Into the Storm

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Chapter two, Many Meetings.

"WHAT!" Came to unanimous cry from Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, all the gnomes, and Professor Caily. Dumbledore how ever remained silent.

"You mean to tell me," Harry practically yelled, "that the dark lord is your father, and Hagrid's brother-in-law?!" Hagrid had gone a nasty green color and was starting at a wall.

"No, he can't have been!" Rowan yelled at him. "Mum always told me that he was a handsome man, who never did any harm to any one in his whole life, he disappeared because of Voldemort. He...he just can't have been," Her voice went quiet and was barley above a whisper. "Its just not possible, I can't- won't believe it."

Dumbledore walked forward. "Let me see your left arm."

"Why all that's there is my birth mark." Rowan said as she held out her left are for the old wizard to inspect. Dumbledore pulled up Rowan's sleeve up to her forearm, there on her arm, was the Dark Mark.

"This mark," Dumbledore said looking down at her arm, "is the Mark that Voldemort put onto all his followers, it is a way of distinguishing them from one another. And a way to mark his property."

"I am no ones property." Rowan hissed. "I am a person not a thing."

"Yes my dear but to Voldemort, you are his, and he has shown through countless experiences that he always returns for what is his." Dumbledore told Rowan, as she was rolling up her sleeve. "I am afraid that you are in more danger than you could ever imagine."

Hagrid strode forward and place a protective arm around Rowan. "No one, and I mean no one, not even the Dark Lord himself is going to hurt lil' Row, not while I'm still livin'."

"Thanks Uncle Hagrid." Rowan said gazing up at him.

"I think we all believe you Hagrid." Professor Caily said. "But you can't be with her all the time."

"That's right Hagrid," Dumbledore said. "I'll summon Severus, he need to be a part of this." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of powder, he then walked over to the fireplace and tossed the powder in. "Severus, we need you down in Hagrid's hut as soon as you get this. And go down into the kitchen and get the house elf Dobby, bring him here with you."

"Dobby? Why do you want Dobby?" Harry asked, absolutely curious why the Headmaster wanted the clumsy and easily excitable little house elf. Harry was actually quite fond of the elf, and wanted to see him.

"Why we need someone to show Miss. Riddle around the school, and keep her out of trouble. And anyway he has been causing a bit of trouble with the other house elves." His eyes twinkled as he said it, and he gave Row a wink.

"I think I can keep out of trouble myself." Rowan claimed indignantly.

"Oh, not if you are anything like Fred and Gorge." Ron laughed.


"My brothers, their twins. Don't worry you'll meet them soon."

Harry looked up. "No doubt about that."

And for the third time the door to Hagrid's hut burst open, but this time Snape strode in, with Dobby trailing his heels wringing his hand nervously

"I got your message Headmaster. I got the house elf as you requested, though I can't see why you need him."

"Mr. Snape!" Rowan yelped leaping up, and then she did the unthinkable she ran over and hugged Snape. "I haven't seen you in ages!"

"Urk-Rowan what are you doing here?" Snape asked looking uncomfortably down at Rowan. Harry and Ron had both fallen out of their chairs, and where trying their best to keep straight faces, they where both failing miserably. Hermione had turned away from Snape and shook silently. Dumbledore's eyes where twinkling. Professor Caily was following Hermione's example and, Hagrid had a grin a mile wide. Snape however was glaring at them, with such venom that it only helped the laughter.

Rowan let go of Snape and backed away. "Da' or at least who I think was da' killed mum so I had to come here."

Suddenly Dobby darted out from behind Snape and ran over to Harry, after giving the Headmaster a deep bow, "Harry Potter sir, so good to see you again!"

"Uh-you too Dobby."

"Dobby," Dumbledore called, "I would like a word with you."

"Of course Headmaster sir." Dobby ran over to Dumbeldore, hat bobbing up and down as he ran. When Dobby reached Dumbeldore, he quickly explained the situation. "Oh, I see Headmaster sir, Dobby will take up this quest you have given him sir."

