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I've Made My Choice.

"Terra! I've made my choice!" said Beast Boy.

"Good, I know you didn't mean to leave me for her. Now come with and I'll set them free." she said smiling.

"What?! No! I pick B you delusional bitch!" he said running towards her ready to strike.

Terra sighed and put her head down. "Very well robots, kill him!" she said letting them do her dirty work.

Beast Boy quickly turned into a lion attacking the 10 robots in his way. He went up to one of them and bit it's head off, two were running behind him and he quickly turned around, transformed into a bear, and punched holes in their chest, three robots turned their hands in to machine guns and blasted away, he changed into a cheetah, he quickly maneuvered the bullets and sliced them with his claws, the last six robots all dog piled him trying to restrain him, but Beast Boy's rage pushed them all to the ground, and he quickly jumped in the air transforming into a dinosaur squishing all of them. Terra couldn't believe it, this time she sent 30 robots to attack him, they all lined up and attached to each other making one big laser shooter, Beast Boy ran head first to them and turned into a mouse and crawled into the lasers hole, before it shot off, he transformed into a whale breaking the laser, and robots in to bits. Terra was starting to get pissed she sent 60 robots with blades, as Beast Boy saw this he knew any animal he would choose would be hurt from the blades so he decided to fight hand-to-hand.

Beast Boy dodged out of the way from an incoming sword, he took the sword away from the robot, and sliced it's head off. The rest came at him and began to attack him, he was in pure concentration, he countered a lot of attacks, and had killed most of them, as he saw the last robot, he sliced it's right arm off, what he didn't know was that this one had a second sword, the robot cut Beast Boy side making him scream in pain, but was able to kill the robot afterwards. Raven and the others gasped in the sight of his blood spilling onto the floor, Raven was in tears.

"Come on Beast Boy, you got this!" screamed Nightwing.

"Yeah grass stain! Don't give up!" yelled Cyborg.

"Beast Boy! Please engage in the fighting please!" said Starfire.

"Garfield, no..,get up...please...get up!" Raven screamed.

Terra walked over to Beast Boy who was grabbing his side.

"Aww, did BB get a booboo?" she said evilly.

"Shut up..." he said not looking at her.

"What are you gonna do huh? Tell me bad jokes until I die? Face it Beast Boy it's over." she said picking up I giant boulder, and raised it high above him ready to finish him off.

His eyes turned pure white, his bangs enlarged, he grew there times bigger, and there it was the werebeast had come out to play. He quickly tackled Terra, and tried to bite Terra's head off.

Terra pushed his mouth away from her and screamed "Robots! Get him!" she then kicked him off and backed away.

The last remaining 100 robots came towards him, and attacked him, this didn't make the werebeast happy not one bit. He then went on a killing spree, 10 came at him and he sliced them into a million pieces, 20 where headed his way he quickly jumped behind them and ripped off their chest one by one, 30 pulled out machine guns and shot him the beast sonic scream threw the bullets away, the bullets hit Raven's container, and made cracks on it.

"Raven, try kicking the container, it might help you get out!" Nightwing told her.

Raven nodded her head and began to kick. As the werebeast destroyed a certain robot's head, the rest came behind, and started to attack him. Screams of pain filled the air as the beast was being attacked. Terra came over with a pipe, and began to hit him the face.

"Just die already!" she screamed as she continue hitting him.

Raven saw this and raged filled her eyes, she kicked the container down, and ran after Beast Boy. As Terra was about to hit him, Raven put a black shield around him, Terra looked at her with anger.

"I don't have time for you, robots, ready, aim, fire!" she demanded.

As Raven saw the bullets coming her way, she was tackled by Beast Boy taking her for cover.

"Raven! Listen to me carefully, I'm gonna go out there as the beast, I need you to use your powers to put some black armored on me okay?" he said holding her.

"Let me heal you first Gar, please?" she said with tears in her face.

"No time, just do as I said okay?" he gave her passionate kiss. " I love you" he then turned into the werebeast and ran after Terra and the robots.

"And I love you.." said Raven she then focused and covered the werebeast with black armored.

Within seconds the beast quickly destroyed the robots, and his eyes set on Terra.

"Beast Boy, let's talk about this.." she backing away.

The werebeast tackled her and bit her in the shoulder and Terra screamed in pain.

Raven saw this all of Terra's blood come out and gasped, as much as she wanted Terra gone, she knew Beast Boy would never resort to killing, she then ran up behind the beast and screamed his name.

"Garfield! I know you're in there, don't let the beast and your anger control you! You once told me as much you wanted her gone, you had to do your job as hero, killing her isn't what a hero would do! So please I beg of you! Snap out of it!" she screamed at him.

The werebeast didn't listen to her, he kept attacking Terra and was about to kill her. When he felt someone from behind him hug him, he identified her scent, let go off Terra who had passed out, and turned back into Beast Boy. He let out tears of pain onto Raven who he was now facing. She held him closer to her and comforted him.

"Raven I didn't mean t-" he said letting the tears come down

"I know you didn't, it's okay, don't worry I'll send her to a different dimension, and will be done with her forever." she said kissing him.

"I love you Raven, don't ever leave me.." he said kissing her back.

"I would never leave you, you're my whole world, now let's get the others, deal with her, and go home." she said lifting him up.

"Okay" he said.

And so they did.

Back at the Tower.

After Terra had been sent to a different dimension, and the Titans had healed, the others decided to thank Beast Boy for his achievement on saving them. They all lined up and gave him thanks.

"Friend Beast Boy! Thank you for rescuing us! To celebrate I will make one of my famous meals!" Starfire said hugging him and then flying off too cook.

"Excellent job Beast Boy, take the rest of the week off and just relax, I know this whole must have been really stressful." Said Nightwing shaking his hand.

"Thanks man." Beast Boy smiled.

"Way to go BB! I got you a little surprise, I got you ten new video games, and the brand new gaming console! And I guess I could make you some tofu.. But just this once!" said Cyborg fist bumping Beast Boy.

"Awesome!" he said looking at who remain, Raven.

"Hey honey, than-" she said only to be interrupted by him.

"Don't." he said bringing her in for a big passionate kiss. "Having you here with me, is thanks enough." he said kissing her again.

Raven giggled " I love you Gar, oh and guess what?" she smiling.

"What?" he said.

"All the wedding things have been planned, and we're ready." she said kissing him.

Beast Boy was so happy he screamed what he been waiting for. "The wedding is on!" he said picking up Raven spinning her around.

The Titans cheered for the happy couple, and got ready for the party they were about to have.

The End!

Hoped you enjoyed it!