighed. "Let's go give Tsubaki and Kirikou a hand."

As they walked to the benches surrounding the bonfire, Maka tried and failed magnificently at getting her heart to slow to its steady beat.

Black*Star looked up from where he hauled kindling to the center of the stone circle along with Fire and Thunder. "About time you did something than just standing and hugging!"

"We were not hugging!" Maka snapped.

Tsubaki interrupted Black*Star's retort. "I think that's enough, you three." She brought out a matchbook from her pocket.

Fire dashed up to her, looking up to her with pleading eyes.

Tsubaki hesitated. "Kirikou?"

Fire turned his pleading look to Kirikou.

"You are really way too spoiled. " Kirikou sighed. "Fine." He added sternly, "But no firestorms."

Fire danced in place and then pranced over to the bonfire. He clapped his hands together once and exhaled, fire flowing from his mouth.

The wood crackled at the flames took over.

Maka sighed in content as the heat from the fire reached her.

As the fire grew, more and more Spartoi members came to bask in its warmth.

Once everyone had gathered from wherever they had wandered off, Black*Star decided to shake things up. "Who wants to go for a swim?"

Patti's hand was the first to shoot in the air. "Meeeee!"

Maka frowned. She liked the warmth and she had just gotten used to having Soul's arm around her.

Not that it made a difference in her reluctance but still.

"Don't you think the water will be freezing?" she asked.

"That's what makes it fun," Black*Star said in an isn't-that-obvious voice.

Maka resisted the urge to bury his face in the sand. "Sharks?"

"Scared of sharks, you?" Black*Star snorted. He smirked. "Just face it, Maka. You really are a spoilsport. You don't know how to have fun."

Maka swelled with rage. Then she relaxed and began prying off her shoes. "I'll be the first one in," she said with acid sweetness.

Around her, the others began following suit. Except for one, that is.

"Uh, Maka, you sure that's a good idea?" Soul asked.

"Of course not, but it's fun," She said, shrugging his arm off as she began loosening the buttons on her blouse. She spared him a glance. "Aren't you getting ready?"

"Is it really necessary?" he groaned.

Maka glared at him, standing to follow the rest of the Spartoi girls to the changing tents (even if there wasn't really a logical reason to undress in private.) "You said you'd follow me wherever so yes, you're getting into that ocean, even if I have to drag you in."

She marched off without another word.

Maka felt goosebumps crawl up her back as she and the rest of the girls waited for Liz. She thanked her lucky stars that today had been the day she decided to wear her only pair of matching bra and panties. It was nothing special, plain black with a little lace but it was a hell of a lot better than what she usually wore.

Once Liz came out, decked out in something red and so sheer it made Maka blush, they headed back to the fire, sand crunching under their toes.

It wasn't until Maka was at the benches that she realized something very obvious.

Her partner was hot.

Looking silly as could be in his skull and bones boxers but hot. Even with his arms wrapped around his middle, she could see the lean muscles of his stomach and arms. Flustered, she felt her face turn redder than it had ever turned before and suddenly she understood Soul's frequent nosebleeds around Blair.

And as Soul locked eyes with her and gave her a onceover, she could almost swear he came to the exact same conclusion. He opened his mouth ever so slightly but no words followed.

Deciding to break the staring contest that had evolved between them, Maka started running toward the waves. "Last one in has a rotten soul!"