Phineas knocked gently on the old Fireside girl clubhouse door, slipping his hands in his pockets as he waited. He didn't really mind the waiting, he always considered the girls out a small favor and even though they were all older, the girls always rented out the building for group projects and science experiments so everyone could have enough space to do their work and not dirty up their living spaces. He did have to admit though that if the higher ups in the FSGs knew what they were doing most of the time, they probably wouldn't let the girls rent the building.

A few moments passed before the door swing open, Phineas smiling and nodding at the one that answered. "Hey cutie."

"Hey back," his Mexican Jewish girlfriend replied, stepping out into the covered porch and giving him a quick kiss hello. "How you feeling today?"

"Well I'm not sick anymore, the antibiotics finally kicked in so I figured that when you asked if I could help again this time I could say yes."

Isabella nodded, stepping to the side to let the redhead in. "I'm really glad you could too. We've been wanting to try something new with our experiments and we wanted to start with you cause the rest of the guys are too chicken to try."

Phineas chuckled, slipping his jacket off his shoulders and hanging it on one of the many hooks inside the door. "I don't think that's the complete truth, but considering the nature of the experiments I'm not surprised they are hesitant."

Isabella clicked her tongue, but she knew he was right. The guys weren't as open to the experiments as Phineas was, and even if they were no one was as eager as the redhead to be helpful wether he was "excited" about it or not. Though as she watched Phineas continue to remove his clothing as he was expected for these experiments, seeing Phineas' bare skin in any reason was always god enough for her.

As Phineas folded his jeans and shirt into a nice pile by the door, his simple red boxer briefs gave some other things to look at as Isabella looked a second longer before smirking at him.

"You haven't touched yourself have you? You promised you wouldn't, and I know it's been a while since you could come in.

Phineas blushes slightly, his hands naturally falling to cover around his crotch area. "No I promise I haven't, though it's hard not to when thinking of you."

Now it was Isabella's turn to blush back, slightly jealous that she wasn't the subject of some of the experiments, with Phineas looking at her like she did him. But she couldn't think on it longer as Addison called from the other room. "If you two are done flirting, we are waiting on him. Quit hogging!"

Isabella rolled her eyes and motioned for Phineas to go ahead of her. He did so, walking into the second room where the other girls were waiting expectantly. This had become a weekly thing for them, summoning the boys they were dating most instances one at a time and subjecting them to a series of calculated sexual experiments involving timing, heart rate monitoring, toy play to name a few. Phineas was never told why they were doing all this, though when he gets ogled by a few well endowed girls looking at him with a sexual hunger he couldn't help but get a little aroused. Besides, he always justified it as "helping the girls with an experiment." No harm in helping some girls go through scientific experimentation. And as he looked around the room, even as it was filled with various equipment, toys, and ties; the girls always seems to prefer being down in as little clothing as possible. He noticed Addison tonight was barely wearing her bra this time as it was hanging lazily by one strap, with Ginger keeping her lab coat buttoned up over her body as she gave a small wave as they entered the room. "Always ready aren't you Phineas?"

"What Can I say? I want to do my best."

"Well, Isabella why don't you make sure he's 'doing his best' on that table please?" Ginger motioned towards the cushioned table in the middle of the room. Isabella took her cue and pulled Phineas into a deep kiss while pushing him back towards the table, his legs bumping against it as he moaned into the kiss. Her hands were gentle but deliberate, slipping his boxers from his waist and off his growing cock, letting them fall to the floor. It was a motion they had done before as Phineas mounted to the table, laying on his back as the couple didn't break their kiss. They were quite hands, his hands feeling up her chest as hers stroked his bare skin on his chest and stomach, sliding her way to his thighs, teasing at his cock wanting every inch to be nice and erect.

"Now, for this new experiment, we want to try something a little more 'extreme' than what we've done in the past." Addison starred as Isabella pulled away from him as Phineas obediently let his to his side as she attached the soft leather bonds around his wrists and slid a soft nylon strap across his chest; Ginger was doing the same but to his ankles and across his thighs.

