And So They Did...

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Previously: Robin loves Sanji even if he constantly flirts with women because that's true love, and their daughter has a crush on Zoro.

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Pairing: ZoRobin!

Set on their way to Dressora.

Chapter 4: The Popular Vote

"So have we decided that Sanji is the best option for Robin?" Usopp asked the two.

However, Chopper grabbed the pen and the parchment, surprising Usopp.

"I think Zoro and Robin would be the ideal mates for each other" Chopper said, adjusting his hat. He had quickly scribbled in the full name of the swordsman, including a cute chibi drawing.

"Why would you think that, Chopper?" Nami asked.

"Yeah, Zoro hated Robin when she joined, and until a long time after." Usopp added.

"Well he did save her in Skypeia" Nami said, then copying Zoro's demonic expression and gruff voice "She's a woman!" Eliciting chuckles from the two boys with her.

"See!" Chopper said, almost jumping up and down with such excitement "He likes her!"

"But Zoro isn't someone who could be romantic like Sanji" Nami said "Can you even imagine how their relationship would begin?"

And so they did...

Zoro was up in the crow's nest, doing his usual routine of weight training. Sweat was already dripping down his body, his brows furrowed with ample concentration. The clink of weights echoed all around the room, with the sound of laughter entering through an open window.

He would've done more, but because the great doctor Chopper had told him to do as minimal training as possible, he placed his weights back and went down the crow's nest.

"But Zoro never listens" Usopp started, but was shushed by Nami.

So Chopper continued on without noticing the exchange between the two.

Down on the deck were Nami and Robin, sunbathing. He didn't even cast the two a glance, although he blushed when he walked by Robin.

He sat nearby, closing his eyes, pretending to go to sleep, cradling his precious swords. In truth, he's been harboring these secret loving feelings for Robin for quite some time now, ever since Skypeia.

"Chopper" Nami started apprehensively "You do know we're just speculating things here, right?"

Bright eyed Chopper nodded enthusiastically "I know we are! But you did say love comes slow, like how Usopp and you are with Kaya and Luffy!"

Nami, and in a lesser extent Usopp, really couldn't argue with that logic, and so he continued.

So while watching her, he decided that it was time for him to make his move. Zoro would court Robin the simplest way, by giving her flowers and maybe a book, and give her the privilege of touching his swords.

Nami blushed, while Usopp snickered at the implication of Chopper's story. However the tiny doctor too no notice, and continued on.

"Robin" Zoro would say, blushing madly with a large bouquet of flowers behind him "I have something to say to you."

Robin looks up from her book, a faint blush on her cheeks as she looks up at him.

"Yes, Zoro?" She said, her voice quivering slightly.

Nami's eyebrow was cocked up as she looked at Usopp who just shrugged. "Never knew Robin was so shy." He whispered to her.

"Never knew Zoro could blush!" Nami whispered back, causing the two of them to snicker.

"I love you" Zoro said, pushing the bouquet of flowers at her face.

"Oh Zoro!" Robin said, throwing her arms around his neck "You won't believe how long I've wanted to hear that from you!"

Chopper was noodle dancing, a prominent blush on his cheeks.

"You know they don't act like that Chopper." Nami said.

"Yeah" Usopp said, and he continued the story.

"Robin" Zoro said, a slight blush on his cheeks. They were on the deck, alone. Robin looked up from her book, her blue eyes looking at him curiously.

"Yes, Zoro-san?"

Zoro handed her some flowers "I.. like you."

She smiled down at the flowers, her blush reddening "I like you too, Zoro-san."

"See Chopper, that sounds more like Robin and Zoro" Nami said, with Usopp nodding.

"Fine" Chopper said a bit dejectedly. "I'll change it."

Zoro and Robin were alone on the deck that night. Zoro approached Robin, his gruff and prominent face softening a bit.

"You" he said, pointing at her, "Me" he said "Mates?"

Robin nodded, and so Zoro hoisted her over his shoulders and -

Nami quickly covered Chopper's mouth, her face red, while Usopp just stared with his mouth wide open.

"Chopper, what are you talking about?" Nami asked, really shocked.

Chopper pushed away her hand "What? Robin and Zoro don't need that much words if they were in love. Besides, Zoro's not one for words, and Robin is perceptive to know if Zoro loves her."

His bright smile prevented Nami and Usopp from talking him into another change. "It sounds a bit barbaric though" Nami managed to say.

