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After Science, Arthur headed towards the canteen with Lovino Vargas, one of the three grandsons of the headmaster, Julius - or, known to students as, Mr. Vargas. He was, without a doubt, the fiercest of the triplets, with Feliciano being a rather air-headed person, and the youngest brother, Luigino, having an almost overpowering self-confidence.

The Italian was ranting to the Briton, yelling about a substitute teacher he had had for Spanish.

"I mean, if you're going to fucking choose a teacher to cover Spanish, they should know how to FUCKING SPEAK SPANISH." The Southern Italian seethed, gesturing wildly with his hands, his face burning in frustration.

Arthur chuckled, nodding in agreement. "I know what you mean, mate." He stated, then noticed the Italian's flush. "By the way, you look like an apple."

The brunet glared at the blond, his golden-speckled irises staring at him maliciously. "Don't fucking dare."

Arthur smirked. "Or maybe a raspberry..."


"Or a strawberry..."


"Or, perhaps, a cherry..."


"Oh! I know! You look like tomato!"

A grin.

A yell.


A slap.

"Aw~ come on! You let your boyfriend say it!" Arthur whined, massaging his left cheek.

Lovino practically screamed, slapping a hand over Arthur's mouth. "Dio mio, SHUT UP! Do you know what would happen if Grandpa heard you!?"

Arthur, knowing he wouldn't be able to get the hand off, chose to cross his arms, and stare incredulously at the other European. He shook his head, a clear sign that had no idea.

Lovino exhaled heavily, massaging the bridge of his nose. "Right, do you remember when Feliciano and his boyfriend told Grandpa?"

After hesitating, Arthur nodded.

"What did he do in return?" He asked, removing his hand.

"... He went to Mr. Beilschmidt and complained about all of his relatives being gay?"


"He then proceeded to kiss Mr. Beilschmidt?"

"... That too, but that's not what I mean. What happened after that?"



"... He went and had a private conversation with Ludwig and Feliciano...?"

"Si, and do you know what he told them?"


"He told them about the 'birds and the bees'."

"... Huh?"

A sigh.

"You know... The 'frickle-frackle'?"


"The 'Bed Boogie'?"


"The 'Hookie Pookie'?"




He swore to God, he was ready to rip his hair out. "SEX, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!"

"Oh... OH. OH."

"Si! And he described it very graphically."



"... Aren't you going to the disco with him, though?"

Lovino sighed, leaning on the shaded wall of the Art Block. "I don't know." The brunet grumbled, moping.

Arthur pouted, halting his walking. "Lov, if you don't want to, he can't make you; but, if you do want to, there's nothing stopping you." Lovino still seemed to be pondering over the issue. "You do love Antonio, right?" He whispered.

Lovino looked up at his best friend, hesitating. He screwed his eyes shut, nodding in a way that only could be seen from from up-close.

"And he loves you?"

The Italian shrugged, opening his honey coloured eyes.

"Then, there's nothing stopping you; you could go together, and if anyone asks, just say you're going as mates! It's foolproof."

The Italian seemed to ponder this, biting the nail on his thumb. "... I'll talk to him about it, y'know, to see if he's fine going as friends."

Arthur smiled, glad he could help the younger.

Abruptly, Lovino looked up at him. "Are you going with anyone?"

Arthur's chartreuse eyes widened, staring into the hazel of his companions own irises. "N-no!"

Lovino nodded, looking back down, his side-fringe hanging over his eyes.

Arthur frowned, trying to think of something to cheer up the other. "Oh! Can you still do that collab'?" He asked, smiling, remembering about the YouTube video his best friend had agreed to make with him.

Essentially, it was going to be a 'Q&A', to be posted on Lovino's channel - though, technically, the channel belonged to Antonio - to help boost the amount of subscribers for both. The two had planned it weeks ago, but neither could be arsed to actually start the damned thing.

Lovino immediately perked up, grinning up at the other. "Depends."

"On what?"



"I can't."


"My bastard of a boyfriend's filming with his fuck-buddies."

"... Okay, tomorrow?"

"... Sicuro."

The two smirked cheekily at eachother.

"My house."

"You sure?

"Si: I am not dealing with your brothers."

"Fair enough."

Lovino pushed off of the fence, resuming walking, Arthur following.

"Oh, yeah. About our YouTube channels..."

Lovino raised a brow, turning towards the other, and, effectively, walking backwards. "What about them?" The foreigner inquired, looking over his shoulder, to make sure he didn't bump into something or - heaven forbid - someone.

"Francis may have found mine..."

Lovino ceased in walking, staring in shock at the other. "What do you mean, 'found yours'?" He questioned.

"... I'm pretty sure he saw the Viva La Vida video, since he talked about Coldplay... But he definitely found my profile." The Brit rushed through his words, trying to make the explanation as short as possible.

Lovino stared at the other, face void of emotion, before the corners of his lips began to curl. "T-the Viva L-la Vida one?" He repeated, stifling his laughter.


A snort escaped the tanned boys nose, closely followed by cackling that could only be compared to a hyena. Lovino grabbed his stomach, his words coming out in hort gasps. "At lea- at least there's s-something to be h-happy about..."

Arthur raised an atrocious eyebrow, pissed off at the strange laughter his friend was emitting,

"You l-look really sexy in that video!"

Arthur promptly slapped him.

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