Harry Potter and Breaking Free

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Chapter 1

Harry James Potter of number 4 Privet drive sat in his window of the smallest bedroom contemplating. He had gone through the cycles of grief (shock, denial, anger and guilt, despair and depression and then acceptance) after the death of his Godfather Sirius Black. It had been a rough three weeks. Now with the Prophecy hanging over his head, he was reviewing his life as he stared at the night sky. Glancing at the clock he could see it was going on midnight.

Something has to change. He could not win this war by luck alone. But what could he do? Going back over his life and his time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he found that he was being manipulated. From his choice of house to his choice of friends, and he really didn't know what to do about it. Stuck here with his relatives that Dumbledore said he knew would not give Harry a good life. How could he find out anything from here? How could he see what was going on in the Wizarding world, when he was not a part of it? Last year taught him that he needed to know what was going on if he was to survive.

'I need somewhere to hide and train. I need time. I need more control over my magic, maybe more power.' Harry paused in his thoughts. 'Power - the Dark Lords equal. This would mean I'm as powerful as Voldemort, didn't it? If we're equals why don't I feel as powerful as he does? Something's wrong. I need to see a healer. Why hasn't Madame Pomphrey noticed anything? Maybe she has and she reported it to Dumbledore and…'

A loud pop interrupted his musings. Harry whipped out his wand and pointed it at the intruder. "Kreacher." He stated pure venom dripping off that one word.

"Blood-traitor Master has ordered poor Kreacher to give this letter to the half-blood Master. Poor Kreacher has no choice but to obey. How my Mistress wails that the Ancient and Noble house of Black now it ruled by a half-blood. Poor Mistress," the old ugly house elf wailed.

"Shut up Kreacher. Where is this letter? Why didn't you bring it sooner? Tell me why I shouldn't kill you?" Harry asked hatred clear in his eyes. Only his sense of right and wrong stayed his hand. Though a million thoughts of how to torture and kill this… creature flew through his head.

"Blood-traitor Master is telling Kreacher to wait three weeks after the bond shifted before bringing the letter."

"What bond?" Harry demanded.

"Half-blood Master is now Kreacher's Master. The Mistress is so upset," The elf again started wailing, only for Harry to tell him to be quiet again. His devotion to that painting of Sirius' mother was disturbing.

"Where is this letter?" Harry asked again. 'Bonded with Kreacher? What the hell am I supposed to do with him?'

Kreacher reached under his pillowcase and handed Harry the envelope. It was Sirius' handwriting. He looked sadly at the envelope, because even though he had gone through the cycles of grief, he still missed his Godfather.

"Kreacher I want you to go back to Grimmauld Place and I want you to do your job and clean it. Wait… hold on a minute. Dobby." He said calling the house elf that he freed in his second year from Lucius Malfoy after the man had planted an enchanted diary that possessed Ginny Weasley to release the Basilisk to kill the muggleborn wizards. Harry killed the Basilisk and freed Dobby.

Dobby popped into view. "What can Dobby be doing for the Great Harry Potter, sir?"

"Dobby I wanna hire you. I'll double what you're making at Hogwarts and you'll have one day off a week and you can wear all the clothes you want."

"Harry Potter sir can't be hiring Dobby." Dobby said with an excited look on his face, though a little concerned.

"What, why not?"

"Cause Harry Potter sir is already owning Dobby."

"What? When did that happen?"

The elf looked down at the floor and started pulling his ears. "Dobby is very sorry Harry Potter sir. But Dobby was dying and he is knowing the Great Harry Potter would save Dobby. So Dobby is bounding us together, sir."

"Dying? Why were you dying?" Harry asked in confusion.

"If a house elf is no being bonded, they be dying slowly. If Dobby did not bond himself to the Great Harry Potter he would be dead."

"What about Winky? How'd you do this without me knowing?" Harry was not sure if this upset him or not. On one hand it saved Dobby. On the other hand he now owned two slaves. As for Winky she was freed by Bartemius CrouchSr. for having a wand, when the Dark Mark was spelled into the sky and the World Cup the summer before his 4th year, she must be dying as well. Then he would own three slaves. But were they really slaves? If it was a symbiotic relationship? He was brought back from his musing by Dobby.

"Dobby did ask Harry Potter sir. Dobby asked Harry Potter last year before Harry Potter is going to see his Paddy on Christmas break. Dobby asked Harry Potter if Harry Potter could be owning a house elf would he be owning Dobby. Then you be saying yes. Then we is being bonded. Dobby is sorry sir, Dobby will iron his feet as punishment." Dobby wailed thinking he had done something to displease his favorite wizard.

"No, Dobby stop wailing you'll wake everyone. If you're my house elf then you'll not punish yourself." Harry said and then turned to the other elf in the room, "That goes for you too Kreacher," and back to Dobby, "Dobby, you didn't answer me, how is Winky?"

"Winky is not good sir. She is not working and is only drinking butter beer all day long. Dobby is trying to talk to her, sir. But she is only throwing bottles at Dobby." Dobby answered crestfallen.