"Zoro doesn't talk much" Chopper said "So he'll just show her how much he loves her. And Robin needs all the good hugs she can get." he said all this while nodding affirmatively.

Nami shared a look with Usopp.

"But that doesn't make Zoro the ideal mate. Imagine what their kids would be?" Usopp questioned.

And so they did...

"Oi Woman!" Zoro said, he had a bottle of sake in one hand, and on the other he held a green haired baby who had the same sour look on its face "He's hungry."

"Glad to see Zoro's acting normal again" Usopp said, while Chopper just shot him a glare.

Robin giggled at the back of her hand, and put her book down. "Come on then," she said, gesturing for him to give her the baby, as she casually unbuttoned her top.

Zoro blushed "Oi Oi Woman what do you think you're doing?"

"Getting ready to feed my son, of course" She said simply, taking their baby with several of her phantom hands, cradling him when they reached her real arms. She smiled at her husband as she started to breastfeed their baby, with her shirt shrugged wide open. On the deck of Sunny. For all the world to see.

"Do you honestly think Robin would be that forward?" Nami said, slapping Usopp in the back of his head.

The sniper rubbed the sore spot "Why me? It's Chopper's story!"

Chopper looked at them quizzically "What's wrong with that? Feeding a child is a beautiful thing." Nami could only awe at the innocence of their young doctor.

"Thank goodness Robin has long hair" was all she could mutter as he continued on his story.

Sanji would run around, with a severe nosebleed, unbeknownst to them, while Zoro would only look on, blushing. Robin smiled up at him, her hair covering the side of her chest without a baby, and so he sat down on the deck, right besides her lawn chair, while she fed their son.

"So I was thinking" He started, trying to avoid looking at her exposed chest "At the next port, maybe we can find a swords smith to forge-"

"No" Robin said simply.

A vein appeared on Zoro's head "No?"


"No?" Zoro's voice was rising now, and he had an itching feeling to reach for his sword.

"Stop hijacking my story Usopp, I don't want them to fight!" Chopper cried, hitting the marksman with his hooves.

"So I was thinking" He started, trying to avoid looking at her exposed breast, and his little boy happily sucking on it "At the next port, maybe we can find a swords smith to forge something for our Saul."

"A real sword?" Robin asked, looking at him.

He nodded "Yeah, he is the son of the soon to be world's greatest swordsman." He did a muscle pose for emphasis.

"Don't think Zoro does muscle poses, Chopper" Nami started to say, but stopped when the reindeer gave her one of his puppy eyed looks.

Robin giggled at this, and he smiled down at her son, then looked up at Zoro with worry in her eyes.

"But Zoro, dear, wouldn't you want him to learn with a wooden sword first?" She said "I mean, he's not even a year old."

"I know, but when his age comes, he's going to need a strong sword. They can bond while he's still a baby!" Zoro said excitedly, imagining a sword as a stuffed toy for a child to carry around.

"Should we stop him? They're getting a bit out of character." Usopp whispered to Nami, as they both watched Chopper with his innocent and childish expression as he regaled the story.

Nami just shook her head in defeat.

"But I wouldn't want our dear son to get injured" Said Robin, in a dramatic way, shying her eyes away, full of tears "Oh what would I do if he ever gets cut, just like his reckless father."

Waves splashed around the Sunny, emphasizing the terror in her woes.

"My love!" Zoro said, kneeling in front of her, holding her free hand "Don't you worry" He said, his eyes shining with passion "We have the best doctor in our ship!"

"Oh my love~!" Robin exclaimed, with the some tears in her eyes "You're right!"

She stood up, cradling her baby in her arms (with her shirt miraculously buttoned up), "We have the world's greatest Doctor Chopper~!"

She clutched Zoro's chest, and he holds her tight, as they look longingly at the horizon, the sun setting behind them, basking them in an orange glow as waves roughly lapped at the ship.

Chopper was now dancing his doctor dance "You won't make me happy even if you call me a great doctor, you bitches!"

He said in a singsong voice. Nami and Usopp can only watch a bit dumbfounded. But they did have smiles on their faces, for the doctor looked so happy talking about the possibility of the two demons getting together.

Outside, Zoro, who was napping, woke up with an uncharacteristic smile. He wasn't sure why, but he just knew that something great happened.

End Part 4.

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