George and Tina were amazingly open about how they came into the lifestyle as well as the challenges and changes that were necessary in their lives once they had children. Our session lasted an hour and a half, and although they didn't ease all my fears, I at least felt like the idea of having children while still practicing some aspects of the lifestyle was possible. I thanked Dr. Williams as I was leaving, and George and Tina offered to meet Christian and me together once I had talked to him about all my fears.

Wow I have over 300 reviews! You guys are simply amazing. Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me.

On my way back home I had so much to think about, everything that Tina and Georgia were saying did kind of make sense to me, they both manage to stay in their BDSM lifestyle and have a family. Of course they have scaled it down to just once a month, I don't think I would be able to handle just once a month. I know right now I feel as if I need it every day but then again it has been about a week or so since Christian and I have had a scene and it hasn't been that hard on me.

I pulled into the underground garage at Escala, Christian's car isn't there so this gives me some time to think of how I'm going to tell him about Tina and George and ask for him to meet and discuss everything with them. But how the hell am I going to even word this to him.

'Oh hey Christian I've talked with a therapist and a couple who are married with kids that is in the BDSM lifestyle, oh did I mention that it's George and Tina? As in Tina my boss and your employee'

Yeah that'll go over like a ton of bricks. Think Ana think, maybe I should sit him down and talk with him. That's if he is ever going to talk to me again. The elevator doors open and I make my way into the apartment. Gail is in the kitchen cooking dinner, she smiles and waves and I do the same in return. I need to get out of these clothes and into something a little more comfy.

I make my way into the bedroom but something seems odd? I feel this cool breeze brush over my right arm when I turn to look I see the balcony doors in the bedroom are wide open and the sheer curtains are blowing in the wind. Why are they open? Hmm maybe Gail opened them while she was cleaning but just forgot to close them.

I walk over to the balcony and step outside, I inhale and hold it for a few seconds and let go. The view is so amazing up here, I don't think I'll ever get used to it. I turn around and walk back inside the bedroom, making sure I close the balcony doors behind me.

I go into the walk in closet and open up one of the draws and take out a pair of my pajama shorts and a tank top. I quickly change out of my work clothes which is nothing more than a pair of jeans and a silk blouse, and put my shorts and top on. I head out of the bedroom and go into the kitchen where Gail is still cooking away, oh but it smells amazing in here.

"Evening Gail, what are you cooking it smells out of this world"

"Hello Ana" she smiles softly and my comment "I am making my famous Bolognese sauce, would you like a taste?"

"Really? Yes please" she grabs a small bowl from the cupboard and ladles some into the bowl. She places it in front of me with a spoon and I taste.

"Mmm Gail this is amazing, I don't think I have ever had Bolognese this good before"

"I'm glad you like it, it's one of Mr. Grey's favorites. I always make sure I make extra and freeze it"

"Excellent I could just eat this all night with just bread and a glass of wine" She start laughing and I frown my eyes brows looking at her wondering why she is laughing like that. She turns from the stove and says,

"Why do you think I make extra Mr. Grey does that all the time" she says still giggling away and I join in. Just then our laughing comes to a halt when we hear Christian ask,

"What is it that I do all the time?" he has a confused look on his face.

"Eat the Bolognese sauce with just bread and a glass of wine" I say to him while wiping away the tears that had formed just under my eyes from laughing.

"Ah yes, well it's very good sauce and it's good on cold nights" he smiles lightly at Gail.

"I'm going to go change for dinner, I'll be right back. Gail can you pour me a glass of wine please"

"Sure thing Mr. Grey" Christian walks out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. No more than a couple of seconds later he comes out.

"Gail when you were in my bedroom today did you leave the balcony doors open?"

"No Mr. Grey I haven't even had a chance to go into your room today, and you know how much I hate heights, I don't go anywhere near those balcony doors"

"Wait the doors are open?" I ask

"Yes I just closed them" Christian sys sounding a little pissy. Geez Grey chill they are just doors.

"They were open when I got home, I was going to ask too if Gail had left them open. But I closed them just before I changed"

"How long ago was that?" he asked and I can start to see worry in his eyes.

"I don't know, maybe five, ten minutes before you got home" he starts to run his hands through his hair.

"Taylor!" Christian screams, and Taylor comes running out of his office

"Gail Ana I want you both to go into Taylors office and stay there until one of us comes and gets you" I look at Gail with a puzzled look on my face and she just nods her head at Christian and takes me by the hand and leads me into Taylor's office.

