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Summary: While on a mission Tsuna is confronted by his two most volatile Guardians with a surprising confession. As the evening progresses things become a little steamy.

Warnings: This chapter is PORN. There will be a lemon in the later half and it will be between three MEN. This is an exploration of 182769 and is PORN. If you don't like yaoi lemons, please feel free to read until the warning section or simply skip this chapter completely. You have been warned.

Hacker Side Stories

Chapter 2: OT3

In his fifteen years of life, Tsuna had spent most of his time focusing on bettering his hacking or combat skills, so romance was a foreign concept. Having grown up watching his mother cry over his father time after time Tsuna could never quite grasp why anyone would put themselves through the emotional stress of a long time partner. Despite the hickey incident with the Kyoya from the future and Haru's obvious crush on him, very little had happened in his life to promote the idea that romance.

Attraction made sense, romance did not.

He was familiar with the chemical workings associated with attraction and mating choice, having looked it up after the awkward conversation with his mother about "the birds and the bees." It was logical that an organism be programmed to find a suitable mate to carry on species, or if reproduction wasn't the goal, work out things like stress or tension. These chemicals were automatic and often one could not help who they were attracted to, but any romantic inclination was an idealistic illusion. Tsuna didn't have anything against love or romantics; he just never dreamed he'd be on the receiving end, let alone from people like Rokudo Mukuro and Hibari Kyoya.

Tsuna stood there, in the center of his hotel room, frozen as his guardians patiently watched the gears turn in his head from their place on the couch, Tsuna began to think of the confusing feelings he'd had lately. Not long ago, he'd started noticing just how nice Kyoya's blue eyes look and how high Mukuro's cheek bones were. The kiss from the future Kyoya only added fuel to the fire as Tsuna soon began experiencing less than appropriate dreams. It didn't take Tsuna long to conclude he was attracted to his more volatile guardians, but…


Neither was the type to fall into such an emotional trap, but their confession earlier… They hadn't confessed their love, but they… As flat as Kyoya's delivery may have seemed to outsiders, to Tsuna it was intensely raw and vulnerable.

Could I?

Tsuna carefully studied his guardians' faces, trying to find some hint of what they were thinking, but as luck would have it, these two were masters of concealing their emotions. Tsuna was definitely better than most at reading the subtle messages in Kyoya's glares and Mukuro's "kufufu's," but now they were completely closed off. Not a hint on their faces betraying their thoughts.

Could I… love them?

It's been seven years since Tsuna and Kyoya became partners in justice (coughcrimecough) and three years since Mukuro had joined their group. In those years, Tsuna had grown incredibly close to both boys, so there was an emotional attachment to go with the attraction, still… The idea of being with them without loving them seemed… wrong. Tsuna was fully aware of the concept of friends with benefits, believing the arrangement had some merit if not the potential to become messy, but could not image any of his Guardians in such a context. It went against his sense of logic, but if Tsuna was going to accept his guardians' feelings, he had to be sure of his own ability to love them in return.

"I- I need to think." His guardians' facial expressions didn't change as they nodded and turned to leave, but Tsuna felt the need to say something else. "I'm not saying no. I just- I just need a couple of hours to sort out my… just give me a couple of hours, ok."

As soon as he was alone, his head started to clear and his heart rate slowed down to a more manageable pace. Tsuna gripped his left hand, hoping the pressure would stifle the trembling that spread threw his body. Tsuna sank boneless onto the couch his Guardian's vacated, the warmth having yet to leave the cushions.

"Oh my god." His two strongest guardians had all but confessed their love to him and all he could say was he needed to think for a couple of hours! "I feel like an asshole."

As soon as the words left his mouth, his brain connected them to the subject at hand and he couldn't help but blush. With his two guardians being so dominating, there was no way he would get out of being the uke… Tsuna's eyes widened at the thought, not because it wasn't true, but because he didn't have any problems with the thought of sleeping with his guardians and two closest friends. In fact, the idea kind of excited him.

