Ok here is another story, it came to me one day at work. Depending on the amount of reviews I get, I may continue. But I just want to clear a few things up before you start to read. Yes Ana is a virgin but yes she is into BDSM. I have a friend of mine who is into BDSM and he told me it's not common for someone to be a virgin and be in the BDSM lifestyle but he said it has been known to happen.

"Dr. Flynn's answering service Anastasia speaking how may I help you?"

"What did you just say to me?"

"Dr. Flynn's answering service Anastasia speaking how can I help you?"

"Since when the fuck did John get a fucking answering service?" Are you kidding me right now, who the hell does this guy think he is talking to me like that?

"I'm sorry Sir Dr. Flynn just started an account with us today, would you like to leave a message for him?"

"Yes" he hisses to me over the phone "Tell him Mr. Grey called and that I need to speak to him right away, do you think you could manage that" Bastard!

"Can I have your phone number Mr. Grey?"

"He knows the number" Click the line goes dead

What a freaking ass hole! God the nerve of some people now a days, no fucking respect for other

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Flynn speaking" Oh thank god

"Dr. Flynn this is Anastasia from the answering service we have a message for you"

"Go ahead"

"A Mr. Grey called for you Sir, he said you have his number and would like for you to give him a call right away" I hear the Dr. Let out a heavy sigh

"Thank you, I'll give him a call right now"

"You're welcome Dr. Flynn, have a nice day" click

I look at the time on my computer and its five after three. Yes thank god my shift is over with and I can finally go home after pulling a double shift. I print out my call logs for the last sixteen hours and log off from my computer, I get out of my chair and head over to the printer. Holy crap over twenty pages worth of calls and there is at least one hundred calls per page. I walk over to my boss Tina's desk to give her my print out of my call log and to let her know that I am going home for the day. I knock on the door to her office and I see that she is on a call with someone so I just take a seat at one of the chairs in front of her desk. About two minutes later she ends her phone calls and gives me a warm smile. She is such a sweet woman she has always been there for me when I needed her and vice versa, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for this woman.

"What can I do for you Ana?"

"Nothing I just wanted to stop by and give you my call log and let you know I am heading home for the day and that I'll see you tomorrow morning at seven"

"Alright you go home and get some sleep, thanks again for working the overnight shift last night, I swear if it wasn't for Joan being the only one willing to do the overnight shift I swear I would of fired her ass years ago"

"It's ok, I guess we all need a night off every once in a while, I'll see you later Tina"

"Bye Ana, drive safe it looks like we are in for one hell of a storm tonight" Tina says while looking out her office window

I walk out of the front door of my work and head over to the parking lot where my car is parked I look up to the sky and see the dark clouds rolling in, I have always loved a good rain storm it always seems like it washes away all the bad shit in my life or it could be the two bottles of wine I drink while starring out my window either way I know I have to stop at the liquor store before I make my way home.

The next morning my alarm goes off at six, I have hit the snooze button at least two times already. I knew I shouldn't have had that second bottle of wine but yet I did it anyways. I pull the covers off of me and slowly make my way to my bathroom and turn on the hot water in the shower I wait until the steams starts surrounds me in the bathroom, I get in and I let the water cover my body oh yeah this feels so good I could stand under here forever and never get tired of it, but I know I have to get out I need to get to work soon, I get out of the shower grabbing the towel that I placed on the sink before I got in, I wrap myself up and head back into my bedroom to quickly dry off and get dressed.

On my way to work I make a quick pit stop at Starbucks for my usual, Mmm it tastes like heaven going down. Soon after I arrive at work heading over to my cubicle I look around at all the people that are working, Joan is packing up her duffel bag of crap why this woman thinks she needs to pack so much stuff just for working the midnight shift I have no clue I swear she packs her whole house in that duffel bag, whatever!

Once I am in front of my cubicle I see a sticky note on my computer from my boss Tina wanting me to come to her office as soon as I get in. I put my purse and my coffee on my desk and walk over to Tina's office, I have no clue what is going to happen Tina has never called me into her office this early in the morning so something must be up I hope she isn't going to ask me to work another double today, I don't think my body can take it anymore.

Knock, Knock

"You wanted to see me Tina?"

"Yes, I got a call this morning from a Dr. Flynn" Oh shit what the fuck did I do wrong, I did all the normal protocols like I always do so I don't know why he would be calling

"He told me you took a call for him yesterday, he just wanted to let you know that he apologizes for the way the caller reacted to you on the phone" Oh you mean the bastard with the sailor mouth, it's not like I haven't had a call like that before from another account we answer for.

