So I finally decided to come out and post some of my NSFW writings. I like writing these soft of things and I enjoy them. In fact I've been working on other stories for a while. If you've ever read anything by the author "Pair of Doofs", I am one of the cowriters for those stories. Now I want to post them on my own. So I hope you enjoy these stories, and don't be afraid to write a review or such!

Phineas wiped the sweat off of his brow and bent backwards to stretch the muscles in his back. He did agree to do the yard work for Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro, but his seventeen year old brain was really only caring about the money he agreed upon than how much work needed to be done. But after a few days of manual labor he had nearly completed his task. The front door to the home opened and out stepped Mrs. Shapiro with a glass of lemonade for the red head.

"Oh, Phineas this is all so very nice. It looks wonderful."

"Thank you Mrs. Garcia-Shapiro. I'm glad you like it."

Vivian handed the beverage to Phineas, who quickly started to guzzle down the cold drink. "I'm very glad with your work. Listen, I have to go do a few errands and I will be gone for a few hours. If you want, you can go upstairs and take a shower and get cleaned up; there are even some snacks on the counter if you want. Everything else can really wait for a little bit longer."

"Thank you Mrs. Shapiro. I'll take you up on your offer."

Vivian nodded. "Just take the towels down to the laundry room before you leave please. I'll take care of everything else."

"Thank you again. I'll just sit out here to cool down a little bit first."

"Just do what you like Phineas. I trust you."

Phineas went and sat down on the front porch in the shade, continuing to sip on his lemonade. Mrs. Shapiro went back inside and called for her daughter to come down stairs.

"Yes mom, what is it?"

"I need to go out and do a few errands. I'll be gone a few hours, but in the meantime can you do a couple things, just do the dishwasher, and the laundry. Nothing extensive."

"Yes mama, I'll take care of it."

"Oh, and Phineas is outside," Isabella's smile perked up at the sound of her crushes name. "If he needs anything, please help him. I also offered for him to take a shower and rest here if he wants to, so you won't be surprised."

"Don't worry about me mom. Everything will be taken care of."

Vivian grabbed her car keys and purse and in a few moments, she pulled out of the garage, down the driveway, and into Danville. Isabella slipped outside to the front porch to talk to Phineas. She found him sitting in a porch swing, still sipping on his lemonade. "Hey Phineas."

"Hey Isabella."

"Whatcha doin?" Isabella asked, using her usual catchphrase.

Phineas took a moment longer to answer than normal. Although he would never admit it, he did have a thing for Isabella, but didn't know how to ever go about with it. But today when Isabella approached him in a bright yellow shirt with a knot rolled up to show off her stomach, and her slender, tan legs being covered by a small pair of cut off shorts, he had to focus on his words to avoid sounding like a blubbering idiot. "I'm good." He finally managed to sputter out.

"Have you been working hard?"

"As hard as yard work can be." He replied as she sat down close to him.

"We are really thankful that you did this. Mom is getting older, and she knew that she would like to have someone she knew do it for her."

"Oh it's no trouble. It lets me get to work with my hands some. That's always a plus."

"I know something that you could work with your hands." Isabella muttered under her breath.

"What was that?"

Isabella blushed, embarrassed that Phineas nearly heard her. "It was nothing."

"Oh ok."

The two teens were kinda silent after that. Both talked intermittently, but most of the time it was almost tension filled. Each one almost wanted to fall into the others arms and beg them to have a kiss. But Phineas didn't know of Isabella's feelings, and neither did Isabella for Phineas'. Instead they mostly stared off into two different directions, with Phineas occasionally taking a sip of his lemonade.

Phineas lifted up the drink again, but this time there was no lemonade to quench his thirst. "Hey Izzie, can I get a refill?"

"Oh sure!" Isabella almost jumped up from her seat. "And why don't you come inside? Mom already told me that you could take a shower her if you like."

"No, I don't think that it would be right. I mean I'm just across the street-"

"Please." Isabella said quickly, before covering her mouth. "I mean, just do it. It's the least we can do after you have been so good to us."

Phineas blushed some after hearing Isabella's outburst. "Alright then, if that's what would make it up to you all."

Isabella grinned, and went quickly inside, with Phineas taking his time to get up and into the house. He kicked his shoes off and left them on the front step before going inside and heading up the stairs. As he reached the top of the stairs, Isabella stopped him in the hallway with a clothes basket in her hand.

"If you want I can throw your things in the wash with ours so your mom doesn't have to worry about it."

"Oh no, that's fine. I'll just throw these back on after the shower."

"You have an extra change of clothes in a bag that you left after a pool party if you needed them. They are in the laundry room, and I'll bring them up and leave them by the bathroom door for you."