"Make sure you lock the door behind you and don't open it unless it's one of us, do you understand" I nod my head yes and Gail closes the door to Taylor's office. I'm a little upset that Christian didn't say or do anything to me, you know like its ok baby or I love you, this is just a precaution. Nope nothing. I guess he is still upset with me.

"Gail what's going on?" I ask her with worry in my voice.

"I'm not sure Ana but I think we might have a break in of some kind"

"How could someone break in? We are on the top floor and the only way in or out is the elevator and you need a code for that"

"Yes but anyone in the building can have access to the roof and there is a fire escape on Mr. Grey's balcony"

"Oh god" I put my hand over my mouth. Someone could have been watching me as I was changing.

Gail and I can hear doors opening and closing, footsteps running up and down the whole apartment. Taylor screaming at Christian, Christian screaming at Taylor. Then everything goes silent. Both Gail and I stand there as quite as we can be trying to listen for anything.

I whisper to Gail, "What if something happened? Should we go see?" she shakes her head and says, "No Mr. Grey told us to stay right here and not let anyone in unless it was him for Taylor"

"But Gail I don't hear anything no movement, no screaming. What if they are hurt and need medical attention"

"Ana I think we should listen to Mr. Grey orders and just stay here and wait"

"Gail are you seriously telling me you're not worried that Taylor could be out there bleeding out"

"I am but Mr. Grey told us to stay put"

"Well I can't stand here and wait any longer" I start walking to the door but Gail grabs me by the upper arm and try's to pull me back and says, "Ana please don't" I close my eyes and shake my head. "Fine, but if we don't hear from them in fifteen minutes I am going out there no matter what you say or how you try to stop me"

Gail takes my hand and walks me over to the couch that is sitting in Taylor office. We both sit there for around ten minutes until we hear a knock at the door.

"Gail Ana it's me open the door" Christian's voice is like music to my ears. We both jump up from the couch and run straight to the door. When we open it both Taylor and Christian are standing there looking like they had just ran a marathon.

"What the hell happened?" I asked

"Nothing to worry about, Taylor and I took care of it"

"Took care of what?"

"Nothing everything is fine" I can't that he is keeping something from me. This is just bull shit. I know he is still mad at me but he really shouldn't be keep things from me.

"Fine, whatever I'm going to bed" I say and storm out of Taylor's office.

I can hear Christian calling out to me as I walk in the great room to his bedroom. I close the bedroom door behind me but I don't lock it. I do how ever go into the bathroom and shut and lock the door behind me. I can hear the bedroom door open and close. I walk over to the shower and turn it on trying to drown out Christian's voice calling out to me. Well I guess now isn't a good time to tell him about George and Tina.

I let the hot water pour over me. When I am finished with the shower I exit out of the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around me and my hair. I was expecting Christian to be in the bedroom still but he isn't. I look at the clock on the nightstand and I see that it's only nine, maybe he is in his office working like he has been for the past few nights.

I towel dry my hair until it's semi dried and then grab my bottle of lotion that is on the nightstand. I put some lotion in my hands and rub them together and start on my left leg then move on to my right.

When I am finished I grab a pair of yoga pants and one of Christian's t-shirts. I suddenly feel tired, so I crawl into bed and grab a hold of Christian's pillow and pull it close to me, I inhale his scent and keep a death grip on his pillow.

During the middle of the night I felt Christian slip into bed with me and pull me close to him, for about an hour he was whispering to me. He would say things like 'I love you so much, I can live without you, you're the love of my life, I want to grow old with you and have babies and make you the happiest woman in the world' it was so hard trying not to get him to notice I was crying, I had to act as if I was starting to wake and bury my head into the pillow.

I know he means will and after speaking with Dr. Williams, George and Tina yesterday I think that maybe someday I could marry him and maybe have a kid or two. But I think I need a few more session with George and Tina first.


The next couple of days pretty much fly by in a flash. Christian and I haven't really talked much with each other but he has been coming to bed while I am still awake, so I guess that's an improvement. But every day while I am on my lunch break I go into Tina's office and we sit down and talk more about her and George and how they couldn't be happier than they are right now.

It's Friday morning and I'm getting ready for work, Christian has decided he is going to work from home today. Before I got into the shower this morning I sent a quick text to George.

