And So They Did...

Summary: Usopp, Nami and Chopper speculate about possibilities of love, at the expense of Robin and the rest of the crew.

Warning: Unintended and Intended OOC-ness (though the intended one is going to be very minimal, and are confined to speculations and conversations).

Authors Note: While writing this, I noticed how I just built a Robin harem. Hopefully you enjoy! Cuerpo Fleur Robins for everyone! Also, unlike my other fics, this one is already completed (except for the last chapter, but more on that later). I just opted to not upload it all at the same day, but I will be uploading them as soon as possible, so maybe a chapter a day or every other day.

Set on their way to Dressora.

Chapter 1: Being in Love

The Thousand Sunny was unusually quiet that day. The swordsman was up in the crow's nest, doing his usual routine. Their chef was out in town with their shipwright, fetching more meat for their insatiable captain, who was currently spread eagled on their lion figurehead, snoring the day away. Their musician was on the helm, playing his beautiful music that echoed all through their ship. Their current captain ally was resting in the infirmary, taking a well deserved nap, while the noble samurai and his son were assigned the current guard duty to their scientist hostage on the deck. Their archaeologist was in the library, reading another one of her heavy books. It was about a classic story of love, lost and regained, all through the time of a civil unrest in their country.

However, three of the crew members were about to form their own stories, that could probably rival whatever non illustrated classic that was. It all started in the library, where the navigator was quietly working on her maps, in the company of their doctor and sniper.

"Hey Usopp" Chopper asked, looking up from his coloring book, a small luxury he received from Robin "Do you love Kaya?"

Usopp, who was currently adjusting Nami's climatact, looked up in surprise, eyes wide and blushing hard. "What do you mean Chopper?"

He looked over at Nami who was trying hard not to laugh and not to look at him. But Usopp knew that Chopper would never ask such a question, unless given the idea by someone else.

"Did Nami put you up to this?" he asked the reindeer, peering at him with big eyes "My eight thousand men will not like this disrespect!" he said proudly, his hand on his chest.

Chopper shook his head, sweating a bit at the prospect of being attacked by Usopp's (nonexistent) eight thousand men "It's just that Nami loves Luffy, so I wondered if you loved someone too!"

Nami fell off her chair "What?" She asked, blushing hard and scooting to Chopper "What gave you that idea!"

Usopp was the one now trying not to laugh, he was just glad that he had the climatact or else Nami surely would have electrocuted him by now. However, Nami's fists were quite deadly enough, and so he sat there nursing a giant bump.

"Chopper! What made you think I love Luffy?" She asked the reindeer, an aura of terror emanating from her, shaking her fist at the poor boy.

Chopper, who was hiding the wrong way behind Usopp while shaking with fear "Don't you?"

The two of them cowered, covering themselves with their hands, but Nami didn't attack. Instead, she lowered her fist and stared at them.

"I do" She said with a blush "But you two better keep it a secret or else I'll sue both of you!"

A sly grin appeared on Usopp's face "You're in love with Luffy!"

Nami, her face so red, punched Usopp "And you're in love with Kaya!"

Usopp, despite his bump filled face, stood with his arms on his side "The great Usopp is free to love, as he is free to sail the thousand seas!"

Chopper, with wide and starry eyes, looked up at him "But you're number one love is Kaya, right?"

Red faced Usopp only nodded profously.

"Wow" Chopper said, grinning widely "Being in love must be nice!"

"Of course!" Ussop said, puffing out his chest "Being in love is the best feeling in the world!"

"For once Usopp's not lying" Nami said, sitting on the floor with the two of them "Why did you start asking Chopper? Are you in love with someone?"

Chopper nodded his head "I love all of you guys!"

"Nami's asking about the special love" Usopp said, crossing his arms over his chest "Like how she loves Luffy."

"Special love?"

"Yeah, like how Usopp wants to marry Kaya when we get back to his village" Nami said, making the sniper a shade redder.

Chopper cocked his head to the side, looking at Nami curiously "Special love?"

Nami sighed, shrugging her shoulders "I guess it is more for grown-ups than kids."

"Hey!" Chopper said indignantly "I'm as grown up as most of you!"

Nami chuckled, patting Chopper's head "What I mean is you're still pretty young to have that kind of love. Usopp, did you know you loved Kaya since the first time you met her?"

"Not at all" Usopp beamed at the reindeer "I only knew that I loved Kaya a couple of years after, because she was so sweet and nice to me."

"And I never thought I'd end up falling for our meat loving moron of a captain" Nami added "So falling in love isn't always instant, sometimes it grows on you. So when you get older, you might fall in love with someone yourself."

"And then you'll end up feeling that wonderful feeling of being in love!" Usopp ended with much flourish.

Chopper, bright eyed with awe, looked up at them "Being in love sounds so nice." Then he became thoughtful "Do you think anyone else in the crew is in love?"

The older two became thoughtful, hands on their chins. "Well Luffy loves meat." Nami said "As much as Zoro loves sake."

"And Sanji loves every woman out there." Usopp added.

"Then there are the two perverts of the crew" Nami added.

They became silent in thought, before dismissively waving their hands in front of them "Nah!"

"What about Robin?"

Usopp and Nami looked at each other, then back at Chopper. "Robin?"

"Yeah, you didn't mention her."

"I guess she loves her books." Nami said, her hand on her chin again.

"Or those ponel-things" Usopp said, mimicking Nami's pose.

"Or maybe she's in love with someone!" Chopper said, standing up "She's in love and she'll get married and then they'll have babies!"

Usopp sweatdropped "Well that escalated quickly."

But a bright idea crept up on Nami. For she knew the woman was older, and that it would be about the right age when normally a woman would want to have kids of their own. And that said woman was fond of children. And acted like a mother already.

"You know" Nami started "It might not be a bad idea to find Robin someone to love."

She grinned at the two boys "What do you guys think?"

It was Chopper and Usopp's turn to look at each other, at first confused, then their faces brightened to huge grins.

"Yeah!" They both cheered, as Nami got a piece of parchment and her pen.

"Now, let's think of the best guy out there for our Robin!" She said.

And so they did...

End of Part 1.

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