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At the very center of where Harry and Voldemort stood, the killing curse connected with the disarming charm with such a great impact that sparks flew out from the middle. But the thread of two spells did not break. Beads of light slid along the connection, and Harry had to stay focused to maintain his jet of red light.

This was the only light in the gloomy darkness of the graveyard, and around them, the trees cast long shadows. In the clearing, many feet behind Voldemort, Percy lay unmoving on the grass. Riptide was gripped loosely in his hand. The demigod looked scarily pale as green light reflected off his face. But if Harry looked closely, he could see the rapidly uneven rise and fall of Percy's chest.

There was a flash of lighting, followed by the booming sound of thunder. This time, it was much louder. Above them, dense, rain-filled clouds swirled stormily in the sky.

And suddenly, the shadows of the trees grew longer, pulling them all into a brief moment of darkness. When the light returned to normal, two figures were surrounding Percy.

Thalia and Nico.

Upon seeing the demigod reinforcements, the ring of Death Eaters drew their wands as one, waiting for their master's command.

But Voldemort screamed, "Don't do anything yet! They – all off them – are mine!"

The Death Eaters shifted uneasily, and kept their wands pointed at Thalia and Nico. They did not dare disobey Voldemort, and hence did not fire spells.

Nico knelt beside Percy as he lay on the ground. Thalia, however, drew herself to the fullest height, raising up both hands to the rumbling sky. Her face was set, determined. Harry had no idea what she was doing, and whether doing that would even help Percy.

Voldemort gave a yell, forcing the beads on the connection to slide in Harry's direction. In return, Harry's wand trembled in his hand, as he tried to concentrate on focusing all his energy in the duel.

Thunder rolled overhead. The previously stale air of the forest was swept away by the gale forced wind. Harry could hear the thinner branches of trees snapping in protest. The grey clouds threatened to spill a dam of water.

Thalia gave a defiant yell, and with a final crack of white lighting and a resounding clap of thunder, big drops of rain began to pelt down hard. In less than a minute, the rain had swollen into a thunderstorm, coating everything in the graveyard with a sheen of water.

Only then did Thalia lower her hands, and stooped down to look at how Percy was doing. The son of Poseidon lay in a puddle of muddy water, breathing hard. And that was when Harry understood what Thalia had been trying to do. Harry himself had seen it before months ago with his own eyes. Water heals Percy, and it strengthened him.

As Harry kept the connection with Voldemort, he could feel his own strength sapping away. If this did not end fast, he would not be able to hold up any longer. His fingers and palms were sweaty, and the wand was sliding in his grip already.

Harry watched as Percy got to his feet slowly, with Thalia and Nico standing on either side of him. Voldemort did not see the demigods, as his back was turned to them. Seeing their master in danger, the Death Eaters surged forwards, holding up their wands.

"I'll handle this." Percy said, pointing Riptide in Voldemort's direction. "Do you think you could–"

"Of course, Kelp Head!" Thalia cut in.

"No problem." Nico added.

Both Thalia and Nico charged in the direction of the Death Eaters. Thalia pulled out her silver bow, and fitted and arrow from her quiver. Streaks of lightning came to her aid, sizzling Death Eaters into a black pile of ashes on burnt grass. Nico, meanwhile, raised his sword above his head, before plunging it into the ground, calling for the warriors of the dead.

Harry felt the wind pick up speed. Rain was blown around in such a fast speed in front of him, obscuring his vision of Voldemort, who stood in the middle of a forming hurricane. Harry held on to his wand tightly with one hand, using the other arm to shield his face from the rain.

Voldemort stood in the swirling vortex of the hurricane, and from the side, Percy strode up to him, perfectly dry and not at all troubled by the rain. Without a moment's hesitation, he stabbed his sword right into the center, leaning all his weight onto the hilt of his sword.

A high pitched scream was heard, and Percy pulled out Riptide, which was coated in blood red. The heavy rain quickly washed off all traces of blood on his sword, leaving it clean.

The hurricane slowed, finally dying down, revealing the dead body of Lord Voldemort on the grass. It was over, wasn't it? But somehow, Harry wasn't sure. This was it? The powerful Dark Lord killed with a single stroke of the sword? It seemed so, seeing that Voldemort's lifeless body was lying on the ground, in a pool of blood.

