It was raining that night, Bruce, who was wearing a nice suit and tie and fixed his hair grabbed some flowers that Alfred had brought home for specific use, he wasn't sure of yet. Tim didn't even know what he was doing tonight.

"I'm heading out tonight, please don't wait up for me," Bruce stated before walking out the door. Alfred and Tim continued their day, Tim studying for Robin and school at the same time working on increasing his multitasking skill.

"Master Timothy, go to bed, it looks like you won't be training this evening..." Alfred told him handing him hot chocolate, he was working hard this evening and deserved a break.

Bruce walked up to his final destination and sighed. "It's been a while..." He whispered putting the flowers down. "I know I'm terrible for not visiting in 6 months, but it was hard to. You were closer to me like everyone else..." He admitted. He sat down on the ground letting the rain pour on him. "It rained for a week after that day. Like young child who went to early, everyone who's passed mourned him for a week..."

He looked at the manor which was down the hill. "Tim's taking your place, not because I didn't care about you, it's because Robin gives children like you to do something great, you, you did something great my and Dick were both fought like brothers." He sighed running his hand over his hair and face. "He always wanted me to adopt another kid, said the family was small. Now look at it...It's grown from just me and Alfred to a Justice League and a Family...didn't think I'd ever have kids..." He whispered. "It's been 10 years, I started this at 21...people expect people in their 20's to be partiers or druggies..." He whispered.

Then he started crying. "I-I don't blame you for anything, I blame myself for letting this happen, for letting you go alone to the Joker's hand...I'm're never forgotten Jason, Don't ever think that...I hope to see you and my parents when my time comes, it will, I'm a human, it'll come and hopefully I can have your forgiveness..."

Alfred, who was watching from the security camera in the tree was in tears. This was the most he had opened up about Jason Todd, and he missed him as much as Dick or Barbra or even himself. "I'm sorry Jason..."

"We all are..."

A/N: I started crying at Bruce's monologue, I love the story of Jason todd a lot. It's sad that he thinks he was just Dick's replacement and was just someone he could easily but really he was his son as much as Tim Dick or Damian were. I need to write more Jason Todd. I love this character a lot! Sorry it's so short but it was meant to be.