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Voldemort had his death eaters raid the Hogwarts express, many students were hurt and left wound as the Death Eaters walked though the train looking for one boy. Harry just stood up when the doors were pushed a part with enough force that the glass in the door shattered, sending shards off into Harry and his friends faces. The Death Eater went to stun Harry but only to have the dark hair teen lurch himself at the Death Eater and started to fight him. Harry was out strengthened by the dark wizard and found that he was easily thrown against the wall knocking him out.

All Harry remembered before letting the darkness take over was the sounds of his friends scream. He knew he was dreaming because of the full moon in the middle of the day, turning his had the day suddenly turned to night and Harry found himself looking at himself "It's just my reflection." He said to himself

"I hardly think you are." His mirrored image tells him as reaches out and pushes Harry onto the found.

"W...What is this?" Harry yells, the other Harry walks in front of him, he seems to walk straighter more taller, his eyes were a darker green as he smiled at the just Harry

"Come on think Harry?" He said waving his arms out

"I'm dreaming, this is all made up by my mind because I hit my head!" Harry said as he sat up, other Harry rolled his eyes and pulled Just Harry up and looked at him

"No Harry look at me, this here is as really as we feel it. What am I? Come oooon this should be easy for you!" He said as he seemed to be buzzing power.

Just Harry looked at him and thought for a moment, he was like him in has the same voice but it seemed husker, but he seem to reeking of powerful magic that he wanted to cocoon him "You me." Harry said

"Yes aaand…" He encouraged as he got into Harry's personal

"Your…your part of his soul?"

"BINGO!" He smiled and giggled almost mad like that reminded Just Harry of his Dead Godfather or Bellatrix "I am part of Voldemort's soul but I am your soul. I am the Harry you could be." He told him as he moved around him

"What do you mean?" Just Harry asked

"He's been lying to you to us, he wants to use us and abuse us Harry." Other Harry said to him as he touched Just Harry' cheek. Just Harry gasp at the magic prickling his skin

"Wh…who's lying to us." Harry whispered

"Dumbledore." He told Harry as he kissed him on the corner of his lip

"No …" Harry jumped back and looked at him "…No you're wrong." Harry yelled at him

"Am I think about it Harry, you're better off with me." He told him as he touched Harry's skin again only this time Other Harry dissolved into Harry's skin.

"What the hell did you do to him?" Voldemort hissed as he looked at his followers. Not too long ago they came back with the young teen, they laid him in front of the Dark Lord and stood up and looked down at the boy. His clothes looked like they had been put back on his roughly, looking up at them he snarled "I wanted him back here untouched and unharmed, what do you low lives call this!" He yelled, all the Death Eaters turned to the one who knocked Harry out and was touched him "Barty!"

"I'm sorry he just looked so… so…"

"Sweet." Fenrir said

"Yeah." Barty answered

"Innocent." The wolf said licking his lip

"That to."

"Ripe." All eyes looked to the wolf, who was drooling over Harry.

"Enough, Greyback keep your thoughts to yourself go and deal with pack." The wolf growled as he walked out hall "And as for you Barty, I saved your soul from the Dementors' kiss and this is what I get." He hissed

"My Lord I'm sorry I just couldn't stop myself, he smells so wonderful just like I remembered."

"He smelt wonderful…I don't want to know Barty. But what I do want to is did you do more than just touch him?" Voldmort hissed, the dark hair man looked away and nodded

"I'm sorry…"

He was cut off by Harry bolting up right and screaming, every one covered their ears as the scream become painful and loud, that their ear drums were vibrating and the window cracked. Voldemort watched as new power seemed to fill the boy, the windows shattered blowing outwards and them the screams stopped and Harry feel backwards onto the black marble floor laid out like a fallen angel. Pale face Lord walked over to Harry and looked down at him, seeing green smoke come out of Harry's lighten bolt scar made him brush the teen's hair out of his face and watched as the skin knitted back together leaving a smooth skin.

Reaching out he let his finger traced where the scare once was, the new magic seem to hum at his touch like a tune from a piano. It took a moment for Voldemort to realise what he feeling "No it couldn't be." He whispered, picking up the boy gently into his arms he stood up and looked at his Death Eaters. Each one has trickles of blood either coming out of their ears; nose or eyes it seemed "Someone get me Snape I want to see him and Luicus your with me… now." He barked "And the rest of you clean this place up." He snapped as he left the hall carrying The Boy Who Lived in his arm.