"Ok… ok. So I find them attractive, but do I- could I…"

Steal blue eyes held a kindness that was normally foreign. Kyoya always hated crowding, but never got angry when Tsuna invaded his personal space. Even treating Tsuna to elusive smiles.

A pair of mismatched eyes reflected a peacefulness they'd never known before, as they gazed at the sunrise. Death and betrayal was the life of a human experimental subject. Mukuro was free now, but he stayed by Tsuna's side.

"Omnivore… Tsunayoshi, the cloud attribute says I am supposed to be unbound and floating independently, so I won't support the Vongola. I'll support you."

Tsuna's eye's started feeling wet, so he squeezed them shut.

"I hate the mafia and all it stands for… but I can't hate you."

Mukuro didn't leave him, even when he found out Tsuna was going to be a mafia boss.

"I don't like to share… but I will if it means I can stay by you. If it means I can make you happy."

Kyoya went against his own nature, for Tsuna's sake.

"Let me stand by your side… let us stand by your side."

Tsuna felt a lone tear slide down his face.

"Damn it all."

Tsuna quickly wiped away the tear and took out his phone and hesitated. What would he say? He spent the next hour trying to figure that out before dialing the number.

"Kyoya… can you and Mukuro come back to the room."


The mist and cloud left the hotel suite in silence, both respecting the others need to quietly hold in the sting of rejection. They knew early on that there was a possibility that Tsuna wouldn't accept them, a good possibility. Whether Tsuna knew that half of the arguments the two had over the years were about him was unknown, but when they agreed to stop fighting and just go for it, they did it knowing Tsuna would never pick one over the other if confronted with their feelings. Tsuna was the kind of person who could act like he didn't care, projecting himself in a way that was so similar and yet so different from themselves, but in reality, he had a heart big enough for the sky. Once one eased past Tsuna's defenses he would hold onto that relationship with everything he had. Even so, Tsuna approached every situation with logic; he wasn't the type to get romantically involved. They knew that from the beginning.

So why did it hurt so much.

Neither had a nice life before, both lonely and filled with confusion. Meeting Tsuna had been like… gravity. His small smile, snarky personality, and big heart drew them in like bees to honey, but they had lived without him before.

So why did it hurt so much.

Neither had the answer and, at this point, neither wanted one. They would continue to support Tsuna, but at a distance. Even if he never returned their feelings, they couldn't abandon him, still, they could put up a wall. It would be harder for Kyoya, as Tsuna had been such an integral part of his life for so long, but being close would only make things worse. Yes, they could be there for him, it was better if-


They both looked down at Kyoya's pocket, his phone was ringing. The name on the screen was Omnivore. It had only been an hour since they left the room.



'Kyoya… can you and Mukuro come back to the room.'

Kyoya and Mukuro shared a glance. Being rejected officially wouldn't be pleasant, but it needed to be done. If they didn't hear Tsuna say it himself, there would always be a lingering hope.

"We'll be there in a few minutes."




When they entered the suite the first thing they saw was Tsuna pacing in the sitting area. He looked up at them briefly when the door opened, before quickly averting his eyes. The expression on his face could only be described as uneasy.

So we were right. Mukuro though dejectedly.

"Can you- can you sit down, please." The two guardians complied and sat on the sofa facing Tsuna. The faster they get this over with, the better. "I know it hasn't been long since you… since earlier, but I thought a lot about what you both said." Tsuna sat down between them, head down.

They looked at each other with unconcealed shock. For Tsuna to sit in between them after… They were afraid, Hibari Kyoya and Rokudo Mukuro, were afraid of what one fifteen-year-old boy would say in the next couple of minutes.

"We've all known each other for a long time now and… I trust both of you with my life. Neither of you would ever… hurt me like my dad does my mom."

"What?" The question slipped out before Mukuro could stop it.