"Oh! Well that was nice of him but he didn't have to do that, I'm used to it you know how it is Tina, people go ape shit when they realize they reached an answering service instead of the person they we're trying to reach" It's true people do go ape shit, I had this one call a few years ago where this woman called me every name in the book and then some all while there was a child in the back ground crying bloody murder

"Well I just wanted to let you know that he said he was sorry" it isn't him who should be apologizing it should be that bastard who called, whatever!

"Thanks Tina, I'll see you later, hey you still coming over on Saturday for girls night?"

"You know I wouldn't miss it for the world Ana, besides I need to win all my money back from last month's poker game"

"Hahaha yeah right, who are you kidding Tina"

"Yeah I know, how about instead of a porker game why don't we watch a dirty movie" she says to me while wiggling her eye brows. Tina and her dirty mind.

"Ok sounds like a plain, bring the popcorn"

I walk out of her office and head back over to my cubicle and log onto my computer I put my headsets on and wait for a call to pop up onto my screen. Ahh the joys of working at an answering service oh wait there are none, No I can't say that besides the long annoying hours I put in it's really not that bad around the holidays we get countless amounts of thank you's from our clients from gift baskets full of fruit to gift cards, one year one of the law offices we answer for took us all out to dinner, now that was a treat.

My day goes by pretty fast, I managed to take a break around one but I never left the office because I brought my own lunch to work with me as I was sitting there enjoying my yogurt and granola one of the other girls I work with called me on my personal line

"Ana is the girls night still on for this Saturday" Ahh yes my best friend Kate, god I love that girl she is a handful but I love her, her and I met four years ago when she started working here I was the one that had to train her, it took her a while to get the hang of it but now she is a natural at it just like me.

"Yes Kate it's still on, have I ever canceled yet?"

"No but you know me Steele, it's always better to be safe than sorry, what do you need me to bring?"

"Well Tina is going to bring the popcorn, I well cover the wine like always and if you want you can grab the pizza"

"Ok sounds good Ana, I'll let you finish your lunch"

"Ok talk to you later Kate"

I finish my yogurt and go into the kitchenette to put my granola back, just as I closed the refrigerator from grabbing a bottle of water there he was smiling in all his glory stood Jack. Jack was a nice guy but after the date we had about a month ago I started to think differently about him, the whole time on our date he kept asking me questions that I didn't feel comfortable answering, like do I live alone and how many men I have slept with, None of your damn business buddy how many men I have or have not slept with. And ever since that date he has been trying to go out with me again, I finally had to tell him it was a bad idea in the first place to go out with him, that it's bad for the company to have employees dating in case something goes wrong in the relationship which of course it true but he doesn't seem to care.

"Hi Ana I didn't mean to scare you"

"No it's ok jack I just didn't hear you come in"

"So Ana I was think how would you like to go out with me this Saturday night, I hear there is a new club opening up downtown called 'Mile High' on Saturday and figured why not check it out" Please like I would ever go anywhere with you to a place called mile high, keep dreaming buddy

"Sorry jack I can't, it's my girl's night with my friends and I wouldn't want to disappoint them by canceling on them" he looks pissed Oh well take the freaking hint already I don't like you

"Well maybe some other time then" fat chance in hell Jack, hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.

"Yeah maybe, got to go my lunch is over" when I walk out of the kitchen and head back over to my desk I look over my shoulder and I see that jack is leaning in the door frame of the kitchenette licking his lips and staring at my ass. Gross!

Three o'clock couldn't come any faster, just as I was ready to take off my headsets a call comes in on my computer, shit I really need to remember to log off first then worry about my head set. Oh what the fuck it's a call for Dr. Flynn's office.

"Good afternoon Dr. Flynn's answering service Anastasia speaking how can I help you"

"Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me again, the fucking answering service again"

"I'm sorry Sir, Dr. Flynn transferred his lines over about an hour ago, would you like to leave a message I'll be sure to give it to him"

"Oh really, you'll be sure to give it to him won't you"

"I'm sorry Sir?"

"Nothing just tell him Grey called, he knows the number"

"I'm sure he does" OMG I don't know what just came over me, maybe it was Jack putting me in a pissy mood for trying to ask me out again or maybe it is this bastard Grey who keeps talking to me like this, why in the world do I keep getting his calls anyways, I'm going to have to talk to Tina about that

"Excuse me! What did you just say to me" Oh shit!