"Well okay, I'll go in and step out of these then."

"Non-sense, just take them off right here." Isabella suggested.

Phineas cheeks flashed red. "No, I can't do that."

"Phineas please, I've seen your butt a couple of times, whether it was when a pair of swim trunks pulled down slightly when getting out of a pool, or that time that Buford went on a pantsing rampage. Seeing you in your boxers won't faze me." Isabella hoped that her true hopes weren't shining through. True she knew it wouldn't faze her, but she was hoping that she could see a barely clothed Phineas that she so wish to latch on to…

Phineas mulled the idea over for a few moments. "Fine, but you mustn't say anything about this. It'll be kind of embarrassing."

"I promise."

Phineas began to undress, putting his dirty work clothes into the basket that Isabella held. Isabella could believe that Phineas was getting undressed in front of her. Her will was shaking as Phineas took off his shirt, displaying his cut chest muscles and flat stomach. And she couldn't help but giggle a little as Phineas took off his blue jeans and showed off his red striped boxers.

"Those suit you well." Isabella teased.

"Ha ha." Phineas sarcastically replied. "Are the extra towels in the closet?"

"Yes, yes they are."

Phineas quickly stepped into the bathroom, and turned on the water to the shower. He breathed a sigh of relief. Normally in a situation like that, he would have gotten really embarrassed, and depending on your point of view, that usually turned him on. He was glad that you got out of sight before he began to show signs of arousal.

For Isabella, she could barely contain herself. She had gotten Phineas to strip for her and then run to take a shower in her house. It was almost too good to be true. She rushed and got the laundry ready to start, but didn't turn on the washer so Phineas could have the water he needed. She looked over at the bag that Phineas' extra clothes were in, and a plan began to formulate. She was tired of not telling Phineas her true feelings, but now was almost the perfect opportunity without anyone to distract them.


Phineas emerged from the shower, feeling refreshed and clean. But still, his heart beat quickly as he knew that Isabella was still in the house, and he could still tell her how he felt without anyone distracting them. Of course he knew not of Isabella's feelings, but he still had hope. He dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist to pear outside the door to find his clothes.

Outside the door, he did find the bag, but found it to be empty. Another look down the hallway he found that his clothing had been laid out, piece by piece, leading to Isabella's room. Phineas didn't know what to make of it, but he followed the path anyway picking up the clothing as it went.

As he reached his hand inside Isabella's door to get the last of his things, a hand shot out and grabbed his wrist, pulling him inside her room. Phineas let out a quick shout before he was thrown on Isabella's bed, keeping his towel wrapped around his waist. Before he could get up, Isabella jumped up and straddled his body and held his hands on the bed.

"Isabella, what's going on?"

"I couldn't help myself anymore Phineas." Isabella explained. "You've just been so perfect and wonderful and nice and not to mention sexy. I can't help myself anymore. Phineas I love you and want you to be my boyfriend."

To say Phineas was shocked would be an understatement. He looked up into Isabella's eyes and he could see how they were shining, waiting for his response. Phineas smiled and looked back at Isabella. "You know, I am really surprised by all of this, but I'm really happy about it all. I've liked you for a while now too, and this is all a big surprise, and-"

Phineas was interrupted when an ecstatic Isabella pressed her lips into Phineas' for a long desired kiss. Phineas' eyes widened then closed as he embraced the kiss from his new girlfriend.

Isabella broke the kiss, smiling from ear to ear. "You have no idea how long I've been wanting to do that."

"My guess is it's been a long time."

Isabella giggled, and the teens just lay their staring at each other for a few moments.

"Umm Isabella can you let me up? I need to get dressed."

"Hmm, no I like you where you are."

"But I'm-"

Isabella stopped Phineas by kissing him deeply on the lips. Isabella still had her hands on his shoulders and could feel his muscles tense and then relax, letting Isabella kiss him like she wanted. She used her fingers to trace the muscles around Phineas chest and abs. Phineas hummed in appreciation, her fingers seemingly leaving a trail on his skin.

Isabella pulled back to catch her breath. "You seem to really like my touch." Isabella teased.

Phineas nodded. "I like it, didn't realize how much I wanted it."

Isabella could feel Phineas' hips start to grind his hips underneath hers, feeling Phineas' growing dick underneath his towel. Isabella smiled and started to undo the knot on the front of her t-shirt, letting her shirt fall of her shoulders.

Phineas' cheeks grew red as he got to see Isabella's bare chest in front of him. They were perky and just the perfect size for Isabella. Phineas looked away out of meekness and Isabella frowned. "Is something wrong?"

"No, no, I'm just… you're beautiful."

