disclaimer: i dont own knb a/n: this is for tumblr user shutokuhigh ;;;; reviews as always appreciated~ - "Oh man, I can't ever do all these assignments, what is the teacher even thinking," the hard haired boy lay his head on the table in front of him with a frustrated sigh. He rested in that position for a while, and when he finally lifted his head from his textbooks, he jumped. "Shit." Running towards the bathroom, he kept swearing until he looked straight into the face glaring at him with a tired look in his face. "You've got to be kidding me," he hissed whiningly, as he stared at the marks of blue ink that his face was covered in. After some time – which felt like an eternity – in the bathroom, washing his face, he returned to the living room, letting himself fall on the couch head first. "God, I can't do this anymore," his muffled voice was to be heard from under pillow "this way you'll never achieve anything, that's correct," he mimicked, now sitting up straight, pushing up imaginary glasses. "Jeez," he sighed once more as he stood up and walked into the nearby kitchen. He opened the fridge, trailing the items inside, and then pouted when he didn't find anything. "I should've just gone out with the team, I would've at least gotten something to eat." Right when he said those things aloud, he heard his phone ring in the other room. Pushing the refrigerator's door closed hurriedly, he stumbled back to the room where he was studying a while ago. "Hello?" he picked up. "Ta...kao." "Oh lord," he tried restraining his laughter as he recognized the other's voice "what're you up to Shin-chan?" "They...made me..." the voice said "made...me, what's it called again?" "Drink?" Takao cracked up, not being able to hold it in anymore. "Ye..yes...I feel weird..." "It's okay, Shin-chan, I'm gonna come to pick you up." Smiling, he put away his phone, grabbing the car keys from a shelf, closing the apartment's door behind him.