Christian is working from home today, I was wondering if you could pay him a little surprise visit. Maybe talk to him about you know what –Ana

You still haven't told him have you? –George

No, but if you could talk to him for me –Ana

WTF Ana, you need to be the one –George

I know, I know but I think it would sound better coming from you. PLEASE –Ana

Fine but you owe me –George

I will I swear –Ana

I throw my phone on the bed and get into the shower and quickly wash. When I get out of the shower I walk into the closet and Christian is standing there just in his boxer shorts letting them hang in that devilish way. God it has been way to long for us not having sex and with him looking like that I could combust right where I stand.

I walk over to my side of the closet still only wrapped in a towel. I start to grab a few things looking over my shoulder every once in a while to look at him, in the middle of the closet is a large square dresser with all my undergarments inside. I open one of the drawers and pull out a matching set, Christian is eyeing me as I pick out a matching pair of blue lace undergarments.

I think he can feel the sexual tension between us, it has been way too long for both of us. I think maybe what we need right now is a good fuck! So I think I may need to take matters into my own hands right now. I grab my bra and panties and start to walk out of the closet but I stop just at the doors. I accidentally drop my towel (wink, wink) and bend down to pick it up. As I am doing so I carefully look behind me to see if Christian is watching and he is.

He is licking his lips and running his hand over his chin, I slowly stand up and sway my hips from side to side as I walk over to the bed. Just as I did last night I grab the bottle of lotion that is sitting on my nightstand and put some into my hands and work it into my legs. Christian is leaning up against the door jam of the closet just watching me.

His eyes are a deep lustful gray. Yep it's working. I move up to my upper thighs, opening them just enough for him to see him dripping wet folds. I know for a fact this is working because I hear a low muffled growl come from his area. I work my way up to my stomach and then move on to my breasts.

I let out a moan and I work the lotion into my breasts. I look over at Christian and he is slowly rubbing his erection through his boxers. Our eyes lock, I can feel the magnetic pull between us. Oh god I need him right now. You need him, how about me sister?

Ok it's now or never. I get off the bed with the bottle of lotion in hand and make my way over to where Christian is standing. I pull my hair so that it is draping over my right shoulder, I hand him the bottle of lotion and say,

"Would you mind putting some on my back?" he squirts some into his hands and begins to rub it in. His fingers feel as if they are doing a dance on my spine. God this feels amazing. His hands start to go lower and I feel his head lean into the side of my neck, I feel his warm breath caress my skin.

"How is this" he says to me in his low sexy voice. I feel him pushing his erection into my backside causing me to gasp with excitement.

"Mmm" is all I can manage to say. My eyes are closed s I am trying to focus on what to do next. I start to push back into his erection as to say to him that I want him now.

"Ana" he warns but I continue. I reach my hands behind me to find the top hem of his boxers and when I do I slowly slip my hand inside and brush up against his now throbbing cock. Take no prisoners!

I take ahold of his member tightly and begin moving my hand up and down, he starts to hiss through his teeth. Yep that's working and you know how I know that it's working because he grabs my ass cheeks and squeezes. With my hand still on his member I turn myself around and look straight into his eyes. His eyes went from a lustful gray to a sinful gray. I glide my other hand up his torso to his chest and then wrap it round his neck and pull him down so that our lips can meet. At first our kiss is sweet and innocent, and then he deepens it. I know he needs this as much as I do. I remove my other hand from his erection and wrap it as well around his neck. He grabs my ass even harder and lifts me up. Upon doing so I wrap my legs around his waist and say,

"Christian make love to me" Wow I can't believe those words came out of my mouth. I have never been one to say something like that. I remember the first time Christian had said it to me, it was the night he took my virginity. I remember every word he said to me as if it was yesterday "I'm going to make love to you, I want you so much. You're the only person I'll ever want or need in my life"

He carries me over to our bed and lowers me down with such care as if I was some kind of precious diamond or something. Don't you fucking get it girlfriend? You are his precious diamond, wake the fuck up and realize it why don't ya!

"I love you" he whispers to me.

"Oh Christian" I start to pant "I love you too"

"I need you baby, I need you now" I couldn't agree more. I bite my bottom lip and nod my head. He reaches into the nightstand and takes out a condom, he rips it open with his teeth and rolls it down his length. Shit I need to get on some form of birth control this really dampens the mood a little.

"Baby I don't know how long I'll last, it's been way to damn long" with that he thrusts into me hard and I gasp loudly, it may have only been just under two weeks since we have had sex but it feels almost as if it was our first time.