Isabella's cheeks grew red now too, Phineas' words meaning a lot to her. She lowered herself on top of Phineas, letting her chest squeeze up next to his. "You're such a flatterer. I'm surprised no one got to you before I did.

Phineas shrugged, not really able to think clearly as he could feel Isabella's breasts squeeze on his chest. He couldn't help himself as his dick twitched against Isabella's leg.

"Hehe, you're already twitching, and you haven't even seen me yet." Isabella teased.

"I've already seen plenty." Phineas countered, wrapping his arms around Isabella, pulling her in tightly.

Phineas' strong hands felt warm to Isabella's soft skin, forcing a coo from her lips. She loved the feeling of Phineas on her body, but she wanted more. She pushed off of Phineas' chest and stood up on her bed. She undid the button on her shorts and let the fall to her ankles.

Phineas' eyes widened as she kicked her shorts to the side. "Is- isn't this a li-little fast?" Phineas stammered. "We just agreed to be in a re-relationship."

"Flynn, I've been wanting this for a few years now. So you can either enjoy this, or it'll just be me."

Phineas nodded in understanding, and started to let him enjoy himself. He smirked at Isabella. "You have a wet spot."

Isabella looked down at her crotch and noticed that she now had a dark spot where she had started to get really excited for what was to come. "I guess so. It's because of you."

If Phineas' face could get any redder, it did. Phineas really wasn't one to expect compliments, but to hear he had made some one horny, it was certainly different. "Thanks, I guess."

"Can't you take a compliment, Flynn?" Isabella asked, sliding down to sit on top of Phineas' obvious bulge from his dick underneath his towel.

Phineas breathed deeply, feeling Isabella on his dick. "I can, I just well you know, don't take em well, especially when they are sexual."

"Well then you're going to have to learn." Isabella began to grind on top of Phineas, causing Phineas to close his eyes. He was inexperienced and that was alright with Isabella. She was the same, but she wanted it bad. She lifted her body just a little, and lifted the towel off of Phineas so she could see Phineas' dick.

Phineas felt the fabric move, and he went to cover himself, but Isabella stopped his hands. "Stop it Phin, don't be modest. Just try for me…"

Phineas sighed and put his hands back to his sides, letting Isabella get a good look. Phineas had started keeping his pubic hair trimmed, the bright orange, curly hair framing his surprisingly pristine dick. Isabella slowly touched his member, feeling the warmth coming off of it.

"It's larger than I expected."

"Glad you like it." Phineas thanked, not really keeping much focus as Isabella was slowly sliding her hand up and down.

"Thicker mostly, I bet it'll feel good inside…"

Phineas opened his eyes and looked up at Isabella. "Are you okay with that? What about protection?"

"Please, have you met my mom? She's had me be safe for a few years." Phineas shrugged and nodded as Isabella explained.

Isabella laid on her back and wagged her finger for Phineas to come closer. Phineas sat up and wandered what Isabella wanted. She pointed at her panties, and Phineas got the message. But first he wanted to please Isabella some. Starting at her neck, he began to give soft kisses, and slowly descended down her body, making sure to give multiple kisses along the way. When he got to her waist, he traced his fingers at her panty line, making Isabella wait. Isabella's breath had sped up and now she ground her hips into Phineas' hands, begging him to hurry up. Phineas jumped down and kissed the inside of her thigh, making Isabella force out a sigh. He went another step and licked gently in small circles on her thighs, making her sigh louder.

Phineas smiled; glad he was somehow doing the right thing. He looked at Isabella's panties, the wet spot having gotten bigger than when they had first started. He put his nostrils right on top of the wet spot and took a deep sniff, getting all of sweet smell he could. "Smells sweet." He told his girlfriend.

"Thanks Phin, but please get my panties off." Isabella practically begged.

Phineas did as he was asked, sliding his fingers underneath her waistband and pulling them off her slender legs and tossing them to the side. Phineas stared at the longest time at Isabella's naked body. To him, she was the image of beauty, her body tan from the sun and red from arousal. He couldn't ask for anything else.

"Isabella, I love you."

"I love you to Phineas." Isabella sat up and pulled Phineas into her lips, kissing deeply.

Phineas let his hands start to trace Isabella's curves, teasing her wet pussy by getting close but never touching.

Isabella couldn't take it anymore and grabbed Phineas' hand and pressed into onto her bare, wet pussy, soaking Phineas' fingers. Isabella gasped, loving the feeling of Phineas touching her. He let his instinct take cover and he slid his fingers inside, getting his fingers as wet as possible. Isabella pushed her hips up, sliding Phineas deeper into her pussy. He began to rub her walls, watching to see her reaction with each stroke, making notes for later.

The redhead eventually pulled his fingers back out and then gave them a lick, tasting Isabella's juice on his fingers. "Mmm, tasty."