"Extreme, huh? Well I certainly don't mind, especially if it helps with the research."

"Well, when I say extreme I don't think you really understand." Phineas lifted his head and watched as Isabella and Addison wheeled over a machine in wheels towards the table. He couldn't really see exactly what it was but he could see a small engine and what looked like a tube attached to it; he could see some electrode cords as well but again couldn't confirm. As the parked it next to the table, the girls began setting Phineas up for the experiment: attaching sensors to his chest and temples that were connected to the machine, and the tube Phineas found out was attached to what appeared to be a standard flashlight toy. He thought he could figure out what it was for, but as Addison poured on an ample amount of lube onto the tip of Phineas' member and began to lather his whole length, let decided to focus less on what it was for and let him enjoy what was happening to him.

After Addison lubed up his cock enough for her satisfaction, they lowered the flashlight onto Phineas' cock, the redhead letting out a little gasp as it went all the way down. "Comfortable? It's not too snug is it?"

"N-no, it's just fine." Phineas looked at the whole apparatus as they finished the preliminary set up and the wheels began turning for him. "So, you're hooking me up to a pump?"

"Somewhat," Isabella answered, typing into a separate computer console. "We modified it to make it a pump but that is controlled by your heart rate."

"Why would you want it to do that?"

"Do you remember a couple weeks ago when we got you worked up multiple times and figured out your heart rate when you orgasmed and when you were close?" Phineas' cheeks flared red, nodding and remembering those particularly exhausting experiments. "Well, we've taken that data and we are gonna see if the pump can keep you on edge without letting you go too far."

Phineas gulped slightly, his hips shuffling in anticipation. "So you're gonna edge me for a while using the computer?"

"Well, not exactly." Addison gave Phineas a slight smirk, handing him a button attached to the machine. "If you can't take it anymore, just push the button and the whole thing will stop Ok? But we do expect you to try and last without quitting. It's for science of course."

"Right, science." Phineas slid his thumb over the button, feeling what may be his lone savior in all this.

"So are you ready? We want to make sure the settings are working before we go full into the experiment." Phineas nodded, laying back and relaxing against the table. Isabella pushed the starting command on the computer, the engine silently starting and began the pump. Phineas could feel it quickly, the flashlight squeezing against his cock, his face contorting as it still felt nice against his swollen length. The girls nodded and tried some other commands, the suction staying on but now two vibrators that has been added around the base and tip of his cock now teasing him as well. The boy moaned and grunted, the heart rate monitor going up and down as he was teased. He had been denying himself for a while and now he was being teased already, wanting to hurry and cum even though he knew it might be a long night. He couldn't think long as they changed the settings on him again, more vibrations along the whole fleshlight and now the whole thing was sliding up and down, stroking him and making him loan even louder. Isabella had to admit it was hot to watch her boyfriend squirm; hearing him moan was one of her favorite sounds.

After a few minutes of this teasing, the heart rate monitor beeped and the whole machine stopped and went back to its initial state, resting the fleshlight all the way down his length. Phineas groaned, his brow shiny with sweat. His eyes looked over at the girls, frustration on his voice. "I was close!" He complained, the girls giggling in reply."

"We know, we programmed it to stop when you get close. It won't let you finish unless we tell it to."

"So I'm just gonna be stuck here being very close for a while?"

"That's the basic of it." The girls began picking up their bags and jackets, putting on their pants so the general public wouldn't be mad at them. As they were finished to leave, Isabella crickets the machine once more, setting it to a constant increase in pleasure over time. "Have a good night Phineas, we'll see you tomorrow."

"Wait, tomorrow?!" Phineas yelled, Isabella blowing him a kiss as the girls left the building and locking the door behind them, leaving Phineas to his fate. He moaned a bit louder, laying his head back against the table. It was gonna be a long night for him, he just hoped his reward was gonna be worth it.

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