"I'm sorry Sir, I'll be sure you give Dr. Flynn your message, have a good day" Click, oh god I couldn't get off the phone fast enough. I hurry up and put a call out to Dr. Flynn to give him his message

Ring, Ring, Ring


"Good afternoon Dr. Flynn this is Anastasia from the answering service, I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Grey called for you"

"Yes Thank you Anastasia, I'll be sure to call him right away"

"No problem Dr. Flynn have a good day"

"You too Anastasia, by the way did you speak with your boss this morning?"

"Yes Sir I did, and thank you but really it isn't your place to apologize for someone else's behavior"

"I understand that but Mr. Grey sometimes takes things over the tops"

"It's ok Sir I'm used to it"

"Alright have a good night Anastasia"

"Thank you Sir" Click

I hurry up and print off my call log and log off of my computer, the quicker I can get out of here the better. I stand up from my desk and look around to see if Kate is on the phone with anyone when I see that she isn't I head over in her direction but I am stopped but none other than Jack. Oh just fucking great!

"Ana I just wanted to see if maybe you changed your mind about Saturday night" Hell to the NO FUCKING WAY!

"No jack I haven't"

"Is that your finally answer?" What are we playing who wants to be a millionaire?

"Yes Jack it's my finally answer please just asking me out, I have told you already it isn't good for the company" his brown eyes almost turn black and I wouldn't be lying if I say it didn't scare the shit out of me

"One day Ana, one day you will be MINE" he hisses through his teeth. Excuse me! I don't think so, in your dreams maybe, ewe even that sounds gross

"Excuse me? What did you just say to me?"

"Nothing" and with that he turns on his heels and walks away

I must have stood there for at least five minutes in shock, I know what I heard come from Jack's mouth. I felt a hand touch my shoulder and I jumped and let out a little scream causing everyone in the office to look at me. When I turned around to see who it was I was relieved to see that it was Kate.

"Ana are you ok, you look like someone just murdered your cat or something"

"Yeah I'm ok, it's just…Jack he keeps asking me out and I keep turning him down, but I don't think he is getting the hint"

"What a creep" You have no idea

"Anyways Ana there is someone on the line for you and he sounds pissed" Oh Fuck!

I go over to Kate's desk and sit down in her chair and put her head sets on and pick up the call that is on hold on line one.

"Anastasia speaking, how may I help you?"

"How the FUCK dear you hang up on me, do you know who the fuck I am, what gives you the fucking right to hang up on me" Really this is all I need right now, but I'm going to play it cool and act as if I have no clue what he is talking about and that I was just doing my job.

"I'm sorry who's this again?" Ha! I know damn well who this is, fucking Grey

"Really, I think you know damn well who this is. What gives you the right to hang up on me no one hangs up on me, you don't know who your messing with little girl" Oh no the fuck he just didn't who the hell does he think he is calling little girl, I'm 22 years old, I am far from being a little girl

"Mr. Grey might I remind you that all our calls are recorded so I would be very careful of what you say or who you threat while you're on the phone with me" he lets out a laugh over the phone

"You think I'm scared of you, do your research little girl, you don't have a chance in hell"

"Mr. Grey I'm sorry but I won't stand for this, Good bye" Click

I throw the head sets off my head and look over to Kate, the look on her face was priceless.

"What the hell was that Ana, I have never heard anyone ever speak to you like that, what is wrong with that guy"

"I don't know it must be his time of the month" Guys get PMS right? If not he sure the hell does

"Don't worry about it Kate, besides I'm leaving and I'll see you on Saturday" with that I stand up from her chair with my call log in my hands and head over to Tina's office to give it to her. When I make it over to her office she is on the phone again and she looks frantic and scared as hell, I don't think I have ever seen her like this before something must have her panties in a bunch.

Knock, Knock

She waves me in pointing to the chair to have me sit, she looks at me the whole time she is on the phone, I can see the worry in her eyes, I hope everything is ok I know her husband has been sick for a while but nothing major that would cause for her to look like that.

"Yes Sir….I will Sir….I will make sure I will let her know….Is there anything else Sir" Oh shit she is saying Sir which only means one thing she is talking to the owner Mr. Roach, he is a nice older man in his late seventies, him and his wife started the answering service over fifty years ago with only a few land line phones and a pad of paper to take the calls, now he is one of the most successful men in all of Seattle he knows the who's who of Seattle

Tina hangs up the phone and runs her hands in her hair and then over her face letting out a long and loud sigh.

