Bon fire Troll

We decide to make a bon fire at the beach.

The night is warm. There's a fat full moon shining its silver light from over the ocean while you're cooking marshmallows from the safety of Kendall's arms as he's humming some random song just for you. Carlos and his wife Alexa are goofing off somewhere to the left while trying to roast their own marshmallows to absolute perfection and failing miserably every single time.

James and I are walking hand in hand with our feet in the shallow surf talking about silly nothings and kissing under the moon. Fox and Sydney are running circles aroundus , barking and playing in the water.

Logan is all mushy and sweet with his own girlfriend, sitting on the sand by your right - just being.

But then it starts raining cats and dogs.

Kendall's white v neck - the one that he borrowed from James just to impress you on your first date - is clinging to his body, showing you everything, drawing a brigt red blush out of you. Not that your clingy wet yellow sundress hides more than his shirt. You blush even harder.

What is also white and clingy are Logan's pants. That leave him almost completely exposed so he grabs his girlfriend's hand and makes a mad dash for the cars.

You get momentarely distracted as Carlos and Alexa scream happily and come join James and I to play in the rain, in the warm waters of the ocean. I'm dancing to my own beat, hands open wide as I twirl on the spot before James runs to me and picks me up as if I'd weigh nothing to twirl with me just like I had done before. I let my head fall back, but hold onto him. You smile watching us play and giggle around.

Kendall draws your attention back to him gently caressing your hand. You blink the water out of your eyes but before your eyes can open again you feel Kendall's soft lips pressing gently against your own. You open your eyes to see Kendall shyly look at you as he justifies himself saying he'd always wanted to have a first kiss in the rain. You smile without thinking and lean in to kiss Kendall's lips. But before you can Logan's voice breaks the magic. He's yelling we should all leave, the bon fire is comporomised anyway.

James is still dancing with Carlos, Alexa and I and the dogs running around us, paying no mind to Logan's words. You see Logan sigh and hang his head.

Kendall touches on your cheek gently again making you blush like mad once again. He pulls your lips to his once more as if not getting enough of you. You cling to his wet t shirt and feel the strong muscles underneath. His teeth gently sink into your bottom lip and you sigh into the kiss as he pulls apart. He pecks your lips once more then brings you to your feet without another word, but with promises swimming in his green eyes. You both make a mad giggle filled dash to the cars. Not that it matters now, anyway, since you're wet in every possible sense of the expression, but just for the fun of it. You climb in with Logan and his girl and drive off leaving me with James, Carlos, Alexa and the dogs to play in the warm summer night rain.