"Are you ok? Did I hurt you?" he asks

"No Christian, please make love to me please" he starts to move slowly moving in and out of me with such careful procession. I hope he is right when he says that he won't last long because right now I don't think I will either, I can already feel myself building.

"Ana you are so freaking tight baby. Oh fuck baby I'm going to come…"

"Christin I'm coming" I scream out. Two long deep thrust later he screams out my name while looking me in the eyes. I feel so overwhelmed right now that a few tears start to run down the side of my face. Christian falls on top of me kissing away each tear.

"Don't cry Ana, I love you and I never want to ever hurt you again, I want to be with you for the rest of my life and I am willing to wait…wait for everything if it means I get to have you with me" Are you listening to this man right now! Are ya, are ya! He is willing to wait. He fucking loves you.

"Christian I need to tell you something"

"What Anastasia, you can tell me anything you know that" he says to me

"Tina and George are….." Just say it Ana, just say it and get it over with. But I can't. I can't seem to get the words to come out of my mouth, why is it so hard for me to tell Christian that Tina and George are both into the same lifestyle we are and they want to help me.

"Ana what is? What's going on with Tina and George? Are they getting a divorce or something?"

"No nothing like that, Tina and George are very much in love, they….uh"

"Just spit it the fuck out Ana"

"Tina and George are into BDSM and they want to help me get over my fears" I say to him as quickly as I possibly can causing him to frown at me because he couldn't understand a signal thing I had just said.

"George and Tina what? You need to slow it down a little babe, I couldn't make out anything you were saying"

"George and Tina….They….uh….want to help me"

"Ok" he says while giving his shoulders a little shrug "what are they going to help you with?" Ugh I knew he was going to ask me that.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, so that's why I am having George come over during lunch to talk to you about it"

"Why can't you just tell me?"

"I think it might be easier for George to explain then me, but please trust me on this. You will completely understand after you talk to him"



"I trust you, obviously it's something really important but right now you're feeling uncomfortable about tell me, so I'll wait and hear it from George" Oh thank you god he gets it, he understands and is willing to wait for George.

"Thank you Christian"

"You're welcome Anastasia" he says with a smile. "I've missed you, these past few days have been hell on me. But we are going to need to talk about what you told me at my parents' house" FUCK ME!

"I've missed you too Christian, so so much. Yes we will talk, believe me as soon as I get home from work we will talk. Matter of fact that's the reason why George is coming over" he gives me this strange look and is just about to say something until I put my index finger on his lips to Shh him.

"Please just wait until George gets here, now if you'll excuse me I need to get dress and head out to work" I give him a deep passionate kiss, thanking him for understanding. He stays in bed and lays there with both hands behind his head while watching me get ready for work.

Once I am dressed and ready to go I walk into the kitchen where Mrs. Jones already has a breakfast sandwich waiting for me along with a to go cup of tea.

When I arrive at work I am nervous as all hell, in just a few hours George is going to be at the apartment to talk to Christian about everything. I'm hoping this will give us the jump start that I need to get over my fears of having children, getting married but not losing the lifestyle.

When noon comes around I get a text from George.

I'm just letting you know I'm here, I'll text you later to let you know how it went –George

Thank you –Ana

I log off my computer for my lunch break and head into Tina's office like I have been doing for the last couple of days. Even though Tina and I have only been doing this for a short time, I really think it has been helping. I find myself getting excited for Kate and her wedding, as if now I am looking forward to it, unlike before where I was dreading it.

I knock on Tina's door lightly letting her know I'm here, when I open the door I see that she is on the phone but she doesn't look so happy. I take a seat in the chair across her desk and wait patiently until she is finish. After waiting for about two more minutes she ends her call with 'I love you too' and hangs up the phone. She looks at me with an upset look on her face and says,

"Ana, Ana, Ana. What am I going to do with you?"

"W-what do you mean?" I say nervously. I already have a feeling I know who she was talking too. George.

"Why haven't you told Christian yet? I thought we had agreed that you were going to tell Christian, not have George go over there and talk to him for you" she sounds a little angry and I don't blame her, I know she is right I should have been the one to tell Christian but really I have no idea how I was even going to say it to him. Maybe this way if George tell him it would help break the ice.

"I know and I was, but Christian and I only started talking again this morning and after what happened last night…" Tina stopped me

"What happened last night?" she asked

"Someone broken into the apartment from the fire escape off of our bedroom"

"Who was it?"

