Sorry guys this is a bit of filler chapter. I like in the UK and have very limited knowledge about how the American medical system, surrogacy, insurance etc work. I have used some websites that have told me guide lines costs and things so apologise if any of this is inaccurate. I am fortunate enough to have access to a national health service. I also apologise for the delay I have lost my way a little however new ideas are coming back to me. Thanks for being so understanding.

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Worries and fears part 1

Things continued as normal with regards to Blaine and Sebastian's relationship. They spent more time together and Sebastian was slowly starting to realise that he would need help as even basic things were getting hard to do, He couldn't work for much longer as he was beginning to show and as male pregnancies were shorter he wouldn't have as much time and with the C section he was scheduled to have this would limit his activity. Sebastian had been doing lots of extra hours but had relented to allowing Blaine to pick him up and ensure he got home safely, saving him gas money which he put towards the baby fund. Sebastian was surprised when Blaine asked him about a pregnancy wardrobe and Sebastian had asked him were he could get any money from to buy any new clothes. Blaine laughed and said he'd run something up. Sebastian had been shocked but when Blaine admitted to being able to sew and Kurt teaching him some skills, he was able to expand Sebastian's wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. He'd also started spending more time at Blaine's rather than his so saved money on gas and electricity at Blaine's insistence. It was small amount but he was slowly working towards saving a little more. His tips were always generous and he saved as much as possible. He'd argued with Blaine about wanting to contribute to food but Blaine had insisted he save money for the baby. Sebastian couldn't fault his logic but still felt guilty. He still didn't know what he'd do when the baby was arrived for a job. He'd have no maternity leave or support, he may be able to do more in his line of work after he had, had the baby. The Café was OK and he could do that longer, but the strip club would have to be finished sooner. No one wanted a pregnant stripper dancing around, though Sebastian was sure some people might have a kink but didn't want to risk his babies health. He knew he may entitled to some benefits for being a single parent but he wasn't ignorant enough to believe that would solve his problems. When he'd explained his situation at the café, his boss had been sympathetic and though couldn't financially support him, said he could work until he was unable to and when he'd had the baby if he wanted to return he could but the salary was very basic. The insurance worried Sebastian too, he'd had to send in medial documentation from his doctor and while they were initially reluctant had said they would fund 75% of it, which on average was about $55,000 but he needed to find the remaining $9750. He needed another job and someone to look after the baby. Blaine was helpful but he knew Blaine's hours with teaching weren't ideal. Sebastian was thankful that when the baby would be born, he'd need the time off work and thankfully Blaine was on his summer holidays at that point, so he would be able to help Sebastian recover. Sebastian had yet t hear or see anything of Hunter making good his threat but he rarely went anywhere alone and Blaine had been right about the security in the apartment building, another reason he as opting to spend time at Blaine's. He couldn't help but feel everything was going too smoothly. Blaine had said he was paranoid but Sebastian knew Hunter, and knew he'd find some way to make his presence felt, and then tactfully let someone else take the fall.

They were sitting in Blaine's lounge relaxing or trying to. Truth be told Sebastian was still worried about the cost of the birth and the rest of the bills. Blaine quickly picked up on something troubling him.

"What's up?" Blaine asked

"It's about you and did you come up with the money to use a surrogate?"
"Kurt and I both got lucky I guess. Kurt had a very generous boss who paid him a great salary and paid for health insurance, I got a generous amount for the shows and music I did. We saved up, often surviving on very little but we knew what we wanted. Thankfully when it came to finding a surrogate that was easy. My friend from college volunteered, she had dark curly hair and hazel eyes, she was beautiful. Kurt was to be the biological father this time round. We covered all the medical expenses, and she didn't want any payment for herself. She said we'd make great parents. It would cost us about $80,000 including medical expenses. Thankfully she also had good health insurance or it could have been up to $120,000."
"That's still a lot to get"
"We saved for almost 9 years, the moment we got married we started to save. It was supposed to be a gift for our 30th Birthday, we'd do it when we were 29 and have a baby by the time we were 30. It was magical the day we found out, it happened on the first try as well which was very lucky. We were all set, then the accident. I was lucky in some way, Kurt's father arranged all the hospital fees and costs...I couldn't do it. I couldn't do anything when Kurt or our child died. It was sad I lost touch with Erica but she said that it was too hard to be friends. Both I and the driver offered her compensation...I know I didn't have to but I wanted to...she refused but said that she couldn't see me any more. I understand. I mean she can never bear children again. The driver that hit her, paid out her compensation which would give her enough money to have surrogacy should she want a baby in the future or so I understand when I speak to mutural friends. I got a letter 2 weeks ago with a cheque from the insurance company."

"Is that why you have been so down?" Sebastian asked

"Yeah nothing will ever bring him back, no amount of money...I didn't even file for compensation, Burt did on my behalf, he sorted it all out, I just signed whatever he gave me. I was a mess and could barely function."
"Of course you were, I am so sorry for bringing up those memories"
"It's OK I kind of deviated but yeah Kurt and I saved everything we could. Sometimes we would eat only a basic meal but Kurt had always been good at making things from cheap ingredients and they tasted as good as any restaurant food. We knew it would be worth it. When we were to have a baby the second stage of our life would begin"

"You always were a hopeless romantic. I didn't even know about this gene till I was pregnant and I knew termination would have been easier and cheaper and maybe better with regards to Hunter, but once I got used to the idea, a tiny person was growing in me I couldn't let anything happen to them. I just worry about everything...a part of me wishes I had taken up the funding offer you know, maybe to help others and to cover medical expenses but to have my life under a microscope...I just didn't think I could go through with it. The money Hunter couldn't access brought me the small apartment, and now I have to decorate it and get it up to scratch for a baby. I didn't realise it would be so expensive"
"I know. You'll get through it, whatever happens."
"Yeah I guess" Sebastian mused "Thanks, I don't have any less worries than I did before but I feel I can worry about them another day"
"Then do that, you need sleep. Come on the spare room awaits"

Blaine guided Sebastian to the spare room. Sebastian lay down ad Blaine sat beside him on the bed, gently stroking his hair and humming softly. Sebastian relaxed under the touch, his worries slowly going away at least till the next day.

I hope this chapter was enjoyable.