Ryuko felt at ease, for once. It was the rare opportunities that she simply had to take to sit back and relax.

It was Saturday, and as such, school was out. Usually nothing would stop her from going to stir up some trouble and beat a few more of the student's asses, and by all accounts, she wanted to – her best friend and her family, however, had different plans for her. Mako had insisted that Ryuko has been simply roughed up too much lately and once the rest of the family heard about it, all of Ryuko's protests were in vain – she was to remain home and chill.

A few hours into her small "vacation", she started seeing the perks of taking a day off. It was nice o simply doze off on a window sill, staring into the sky and listening to Mako's childhood stories and share the not-so-tasty but nutritious lunch by mama, or enjoying chasing Mako's younger brother through the village and down the narrow alleys, when he so jokingly nicked Senketsu – something that would usually annoy her, but had amused her as she didn't have a childish race in a long time.

Yet even though she loved the family that so readily accepted her with all her heart, she couldn't help but feel relieved and grateful for the silence that ensued when the same, very loud family, went out in the evening for an evening visit to some friends – it was most uncharacteristic of them to go to dinner at someone else's place, but seeing as someone was making food for them, it was a chance they weren't going to miss.

So she relaxed on the floor of her and Mako's room, enjoying the chilly wind that would every once in a while grace the hot night air. Senketsu rested on her comfortably, probably napping, she figured. She figured wrong, as she would realize soon.

She rolled over and, stupidly, accidentally slapped her palm straight against the edge of her blade she had been cleaning before.

"Crap!" Instinctively, she drew her hand to her chest, not realizing it was coated in blood until it was too late, and her wearable companion reacted.

She could see his one-eyed stare lingering on her bloodied hand and then connecting the information he gathered from the scissor half next to her into an answer.

"Trouble?" He asked dryly. She deadpanned.

"Funny. Ah, shit." She reached for some tissues, but her own sleeve stopped her from doing so.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing?" She growled.

"C'mon, it's just a little." The living uniform complained. Ryuko sighed and figured she might as well, since she's bleeding, as she wiped her hand into the skirt. Senketsu growled pleasantly. Ryuko was silent for a moment, observing her friend.

"Sometimes I still can't quite get into the fact you're a talking uniform." She admitted with a grin. She heard him chuckle in response.

"There's a lot of things I can do that you wouldn't know of."

"Don't be like that, Senketsu." Ryuko chirped. "I know what you- no, what we are capable of." She nodded. Senketsu hummed happily.

"I deeply appreciate that you would say that Ryuko, I think so too - but that is not what I meant, right now."

"Mm? What is it then?" She asked curiously.

"I have many other qualities of a regular human being." Senketsu said proudly. "I'm not just a talking, thinking suit you use for a bloody massacre, you know."

"Well, it comes close to the description if we're gonna be fair." She laughed. "Don't get me wrong, you know you're much more to me than clothing, but in retrospect... I mean, you're not exactly a party animal." She snickered evilly at the thought.

"Ha. Is that so? Is that what you think?"

"Of course it is, I mean—technically, you're a uniform." She snickered lightly. "Sometimes the bluntness of it really makes me laugh. Don't take it the wrong way."

"No, no, don't worry, I never intended to. In fact, I'll take in the entirely different way. Perhaps, I'll think of it…," his voice turned unexpectedly low, "...as a challenge."

Before she could ask what did he mean, he suddenly turned into the earliest stage of his transformation.

"Oi, oi, what's this about, Senketsu. Don't tell me you're ... is something bad about to happen!?" She got up swiftly, already reaching for her blade, but Senketsu calmed her quickly:

"On the contrary. Something fun is about to happen."

"Oh." She relaxed, confused for a moment. "Well, what is it? And why did you transform?"

"I couldn't show you otherwise." He cleared up calmly. By now, she had not a clue about what he might be talking about.

"Show me wha—"

Senketsu very suddenly got tighter. Not the usual tight, that once made her embarrassed to be presented in such clothing, but the kind of tight that was nearly but not suffocating her and prodding into the parts of her body she didn't want it to nor she ever thought it did as strongly as now. Despite the fact she long since felt shame about her presenting her body in the skimpy but effective battle uniform, this felt different, a kind of embarrassment that made her cheeks flush.

"What the Hell are you doing, Senketsu?! You're going to..." She trailed shyly as she looked down at her skirt, to the place beneath where the strap got unbelievably tight, straight against the one spot she didn't know was as sensitive as she'd soon realize.

"Too tight?" Senketsu asked casually.

"You idiot, what are you doing?! Stop it!"

"Not yet. I haven't shown you yet what a 'party animal' I can be. It is a challenge, after all. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it."

"What are you talking abo—UNGH!" This was new. Senketsu rarely actually moved on his own against her will while Ryuko was wearing him, but this was again the movements she didn't know he was capable of, the kind of restraint that made her bend her body in ways she didn't want to.

"What the f-"

"Get down." It was a command that he sounded off and she was immediately and profusely pissed off by it. Something unfamiliar tingled inside of her as those words reached her, but she was much too angry to take notice of the slowly growing sensation right away.

"No, you stupid sailor uniform! Let GO!"

"Competitive, are we?" Senketsu purred in a way she never heard before and as such, didn't know she loved. "Perhaps we should try something gentler for the beginning. You are new to this, after all."

"Senketsu you bastard, what are you trying to do?!" Ryuko finally managed to ask before he'd done anything. His chuckle radiated through her whole body and she shook at the sudden, small stab of pleasure that only made him laugh softly again.