"Ana that was Roach on the phone, he got a call a few minutes ago, it seems that one of your callers isn't too pleased by the way you handled their call. Grey!

"Listen Tina it's not what you think, please let me have a chance to explain my side of the story"

"Ana its ok, Roach isn't mad, but he did tell me to inform you not to let it happen again or he is going to have to suspend you for a week without pay"

"What! Wait if you just listen to the recording of the conversation you'll see that I did nothing wrong, I was just doing my job"

"I know Roach is looking into it right now as we speak"

"Ok is there anything Tina, I just want to go home, today just seems not to be my day"

"Yeah your all clear to go home, I'll see you on Saturday since you have tomorrow off"

After returning home from work I crashed on my couch for the remainder of the day I was so exhausted from having to deal with Jack and his offers to take me out on a date to dealing with that prick Grey, God it seems like I'll never get a break.

It was five o'clock on a Saturday night, yeah I could be out partying with the rest of the world but this Saturday night was my girl's night. I have everything ready for when the girls get here all I have to do now is jump in the shower and put my sweats on because at Casa Steele there is no dress code. When six o'clock rolls around Kate shows up with pizza in hand, five minutes later Tina knocks on the door with popcorn and our movie but she has the biggest grin on her face when I asked her what movie she got for us to watch.

"Ok don't get mad Ana the guy at the video store said this is the most popular movie"

"Why would I get mad what kind of movie is it?"

"It's a porno"

"Tina you have got to be kidding me right a porno, what are we teenagers"

"Come on, how bad could it be" How bad could it be, how about I only made it to third base and when the guys was ready to slide into home plate his girlfriend walked in, that's how bad.

"Alright fine, but keep the volume down" What are the neighbors going to think

Tina, Kate and I sat on my couch with our pizza and wine in hands, I hit the play button on the remote and I saw next was something I never thought I would ever see in my life but to say that I didn't get turned on would be an understatement.

"Tina what the fuck is this" Kate asked, I know what this is but I'm not them that what they don't know won't hurt them

"It's a BDSM porno Kate the guy at the store said it was their top seller"

Another hour goes buy and my panties are officially soaked, I have always been interested in the BDSM lifestyle I have even went to a club or two, my only problem was when it came to having sex with someone was a no no for me, don't get me wrong getting spanked and whipped with a fogger was so freaking hot and I was so turned on by it all but there was just something about having sex with a person I hardly knew that I couldn't do and most of the Dom's understood they considered it my hard limit. Believe it or not there are some Dom's out there that just prefer to spank and whip over sex.

"Ok I can't watch this anymore" Kate says while walking over to my DVD player taking out the DVD and putting in back in the case

"Well that was eventful night" I say as I walk Kate and Tina to my apartment door. Kate and Tina both give me a hug goodbye

It's been two months since that night with the girls, Kate still can't get over the porno that we all watched. Tina suckered me in to working an overnight shift yet again because Joan called in sick, this is just great I have to work an overnight on my day off, but its good money to I can't really complain about it too much. As I walk into the office building I see Jen and April at their desks, Jen is painting her nails and April is putting her make up on. Once they see me walk over to my desk they log off of their computer and give me a run down on what calls went out and what calls didn't, I walked them to the door and locked it as soon as they left.

I go into the kitchenette and make myself a pot of coffee. After making what I think is the perfect cup of coffee I go back over to my desk, the night is long I have only had to dealt with five calls so far nothing out of the ordinary but around two in the morning I get this unexpected call.

"Dr. Flynn's answering service Anastasia speaking how may I help you"

"It's Grey, I need Flynn to call me right away" wow I don't think Grey has ever called this late before. Shit it says Dr. Flynn is out of town for the next week

"I'm sorry Mr. Grey but it appears that Dr. Flynn is out of town, he has Dr. Andrews covering his patients, would you like for me to have him call you"

"What! No I need Flynn, call him and tell him it's an emergency I need to speak to him right away" Oh shit this sounds bad. I don't think I have ever heard Grey sound this frantic before

"Ok Mr. Grey hold on the line I'll see if I can get ahold of him"

"Thank you" What! And I hearing things did Grey just say thank you to me, oh I must be tired there is no way Grey would every say thank you to me.