"Huh?" Tsuna looked confused for a moment before his eyes widened and he quickly worked rectified the last statement. "No! I mean he's always disappearing and never tells her what's going on." That made more sense. "He disappears for months, one time he was gone for over a year, and when he comes back, it's only for a few days." Tsuna sighed. "I watched my mom fall apart when he left, I don't know how many times, and I guess I was always afraid to end up like that. Constantly waiting and always worrying, so I tried not to become romantically attached to people, even if I made friends."

Neither guardian could fault him for that. They themselves spent time shying away from softer emotions, only associating with those who could be useful to them; it was why they initially decided to work with Tsuna. Even without his fighting abilities, Tsuna's natural intellect made him an asset.

"But with us, there's nothing to hide. We've worked together for years, been through hell together and you stuck by me, even when things went against your beliefs, but even then, I tried not to get too close. You all talk about how devoted I am, but really I try to keep an invisible line drawn. Sure the Kyoya from the future..." Tsuna trailed off once more as Kyoya's gaze became more intense. "The Kyoya from the future made it plain that things do change at some point. I care about you and I think I might… I wouldn't mind trying… We could…" Try as he might, Tsuna couldn't finish his sentence, it was too embarrassing! "I..."

Kyoya and Mukuro couldn't completely hide their shock at the sight of Tsuna stuttering and blushing like a school girl with a crush. Tsuna wasn't turning them down. No, Tsuna was letting them in. It took all of five seconds for both boys to get off the couch, grab Tsuna, and pull him into the bedroom and throw Tsuna onto his bed.



By the time Tsuna could process what was going on Kyoya claimed his mouth for a deep, passion filled kiss and Mukuro got to work on his neck. Whether they were bothered by each other's presence, they didn't show it, focusing instead on their long-awaited prize. Tsuna fought against the panic creeping up his spine. He'd acknowledged earlier that in a relationship with Kyoya and Mukuro, he'd end up being the uke (like his two most dominating guardians would ever let a chibi top them) and had tried to mentally prepare himself, but that didn't stop the idea of taking something up the ass from being scary. He did his best to relax, though, because if either of his guardians sensed too much tension, they were liable to ask him what was wrong and wouldn't that be embarrassing.

"Omnivore… Tsunayoshi, you're too tense."

"S-sorry." Crap. His guardians had stopped their ministrations to stare at his face. "It's just… you know… I've-we've… we're…" Can someone pass out from blushing too hard?

"Tsk… kufufufuhahahahaha."

Tsuna blushed harder, if it was possible, as Mukuro burst out laughing and Kyoya looked like he wasn't too far behind him with how hard he was biting his lip. With the situation being what it was Tsuna's embarrassment had risen to near unbearable levels. This was exactly why he was hoping neither would notice.

"Kufufu. I thought you said you trusted us. Tsunayoshi-kun."

"I-I do, but I…"

"Don't worry, we don't bite… Well, I don't anyway."

Kyoya shot Mukuro a glare and placed a soft kiss on the left side of Tsuna's neck before surprising the other two by biting down. It wasn't hard enough to break skin, but as he let go and started licking, what he was trying to do became clear. The blood rose under the skin, quickly turning it red and, eventually, purple.


"I mark what's mine." He lifted his head to look Tsuna in the eye. "I don't hurt what's mine."

Both Tsuna and Mukuro were stunned by the bold statement. Kyoya was never one to place his feelings on display, not even in front of Tsuna, yet there was no denying the sincerity in his words. Not to be out done, Mukuro gave the other side of Tsuna's neck the same treatment.

"You see Tsunayoshi-kun. No reason to be scared." Mukuro leaned up slightly to lick the shell of Tsuna's ear. "All you have to do is say stop and we will."

Tsuna's eyes widened at the… almost submissive promise. Looking toward Kyoya, all he got was a nod in agreement. Neither of his guardians were planning on taking this any farther than he would allow.