"What you want me to do. Don't you think?" He finally replied. Ryuko was by now panting, desperately trying to catch her breath.

"That's not even what—"She gasped loudly, feeling the now undoubtedly pleasuring rubbing at the spot beneath, where the strap was, if ever so gently, moving every time when she as much as tried to align her legs. Her shoulders were becoming heavier and tensed up the tighter the straps became. Holding in the sounds wasn't exactly her forte, and she without quite realizing it had let a few noises out that could only be interpreted in one way.

"Much better, isn't it?" She heard his sultry voice through the mist in her mind, feeling slightly dizzy from the kind of pleasure she never felt before and that voice, that new voice, that incredible tone that easily melted her insides into a puddle had only added to the sensation. The novelty of the sensations both excited and frightened her, and he obviously realized that, because he continued to purr into her ear in a more calming, peaceful tone.

"I am not hurting you, Ryuko, I know that much. You don't need to be afraid."

She hated to admit it had actually worked, as she felt safer the moment the words left him; she hated to admit she truly didn't want this to stop and had in fact been on board for something like this for quite some time, despite trying to deny it many times and despite this being much more than she expected; but more than that, she hated to admit she felt any fear to begin with.

"I'm- I'm not afraid of anything!" Ryuko flushed harder. "Let me go! I know what you're trying to do." She got her nerve back and angrily stared down at the big yellow eye, despite the reddened face. "I've never submitted to anyone in any way, and you won't get to be an exception! Especially not like this, you perv!"

"Judging by the reaction of your body, you're not so different than me, wouldn't you agree?"

"Of course not, you moron!"

His undeniably pleasant chuckle once again echoed through the empty room.

"You may be nervous and stubborn, but you are enduring, I'll give you that." Senketsu continued. "You can't keep getting away from it forever though. By now I've already realized you don't quite hate this nearly as much as I thought you might."

"Shut up!" She randomly swung and side-stepped in a lame, angry attempt to make him stop, but it only made things worse, more shameful, more pleasurable – there was no way she could move her legs or her hips without feeling something and that something grew quicker and quicker with every second; she found herself gasping for air as the straps on her breast became tight, a pleasurable tickle and something akin to a pinch or a caress on the sensitive spots underneath the breastplate and the air became impossible to get to and it was all but amazing as she felt her skin sinking into the uniform more and more, her shoulders and legs borderline painfully yet securely and fittingly welcoming the sensation; this was definitely nothing like the transformation of Senketsu, nothing like when her skin and him became one in battle, but in whole different way, it felt exactly the same.

"It does feel the same doesn't it, Ryuko?"

"Senketsu!" Before she realized it, she had moaned his name out and as she did, Ryuko embarrassingly became aware of the situation, the unbelievably, almost sinful side of it, the wetness that had slid down her legs and dirtied the perverted uniform that wrapped tighter and tighter around her, making the air around her feel hotter and heavier than ever, despite the skimpiness and the chilly breeze that ran through the room that might as well have not existed.

At that point she was almost broken; she almost didn't care; almost decided to simply surrender to his pleasures and throw all pride into the wind; but at that point, like he knew she was on the edge, he had repeated the conditions that would make those pleasures available.

"Get down, Ryuko." Senketsu repeated as firmly as before.

"N—ngh, no-ah!" She tried to resist the tight strap that slowly but surely bend her back, and as she did, she had to move and that damn movement nearly drove her over the edge, which was the end of disobedience for her, even though she still resisted it – even as she still tried to break free of the tight hug and the firm grasp of the perverted battling uniform, her knees finally bumped against the floor.

"I knew you had it in you." Senketsu chuckled. Ryuko didn't have the strength to reply. That was much more draining than any fight she's been in and once again, it was in the same yet different way she couldn't quite explain to herself - but didn't even need to.

"I should probably reward you for that glorious effort you presented. It wouldn't have been as fun if you complied immediately." Senketsu calmly said, and that calmness of his, the smugness with which he had done this to her was exactly was enraged her again.

"You bastard, I'm going to- AH!" The pleasure intensified as he one last time started tightening the straps and then that once unfamiliar sensation burst into something she was scared off for a second; but then her vision was painted with flowers and flowers of changing colour and she rode the sensation for as long as she could, enjoying it's every long-lasting second as she panted and moaned out Senketsu's name.

The whole ordeal and the strong aftermath left her panting on her sheets, as Senketsu slowly, gently relaxed the straps and released the grip on her legs and throat, in the end transforming back into the old, comfy school uniform. With each second and each breath she took she felt more and more relief and satisfaction running through her body and it was, in a quite unusual way, extremely relaxing, making her pleasantly dizzy.

This… weird game of submission, she figured… was as fun as it was aggravating.

"Senketsu, you bastard." She muttered and heard the pervert laugh.

"Say what you want. You loved it more than any of us imagined."

"Shut up." Ryuko growled, but laughed as well, quietly. She was silent for a while, looking out the window into the stars, before she finally gathered the courage to ask:

"I don't suppose that—"

"We could." He interrupted knowingly. "Whenever we want."

She smiled, and that sincere smile soon turned into a teasing grin.

"I guess you aren't as lame as I thought, huh, Senketsu?" She stared down into his one big eye.

She could hear him laugh almost ominously. "You ain't seen anything yet.

Ryuko's heart skipped a beat. "Well…I'll be looking forward it."