I put Grey on hold and look at the contact list that I have for Dr. Flynn, there is a home number plus his cell. I'll try his cell first

Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring

"You have reached John Flynn I am out of the office for the next week in case of an emergency please contact my answering service and they will be able to direct you where to go" Beep. Shit this isn't good I end the call

"Mr. Grey I tried his cell phone but it went to voice mail, if you want to wait on the line again I can try his home number"

"No I already tried his home number myself" he did? Well if he knows his home number why the hell does he keep calling here and bugging me all the damn time.

"Would you like for me to call Dr. Andrews for you then?

"No don't you get it, I need to speak to Flynn he is the only one who can help me" Help you, help you with what? I'm starting to get worried now.

"Mr. Grey I'm sorry, I don't know what I can do to help"

"Nothing you can't do nothing to help you don't know me you don't know my problems" I don't know why but I can feel the tears form in my eyes, I'm really starting to feel bad for him right now, I have always been there for my friends. Shit! Shit! Shit! What am I going to do?

"I'm….I'm sorry Sir" that's it the flood gates have been opened after two months of dealing with his bullshit, my body finally can't take it anymore

"What do you have to be sorry about, it's not like you would listen to my problems" Maybe that's it, he just needs someone to listen to him

"I could try, my friends have always told me I'm a great listener, it's not like I know you or anything" there is a pause brief pause in his breathing "Mr. Grey are you there" and that when I hear it, he lets out a breath it's like a sadness has come over him

"I had a nightmare" another pause "Do you really want to hear this" No!


"When I was young, around four years old, I can't believe I am telling you this, I have never told anyone about this besides Flynn. Fuck! When I was four my birthmother died she was a drug addict, she had a pimp who used to beat the shit out of me on a daily basis, and he would use me as his own personal ash tray, when I woke up just a little while ago I swear I could smell my flesh burning again" I could hear the terror in his voice as he spoke, I don't know why but I have this need to hold him in my arms and protect keep. No child should have had to deal with that at that age

"I don't always have these nightmares, it's just that I have been dealing with a lot of stress at my company and my family I know they love me but I always feel as if I am not enough for them, and I have never let my mother hold me"

"Your mother?"

"My adopted mother Grace, after the police found me with my birthmother who had been dead for four days, they took me to the hospital and Grace she saved me, and she was my saving Grace, my angel. But I have never been able to let her touch me the pain is just too much for me"

"When I was six my parents adopted my sister, she was just a baby she looked so beautiful like an angel, I loved her so much"

"What brother wouldn't love his sister weather she was blood or not" I told him

"But it hurt my mother, my sister is the only one who I would let touch me, she is the only one and it pains my mother that she isn't the one that can touch me"

"Mr. Grey…" he stops me

"Christian call me Christian Anastasia please"

"Christian I am sure your mother understands why it is that you won't let her touch you, but I am sure she still loves you the same no matter if you let her touch you or not, your mother's love is unconditional she will love you until the day she dies"

"Your right, I know she loves me and I her, I just wish there was a way I could show her"

"You could always start small, hold her hand and then work from there, it might take a while but it's a start"

"I don't know if I can"

"How do you know unless you try, just because your birthmother might have never loved you doesn't mean other people don't love you as well, it sounds to me you have a very caring family and would do anything to show you that they care, you're lucky not many people have that type of love"

"What about you, do you have someone who loves you and is there for you when you need them, I bet your parents are very proud of you and everything you do" he asks me. Wait how did this turn into me, why does he want to know about my life and my family.

"I don't know, my father passed away a few days after I was born"

"I'm sorry for your loss"

"It's ok, my mother remarried not long after to my step-father Ray, he adopted me as his own but about 5 years later my mother divorced him and moved on to husband number three and then again to husband number four, when I was fifteen I couldn't take it anymore, so I moved to Seattle to live with my step-father Ray, I only talk to my mother every once in a while we don't have that connection anymore" Why am I spilling my guts to this man, I don't even know him but yet I just want to tell him everything about me

I take note of the time, it's four in the morning I can't believe it I have been on the phone with him for two hours, both of us sharing our life stories with each other it feels so natural right now I feel as if I could tell him anything and I don't even know him, I don't even know what he looks like all I know right now is that his name is Christian grey and that he has a family that loves him.