Harry really didn't want a drunken house elf in the house in the middle of the night. However he couldn't leave her like that either. "Dobby can you cast a silencing spell on her? And maybe a binding spell so only her head will move. If there's something you can give her to sober her up, that'd be great. I want to ask her something."

"Dobby is doing this right away sir." And with a pop he was gone.

Harry looked at Kreacher. 'What am I to do with him?' Kreacher looked back at Harry and the mutual hatred could be seen in both their eyes. "Just stand there and be quiet." Harry told him.

Harry looked at the letter. Should he read it now or wait until the house elves were situated? The matter was taken out of his hand when Dobby and a bound Winky popped into his room. 'That didn't take long.' Harry thought.

Harry looked at the terrified Winky. 'Should I do this?' he wondered. "Winky, Dobby tells me you're not happy being free. Do you wanna bond with me? Just nod your head for yes."

Winky's eyes widened she nodded her head so hard that Harry thought she might hurt something. "Dobby is she sober?" he asked.

"Yes, Master Harry Potter, sir. Dobby is making her sober. Dobby is a good house elf and is doing what Master is telling him to be doing." Dobby answered.

Harry turned back to Winky. "Let her talk again."

Dobby snapped his finger and Winky started talking. "Is Harry Potter really wanting Winky? Winky is a good house elf. Winky is not liking being free. Winky did nothing wrong. Winky is wanting a family. Why is Harry Potter wanting Winky?"

"Winky is it true you'll die if you're unbounded?"

"Yes Harry Potter sir, this is being true."

"Then I won't let that happen. How do we bond?"

"Winky is asking Harry Potter does he want to bond with Winky. And Harry Potter is saying yes or no." Winky said in wide-eyed wonder.

"Ask then." Harry stated firmly. 'Is it really that easy?' he wondered.

The awestruck Winky trembled within her bonds, practically vibrating across the floor. "Does Harry Potter want to bond with Winky?"

"Yes Winky I'll bond with you." Winky shrieked with happiness.

"Shhh" Harry said quickly, "Quiet Winky, you'll wake my Uncle."

Winky stopped immediately. "Sorry, Master Harry Potter sir." Winky hopped over to the wardrobe and started banging her head. Harry pulled her back.

"Winky stop. My house elves don't punish themselves. Stop now." He demanded. "Dobby untie her, please."

The wide-eyed Winky stopped and turned to Harry. With a snap of Dobby's fingers she was free. Harry listened for his Uncle, relieved that all he could hear was snores. Breathing a sigh he figured now it was time to empty his room. Though his relatives were not physically abusive (well except Dudley, his cousin, who had avoided Harry this summer, though had been quite a bully in the past) they had quite a temper and Harry did not want to be locked in his room again.

"Dobby, Winky, I want you to go to Hogwarts in the morning and tell the Headmaster you've found work and you'll be leaving. Don't tell him who just that you found a family. After that I want you to go to Grimmauld Place, Kreacher will already be there. When you get there, Dobby, start with the attic. See if there's a trunk up there, a large one or expandable one. Clean it out." Harry ordered, and turned to the other elves, "Kreacher and Winky I want you two to clean up and put something presentable on, when you're done go help Dobby. Remove all the Dark objects and put them in the trunk. If you fill that trunk find another. Don't throw anything out. If the Order throws something out retrieve it. It's not theirs to throw away. Put it in the trunk.

"If Buckbeak is still there set him free. If you can pop him to the Forbidden Forest do so. Hey can you pop people?" Harry asked, thinking that poor Buckbeak who must be dying being coped up in Mrs. Black old bedroom. Hippogriffs shouldn't be coped up, but free and flying. He has been there since the middle of Harry's 4th year, when Sirius returned after Harry's name came out of the Goblet of Fire. They had been on the run after Sirius used Buckbeak to flee from the Dementors when Minister Fudge ordered Sirius to be Kissed. Hermione and Harry used a Time Turner to save Buckbeak and Sirius in Harry's 3rd year.

Dobby answered with a nod, "Yes Harry Potter sir. House elves can pop people and anything a master is wanting moved."

"Good to know." Harry continued "okay where was I? Oh yeah Buckbeak, get him to the Forest." He turned to the oldest house elf, "Kreacher as your punishment for lying and getting your Master killed," he ignored the gasps, "you're to take down the portrait of Mrs. Black and move it to the attic, after you're done cleaning up there. You're never to go up there again. You'll take orders from only me. Not the Order or any other portrait in the house. Only me, understand." He waited for Kreacher to acknowledge his order, "Dobby and Winky if anyone calls, you don't answer. Only I'm to know you're there. I'll let you know if I want someone to know."

"Kreacher must be doing as the half-blood Master is telling him. Kreacher is not liking this and the Mistress will not be happy." Kreacher mumbled spitefully.

"Kreacher the only three people you'll ever speak to, until I tell you otherwise, are in this room. Until you can speak with respect you'll not talk, not mumble, and not communicate in anyway with anyone not in this room. Do you understand?" Harry repeated heatedly, wanting to make sure that he got his point across.

