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I've Made My Choice.

Garfield also know as Beast Boy had awaken from his slumber at five in the morning, he wiped his eyes and looked around his fiancé's room. After he proposed to her back in April he moved into Raven's room he turned to see his lovely fiancé still sound asleep he gave her a quick peck on her lips and saw her mouth smile and he then got out of their bed. He took off his pajama pants and shirt and quickly changed into his uniform, it's not like Garfield to wake up this early he usually wakes up at noon but, he loved going to the weight room alone so he could get stronger. Before he left the room he got a red rose from under their bed that he had bought for her and put it next to her so she could see it when she woke up, then he took out a sticky note and wrote her a note informing her where he is. As he headed to weight room Garfield heard to other voices coming from inside as the doors open he saw Nightwing and Cyborg.

"Yo, BB what are you doing here so early?" said Cyborg while lifting some dumbbells.

"I couldn't sleep, so I decide to come and work out. How about you guys?" said Garfield getting on the treadmill and started to run.

"Same, we thought it be good to get an early morning workout." said Nightwing striking a series of attacks on a punching bag.

"Nice...hey guess can I ask for some advice?" said the changeling going to work on the pull up bar.

"Sure B, what's up?" said Cyborg

"Well you know that Raven and I are getting the marriage things sorted out right?" said a nervous Beast Boy.

"Yeah and?" said Nightwing turning around looking at Beast Boy.

"I-I was thinking about inviting Terra to the wedding...I know she says she doesn't remember us and she lost contact with us but I could find her and ask her to come you think Raven would mind?" said Beast Boy coming down from the pull up bar.

Nightwing and Cyborg looked at each other and then at Beast Boy. This made Beast Boy feel nervous as he waited for their advice.

"Umm B, I don't think that's the best idea." said Cyborg

"Yeah Gar, just think how would Raven feel? They didn't really get along last time she came besides she did betray us I don't think you want Raven mad at her own wedding." said Nightwing.

" I know but, she did make things right at the end! She was our friend, she was titan. Still I know what you mean guys." said Beast Bot grabbing a towel and wiping the sweat of his face.

"Trust us BB, it's for the best now let's go get some breakfast." said Cyborg

And with that out of the way they made there way into the common room as door slid open they saw Starfire making some weird purple looking breakfast. As for Raven she was no where insight, Beast Boy decided to go get her from their room. He approached the door and opened it too see Raven smelling the rose he had left her.

"You like it?" said Beast Boy with a smirk on his face he wrapped his arm around her waist and the two kissed.

"I love it, thank you Gar." said Raven biting her bottom lip.

Just then the alarm went off and they headed towards the common room hand in hand. When they got there Nightwing turned around and told the fellow titans who was attacking Jump City this time.

"Alright Titans, it's Cinderblock he's attacking people downtown and he must be stopped Titans go!" said Nightwing and with that order they were on their way to save the day yet again.

As they reached downtown they saw Cinderblock making a mess out of their beloved city. Starfire flew full speed towards him and stroke a series of punches to his face, Cinderblock then grabbed Starfire and sent her flying into a building. Cyborg quickly fire his sonic boom while Nightwing threw some of his birdarangs now in blue and black at his face. This wasn't having affect while Beast Boy and Raven went to go check up Starfire, Beast Boy notice they needed help he quickly looked at Raven.

"Go! I'll check on Starfire." said Raven in a demanding voice.

With that Beast Boy turned around and took the form of a T-Rex and rammed right into Cinderblock but, Cinderblock was prepared and grabbed him and slammed him down, he step on Beast Boy's dinosaur head, and threw him at building which then fell on top of him. All titans gasped at what they had just witness except for Raven who felt her heart beat faster she was in shock she couldn't say anything.

she finally snapped out of it and screamed at him "GAR!" before Raven could even attack Cinderblock, he was floating in the air glowing a yellow color. Just then he exploded in to what seemed a million pieces.

The three titans looked at Raven so she could explain herself to them had she really just killed Cinderblock?! She was checking on Beast Boy who turned out to have medium damage, when the building fell on him he had just enough time to turn into a turtle and protected himself from what could have been certain death.

she said in a panic tone "It wasn't me!" she turned back facing Beast Boy she gave him a ton of kisses on his face.

Beast Boy opened his eyes and saw Raven.

"Beautiful, I- I'm fine really just a bit bruised." he said hugging her tightly.

Just then a voice from behind them caught their attention. "Yeah it wasn't her, it was me." said the voice.

They all turned around and couldn't believe what there eyes were seeing, was their minds playing tricks on them, could it really be? Beast Boy was the one who spoke up and said "T-Terra?"

"Hey guys! Miss me?" said the blonde headed girl.

End of Chapter 1