"I should let you go Mr. Grey, it's very late and I think you should get some sleep"

"Your right I should, but I don't want to hang up with you Anastasia, I like talking with you" The way he says my name sends shivers up my spine

"I like talking to you too Christian" I hear him let out a long sigh

"Can I call you again sometime, you know if I have another nightmare?"

"Um…I…Well…I don't always work the midnight shift, I was just covering for one of the girls who work here"

"That's ok I would still like to talk to you again, your easy to talk too"

"Ok, I work tomorrow from seven to three, you can call me anytime between those hours"

"I'd like that Anastasia, thank you for listening"

"You're welcome Christian thank you for listening to me"

"Good night Anastasia"

"Good night Christian, sweet dreams" Click. The line went dead and for some reason my heart ached for that man, I wanted to be with him I didn't want to end the call but I knew I had to. There was something about him his voice his voice was warm and soothing

The rest of my shift went by quickly, around six o'clock I went to the front door of the office building and unlocked it, soon everyone would be coming in to start their shift and I will be on my way home for some much needed sleep. When seven came I was glad I wanted to get home. I logged off my computer and gathered my things and left. By the time I got home it was fifteen after seven, I took my clothes off and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and crawled into bed. I was just about to close my eyes and let sleep take over when I heard a beep come from my phone, I reached over to my nightstand and picked up my phone and seen there was a text message from an unknown number

*I just wanted to make sure you made it home safe. Who the hell

*Who is this?

*Christian, I had one of my IT guys find your number, is that creepy?

*A little, but I am glad you did, did you get any sleep?

"Yes I did sleep some, no nightmares

*I'm happy to hear that

*Get some sleep, I will call you tomorrow. Good night Anastasia

*Good morning Christian :-)

I don't know why but I held my phone close to me, I laid in bed thinking of his voice and I found myself in a deep sleep, I don't know why but I found myself dreaming of him, his face was blank but in my dream he was holding me close to him, my hands were holding his my lips were on his, we laid in bed just talking with each other looking into each other's eyes telling each other how much we loved one another.

Around three I woke up from my deep sleep, I don't think I have ever slept so hard like that I felt so refreshed, I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom stripped out of my clothes and turned on the hot water. When I was finished with my shower I made my way back into my bedroom and sat on my bed starring at my phone I wanted to call him I wanted to hear his voice again I don't know why. What is wrong with me? For months I hated this man always barking orders for me to call Flynn but after talking to him for over two hours I felt some kind of connection with him like I have never felt before with any other man. What is he doing to me?

I spent the rest of my day cleaning my house and getting things in order for work tomorrow. It was getting late and I knew I had to go to bed soon if I was going to get up at six, I laid down on my bed looking up at the ceiling I felt a shiver run down my spine I don't know where that came from but less than a minute later my phone began to ring, I looked on the caller ID and it him, my heart began to race. Oh my god should I answer it or let it go to voice mail? Don't be silly you have been thinking about him all day and telling yourself how bad you wanted to hear his voice again. ANSWER IT DAMNIT!


"Hello Anastasia"

"Christian why are you calling me?"

"I wanted to hear your voice" does he have ESP or something because that's all I have been dying to hear is his voice too

"You did?" I try to act surprised not wanting him to know I wanted to hear his too

"Yes, there is something about your voice that is so claiming to me" likewise!

"Really, and here I thought I had an annoying voice" I say jokingly to him

"No Anastasia you have a beautiful voice" swoon!

"Thank you Christian, you don't have a bad voice yourself you know"

"Are you flirting with me Anastasia?" Am I? Fuck yes I am

"And what makes you think I would flirt with you Mr. Grey?" I say while smiling into the phone

"What color are your eyes Anastasia?" Wait, did he just change the subject? He did

"Why do you want to know what color my eyes are?" two can play that game "What color are your eyes?"

"I asked you first Anastasia"

"Ana, please call me Ana"

"Ok Ana, What color are your eyes?"

"Blue, like the ocean, you?"

"Gray, like the nights sky"

"How old are you Christian?"

"Are we playing twenty questions Ana?"

"Why not, unless you have something better to do before you go to bed?"

"Nope, I am all yours tonight Ana" All mine? What does he mean by that?

"So how old are you?"

"I'm 28 and you? How old are you Ana?"

"22, does that bother you?"

"Why would you age bother me?"

"I don't know just wondering, most men like woman closer to their own age"

"Well I am not most men" what the hell does he mean by that he is not like most men?

"So what do you do for a living Christian?"