Although he still felt apprehensive, it felt as if a huge weight had been lifted, he wasn't completely at the mercy of his guardians. Tsuna turned his head slightly to catch Mukuro's lips in a hesitant kiss, and that was all the permission the two guardians need to continue. While Mukuro worked to make the kiss more passionate, Kyoya started on Tsuna's clothes. He quickly unzipped the orange sweater and pushed up the black undershirt, just enough to reveal hidden muscles and two pink nipples.

Kyoya took the left nipple into his mouth and began licking and sucking on it, giving the right nipple the same treatment with his fingers, causing Tsuna to groan into Mukuro's mouth. Kyoya kept busy with Tsuna's nipples and Tsuna was distracted by the duel sensations, so Mukuro got to work on Tsuna's pants. Without breaking the kiss, Mukuro slipped his hand down and quickly undid Tsuna's belt, button, and zipper, before sliding his hand in to grip Tsuna's quickly hardening length.

"Gahnnn." Tsuna broke the kiss and jumped at the sudden pleasure.

Mukuro smirked and got to work rubbing his hand up and down the hardened shaft, relishing in the quiet moans he forced past the smaller boys lips. The skin was smooth and glided easily in his palm, creating a delicious friction. Mukuro looked down when he felt a shift and saw Kyoya sliding Tsuna's pants and underwear down his hips and off completely.

"N-no fair." Both Kyoya and Mukuro looked at the flushed face beneath them. "I'm the only one whose-"

He was cut off by Mukuro who pulled him into another kiss, before he got to work on his own clothing, followed by Kyoya. It didn't take long before all three boys were completely naked and aroused. A shared look between the two guardians and a course of action was planned out. Kyoya shifted so he was settled between Tsuna's thighs and began kissing a trail down his chest and toward his destination, while Mukuro got off the bed and headed toward the bathroom.


Tsuna felt like putty as an unbearably good heat engulfed his length. He never dreamed it would feel so good to be inside another person's mouth. As distracted as he was, Tsuna didn't notice when Mukuro got back to the bed, with a bottle of lotion in hand. Mukuro motioned for Kyoya to move and Kyoya's mouth was replaced with Mukuro's. The sudden loss of Kyoya's wet heat made Tsuna groan in disappointment, but it was soon turned into one of pleasure as Mukuro took Kyoya's place. Kyoya moving up Tsuna's chest and instead began sucking his nipples once more.

"Wha- what are you?"

Tsuna didn't care who did what at this point, he was just a giant mess off quivering flesh as he came undone from the sensations radiating from his nether regions and his nipples as his guardians made great use of their mouths. He didn't even notice with Mukuro slipped one lotion slicked finger into his puckered hole. Tsuna was fast approaching orgasm and Mukuro made good use of this distraction by slipping in another finger start stretching the virgin hole.

"Muku-Mukuro… I'm- I'm gonna-"

Tsuna tried to warn Mukuro of his impending orgasm, but it went ignored and Tsuna released into Mukuro's glorious mouth and Mukuro slipped a third finger in. As he came down from his high, he finally noticed the fingers working to stretch his hole.

"Mu-Mukuro th-that's… it feels…"

Tsuna couldn't articulate the feeling of three fingers stretching his hole. Tsuna's body burned as his erection came back to life. It was strange and yet even the slight burn from the stretching didn't make it unpleasant, rather it felt…

"Ahhh… mnnnnn!"

"Kufufu. Looks like I found something nice."

Another look was passed between the two guardians. Knowing what was coming next, Kyoya shifted from his position and moved so he was sitting in front of Tsuna's head as Mukuro pulled his fingers out and flipped him over onto his stomach. Some of the anxiety from earlier decided to rear it head as a pillow was stuffed under his middle and Tsuna felt Mukuro shifting behind him, but before he could say anything, he was re-arranged so he was resting on his elbows and Kyoya's erection was in front of his face. Looking up, he saw Kyoya silently asking him and he cautiously licked the tip.

