In the Wol's lair - chapter 1

"What do you think?" Robert Lecter asked the man who was filling two glasses with whiskey at the small bar that this man kept in his office.

"I don't know ..." Henry Graham said and shook his head.

Henry Graham sighed and turned to look at the man sitting in the chair across from his desk. He had taken the frame with the picture of William from his desk and he was staring at it.

"I've never seen a Omega as beautiful as him."

"And that's what concerns me." Henry said approaching and offered one of the glasses to Robert who accepted with a polite nod.

Henry walked around the desk and sat heavily in his overstuffed chair. He sipped his whiskey, placing the glass on the desk. Henry was an Alpha, and Robert Lecter was as well, all his mannerisms and his attitude exuded dominance. He had dark hair and brown eyes. He was tall and strong and everyone knew he was not the kind of man who hesitates, but when it came to his son Will, things were different.

"How old is he? Seven? "Robert asked cautiously.

"Six." Henry said with a smile. "He's my youngest son." Robert looked back at the photo of the little boy with curly dark hair and big blue eyes. "He is too young." Henry said shaking his head. He drank his whiskey at once and put the glass on the desk.

"That's why we should do the deal now, while he is young." Robert said. "He's your son, it's clear that you care about his future. I don't want them to get married tomorrow, no. But wouldn't you rather be sure that he'll be in good hands? That he will join a good family?"

"Yes .. but ... "Henry rubbed his chin. "I don't know. I've heard so many stories of Omegas who flee because they don't want the arranged marriage ... and the things that happen to Omegas alone out there ... "

Indeed, Henry had reason to be worried. Arranged marriages were a reality that every family who had a male Omega had to face. Since Omegas males were rare and precious the bride prices were gigantic. Sometimes, the parents of an Omega negotiated the bride price with three different suitors at once. Whoever was the highest bidder won, it was almost an auction. Needless to say that the poorest families felt like they won the lottery when an Omega boy was born. Some were already promised into marriage when they were still very young, like Will. They had to ensure that a strong Alpha would take care of them. But the stories that Henry had heard, made him hesitate. Even in their submissive nature, some Omegas refused to marry an Alpha they barely knew and fled home. Always with the worst outcomes possible.

"He is still too young to understand, but as he grows, you will explain to him how life is. He will understand." Robert said, it was clear that he would not take 'no' for an answer.

"What about Hannibal? He knows?" Henry said.

"He knows the need to find a suitable mate and he trusts my judgment. He's seventeen, soon he will go to College in Paris. When he comes back, William will be old enough and the two will marry." he smiled "There is no reason to deny him his childhood, don't worry. When the time comes, Hannibal will honor the agreement"

Henry knew Hannibal. He was a blond boy with amber eyes and sharp cheekbones. He was a very polite and handsome teen Alpha, he was smart and he was sure that when he reached maturity, he would be very strong. He would be the ideal mate to Will. Henry sighed. He had to agree with Robert. Where would he find another Alpha as perfect as Hannibal Lecter for his son?

"The bride price ... how much are we talking?"

Robert smiled, he had won this battle.

Hannibal was waiting for his uncle in the living room of Henry Graham's house. Robert had not told him why they had came to that place, but he had an idea of what it could be. The two adults retreated to the office and Hannibal was left in the company of Adam, the eldest son of Henry, and the two talked animatedly about the College and teen stuff.

Hannibal looked at Adam as he spoke. The two were sitting on the couch. "It can't be this one." He thought. The boy had black hair and brown eyes like his father and was very cute, but Hannibal sniffed his scent and saw his posture, he was an Alpha. Even in a polite conversation the two struggled for dominance and it wouldn't work. The blond boy knew that his uncle was arranging his marriage to one of the children of Henry Graham, but he would not accept just anyone. Hannibal respected the decisions of his uncle, but if he did not agree the marriage wouldn't happen. The bond was for life and he would not accept anything less than the perfect partner: beautiful, submissive and loving.

After a few minutes, the two adults left the office. Robert wore a smile, just like Henry, and Hannibal knew then that his future was decided. He would marry one of the sons of Henry Graham. He felt a chill down his spine, and it was the first time that had happened in his life.

"Hannibal, come here." Robert said nodding to the boy.

He excused himself to Adam and stood up, walking through the living room to join his uncle and future father in law.

Once Hannibal approached them, Henry reached out to Hannibal with a warm smile.

"Greet your future father in law." Said Robert and Hannibal obeyed, taking Henry's hand in his and shaking it. Both maintained eye contact for a while before departing. Hannibal knew what Henry was doing, he was looking in his eyes to see if he was confident enough, strong enough.

"Do you want to meet your fiancé?" Henry said directly to Hannibal then glanced at his uncle who nodded slightly.

"I'd love to." He said seriously, trying to hide his own nervousness.

"He is playing in the garden. Follow me. "

Playing in the garden? For God's sake! Hannibal thought as the three walked to a glass door in the living room that led to the garden.

The afternoon was sunny. The three Alphas came out the door, but they stood on the porch where it was cool and where they could watch over the yard. The garden was very beautiful, flowers of various kinds grew forming a colorful carpet. The lawn was also quite spacious and Hannibal could see him not far from where they were. Was a little boy with dark curly hair running with a labrador, playing with a ball. Hannibal could not believe. Of all the suitors, his uncle had chosen a child? What would he do with a child? Raise him?

"Will! Come over here!" Henry told and the boy stopped running and turned.

Hannibal saw the smile that was stamped on the face of the little boy fade. The boy dropped his head and came walking toward the porch slowly. Hannibal noticed that the boy began rubbing his hands, obviously nervous and the look he gave to his father as soon as he reached the porch was heartbreaking.

"Yes, Daddy?" The boy said with a low voice, without looking at the other two men who were there. "Am I in trouble?" he asked and seemed to shrink, prepared to take a scolding.

"No dear. I want you to meet someone."

Henry touched his son's shoulder and gently turned to him to look at his fiancé. For a moment their eyes met and the blond boy had to hold an exclamation of surprise. The boy was beautiful. Even at six, he was already beautiful. His eyes were blue, sapphire eyes, his expression resembled that of a very young pup, he was the most adorable thing in which Hannibal had laid his eyes.

Hannibal gasped with such beauty. He knelt and stood on the same level of the little boy's eyes.

"Your name is Will?" he asked smiling.

"It's William, but my daddy calls me Will." The boy answered still half afraid and stepped back, looking for the security of Henry's hand.

The boy did not like strangers, he did not like the older man and the fact that everyone was looking at him, much less that other, the blonde who looked at him strangely.

"William is a very pretty name." He said fondly. "My name is Hannibal."

The boy frowned. That was a strange name.

"Hanni." The boy tried.

"Pretty close." Hannibal approached and stroked his hair and the boy immediately shrank with fear.

"He doesn't like strangers." Henry apologized.

"He is not only beautiful, he is smart." Robert mused and smiled.

Will pulled the sleeve of his father and looked at him with those big eyes. Henry bent down to pick up the boy in his arms and Will wrapped his arms around his neck and buried his face in his father's shoulder.

"He's very shy." Henry said stroking the hair of the boy.

"He'll get used to me." Hannibal said with a smile. "We have time."

As they walked into the house, Hannibal nudged the arm of his uncle and whispered.

"He's perfect! Thank you, uncle."

The four spent the rest of the afternoon in the living room, discussing the details of the engagement contract, while Will slept with his head resting on the lap of his father, not understanding that his fate was being decided.