"No clue, whoever it was got away"

"Well at least you're safe, so why the hell haven't you told Christian? I thought you and I were making progress with everything. Ana sending George to do your dirty work is just….dirty"

"I know, I know. I was going to tell him, I swear to god I was going to tell him, matter of fact I did. I just said it so damn fast that he didn't hear it, so after that I froze"

"Ana we have been over this time and time again. If you want to get over your fears you have to talk to him, you're only making it worse for yourself"

"Your right"

"Of course I'm right" she laughs

"Now what do you plan on saying to Christian once you get home?"

"I don't know I haven't really thought about it"

"Well you better think of something because I am sure Christian is going to be surprised and may have a lot of questions for you as well, seeing that George is the one who has to tell him everything"

"I know" I shake my head slowly from side to side while closing my eyes. I just wish I would have had enough guts to tell him myself.

We finish out lunch and our little session as we like to call it and I return back to my office. I answer a few calls for a couple of companies, just as I was ending a call I got a text from George.

The deed is done, it's all up to you now –George

Thank you, I have no clue how to repay you –Ana

No need, I was once in the same boat just happy to help –George

I feel as if a small amount of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't help but to think what Christian is thinking right now, I know he isn't going to run but I can't help to feel a little scared that he may still want to give up our lifestyle. Ugh the thoughts of the playroom come to my mind, we have only been in there once. Every time we end up having a scene it always ends up somewhere else and never in the room. I remember just weeks ago the scene that played out in my office, not to mention the scene that played out in my old apartment. Which reminds me I have yet to move all my stuff into Christian's apartment, well our apartment now.

I finish the rest of my shift without any problems, I do a print up of my call log and shut down my computer and walk out of my office and head over to Tina's. Tina is getting herself ready as well to go home, she has a huge smile on her face.

"Happy to be going home?" I ask and her smile gets even bigger.

"You bet your sweet ass I am, George called me after he left yours and Christian's apartment. It seems Christian gave George a little tour of the playroom, let's just say…uh…yeah I need to do some shopping for a few things"

"Oh I so did not need to hear that" Tina starts laughing

"Don't be like that with me now Ana" she laughs even harder. Trying not to laugh myself I shake my head and walk out of her office and head to the front door.

I am nearly bum rushed to the ground as soon as I step outside. When I finally figure what the hell just happen I see Mia standing there.

"Oh my god Ana I am so sorry"

"Its fine Mia, what are you doing here?"

"I came to pick up you and Kate we need to go dress shopping for Kate wedding dress and your maid of honor dress"

"Oh….Well I was just on my way home"

"You can't go home Kate will be out any minute" and as if Mia had ESP Kate walked out the front door and said,

"You guys ready to go?"

"I don't think Ana wants to go" Mia tells Kate and Kate looks at me like on no you don't.

"Ana come on you have to come with us, we need to pick you out a dress"

"Kate today is just not a good day for me, I need to get home and have a talk with Christian about something"

"Is something wrong with you and Christian?" Mia asked sounding concerned


"Ok then can't it wait until later, please Ana" Kate pulling out her puppy dog eyes and pouting her lip

"Alright, I'll meet you two at the dress shop in a little while I need to at least call Christian"

"Yay!" Mia claps her hands and ropes her arm around Kate as they walk to Mia's car and get in.

I pull my phone out of my back pocket and dial Christian's number. It rings twice before he picks up and when he does he sounds out of breath.

"Hello" he pants into the phone

"Christian? Is everything out you sound out of breathe"

"I'm in the gym working out with Claude" (Don't remember if that's his trainer's name)

"It's just past three Christian you never work out this late"

"I know but I needed to clear my head a little"

"Oh. I see" I say a little disappointingly wondering if it's because of me that he has to clear his head.

"There is a lot of things we need to talk about baby, are you on your way home?" he states and asks

"Well that's why I'm calling, Mia and Kate want me to go dress shopping with them for Kate's wedding dress and my maid of honor dress. I tried to blow them off but you know how Kate and Mia are" I say giggling into the phone.

"Yes I know how Mia can be, how long do you think you'll be?"

"I'm not sure may a couple of hours, I can tell them something came up and you need me at home right away"

"No it's ok, you better get this done and over with or I'll never hear the end of it from my sister"

"Your right, I promise I'll be as quick as I possibly can"

"Take your time baby, I know how important this is for Kate"

"Ok I'll see you later"


"Yes Christian?"