Hearing a quiet groan, Tsuna felt encouraged to open his mouth and take in the tip before sliding his head forward as he gradually took more of Kyoya into his mouth. As he was doing this, he felt a blunt tip press against his stretched opening. He tried to distract himself by listening to the stifled sounds he forced from Kyoya's throat as he experimented with licking and sucking on the length, but he was forced to let go when he felt Mukuro press into him, lest he risk biting Kyoya. He bit his lip as Mukuro slowly sank in from behind. Mukuro leaned forward and kissed his shoulder and Kyoya softly pet his hair.

"You have to relax, Tsunayoshi-kun."

Mukuro's voice was breathless and almost pained as Tsuna tried his best to relax his muscles. It hurt, but he'd been hurt worse before, but this was different, it was like he was being ripped in two from the inside. Slowly, but surely, he was able to relax enough for Mukuro to move in deeper until he was fully seated. After a few moments like this Tsuna found it easier to breathe and the pain had lessened to a dull throb, but Mukuro kept very still and Tsuna just wanted him to start moving, so he shifted his hips, forcing Mukuro to groan at the friction.

"M-move." Mukuro didn't have to be told twice, as he set an unhurried, even pace. The sensation was like nothing Tsuna had ever felt before. Heat rapidly pooled into his middle and a renewed erection hardened with each thrust. "Mukuro... hnn~"

"Omnivore." Kyoya cupped Tsuna's chin and moved his face closer to his length.

Tsuna took in the length, glad to have something to help stifle his moans as Mukuro picked up the pace and began thrusting harder and started shifting his angle as if he was looking for something. Tsuna almost screamed around Kyoya's length when Mukuro started ramming into his sweet spot from earlier. Kyoya couldn't help but groan as Tsuna's moans made his mouth vibrate deliciously and Tsuna clung to the sound, it kept him from losing his mind completely. He could feel his second orgasm fast approaching and the way his guardians began moving erratically told him they were going to cum soon as well.


The sound of Mukuro saying his name in such a husky voice sent over the edge for the second time. It was more intense, as he came he felt a liquid warmth fill him from both ends. He tried to swallow Kyoya's release, but some still slipped past his lips and dribbled down his chin. While he had released, Kyoya's length did not soften as it left Tsuna's mouth. He groaned as he felt his guardians turn him onto his back and Kyoya took his place between Tsuna's legs. He was tired but the promise of Kyoya giving him the same sensation Mukuro had made his length swell for the third time as Kyoya pushed inside.


Tsuna wrapped his arms around his cloud guardians' shoulders and pulled him into a kiss as the other started thrusting. The heat was back and his insides were even more sensitive and slippery from Mukuro's release. This made Kyoya's thrusts glide smoothly as he set a rougher and harder pace than Mukuro had started with.


Tsuna gave a cry in complaint when Kyoya suddenly stopped thrusting, but when he opened his eyes, he saw Kyoya glaring behind himself at an innocent looking Mukuro. The angle of Mukuro's arm indicating his hand was located somewhere near Kyoya's ass.

"Mu-Mukuro? Are you-"

His question was answered as Kyoya suddenly bucked when Mukuro's arm shifted slightly. Mukuro had managed to slip two slicked fingers into Kyoya's hole and was stretching the cloud guardian.

"Did you think I'd let Kyoya-chan have all the fun."

Kyoya growled at the honorific, but didn't argue as Mukuro slipped a third finger in and started rubbing his prostate. Mukuro took his fingers out and quickly replaced them with his length, causing all three to moan at the sheer, sinful hotness of it all.

Mukuro set a brutal pace, much rougher than before, rocking Kyoya's hips into Tsuna. Mukuro controlled the pace as he pistons his hips, making Kyoya hit Tsuna's prostate with every thrust.

"Ngh… Kyo-Kyoya-san… Mukuro… I-I…"


Tsuna came for the third time that night, feeling his insides once again coated with an unbearably warm liquid. He barely registered Mukuro's own shuddered moan, as his world went black.

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