I was sitting in a tree watching the feast when I heard rustling beneath me. I crouched on the branch to get a better view, it was Faith, and she was carrying a tray with her. "Alex! Alex where are you? I brought you some food!" I dropped down and she turned to meet my face. "There you are I've been looking for you." I cocked my head, "You have?" She rolled her eyes at me, "Of course I have, you're missing the feast and I thought you would be hungry." She held out the tray, but before I could take it she put it down on a stump. "I need to ask you a question Alex."

I sat down near the tray, "What is it?" She started to talk but hesitated. I answered her unspoken question, "No, I won't be offended if you ask me about what's behind my mask, wrappings or armor." Her shoulders relaxed. She sat down next to me. "What happened?" I took off the armor on my left arm and the wrappings on my right. She gasped and put a hand to her mouth. The multiple scars on my arms were just a fraction of the gruesome wounds I have taken over the years. She looked in my eye, and in a caring voice, asked, "And your face?" I hesitated, I knew she would run in horror at what my face looked like, it was worse than my arms, but I had a feeling she wouldn't run, but try to make it better, even though it was hopeless, my face is uglier than Hephaestus'.

Reluctantly, I slowly took of my mask. I was expecting a scream like the usual passerby that by chance saw me without my mask, but she didn't scream. She put a hand on my cheek, "What happened to you." I jerked my head away from her hand. "When you're in Tartarus for 20 years, you don't come out the same." I looked back to see wide, caring eyes, "You were in Tartarus for 20 years, who was with you?" I let her inspect my scars while I continued, "I was by myself." Her voice was filled with shock, "All by yourself?"