I'm back! It's Walking Dead time! Soon will be Carl/O.C! Not the O.C in this chapter but her little sister. The first chapter is just my O.C character's view on being leader of her group! Not really as this is set in Season 4.

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I didn't want this to happen. For my mother and father to die in vain. For my friends to make me leader. Don't they know I'll lead them to their deaths? That they'll die? I stand in front of a Target store the group is raiding. I made my instructions simple. One wrong move and we all go down. I get tired of standing and walk in. I see that my group has followed our supplies plan right. Four carts are full of things we need to survive. I walk around and see familiar red hair looking at books. I walk up to her and say" Zoe" Zoe looks up and says" Jess you scared me!" Of course I didn't. I look at the book she's holding and say" Hunger Games. Really?" "What it's a good book!" I walk away and go back to the doors. I see a truck pull up and an Asian guy, two African Americans, a guy with a crossbow, and a brown haired woman. I run back to my group and say" We got company!" I hide my group in the DVDs and CD's and wait. The second group walks past us and Zoe says" Maybe they're nice?" I didn't think that for a minute. We had run into a crazy guy with an eye-patch (wink wink) and he wasn't friendly at all. But still maybe these people had a place to call home. I said" I'll talk to them but if anything goes wrong fire first" Zoe nodded. I stepped out and walked carefully to the other group. They heard my footsteps and turned around banishing their guns. Well the guy with the crossbow didn't. "Whoa! I don't mean any harm!" I slowly put my gun on the ground and said" See I put my gun down now please do the same!" They didn't but the brunette asked" How many walkers have you killed?" "Way too many to count!" "How many people have you killed?" I bit my lip, I hadn't expected this question. "Three" "Why?" "They were bitten. I couldn't let them turn" She said" Are there more with you?" I nodded towards my group who exited their hiding spot. The brunette said" I'm Maggie" She held out her hand and I shook it" Jessica" She smiled. My friend Tobias walked up and said" You have a camp?" Maggie nodded and said" This is Daryl (The guy with the crossbow nodded at me) Glenn (The Asian guy waved) Tyreese (The African American smiled at me) and Tyreese's sister Sasha (The other one gave no greeting)" I said" This is my little sisters and brother Gillian. Athena, and Lyndon. My twin brother Eric. My friends, Joven, Justin, Wesley, Zoe, Yasmina, Ally, Tivion, Anthony, Ian, Felix, Tobias, and Mari" Mari batted her eyes at Glenn who looked uncomfortable for a minute. Maggie said" Let's get you guys to our camp" She smiled at me and I smiled back. For one second I felt like this was a new start.

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