The Winchesters were supposed to the agents of the Father, agents that would save the world from the apocalypse, agents that would keep the world safe from all forms of evil. The Winchester boys were fated to be born from the moment their parents were conceived. Mary, who came from a race of warriors, who struggled to be something other than a warrior, who wanted to be a wife, a loving mother, struggled against the darkness, but like all mortals, allowed some of that darkness to taint her thus allowing for one of the agents of The Father to be tainted as well. And John Winchester, a man of strength and determination, from the wrong side of the tracks, with an unknown legacy was destined to be the mortal father of those who would save the world. However, like Mary, he allowed the darkness to taint him as well, and that taint forged the other agent of The Father. The all-knowing Father wasn't surprised by these turns of events, even though he hadn't planned on them, he knew the agents of darkness were powerful, but he had constructed his agents to be stronger, and they proved to be…they were Sam and Dean Winchester…they were strong….they were legends.

But like mere mortals, they struggled, and the darkness threatened at times to destroy them, and Dean's determination to keep his little brother safe, something that The Father had ingrained in his personality, sacrificed himself to the depths of hell for eternity to save the younger. A move although not unexpected was not in the plan, and The Father had to send his agents, one in particular, to go to the bowls of hell and save the man who would be one half of the team destined to save the world. But once Castiel was on Earth and medaling in human affairs, others, higher up the chain of command, wanted a piece of the action, deciding that since no one had seen The Father in so long that he must be gone, and therefore could run amok and there no threat of repercussion.

So, The Father had no choice but to come down there and help the Winchesters, who by this time, were so damaged from the atrocities that had befallen them, and helped them see the light, guide them to their destinies, and they were never one iota the wiser.

He went back to his safe hiding place, turned on the remote to the world and watched as his perfect plans were ruined by the unleashing of evil and the destruction caused by his so called angels. He couldn't risk going back down there and trying to repair the damage, he couldn't risk being found out for who He really was. So as he watched Sam run around without his soul, watched as Lucifer destroyed one of the most pure souls He had ever constructed, watched as Dean lost pieces of himself, and watched as Purgatory was opened, watched as it destroyed the rest of the support system that He had created for the Winchesters and left the two in the throes of depression and sadness, watched as heaven expelled the angels, watched as the brothers grew more distant, watched as Sam became suicidal for "the greater good" and watched as Dean fell apart as Sam was dying, watched as Dean made a choice that would destroy the brother bond that connected Sam and Dean and made them a force so strong that they could end the apocalypse, and finally, saw how Dean took the Mark of Cain in an attempt to alleviate guilt, in an attempt to prove his worth, in an attempt to take control.

He watched Dean slowly falling to the mark, watched him succumb to Sam's distance, watched as he fell apart in front of his brother's eyes, in front of the world, and watched as no one did one damn thing to help the brothers, only helped destroy them. The Father couldn't take it any longer. Action had to be taken, and he couldn't trust his army, the ones that were supposed to be his warriors, and on the side of good. They had it out for the Winchesters, and they would be of no use. He had to get the big guns together, and they would be the ones that would help the Winchesters come back together and fight together, against the agents that were bent on taking over heaven, hell, and the world.


Jessica put the book down she had only been half reading and turned to face the pool where her three children were splashing about, their big puffy swimmies which were keeping them bobbing and floating in the crystal blue water accented with diamond glints courtesy of the summer sun. My life is perfect, she reflected with a smile.

"Mommy look!" Mary, her middle child, yelled.

"I'm watching baby." She said. Mary put her face in the water and blew bubbles, came back to the surface and pushed blonde hair out of her face.

"Did'ya see mommy?"

Jessica smiled and clapped. "I saw! You did a good job!" The children went back to their play, and Jessica couldn't wipe the smile from her face if she'd tried. This weekend marked the tenth anniversary since she had married Sam, and the last ten years had been marvelous, spectacular even.

The doorbell rang from the other side of the house. "Everyone, get out of the pool for a minute."

"Why mom?!" Tucker, her oldest, complained.

"There is someone at the door and you guys can't be in there by yourselves."

"But I'm 8 now mom, I can take care of the others."

"I know you can, but do this for me, just because it makes me feel better." Tucker visibly sighed and encouraged his younger siblings, grudgingly, to get out of the pool. The doorbell rang again, and Jessica waited until she saw all three heads sitting on the swing set before she went inside.

Her feet slapping against the rich hardwood floors echoed all of the way up to the top of the cathedral ceilings. "I'm coming!" She called as she almost skidded to the door. She resisted a giggle. 30 year old women, living in the lap of luxury, didn't giggle at the idea of skidding to the door.

She opened the door and there stood a man, rather short, with tight curly hair and a beard, and the most amazing blue eyes. He gave her a weak smile.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Actually you can Jessica Moore." She was disturbed at the use of her maiden name.

"It's Jessica Winchester." She corrected trying to take control of the fear rising up in her chest.

"I know. But I need your help Jessica Moore."

"I haven't been Jessica Moore for 10 years." Her anxiety escalated

"Jessica Lee Moore, you are needed to serve." With every repetition of her full maiden name things around her started disappearing. First it was the bathing suit she was wearing which was replaced by a white nightgown, next was the sunlight streaming into the California home, and finally it was the furniture which was replaced with older furniture covered in sheets.

"What…What's going on?" She asked stepping back from the shorter man as he stepped over the threshold.

"This was the house that you and your parents vacationed in when you were little."

"What? What did you do to my house? Sam and I furnished this house." She backed up into a wall and couldn't move any further.

"No. You didn't. Jessica you remember. You died when you were 21."

"No." She stated boldly, her hands clenched into fists at her side.

"Yes. Sam was away with his brother, and left you alone. You made him cookies, and a demon came, you smelled the sulfur remember? You smelled the cookies to make sure you hadn't messed them up, and then you were throw to the wall and force up the ceiling."

The memories were flooding over her. Her fists relaxed, and tears welled up in her big blue eyes. "His eyes were yellow." She croaked out. "They were yellow, and he told me that I needed to die, that I had to be out of the way for Sam to achieve his destiny."

"Yes, sweetie, that's it."

She swallowed hard. "Then where am I?"

"Heaven. You've been here for the last 9 and a half years."

"Guess confession really did save my soul." The curly haired man gave a small chuckle.

"Being a good person saved your soul Jessica."

"Why are you here?"

"Sam needs you."

Her eyes went wide. "Sam? Is he?"

"He's alive. But I need your help, I need you to help me convince him that he can't be distant from his brother."

"He didn't speak to his brother while he was in college."

"I know. But the bond hadn't been broken. They were very much still brothers, and that connection, that bond, was still strong, and all of the evil in the world knew that they weren't able to break through that. That bond…Sam has disconnected his end, and things are happening…things that could destroy all that people hold dear."

"And how exactly am I supposed to help. I'm dead."

"If you say yes, you can make a lot of difference."

"When this is done, can I come back here?"

"I can let you come back here, and I can make it so you never knew an interruption in your perfect world." Jessica licked her lips and nodded.

"I will do anything for Sam, even if I didn't get to come back here. I love him."

"Thank you. Now come on sweetie. We have a couple more stops to make."