The remaining Death Eaters who were still alive took one look at their dead master and fled, disapparating into the darkness. Having no more opponents, they strolled back to their friends.

Percy grinned. "That wasn't so hard, was it?"

Thalia gave Percy a glare that made Harry glad it wasn't directed at him. "Wasn't so hard? Last I remember, we were saving you from some serious empousai venom!"

"Thanks." Percy said earnestly before adding with a smirk, "but I was fine."

Both Harry and Thalia snorted at that remark.

Thalia was about to retort with something, when a flash of white light forced them to close their eyes. When their eyes had adjusted back, Harry saw a woman clothed in black strode towards them.

"Nemesis." Percy said, jerking his head in a small bow.

"You helped him!" Thalia shouted, pointing at Voldemort's body. "How could you help him?!"

Nemesis shot her a glance. "I gave him a choice. Voldemort chose to accept my help. And since he has accepted my help, he has sacrificed something important to me."

"What did he give you?" Percy asked.

But it was Nico who answered. "His soul."

Nemesis nodded. "Yes, that is correct. I took his soul in exchange for the knowledge. He had pieces of his soul hidden away in secret for many years. Seven of them, to be exact. And as payment for wanting power, it was only a fair price for me to take his other fragments of soul. They have been destroyed, and since you have killed his mortal body, he is truly dead."

They all nodded, not knowing what to say.

"It seems like you have completed your quest." Nemesis continued. "Zeus brings news that once you have sorted out everything in that magic school, he would send you back."

In another flash of white light, the goddess of Revenge disappeared.

"C'mon, the portkey's there. We've got to go back to Hogwarts." Nico said, running over to where the Triwizard Cup was lying on the ground.

The others followed, but before they touched the portkey, Harry stopped them.

"No, wait! I think only Percy and I should take the cup. How would the judges and students react when you two just appeared there too? They might think we cheated."

They agreed. "Okay. I'll shadowtravel back with Nico." Thalia said.

Nico took her arm, and they disappeared into the shadows, leaving Harry and Percy alone in the graveyard.

Looking at Harry, Percy smiled and said, "We tie? Together?"

Harry nodded. "Together. Victory for Hogwarts!"

"And victory for Chiron's –" Percy paused suddenly, scratching his head. "What's my school called again?"

"Chiron's Elite School."

"Right. Victory for Chiron's Elite School!"

The grasped hands, and together, reached out for the portkey which would return them to Hogwarts.


Dumbledore had announced the champion schools, and since it was a tie, he presented them with the Triwizard Cup together. They were to share the thousand Galleons of prize money among the both of them, but later at night, Percy secretly passed Harry his own share. There was no use of wizard currency back at Camp Half-Blood.

On the day the other schools took their leave, the demigods said their last goodbyes to their friends, before they snuck of the castle. Once they were out of sight, Zeus teleported them away from the Hogwarts ground, back into the hearth of Camp Half-Blood.

"That was some quest." Nico stated.

"And some prophecy." Added Percy.

As Percy walked past the other cabins towards the Athena cabin, he thought of the prophecy that had just gone by.

Secrets shall be revealed, you cannot hide.

He'd revealed that they were demigods. Percy remembered the rather uncomfortable capture that the wizards had plotted when they were suspicious of them. Yep, that line was carried out.

Yet some will still remain, not to confide.

The rest of the school had no idea of their real identity, save for Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore. Apart from those few people, the fact that they were demigods were not exposed. Check.

An evil power born, the start of pain.

The evil power was no doubt referring to Voldemort. He had been reborn, by taking Harry's blood. Perhaps that where the pain came in. So that line, too, was done.

Child of Neptune's last stand, hope while it rains.

Aaaah. So Percy needn't have worried. Child of Neptune...that would be himself, seeing that Neptune was Poseidon in roman expect. After the Giant war, Greeks and Romans had been reunited, so they were pretty much the same thing. And it was Thalia's power forcing the rain to save him. That's it! All lines were fulfilled in the end after all.

Percy picked up his pace as he neared the Athena cabin. If he was lucky, he would find Annabeth inside, most likely pouring over architecture books. That thought put a smile on his lips, and made his heart beat faster. And when he could take the suspense of seeing her no longer, he started to sprint towards her cabin.

-The End!-

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