Girls Just Want To Have Fun

"I come home in the morning light

My mother says when you gonna live your life right

Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate ones

And girls they want to have fun

Oh girls just want to have fun"

Girls Just Want To Have Fun~ Cyndi Lauper

The sound of laughter filled the lounge room while the familiar tune of an 80's classic burst onto the stereo. Inside the small room sat two sisters. The younger of the two was busy checking the video camera in preparation for the night's performance.

"You said nothing about videoing it," grumbled a rough voice. "This better not end up on You Tube."

"What's the matter, Kristoff? I happen to think pink is your colour," teased Jack, batting his eyes at the embarrassed blonde.

"Shut up, Frost, it's your fault we're in this mess in the first place," chided Kristoff, tugging on the foreign fabric which he'd found himself wearing.

Jack laughed. "How was I supposed to know that your sweet and innocent girlfriend was secretly skilled at Beer Pong? No one told me about her secret life as an alcoholic."

"Not my fault you boys are losers. Best of three boys, best of three and we won fair and square," boasted Anna, as she strode past them and into the kitchen drink where she grabbed a drink. "Now on with the show we need to get this finished before Elsa passes out."

"Your girlfriend sure is bossy you know that?" Jack asked, nodding his head in the direction of the retreating girl.

"I heard that, Frost. Shut your trap and get out here. Don't make me send my sister out there to round you up!" Anna shouted.

"Jackson, just shut up and get on with it. Don't make me come out there," Elsa shouted sarcastically.

Jack gulped and looked down at his feet. He knew that where Anna was loud and in your face, it was Elsa that you had to look out for. She was the silent assassin and he knew better than to piss her off too much. Three years together had taught Jack exactly how far he could push Elsa's buttons before she snapped.

Seizing his moment for revenge, Kristoff swiped. "Ooh, look who's scared of his girlfriend," he teased, and reached to pinch Jack's cheeks.

"Shut up, blondie-bear," Jack retorted before rubbing his cheeks.

Kristoff opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by Elsa poking her head through the door.

"Would you two like to quit your flirting and come perform? Or should we invite the hockey boys and their girlfriends to come watch?" she teased, wagging her finger in the boys' faces.

Jack hung his head in shame. Looking out the corner of his eye he saw that Kristoff had also chosen to hang his head while he mumbled his apology. He heard Elsa let out a loud laugh before she turned to return to the couch.

"You heard her, boys. Don't keep us waiting," Anna teased as she brushed past them waving the stereo remote. "Although it would be nice to see Punzie and Flynn again. It's been a while since we've seen Tia and Aster, too. Maybe Elsa should make that call after all."

Kristoff looked at Jack before throwing his hands up in defeat. "You know if we don't do it now, they will call the guys from the team. I really don't want Ryder to see me like this. We'll never live it down."

Grabbing the hairbrush that would be used as a microphone, Jack smirked. "Aww, don't worry, Krissy, you look good. I'm sure that Flynn would try his famous smoulder on you."

"You boys have exactly 10 seconds to get out here or else the video's definitely going on You Tube and being sent to the entire school," yelled Anna. "Don't for a second think that we're bluffing."

Jack shrugged. "It's now or never. Lets just get this over and done with."

"Start the music," Kristoff grumbled.

The music started and Kristoff and Jack waltzed into the room. Their hands gripped tightly to

the hem of their girlfriends clothes. Jack had to admit that being leaner than Kristoff had its advantages. He'd managed to slip into one of Elsa's light blue summer dresses with relative ease. Kristoff, on the other-hand, had been forced to squeeze into one of Anna's pink skirts and a purple blouse that he'd left unbuttoned out of fear his broad shoulders would ruin it.

To their relief, the girls had not asked them to wear a pair of their shoes. Anna had raised the idea, however, Elsa had put her foot down and had stated that Jack would likely snap one of her heels if he dared tried them on.

Ignoring the loud laughter from their girlfriends, the two boys proceed to sway to the music. Their fingers wrapped tightly around their makeshift microphones while they lip-synced to the familiar song. It had taken mere seconds for any embarrassment Jack had felt to disappear. Instead he'd turned his attention to hamming it up and struck several poses while flipping his hair for the girls.

Kristoff, on the other-hand, continued to appear less than enthused with their current situation and had taken to standing frozen to the spot while moving his mouth absent-mindedly. Grinning, Jack grabbed hold of the brawny male and pulled himself so that he was serenading him. The sound of Anna's laughter increased and spurred Jack on. Smirking, he twirled around Kristoff, ignoring the harsh glares he was receiving.

Finally, the song came to an end with Anna managing to stop laughing long enough to hit pause on the stereo. Taking his bow, Jack grinned. "Ladies, before you get too excited I will remind you that I am a taken man. You have my apolo- oof" he began, his sentence being cut off by the cushion that had been flung at his face.

His eyes fell on the two sisters who had remained seated on the couch. The video camera had long been forgotten as the girls struggled to contain their laughter. Anna was the first to move. After getting up, she made her way to Kristoff in order to help him wiggle out of her clothes. Jack chuckled as he heard her mutter something about wanting to get her clothes back before Kristoff went all 'Hulk-mode' on them and ripped them from his body.

Smirking, Jack plopped himself onto Elsa's lap and wrapped his arms around her neck. Leaning in, he batted his eyebrows at her. "Tell me I look pretty," he purred.

Leaning in close, Elsa placed a trail of kisses from his shoulders, up his neck, and along his jaw before she reached his ears. "Get out of my dress before you get too attached to it," she ordered.

Jumping up, he turned to face Elsa. A wide smile crept across his face as he slowly inched backwards towards the door. "If you say so," he sang. "Besides, I want to see what else you have in your wardrobe that would look good on me."