"Kreacher is understanding the half-blood."

"I want everything done by tomorrow night. I don't care if you have to take half the wall to do it. Dobby, if he does have to tear up the wall, can you make sure it's replaced? And make look like no damage was done?" Harry said and then thinking about how much that might cost he asked. "Can you get money from my vault now that we are bonded?"

"Yes sir Harry Potter sir, I can be doing all these things." The excitably house elf answered.

"Good. Winky you set Buckbeak free first, then help clean the attic. After you're done with all this get some rest, the three of you. After you're all rested and fed, Kreacher, I want you to find everything the Order threw away. Steal it back if you have to and try not to get caught. Can you ban Mundungus Fletcher from the house?" Harry asked not sure just how much power a house elf had.

"Yes Master, Kreacher can do this, if you order it so."

"Good, do it." Harry ordered. "Go the three of you. Report back to me, if I'm alone, when all of this is done." Three pops later and the room was empty.

Harry looked at the clock 12:23 a.m. He then glanced at the envelope still in his hand. Should he read it now or wait? He knew wouldn't be able to sleep until he read it. So he opened it and pulled out two pieces of parchment. He started to read.


If you're reading this then Kreacher followed my orders and I've been dead for 3 weeks. Don't mourn for me long and remember the happy times. Know that I loved you like my own son. Well, in a way you're my son.

Remember when I asked you for some of your blood? I told you it was for a potion for you? Then I gave you that potion and told you it was for your health? Well it was for a blood adoption. Since you gave your blood willingly, I could do this. Sorry I didn't tell you but since you don't know Occlumency I had to keep it secret. Since I'm now dead it will all come out in the will reading. I don't want you to think I am trying to replace your parents, because I'm not. I have some very good reasons for doing what I did, besides the fact that I do truly love you like a son.

One of those reasons is so Malfoy Jr. won't inherit my title and fortune. You see Draco was next in line to inherit if I had no children. With me on the run and no ladies around I had no choice. And since I loved you like my own son I thought I would make you my son. Do you really want that kind of power and money to go to a family in league with Voldemort? And what a great prank to play on them.

The second reason is to give you a chance to break free of Dumbledore. Don't get me wrong Dumbledore is a great man and a great wizard. But he doesn't seem to have your best interest at heart. He does care but he is setting you up to fail. I'm not sure what his plans are but you're not expected to live. Now these are only suspicions but from the few conversations I have heard around Headquarters I feel that I'm right.

If I am not, then it will still get you away from the Dursleys. I know that it something you have wanted for a long time and I know that it is something Dumbledore won't let you do. Since you are now my son, I have made arrangements to make sure you are emancipated when my will is read. Then Dumbledore won't have a say in where you live.

Get to Gringotts, claim your title and talk to the head goblin, Ragnot, if you can. Have them arrange a healer to scan you. I think there is a block on your magic core. I know James had to put one on you as a baby. It is standard practice if the baby is strong magically. I don't think it's been removed. Try and get to my will reading, have Kreacher take you.

I wanted to do so much with you. Teach you how to be a Lord, teach you how to prank and give you the Little Wizard talk. Now you will have to find someone else. I recommend Remus.

Harry I don't want you to blame yourself. I don't know how I'll die but I have a feeling it will be soon. I'm close to cracking as it is. Azkaban did me no favors and being in my mother's house is not helping. So I know I will do something stupid soon. Remember my choices are my own. No one makes them for me.

Remember I love you and again don't mourn me long. But talk to someone. It helps.

Love always

Sirius Orion Black

Ps. You're a famous wizard, Harry, quit hiding. Use the press to your advantage. If I remember correctly you own a good share of the Prophet. Use that Harry. Get your side heard. Get a solicitor.

Pps. The second letter is a copy of my will so if for some reason you cannot make the reading you'll know what it says. No one can take this from you Harry, you're my son. I had Kreacher take me to Gringotts and updated my will so it will reflect that and you can inherit all titles and monies that come with being the Head of the Black family. Do with this what you will but try to bring the family name at least into the grey area and out of the black (no pun intended). Remember you're in charge and hold a lot of power, use it wisely. The Ministry could not seize my vaults when I was in Azkaban because I was never given a trial and they could not provide proof of a conviction.

Harry put the letter down, tears running down his face. Sirius loved him enough to make him his son. All doubts fled his mind. He picked up the copy of the will and scanned it. Other than a few monetary allotments to Remus, Tonks and the Weasleys some books for Snape and Hermione. There were a few people added or removed from the Black family and Harry was glad that he didn't have to do it. Other than that it was all his including the money, the houses, the title and all the possession with in the vaults and houses.

'I'll always miss you Sirius.' He thought not caring about what money was left to him, he just missed his godfather, 'I'll mourn the fact that we didn't know each other better. But I'll do as you suggest.'

Putting the letter back in the envelope and placing it under the loose floor board under his bed. Harry laid down, put his glasses on the nightstand and went to sleep.