Snape walked over to Dumbledore, "Headmaster do you really think it wise to leave Rowan in the care of, the house elf?"

"I see no reason not to Severus, Dobby has proven himself to be a great help around the castle."

"But Headmaster surly-"

"That will be all Severus, I have decided to appoint Dobby as Rowan's-how shall I phrase this-guide."

"Excuse me," Rowan interrupted striding over to the two, "but could we please stop talking as though I was not here."

Professor Caily chuckled and walked over to her. "Oh you know men, once they get into arguing they'll forget about the woman folk. Isn't that right Severus?"

"I. Well I..didn't mean to, what I meant to say was," Snape stammered going completely out of character.

Caily and Snape went into a conversation about the lowliness of men to talk about a woman's well fair as though she weren't there. Well, Caily did most of the talking, Snape just stammered a bit here and there not getting a word in.

Rowan just scowled, until Dobby tugged on her robe to get her attention. "Miss. Rowan mam' Headmaster Dumbledore has informed Dobby that he is to show her around school and keep her out of mischief."

Rowan scowled even more, but she looked down at Dobby her scowl lightened into a kind smile. "Thank you very much, Dobby. But I think no matter what you do, I'll still get lost, and still get into mischief, and please don't call me mam' or miss."

"Yes miss-I mean Rowan."

"And please don't call me by my full name, just Row will do."

"We had better head back up to the school, we do have classes you know." Hermione said. "I'll show you to the girl's dormitory, Row."

"Thanks, but what are we going to tell the other students."

Dumbledore looked up at this. "We will tell them that you are a late transfer student. And I think it would be wise to keep your fathers identity hidden, I will inform the rest of the teachers of you."

"Um, Headmaster something has been gnawing away at the back of my mind, what am I going to do for cloths and things?"

"We will have an order placed for new robes. There are plenty of books here for you to use. Did you by chanse bring your wand with you."

"Yes sir," Rowan reached into her robe poket and pulled out a wand. Then she began to recite in Mr. Olivander's voice what it was. "'13 inches, made out of the finest rowan bark, in its core lies a story to be told, this wand is a most powerful wand for it is the only one of it's kind you see the dragon who's heart string lies in this wand, loved a unicorn. But there where hunters who wanted the unicorns horn, for their own evil uses. They killed the unicorn and stole her horn. When the dragon found out he killed the whole village in his sorrow. After he was through he flew to the unicorn's body and died there out of sorrow. When my great-great-great grand father retrieved the dragon's heart string, there was a single unicorn hair wrapped around it. And in your wand lies the two lovers eternally bound even through death.'" Rowan finished drawing a deep breath. She could hear Dobby sniff from down at her ankle, she looked down and Dobby was sitting on the floor whipping his eyes in a bright red handkerchief.

"What a sad story." Hermione said.

"No actually I think Mr. Olivander was exaggeration the whole tale. I think I read some where that the Dragon actually ate the Unicorn and he chocked on it in it's way down. The hair probably got lodged there."

Hagrid chuckled, "That would be Olivander."

"Now it is time as Miss. Granger so kindly pointed out, for you five to get back up to the castle."

Ron finally found something to say. "Five but there are only four of us."

"You forgot Dobby." Rowan said pointing down at the still sniffing Dobby.

"Oh, right." he said sheepishly.

Rowan kneeled down, "Come on Dobby, it's time to get back to the castle." She held out her hand for the little elf. Dobby looked up, huge tennis ball eyes ringed with tears, he held out his hand and grasped Rowan's and let her pull him to his feet.

"Bye all." Rowan called as she followed the trio out the door. "See you soon. Thanks again for letting me stay."

"Bye Row. You make sure you keep outta trouble." Hagrid called after her.

"That's what Dobby's for."

"And that's what we are worried about, we don't want you corrupting the little elf's mind." Dumbledore said winking. (A/N: He winks a lot.)

"But that's what I'm here for. To corrupt all good and wholesome mind's and make them into troublesome rule breakers."

"No," Ron called form out side. "that is what Fred and George are for."

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