Isabella smirked and took Phineas' fingers and started to suck them, removing her juices from his hand. "I always liked the taste I make."

Phineas nodded and slid his dick in front of her begging pussy, rubbing her clit as well. "Are you ready?" He asked her

"Wait, just real quick." Isabella stopped Phineas. She sat up real quick and wrapped her lips around his 7 inch dick, sucking it to its full stiffness. Phineas moaned quietly as Isabella made sure she got his dick as wet as she could. Once she was satisfied, she lay back down and waited for Phineas to take his prize.

Phineas took his dick in hand and lined it up with her pussy. He slid the head in and after a nod from Isabella he slid in, taking away both of their virginities. Both teens gasped, never experiencing such a sensation before. Their bodies began to intertwine, wanting to be as close to each other as possible.

Phineas knew that the first time was usually the fastest, as well as most painful, so he made sure Isabella was ready to go before he started really thrusting. Isabella told Phineas he was ok, so he started to slide back out but then quickly went back in.

Isabella let her head roll back. She could Phineas thrust in her every time, her pussy extremely sensitive. It was overpowering any pain that she was feeling. Her hands reach up and wrapped around Phineas chest, pulling him to her chest so she could feel his body on hers as much as possible.

Phineas didn't have any words to say, which was odd for the talkative red head. This was something he didn't know how to describe and words seemed useless. He could feel her pussy contract on his dick with each thrust and with him slowly increasing the speed and deepness; he could feel her more and more. Soon, the bed started to rock and was softly hitting the wall as Phineas began to pound his girlfriend's pussy.

Isabella let go of Phineas and began to play with her breasts, increasing the sensations she had. Phineas watched her hands fly over her body and he joined in, massaging her breasts while trying to support his weight. Isabella took his hands in hers and guided them to where she wanted them, even taking two fingers and pinching her nipples when it felt good.

Due to Phineas newness, even if he had masturbated to Isabella for a couple of years, he still did not the stamina that one gets from real sex, and he could feel his coming orgasm. But he could tell that Isabella hadn't cum yet. He thought quickly to what he had read over the internet and so he began to grind his pubic bone into her clit. Isabella was surprised, but she just moaned loudly as Phineas did exactly what he needed to do. Her clit was sending pleasure up her spine, forcing her to just bounce with Phineas' thrusts and moan in pleasure.

Phineas was on the brink, but wanted to make sure Isabella get to cum as well, so he slowed his thrusting to where he was barely moving but took a free hand and began to rub on her clit. Isabella couldn't hold it anymore and let herself go, her first orgasm going through her entire body. Her pussy grabbed around Phineas' dick tightly as her legs started to shake. She reached out and pulled Phineas close to her body as they rode out her orgasm.

Eventually her legs stopped shaking and her breathing started to catch up with her. Isabella looked into Phineas' eyes. "That was great… but you haven't cum yet have you?"

"I was taking care of you first." Phineas explained.

"Well if you hurry, you might be able to get me twice." Isabella urged as she played with her clit. Phineas did as he was instructed and began to pound Isabella quickly, getting back to near orgasm. Isabella was already ready to cum again, her first orgasm rolling over to the next one and with Phineas thrusting deeply, it wasn't going to take much to come again.

Phineas groaned and finally thrusted deeper than before, filling Isabella's pussy with the largest cum shot he had ever had. Isabella could feel his cum inside her and that was enough to send her over the edge again, cumming her on his dick.

Both the teenagers barely moved, sharing this extremely intimate moment together. Slowly, Isabella's pussy let go of Phineas' dick and he slid out, pulling some of his cum and her pussy juice out and falling onto her bed.

Again the teens looked at each other deeply in their eyes, shining brightly like stars. Phineas gave Isabella a soft kiss on the lips and then lay down next to her. "That was amazing."

"Yes, yes it was."

"And to think all it took was for me to have to take a shower at your house for us to get together."

Isabella tapped on Phineas' nose playfully as the last of the pleasure flowed away. Isabella took a finger and licked up some of their mixed fluids. "Mmm, I like it."

"Maybe we can try again some other time." Phineas hinted, pulling Isabella close to him.

The two teens laid there for what seemed like forever until they heard Isabella's mom return from the store.

"Isa, is Phineas still here?"

"Yes mother." Isabella answered, hoping they wouldn't get caught.

"Did you 2 do it?"

Phineas and Isabella's eyes widened and their faces flushed out of color.

"N-No mom that's ridiculous."

"Oh don't give me that, I saw this coming because I planned it. I hope he took care of you."

Isabella looked at Phineas and he simply shrugged. Isabella cuddled into his chest. "Yes, yes he did."