"I own my own company, maybe you have heard of it Grey enterprise holdings"

"No I can't say that I have, I don't get out much and when I do I don't pay attention to my surroundings"

"Really that's a shame, I would love to take you out one day and show you what this town really has to offer"

"Maybe" Maybe! Steele are you nuts you should be saying YES YES YES

"It's getting late I think we should go to bed Ana, I'll call you tomorrow if that's ok with you"


"Good night Ana"

"Good night Christian"

I hang up the phone and place it on the nightstand, all I can think about it his voice again and his gray eyes that he told me about. I slowly find myself into another deep sleep and I dream of gray eyes watching me while I sleep. My alarm goes off around six and I sluggishly get out of bed and get dressed I so did not want to get out of bed but I knew I had to I had to be to work in a little while, then I remembered that Christian said he was going to call me today which brought a smile to my face the thought of him calling me made be smile. God what is this man doing to me.

I walk into my office building just before seven, Kate is already at her desk getting her headsets on and ready to log into her computer I sit at my desk and do the same, once I log on the calls start coming in and didn't stop until it was my lunch break. Kate came over to my desk and asked if I wanted to grab something to eat at the local deli across the street.

As we walked across the street my thought were somewhere else, well more like on someone else.

"Earth to Ana" Kate says while snapping her fingers at me to get my attention


"Ana didn't you hear a word I said, Jack has been eye balling you all day"

"Oh that's nice" my mind is still not with it I can only think of Christian and his voice

"Ana!" Kate screams at me breaking me out of my day dream

"God Kate you don't have to scream at me, I'm listening"

"Really Ana? Do you remember the last thing I said to you" Shit no!

"I'm sorry Kate"

"That's what I thought, I said Jack was eye balling you all day"

"He was? I didn't notice"

"Of course you didn't notice your head has been in the clouds all morning, what is with you Ana you seem different"

"Kate can I ask you something?"

"Sure Ana what is it, you know you can ask me anything"

"Ok say you got a call from someone and in the beginning he was a real ass hole and a jerk to you but as time went on he started to slowly ease up and then one night you get a phone call and he is a completely different person"

"Like how different?"

"Like he started telling you about his life and problems he had while growing up, can you can't help but feel sorry for him and maybe even like him even if you have never seen him before in your life"

"Why is that what's going on with you Ana, is that why you have been acting all weird today, who is it?"

Just then my phone started to ring, I looked at who it was and I had a smile from ear to ear


"Hi to you too, how are you?"

"I'm good just having lunch with my friend"

"Oh yeah, what are you having?"

"A turkey bacon club sandwich at Franco's"

"Mm that sounds good" ….."Ana who is that" Kate whispers…."No one, don't worry Kate"

"Who was that?" Christian asked

"Just my friend she wants to know who I am on the phone with" …"Ana answer me"

"She seems to be full of questions" …."hold on Kate"

"So what are you doing right now?" …..Don't you tell me to hold on Steele, I want to know"

"Did she just call you Steele" he says with a little chuckle in his voice

"Yeah that's my last name" Shit I shouldn't have told him that


"Um yeah"

"Ana I have to let you go, I am being called into a meeting, can I call you later tonight"

"Yes, I'll be looking forward to it" Click

I look up from my phone and met with Kate's questionable eyes, oh I can tell that this is going to be a long lunch break that I am not looking forward to having right now

"Ok Ana spill it, I haven't seen you smile like that" she pauses "Like ever, what is going on and who is he?"

"Who are you talking about Kate?"

"Whoever that guy was that called you, that you so rudely avoided me"

"Don't worry about it Kate, he is just someone I am talking to"

"He doesn't sound like just some guy, it sounds to me to be a little more than just some guy, come on Ana you can tell me" Can I tell Kate? No she has the biggest mouth I know.

"I just want to see where this goes before I start telling all my friends, besides I don't know that much about him just yet"

"Ok Ana but just remember I am your friend and you know where to send the wedding invitation" I can't help but to laugh at Kate's comment

"Sure Kate I'll be sure to remember that, hey while we're at it would you like to be the god mother to our first born" I say sarcastically to her

"I thought you would never ask, I would be honored" Oh sweet Jesus what did I just start.

"Come on Kate we're going to be late getting back to work"

Even though our office building is right across the street it was the most annoying walk ever, Kate must have asked me at least a dozen questions, I just tried my best to not give away any details I don't want to make this a big deal just in case it doesn't work out.