"I love you" I smile into the phone.

"I love you too Christian, I'll see you when I get home" We both hang up, I clinch my phone in my hands and hold to my heart.

I get into my car and make my way to the dress shop. When I pull up to the shop. Kate, Mia and Grace are already inside looking around for dresses. I have a feeling this is going to be a while, Kate is a very picky person, where me on the other hand would just pick anything and be happy with it. I get out of my car and walk over to the main door of the dress shop and step inside. Everything is so….White.

Grace is sitting on a large white couch in the middle of the shop sipping a glass of champagne, she waves me over to her and I take the seat next to her. She leans over to me and nudges my shoulder with her as saying hello.

I can hear Kate and Mia arguing in the back of the shop about a dress that Mia wants Kate to try on, but Kate is yelling back at her telling her she doesn't want the mermaid look because it'll make her ass look like to watermelons fighting under the dress. Both Grace and I try to stifle our giggles but it doesn't go unnoticed by Kate because the next thing I hear is,

"Ana shut the fuck up and come here and help me for crying out loud" Grace pats her hand on mine and I give her this please help me she may kill me if I don't find the dress she is looking for look and Grace just smiles at me and takes another sip of her champagne.

I walk over to the back of the dress shop and she Kate growling at Mia. "I told you Mia, I don't want a mermaid style dress. This is my wedding not your and I want to look like a princess" I shake my head at the two of them.

"Ana will you please explain to Mia that I am not Ariel and that I am more of a Cinderella"

"Ok calm down Kate before you give yourself a stroke. Mia stop trying to make Kate look like a mermaid"

"Well I just think Kate would look fabulous in a mermaid style dress that's all" Mia says pouting

I look around the shop to find someone to help us to look for the princess style dress Kate is looking for, after looking around for a couple of minutes I spot someone and quickly flag them down. The woman walks over to us with a smile on her face and says,

"How can I help you ladies?"

"Yes, my best friend here" I point to Kate "Is looking for the perfect princess style dress, do you think you could show us a few samples for her to try on?"

"Of course, have you been shown to a dressing room yet?" I look at Kate and she shakes her head no. The woman presses her lips together and then says,

"I'm sorry, please forgive my staff, you should have been shown to a room. Please follow me and we will get you situated"

"Thank you" the woman nods her head and begins to walk towards the overly large dressing rooms. I send Grace a text telling her to come join us in the dressing room.

After a couple of minute Grace joins us in the dressing room and takes a seat between Mia and myself, While Kate is standing in the middle of the room on a platform wearing only a pink silk robe tapping her foot trying to be as patient as she possible can.

There is a light knock on the door and we all turn our heads to look. A older looking woman comes in holding about five dresses in her hand, she places them on the rack that is stand on the side of the mirror, when she is finished she turns and looks at us and says,

"Hello I'm Ashley, sorry about the wait. Leona told me what type of dresses you are looking for and I picked up a few that you may be interested in" She hands Kate 1 of the 5 dresses. Kate takes the dress and hands it to me so that I can hold it while she takes off her robe. The three of us help Kate into the first dress, this dress is huge it would make Cinderella jealous that's how beautiful it is.

Ashley puts a few clips here and there because the dress is about 2 sizes too big for Kate. Once Ashley puts the last clip on the dress Kate turns around for us to see. Mia and Grace's eyes start to well up with tears while I just stand there and stare. Don't get me wrong I think Kate looks amazing in the dress but it's still not my thing.

"Kate" Grace says as if it was her last breath. "You look absolutely amazing, this dress is just perfect"

"Really?" she questions

"Yes, if I didn't know any better I would say this would be the one. What do you girls think" Grace says and then looks at both Mia and myself.

"Moms right it is perfect" Mia says and smiles at Kate.

"Ana?" Kate looks at me

"Yeah" Kate frowns at me

"Well what do you think, do you like the dress?"

"Oh…uh yeah, I think it looks good on you"

"That's it, it looks good on me"

"Well you know there are four other dresses here too, you should try them on just to make sure"

"Yes well I like this one" Kate looks back into the mirror and does a little twirl, her face lights up like a Christmas tree. I just wish I could be excited as she is about the dress, but again weddings are not my thing. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this.

"So is that a yes to the dress?" Ashley asks Kate. Kate smiles at her and says, "Yes! It's a yes to the dress. Oh my god I didn't think it would be this easy picking out a dress"

"What are you going to do with the other four dresses?" Mia asks

"I'll be putting them back on the rack in the store later" Ashley tells her

"Wait I have an idea, why don't Ana and I try on one of the dresses, you know for fun"

"Oh I think that's a great idea" Kate said while clapping her hands.

"I don't think so, white really isn't my color"

"Come on sweetheart I think it would be a lovely idea, you don't have to keep it on for long, just try it on"

"Alright fine"

"Yes!" Kate says

In a hurry to get this over and done with I am the first one to strip out of my clothes. Mia looks at the four dresses and her eyes light up and grabs one of the dresses and hands it to Ashley to have her help put it on me. After five minutes of getting clipped and poked by Ashley she looks me up and down and says,

"There all finished" I turn around to let everyone see and all three of them are standing there with their phones in their hands taking as many pictures as they can. I quickly panic.

"Ana are you alright?"

"No…please help me get out of this dress" I start to pull at it, hoping that it would just rip away from my skin but it doesn't. Everyone is staring at me as if I am crazy or something. "Please just get it off" Finally I feel someone grabbing at the clips taking them off. Grace comes up behind me and starts to rub her hands in circles on my back to calm me.

"I think this was a bad idea" Grace says to Mia and she nods her head at her mother.

"I think we should hold off on the bridesmaids dresses for another day" Grace tells Kate and she and Mia both nod their head.

While shaking I managed with help from Grace to get dressed. Kate was outside the room talking on the phone with someone, she had concern in her phone to whoever it was she was talking too. When she walked in the room she had a sadden look on her face like she knows that whatever she has to say to me I'm not going to like it.

"Ana I called Christian letting him know what happened, he is on his way with Taylor and Sawyer to come and get you"

"You did what!" I scream at her

"Ana I know you're mad but I didn't think you should drive home like this, you're still a little uneasy right now"

"Ana, Kate is right. You shouldn't drive home, not after having a panic attack" Grace says to me in her I'm a doctor I know what I'm talking about type of voice. I just agree with her by nodding my head. Grace walks me to the couch that is in the main shop area. I'm hunched over a little while Grace continues to run small circles into my back, about ten minutes later I can hear the chimes go off as the door opens. Grace stops rubbing my back and gets up from the couch.

"Christian don't panic Ana is ok now"

"What the hell happened?" he asked his mother

"Mia thought it would fun if all the girls tried on a wedding dress, and when Ana did she started to panic"

"Shit!" I hear him rush over to me and he crotches down right in front of me, he lifts my head with his hands and looks me over. I can see the worry in his face, I don't know why but I start to cry and whisper, "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry" I keep saying it over and over again.

"Shh. It's ok baby I'm here, I got you" he lifts me up bridal style and walks out of the shop. Still in his arms he gets into the SUV, Taylor closes the door behind us. I know Christian knows it's unsafe for me not to be in my own set buckled up but right now I am glad he isn't thinking about it.

I rest my head on his chest and I can hear him let out a sigh of relief.

When we arrive at Escala I manage to get out of the SUV without the help from Christian or Taylor, my legs are a little wobbly but I can manage. Christian holds me close as we ride up the elevator, when the door opens he walks us into the apartment. Taylor disappears into his office and Gail follows behind him as she exits the kitchen.

Christian walks me to the great room and gestures for me to take a seat on the couch, I take a seat and he takes one next to me, he pulls me so that I can sit on his lap.

"You want to talk about it?"

"No" I whisper shaking my head.

"I think you would feel better about it if you do" he says to me just before he kisses my temple.

"I will just not right now"

"Ok" he sighs "But when you ready I'm right here for you when you need me" I give him a shy smile and burry my face in his neck and inhale his scent.

We sit like that for a good twenty minutes in our own little bubble until we hear this cell phone ring from inside his pants pocket. He does this little maneuver while I am still sitting on his lap and pulls his blackberry from his pants pocket.

He looks at his phone and sees that someone had sent him a picture at first he looks at it as if it was foreign object, but then he opens the picture and his eyes widen and a smile appears on his face as if he has won the lottery.

"What is it?" I ask

"Nothing" he quickly puts his phone away before I had the chance to turn my head and look at it.

"So George and Tina huh?" he says trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, who would have guessed" I try to giggle but I only manage to let out a little Ha!

"George told me" he rubs the back of my arm.

"I know. I asked him to"

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